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as the rest of the book, which neither Hain nor Brunet mention. It consequently has 54 leaves instead of 53, as enuinerated by them. The page has 24 lines only, and begins

Ở “Qui te pallio amat veiat quo te qz gaudz," and ends

Claudite iā rivos pueri sat prata biberūt.” Every two lines occur in the margin the letters d and M alternately, but the first of the last four lines has a p in the

margin.- Catalogue.] 3992 Æschylus. Tragœdiæ VII., Gr. cum Scholiis Græcis, P.

Victorii cura et diligentia, large copy, King James I.'s copy, bound in old English calf, gilt lions and lines on back, line frame sides with thistles in corners, and the arms of the King in centres, original silk ties, (Lut.) in officina H. Stephani, 1557, small 4to. (9)

Pickering, £13 3993 Ainsworth (W. H.) The Siege of Manchester, Original Auto

graph Manuscript, 400 pages, morocco, September 13, 1876, 4to. (14)

K. Roberts, £21 ios. 3994 Albertus Magnus. Compendium Theologiæ Veritatis, lit.

rom., double columns, 34 lines, with signatures (Hain, *434), morocco extra, inside dentelles, g. e., “Hec ego Thomas Dorniberg, prefatus feliciter profeci et complevi Anno dni (1473) in Vigilia S. Bartholomei Apli. (Spire),” small folio (17)


, £!! 5s. 3995 Alciatus (And.) Omnia Emblemata, cum Commentariis per

Claud. Minoem, woodcuts, old French morocco covered with fleurs-de-lis, with the arms and monogram of the Abbé Wignerot de Richelieu, prize copy from the College of the Sorbonne at Plessis, by Guido de la Vacquerye, 1663, with official certificate on fly-leaf, g. e., Paris, J. Richerius, s. d., 8vo. (21)

B. F. Stevens, £3 35. 3996 Alpine Journal (The), a Record of Mountain Adventure and

Scientific Observation, by Members of the Alpine Club, numerous illustrations, vol. i.-xii., half morocco gilt, g. e., 1864-86, 8vo. (29)

Quaritch, £9 ios. 3997 Alunno (Fr.) Le Richezze della Lingua Volgare, editio

Aldina, ruled in red, oaken boards, calf inlaid, with crowned initial F and salamander in centres, devices on back, metal bosses and clasps (1 missing), gilt and gauffred edges. (Hagué, of Brussels), Vinegia Casa de Figliuoli di Aldo, 1543, folio (31)

Ridler, £7 ios. 3998 Amadis de Gaule, traitant de maintes Avantures d'Armes et

d'Amours, etc., the 12 books complete, in 4 vol., ruled in red, with numerous woodcuts and ornamental initials, old French morocco, with arms of Sir M. M. Sykes, gold flowered end papers, g. e. (Du Seuil), Paris, V. Sertenas, 1548-50-'48-55-50-57-46-48-53-55-59-56, small folio (32)

Sotheran, £15 ios. 3999 Ambrosius Episc. Mediol. (S.) Expositio seu Explanatio in

Corpus Evangelii Sancti Lucæ Evangelistæ (seu Vita
Joannis Baptistæ lib. X.), editio prima, lit. semi-goth.. long

lines, 38 to a page, without marks, 10 ornamental woodcut initials, coloured, smaller initials painted in red, modern morocco extra, joints, g.e. (Syston Park), Augusta per Authonium Sorg stanneis karacteribus artificialiter effi-, giata, 1476 (33)

£10 ios. 4000 Anthologia Epigrammatuin Græcorum (Planudiš Rhet.)

Græcè (cura Jo. Lascaris), editio princeps, printed in capitals, reimpression, without the 7 leaves after KK8, morocco, plain, g. e., by Masson-Debonelle (Florentiæ, Fr. de Alopa, 1494), 4to. (43)

Maggs, £8 4001 Apollonius Rhodius. Argonauticon lib. IV., Græcè cum

Scholiis Græcis, editio princeps, old Italian morocco, g. e., a rich specimen of 17th century Italian binding, Florentiæ, Fr. de Alopa, 1496, 4to. (53)

Pickering, £20 1os. 4002 Aretinus (Leonardus). De Bello Italico Adversus Gothos

(editio secunda), roman letter, long lines, 32 to a full page, painted ornamental initials, old French morocco, g. e. (Derome), Wodhull copy, with arms on upper cover, Venet., Nic. Jenson, 1471, small folio (60)

Leighton, £16 4003 Aristophanes. Comediæ novem, Græcè (cum Scholiis

Græcis et Prefatione Græca Marci Musuri), editio princeps et Aldina, old MS. notes in margins, old English morocco, rough edges (Harleian), Venet., Aldus, 1498, small folio (66)

Stechert, £12 4004 Aristoteles. Opera Omnia, Theophrastus de Historia et de

Causis Plantarum, Græcè, editio princeps et Aldina, 5 vol. in 6, old calf, russia gilt backs, g. e., Venet., Aldus Manutius Romanus, 1495-8, small folio (68)

Stechert, £20 4005 Aristoteles. Opera Gr., Theophrasti de Historia Plantarum

lib. X. et de Causis Plantarum lib. VI., Omnia Græcè, editio princeps, 5 vol., new pigskin, with stamped blind antique ornaments, few leaves in vol. i. wormed, Venetiis, impressum dexteritate Aldi Manucci Romani, 1495-8, small folio (69)

Ridler, £7 55. 4006 Aristoteles. Opera, et Theophrastus de Historia et de

Causis Plantarum, etc. Græcè, editio princeps, 5 vol. in 6, morocco extra, full gilt backs, g. e., by Mackenzie, Venet., Aldus, 1495-8, small folio (70)

Stechert, £33 4007 Aristoteles. Thopicorum (sic) Analeticorum lib. VIII., lit.

goth. mag. (76 leaves), long lines, without marks, ornamental woodcut initials (wormed), old oaken boards, leather, the sides covered with small stamped flower ornaments, clasps, Augusta, Ambrosius Keller, 1479, small folio (71)

£6 ios. 4008 Augustinus (S. A.) De Civitate Dei lib. XXII., roman letter,

long lines, 46 to a full page, without marks, contemporary MS. notes, a few leaves at end wormed and last leaf mended, morocco extra, with antique gold ornaments, inside dentelles, g. e., by L. Broca, Roma, C. Sweynheym et A. Pannarte in domo Petri di Maximo, 1468, large folio (92)

Tregaskis, £26 [The rare second edition of “De Civitate," and one of the

earliest books printed at Rome by these printers. Probably, as was usual, only 275 copies were printed.-Catalogue. Another copy (Lot 93) realised £57 (Leighton). It was from the Syston Park Library, and in a better state of

preservation than the above.-ED.) 4009 Augustinus (S. A.). De Civitate Dei lib. XXII., finely printed

in roman letter, long lines, 46 to a full page, without marks, first few leaves slightly wormed, otherwise a fine, large and sound copy, rubricated in blue and red, with painted blue and red capitals, morocco extra, antique gilt ornaments, g. e., by R. De Coverly, Romæ, 1470, folio (94)

Maggs, £25 1os. [This is the third edition of “De Civitate” from the press

of the first Roman printers.--Catalogue.] 4010 Augustinus (S. A.) De Civitate Dei lib. XXII. (cum Ex

positionibus Fratris Thomæ Anglici Ord. Præd.), lit. goth. (the commentary in a smaller type), double columns, 47 and 57 lines, without marks, large ornamental pen letters in red, one with signature “P. Wolf,” numerous contemporary MS. notes in margins, old russia gilt, with Wodhull arms, rough edges, Argent., absque ulla nota (Argent., ante 1468], large folio (95)

£31 (A rare edition, having in the text the peculiar R., formerly attributed to Mentelin's Press. The Spencer Rylands' copy has an inscription by the illuminator, J. Bämber, dated 1468, showing that it was printed before

that date.—Catalogue.) 4011 Barham (Rev. R. H.) The Ingoldsby Legends, or Mirth and

Marvels, first edition, illustrations by Leech and Cruikshank, 3 vol., calf extra, g. e., R. Bentley, 1840-42-47, 8vo. (116)

Shepherd, 4 25. 6d. 4012 Baring-Gould (Rev. S.) Lives of the Saints, frontispiece, 15 vol., calf gilt, g. e., Hodges, 1877, crown 8vo. (117)

Tregaskis, £3 4013 Bartolus de Saxo Ferrato. Tractatus Judiciorum, Processus

Sathane contra genus humanum, lit. goth. (26 leaves), long lines, 31 to a full page, with signatures a-C (not in Hain), ruled in red, old boards, Absque nota, small 4to. (119)

Leighton, £7 4014 Beaumont (Francis) and John Fletcher. Comedies and

Tragedies, first edition, portrait by Marshall (backed), margins of last leaf mended, somewhat stained, modern calf gilt, m. e., Printed for H. Robinson and H. Moseley, 1647, small folio (123)

Dobell, £15 1os. 4015 Berchorius (Petrus). Liber Bibliæ Moralis, lit. goth.. double

columns, 50 lines, without marks, capitals painted in red (Hain, *2795), 'contemporary oaken boards, leather, stamped with birds, rosettes and fleurs-de-lis in smali diagonal compartments, title on horn on upper cover (well preserved), Litteras reductus ad pressas correcture advertencia & puncture per C. W. Civem Argentensem ex annis domice incarnacionis millesimoquadri - gentesimo tertio elapsis, fructus anni sequenti idibus septembrium septimis

Luce Mercurii,etc. (1474), large folio (134) Quaritch, £!! 4016 Beresford (Jas.) The Miseries of Human Life, folding frontis

pieces, the series of 24 coloured folding plates by J. A. Atkinson inserted, 2 vol., calf extra, g. e., by Rivière, W. Miller, 1807, small 8vo. (135)

Maggs, £2' 18s. 4017 Berquin. Idylles, both series, frontispiece and 24 plates after

Marillier, by Gauchet, Ponce, etc., 2 vol., morocco extra, doublé, elaborately tooled, silk linings, joints, g. e., by P.

Eenhaes (Paris, Ruault, 1775, 12mo. (140) Ridler, £4 125. 4018 Berry (Miss). Extracts from her Journals and Correspond

ence, 1783-1832, edited by Lady Theresa Lewis, second edition, extra illustrated with 176 portraits and views, 3 vol. bound in 6, calf extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by Tout, Longmans, 1866, 8vo. (141)

Young, £9.155. 4019 Biblia Sacra Hebraica. Prophetæ Priores et Posteriores

Hebraicè, editio princeps (corners of some leaves repaired), 2 vol., morocco extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by Zaehnsdorf (Soncini A. de Chaiim, 1485-6), small folio (148)

Quaritch, £14 155. 4020 Biblia Sacra Græca Septuagintæ Interpretum. Sacra Scrip

turæ Veteris Novæque Omnia, Græcè, editio princeps, title in red (repaired), some leaves wormed, morocco extra, g. e., by R. De Coverly, Venet., in æd. Aldi et Aldi Soc., 1518, folio (152)

Stechert, £36 4021 Biblia Sacra Latina, Editio Vulgata, cum Prologis S.

Hieronymi, lit. goth.. double columns, 48 lines, without marks (Hain, 3053), marginal references to the Gospels, numerous large and small woodcut initials, painted by a contemporary hand, 2 vol., morocco extra, g. e., by R. De Coverly, Absque nota (Basil., B. Richel, circa 1475), large folio (172)

Tregaskis, £12 4022 Biblia Sacra, Editionis Vulgatæ, cum Prologis S. Hieronymi

et interpretationibus Hebraicorum Nominum, lit. goth.. double columns, 51 lines, with signatures and head-titles, large illuminated initial with marginal decoration on first page, ornamental pen-letters and painted capitals in blue and red, last leaf of “ Interpretationes" mended, russia gilt, with Wodhull arms, Venet., Fr. de Hailbrun et Nic. de Frankfordia, 1476, small folio (173) Young, £6 155.

[This is the second Latin Bible of these Venetian printers, and differs from the first chiefly in having signa

tures.- Catalogue.] 4023 Biblia Sacra Latina, Editio Vulgata, cum Prologis S.

Hieronymi et Interpr. Heb. Nom., lit. goth.. parva, double columns, 52 lines, with signatures, rubricated, capitals painted in blue and red, first leaf and leaf of register at end, the latter often wanting, inlaid, old calf gilt, g.e., Venet.,

Nicolaus Jenson, 1476, small folio (174) Ridler, £6 155. 4024 Biblia Sacra Latina, Editionis Vulgatæ, cum Prologis S.

Hieronymi et Notitia Menardi, lit. goth.. double columns, 57 and 58 lines, without marks, rubricated, capitals painted in red (Hain, 3062), contemporary oaken boards, stamped leather, rebacked, corners mended, Absque nota (Nuremb.,

Jo. Sensenschmidt), 1476, folio (175) Bull, £7 175. 6d. 4025 Biblia Sacra, Editionis Vulgatæ, cum Prologis S. Hieronymi

et Interpr. Hebr. Nominum, lit. goth., double columns, 51 lines, with signatures (a, a blank, wanted), illuminated ornamental initial, with marginal decoration to first page of text and prologue, ornamental pen-letters and blue and red capitals, the text rubricated, old calf, g.e., “ Biblia ipressa Venetiis opera atqz. impêsa Nicolai Jenson Gallici, 1479," folio (176)

Tregaskis, £12 155. (British Museum duplicate, exchanged in 1891 for first edition of Sir Thomas Brown's “Religio Medici." It belonged formerly to the Priory of St. Arnulph of Metz, and has a signature of “J. Waltier," one of the Priors, on first

page.-- Catalogue.) 4026 Biblia Sacra Latina, Editionis Vulgatæ, cum Prologis S.

Hieronymi et Interpr. Heb. Nom., lit. goth, double columns, with signatures, illuminated foreate border and initial to first page and several small illuminated initials in the text, capitals painted in red and blue, text rubricated, lower margin of a 4 cut off, contemporary oaken boards, leather, stamped in small compartments of fleurs-de-lis, cinquefoils, etc. (back repaired), Venet., Octavianus Scotus, 1480, small 4to. (177)

Peach, £6 4027 Biblia cum Concordantiis Veteris et Novi Testamenti et

Sacrorum Canonum (per V. P. Fr. Albertum Castellanum revisa, etc.), lit. goth., title in red and black, Canons of Eusebius in red, numerous Italian woodcuts, a full-page one of the Nativity bef the Gospels, numerous ornamental initials, etc., margins of title mended and some headlines shaved, old calf, with arms (rebacked), g. e., Venet., L. A. de Giunta, 1511, iv. Kl. Junii, small 4to. (182)

Tregaskis, £8 [Most of the cuts in this edition are from the Malermi

Bible of 1490, and are good impressions.--Catalogue.] 4028 Biblia cum Concordantiis Veteris et Novi Testamenti et

Sacrorum Canonum, etc., lit. goth., woodcut title, woodcuts and ornamental initials, calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, one of the “Fontibus ex Græcis” editions, Lugd., Jac. Sacon expensis Ant. Koberger Nuremb., 1516, folio (185)

Peach, £3 1os. 4029 Biblia. La Grant Bible en François (translatée de Latin en

François par Pierre Comestor, et revue par Jean de Rely), lettres bâtardes, double columns, with many woodcuts and ornamental initials, title to vol. i, mended and some words supplied in facsimile, 2 vol., new vellum, Paris, pour Anthonie Vérard, 1517, small folio (194) Leighton, £23

[A rare and early edition of Comestor's Version, with the

woodcuts.- Catalogue.] 4030 Biblia. La Saincte Bible en Francoys (par Jacques Le Fevre

d'Etaples), avec les Concordances en marge et deux Tables,

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