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ernments require their confidence with the afores'd Indians. Besides, the delivering the presents to the s Indians there, will make them more Sensible than they seem at present to be. That his Maj'ty requires in return of so great a Benevolence that their friendship should extend to all his Maj'ty's Plantations as well as to that where they have here to fore been accustomed to receive the Same. And forasmuch as the Governor was pleased to signify his intentions of going next month as far as Philadelphia, there to have an interview with the Governors of New York, Maryland & Pennsylvania for the better concerting the proper measures to keep all the Indians under the respective Governments in Amity with his Majesty's subjects.

The Council are of opinion that it is necessary speedy measures be taken to bring the said Indians, especially the five Nations, to a better Observance of their Treaty and a more just regard to this & the Neighbouring Colonys to which a concert & so many of his Majesty's Governors may greatly *

On reading at this Board a Letter from Christianna giving an account of some murder lately committed by the Maherens & Saponee Indians on another, It is ordered that the difference between the s Indians be examined in Council at the next Generall Court, and in the mean time the Governor was pleased to declare that he would send for the Chiefs & all the Tributary Indians and engage them to forbear all hostilitys on one another untill the difference between them be examined & determined at this Board.

On consideration of the Accompt exhibited by Mr. Christopher Smith of his enquires in going to New York & Albany for his Majesty's service, It is ordered that there be paid him out of his Majesties Revenue of 2 per hogshead &c., the sum of Fifty pounds, being for one half of the expence of the Journey & Recompence for his trouble the * * Indian Company having agreed to pay him the other half.


Whereon this Board are inform'd of divers abuses in the manner of taking up land, such as the keeping possession of land upon a bare entry or Survey without any pattent, and the * * * of such lands are found proper for the Manufacture of Pitch & Tarr, immediately upon such Entry, gathering & burning the Lightwood without ever deigning to take out

pattent for the same, whereby his Maj'ty is greatly deprived of his Quit Rents and others who would take up & improve the s land deprived of the benefit thereof: for prevention of such practices for the future, the Governor with the advice of the

* * *

November the 13th, 1717.
Berkeley, Esq', present.

Present As Yesterday: Edmund

The Governor having communicated to this Board his Negotiation with Brigadier Hunter, Governor of New York, for securing the Peace of this Colony by preventing the Incursions of the five Nations of Indians under that Province and having also communicated a Representation of the Severall hostilitys committed by the s" Indians notwithstanding their former Treaty's together with two Preliminary Articles offered to the said Indians; And the same being read at the Board are approved as absolutely necessary to be ensisted on before any farther Treaty be sett on foot with the sa five Nations.

On reading at this Board a petition of the Freeholders & Inhabitants of the City of Williamsburgh, praying that for the Encouragement of the s peace the seat of Government a charter may be granted for Incorporating the Inhabitants of s city by such name & with such priviledges & Immunitys as shall be thought fitt for the good Government and improvement thereof. It is the opinion of the Council that the granting a charter for incorporating ye Inhabitants of the said city for granting the priviledge of Fairs & marketts & other Immunitys for the good government of such as shall come to reside therein, will tend to the and encouragement of the s city.

William Lyell by his petition praying to be paid for piloting the Caroline Sloop which came hither to transport Soldiers to that Province in 1715 from Hampton to York River and back again, for which service he hath received no satisfaction. It is ordered that it be referr'd to Mr. George Walker to certify what Allowance is due to the * for that service, and that the same be paid out of his Majesty's Revenue of 2s. p. hogshead * * producing and certificate.


The Board taking into consideration that the Repeal of the late Act for preventing frauds in tobacco payments. It is be

come necessary to alter the method prescribed by the late Schemes for collection of the quit rents.

It is therefore ordered that the Quitt Rents be collected in the same manner they were before the aforementioned Law was made with this only difference, that in the Warrant for collecting the said Quit Rents the sherif be directed to account for the species they receive whether it be bills of Exchange, Spanish Silver, of Cerele, Pillar, Mexico Coin at 172 cut for five shillings or in tobacco, and that the tobacco received be sold by the Receiver General, at publick auction in Aprill Generall Court. And the officers of the River are to take care that a form be sent to the Sherif for the more regular making up their Rent Rolls.


And it is further ordered that the officers of the Revenues give the Sheriffs an account of all Arrears of Quit Rents due in their * * and that the Sherif be, and they are hereby directed to make as well of the Arrears mentioned in such ac* which they shall be able to discover to be due his Majesty * said Country and in case any one shall refuse to pay their arrears to the said sheriffs, are further required to certify the Reasons by any particular person for such refusal.

count as of *


The 14th day of November, 1627, being the day after ye buriall of Sr. George Yeardley, Knt., late Governor, the rest of the Council met, viz: Capt. Francis West, Dr. Pott, Capt. Smyth, Capt. Mathews, Mr. Persey, Mr. Clayborne, Capt. Tucker & Mr. Farrar.

At this time by ye opinions & voices of the Councill, Capt. Francis West, according to the commission of his excellent Matie directed unto us for ye same purpose, was elected & chosen to be present Governor & Captaine Generall of this his Maties Colony & Plantation of Virginia in as full and ample manner as by ye said Comission and their election may be derived uppon

A Court at James Citty the 9th February, 1627. Present, Capt. Francis West, Esqr., Governor &c., Dr. Pott, Capt. Matthewes, Mr. Claybourne & Capt. Tucker.

At this Court Lady Yeardley did (according to ye will of her late husband, Sr. George Yeardley, Knt., viz: he having willed that the plantation of one thousand acres of land at Stanley in Warwicke River, should be sold & made into Tobacco for the use of her & her children) acknowledged the said Plantation of one thousand acres to be by herselfe by virtue of the said will for good considerations & a valuable some of seven thousand waight of Tobacco sold & wholy made over unto Left" Thomas Flint, & to his heirs and assignes forever, the land being due unto ye said Sr. George Yeardley by the transportation of twenty persons who came over unto this Country in the Ship the Temperance, 1621, viz: Maximilian, Sone and Elizabeth his wife, George Whitchand, Thos. Nanson, Thos. Man, Tho. Harris, Thos. Powes, Wm. Chelmedge, John May, Philipp Smyth, Rich. Gregory, John Moyer, Peter Mason, Henry Rowen, Nathaniell Thomas, Wm. Brooke, John Phillips, John Bradford, John Penny, & George Deverill.*

At this Court Temperance, Lady Yeardley delivered upp those guiftes we have formerly been sent out of England & given to ye use of ye College, viz:

1. Communion Silver Guilt Cupp & two little Chalices in a cloth of gold cover.

2. One Crimson Velvet Carpet wth a gold & silver fringe. 3. One white damaske Comunion Cloath with buttons.

4. Fower divinity bookes wth brasse bosses.

More for the use of Southampton hundred church given by Mrs. May Robinson:

1. One Comunion Silver guilt cupp & two little chalices in a black leather cover.

2. One yellow & blue Cheiny Damaske Carpett with a Silke fring.

3. One white damaske Comunion cloath.

4. One Surplisse.

* See ye Records of ye Passengers.

At this Court likewise Temperance Lady Yeardley delivered upp unto ye Governo. Seven Cowes & five yonge heifers w-ch belong unto ye Governor's place, & were left here by S′ Francis Wyatt, late Governor, then being noe more to be delivered upp againe then were received.

A Court at James Citty the 11th February, 1627, present Capt. Francis West, Esq., Governor, Dr. Pott, Capt: Mathews, Mr. Secretary & Capt. Tucker.

Whereas ye Lady Yeardley requested ye Court that some good order might be taken concerning the estate of Southampton Hundred, it is thought fitt by this Court that madgeing that businesse be referred more particularly unto Mr. Secretarye, & doe order that he doe with the first conveniency present to the Court a perfect list of all the Cattle & such other profitts & rents of land & houses as are belonging to them either in hogg Iland or elsewhere, & do require that the same be quarterly done & recorded. And further that there be a letter written concerning ye same with ye Company of Southampton Hundred.

A Court at James Citty the 12th February, 1627. Present Capt. Francis West, Esqr., Governor, &c., Dr. Pott, Capt. Mathews, Mr. Secretary & Capt. Tucker.

It was ordered that there should be a proclamation published against marrying wout licenses under ye Governor's hand, or being three times asked in the church. Likewise that there should be a proclamation for the making of good Tobacco to leave few leaves on a stalke to provide store of house roome & to Comand the planting of great store of corne and the weeding of the same.

A Court at James Citty the 27th of February, 1627. Present Capt. Francis West., Esq., Governor, Dr. Pott, Capt. Smith, Capt. Mathewes, Mr. Secretary & Capt. Tucker.

The Letter from his most excellent mat being read at this Court concerning divers particulars about our Tobacco, & about some other special staple Comodities to be raised as Iron, Pitch, & tarr, salt, &c. & divers other Instructions from S' Robert Heath,

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