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ch.23.10, Gates (1), De.16.18. his son came unto the gate of A ND God said unto Jā'cob, ch.25.26, Jacob, ch.36.6. Dinah avenged.


'Jacob at Bethch.33.19, Hamor, v.26. 20 And Hā'mor and Shē'chem

Arise, go up to Běth'-el, ch.28.19, Beth-el.
their city, and communed with and dwell there: and make p.p.v.7.
the men of their city, saying, there an altar unto God, that

21 These men are peaceable appeared unto thee when thou
with us; therefore let them fleddest from the face of E'sąu
dwell in the land, and trade thy brother.
therein; for the land, behold, it 2 Then Jā'cob said unto his; ch.31.19.
is large enough for them; let household, and to all that were
us take their daughters to us with him, Put away the strange Idolatry (1), Ex.20.4.
for wives, and let us give them gods that are among you, and Idols Put Away, Jos.24.14
our daughters.

be clean, and change your gar- Cleanliness (1), Le.13.6. 22 Only herein will the men ments:

1 8.7.3, Spir. Preparation. consent unto us for to dwell 3 And let us arise, and go up ch.6.22, Obedience (2). with us, to be one people, if to Běth'-el; and I will make

every male among us be circum- there an altar unto God, who Jb.34.28, Prayer Heard. ch.17.10, Circumcision. cised, as they are circumcised. answered me in the day of my ch.28.15, Divine Presence.

23 Shall not their cattle and distress, and was with me in the

their substance and every beast way which I went. ch.31.41, Covetousness (2). of their's be our's? only let us 4 And they gave unto Jā'cob

consent unto them, and they all the strange gods which were 1 Chr.16.26, False Gods. will dwell with us.

in their hand, and all their ear. ch.24.22, Earrings, Ex.322 24 And unto Hā'mor and unto rings which were in their ears; Shē'chem his son hearkened all and Jā'cob hid them under the that went out of the gate of his oak which was by Shē’chem. Oaks, Jos.24.26. city; and every male was cir- 5 And they journeyed: and cumcised, all that went out of the terror of God was upon the fear of God (4), Ex.15.16. the gate of his city.

cities that were round about Divine Protection (?), 25 TAnd it came to pass on the them, and they did not pursue

(Ex.14.20 third day, when they were sore, after the sons of Jā'cob.

that two of the sons of Jā'cob, 6 9 So Jā'cob came to Lūz, ch.29.33, Simeon, ch.42.24. Sim'e-on and Lēvi, Di’nah's which is in the land of Cā’năan, ch.29.31, Levi. Jud.16.19. Treachery.

brethren, took each man his that is, Běth'-el, he, and all the ch.28.19, Beth-el, v.15. sword, and came upon the city people that were with him.

boldly, and slew all the males. 7 And he built there an altar, ch.8.20, Altars (1), Ex.17.15. ch.33.19, Hamor, ch.49.6. 26 And they slew Hā’mor and and called the place #l-běth - See Divine Appearances, Shē'chem his son with the edge el: because there God appeared

[ch.28.13. of the sword, and took Di’nah unto him, when he fied from out of Shē'chem's house, and the face of his brother. went out.

8 But Děb'o-rah Re-běk'ah's 27 The sons of Jā'cob came nurse died, and she was buried ch.24.59, Nurses, Ex.2.7. Jud.8.7, Retaliation (2). upon the slain, and spoiled the beneath Běth'-el under an oak: R.V. below Beth-el

city, because they had defiled and the name of it was called
their sister.

Xl1bn-bichuth. 28 They took their sheep, and 9 | And God appeared unto ch.12.7, Divine Appearances, Spoil, Ex.12.36. their oxen, and their asses, and Jā'cob again, when he came out

(Ex.3.1o. that which was in the city, and of Pā'dan-ā'ram, and blessed ch.1.28, Blessings (4). that which was in the field, him.

29 And all their wealth, and all 10 And God said unto him,

their little ones, and their wives Thy name is Jā'cob: thy name ch.14.12, Captives. took they captive, and spoiled shall not be called any more Jā'- ch.17.5, Names Changed. Nu.21.3, Destruction (3). even all that was in the house. cob, but İşóra-el shall be thy ch.32.28, Israel(1), 2 K.17.34.

30 And Jā'cob said to Sim’e-on name: and he called his name
and Lē’vi, Ye have troubled me Işóra-el.

to make me to stink among the 11 And God said unto him,; 48.3.
inhabitants of the land, among am God Almighty: be fruitful ; 9.1.
the Cā’năan-ites and the Persize and multiply; a nation and a 1 K.8.56, God's Promises.
zītes: and I being few in num- company of nations shall be of ch.15.5, Posterity Promised.
ber, they shall gather them- thee, and kings shall come out

selves together against me, and of thy loins; De.1.17,


slay me; and I shall be destroy- 12 And the land which I gave
ed, I and my house.

A’bră-ham and l’şaac, to thee I
31 And they said, Should he will give it, and to thy seed

deal with our sister as with an after thee will I give the land. ch.12.7, Promised Land. Harlots, Le.19.29. harlot?

13 And God went up from him

CHAPTER 35 in the place where he talked Ex.19.3, Divine Fellowship. B.C. 1732(?)

with him.
God sendeth Jacob to Beth-el: 2 he

purgeth his house of idols, 6 and 14 And Jā'cob set up a pillar ch.28.18, Pillars, 1 S.7.12.
buildeth an altar : 9 God blesseth in the place where he talked
him there. 16 Rachel beareth Ben- with him, even a pillar of stone:
jamin, and dics. 23 The sons of
Jacob. 28 Isaac's death.

and he poured a drink offering Drink-offerings, Ex.29.40.

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The death of Rachel.


Generations of Esau. thereon, and he poured oil there- daughters of Cā’năan; A’dah on.

the daughter of E'lon the Hit - Nu.13.29, Hittites. 15 And Jā'cob called the name tite, and A-hõl-i-bā'mah the

of the place where God spake daughter of A'nah the daughter ch.28.19, Beth-el, Jos.16.2. with him, Běth'-el.

of Zib'e-on the Hi'vite; ch.10.17, Hivites. 16 TAnd they journeyed from 3 And Băsh'e-măth Ish’ma-el's ch.16.11, Ishmael. Běth'-el; and there was but a daughter, sister of Ne-bā'joth.

little way to come to Ěph'răth: 4 And A’dah bare to E'sąu #l’ich.3.16, Travail, Is.13.8. and Rā'chel travailed, and she phăz; and Băsh’e-măth bare had hard labour.

17 And it came to pass, when 5 And A-hõl-i-bā’mah bare Jē'-

she was in hard labour, that the ush, and Ja-ālam, and Kōʻrah:

midwife said unto her, Fear these are the sons of Ë'sąu,
not; thou shalt have this son which were born unto him in
the land of Cā’năan.

ch.11.31, Canaan.
18 And it came to pass, as her 6 And Eʻsąu took his wives,

soul was in departing, (for she and his sons, and his daughters, ch.4.25, Children Named.

died) that she called his name and all the persons of his house,

Běn-Ō'ni: but his father called and his cattle, and all his beasts, Benjamin, ch.42.36. him Běn'ja-min.

and all his substance, which he cb.29.6, Rachel, Ru.4.11. 19 And Rā'chel died, and was had got in the land of Cā’năan ; Nu.23.10, Death of Right- buried in the way to Ěph'răth, and went into the country from

[eous. ch.47.30, Burying-places. which is Běth'-lě-hěm.

the face of his brother Jă cob. ch.25.26, Jacob, ch.37.3. ch.28.18, Pillars.

20 And Jā'cob set a pillar upon 7 For their riches were more ch.13.2, Riches (4),2 S.19.32.
her grave: that is the pillar of than that they might dwell to-
Rā'chel's grave unto this day. gether; and the land wherein

21 | And Işóra-el journeyed, they were strangers could not

and spread his tent beyond the bear them because of their catch.11.5, Towers, Jud.8.9. tower of E'där.

22 And it came to pass, when 8 Thus dwelt Eʻsau in mount ch.14.6, Mt. Seir.

iş'ra-el dwelt in that land, that Sē'ir: E'sąu is E'dom.
ch.29.32. Reuben, ch.37.21. Reuben went and lay with Bil... TAnd these are the genera-
Nu.25.6, Lasciviousness. hah his father's concubine: and tions of E'sąu the father of the

Işóra-el heard it. Now the sons E' dom-ites in mount Sē ir: Edomites, Nu.20.18. of Jā'cob were twelve:

10 These are the names of
ch.29.25, Leah, ch.49.31. 23 The sons of Lē'ah; Reu'- E'sąu's sons; El’i-phăz the son
ch.29.34, Levi, ch.49.5. ben, Jā'cob's firstborn, and Sim- of A’dah the wife of E'sąu,
ch.29.35, Judah, ch.37.26.
ch.30.18, Issachar, ch.49.14. e-on, and Lē'vi, and Jū’dah, and Rey'el the son of Băsh'e-măth
ch.30.20, Zebulun, ch.49.13. Isosa-char, and Zẽbu-lăn: the wife of E'sąu.
ch.30.24, Joseph.

24 The sons of Rā'chel; Jo'- 11 And the sons of #l'i-phăz
seph, and Běn'ja-min: were Tê man, Omar, Zẽ phố,

25 And the sons of Bil’hah, and Gā'tam, and Kē'năz. ch.30.6, Dan.

Rā'chel's handmaid; Dăn, and 12 And Tim'nå was concubine ch.16.3, Concubinage, ch.30.8, Naphtali, ch.49.21. Năph'ta-li:

to l'i-phăz E'sąu's son; and

[Jud.8.31. 26 And the sons of Zil'pah, she bare to Él'i-phăz Am'a-lěk: Amalek, Ex.17.8. ch.30.11, Gad, ch.49.19. Lē’ah's handmaid; Găd, and these were the sons of A’dah ch.30.13, Asher, ch.49.20. Ashʼēr : these are the sons of E'sąu's wife.

Jā'cob, which were born to him 13 And these are the sons of
in Pā'dan-ā'ram.

Reu'el; Nā'hăth, and Zē rah,
27 | And Jā'cob came unto Shăm'mah, and Miz zah: these
I'şaac his father unto Măm'rē, were the sons of Băsh'e-măth

unto the city of Är'bah, which E'sąu's wife. ch.13.18, Hebron.

is Hēbron, where Abră-hăm 14 And these were the sons of
and I'şaac sojourned.

A-hol-i-bā'mah, the daughter of 28 And the days of l'saac A'nah the daughter of Zib'e-on, ch.5.4, Longevity (2). were an hundred and fourscore E'sąu's wife: and she bare to years.

E'sąu Jē’ŭsh, and Jā-ā'lam, and ch.17.19, Isaac, ch.49.31. 29. And l'şaac gave up the Kōʻrah. Nu.23.10, Death of Right-ghost, and died, and was gath- 15 [These were dukes of the

(eous. ered unto his people, being old sons of E'sąu: the sons of #l'ich.15.15, Old Age. and full of days: and his sons phăz the firstborn son of E'sąu; De.10.6, Burials.

E'sąu and Jā'cob buried him. duke Tē'man, duke O'mar, duke

Zẽ phố, duke Kỹ năz,
Esau's family in Canaan. 6 He re-

16 Duke Kö'rah, duke Gā'tam,
moveth to mount Seir. 9 Hissons, and duke Am'a-lěk: these are
15 The dukes which descended of the dukes that came of El’i-

20 The sons and dukes
of Seir. 31 The kings of Edom. pház in the land of Edom;

COW these are the genera- these were the sons of A’dah.
ch.25.25, Esau, Ro.9.13.

Reusel E'sąu's son; duke Nā'ch.4.19, Polygamy. 2 Essąu took his wives of the hăth, duke Zēsrah, duke Shăm'

his sons.

The sons of Seir.


Joseph's dreams.
mah, duke Mizzah: these are smote Mid i-an in the field of ch.25.2, Midian (a).
the dukes that came of Rey'el Mōʻab, reigned in his stead: and
in the land of E'dom; these the name of his city was A'vìth.
are the sons of Băsh'e-măth 36 And Hā'dăd died, and Săm'-
E'sąu's wife.

lah of Măs're-kah reigned in his
18 And these are the sons of stead.
A-hõl-i-bā'mah E'sąu's wife; 37 And Sămlah died, and Saul
duke Jē’ŭsh, duke Jā-ālam, of Rē-hoʻboth by the river
duke Kōʻrah: these were the reigned in his stead.
dukes that came of A-hol-i-bā'- 38 And Sąul died, and Bā'al-
mah the daughter of A'nah, hā'nan the son of Ach bôr
E'sąu's wife.

reigned in his stead.
19 These are the sons of 39 And Bā'al-hā'nan the son
E'sąu, who is E'dom, and these of Ăch bôr died, and Hā'där
are their dukes.

reigned in his stead: and the
20 I These are the sons of name of his city was Pā'u; and
Sē ir the Hōʻrite, who inhabited his wife's name was Mē-hět'a-
the land; Lõ'tan, and Shōʻbal, běl, the daughter of Mā'tred, the
and Zib'e-on, and A'nah, daughter of Měz'a-hăb.

21 And Di'shon, and Eʻzēr, and 40 TAnd these are the names
Di'shan: these are the dukes of the dukes that came of E'sąu, ch.25.25, Esau.

of the Hōʻrites, the children of according to their families, after p.p.1 Chr.1.51.
Sē'ir in the land of E'dom. their places, by their names;

22 And the children of Lo'tan duke Tim ́nah, duke Alvah,
were Ho'ri and Hē'mam; and duke Jē'theth,
Lo'tan's sister was Tim'nå. 41 Duke A-hõl-i-bā'mah, duke

23 And the children of Shobal Elah, duke Pi'non,
were these; Àlvan, and Măn'a- 42 Duke Kē'năz, duke Tē'man,
hăth, and Ebal, Shē’phô, and duke Mibʼzar,

43 Duke Măg'di-el, duke f'ram:
24 And these are the children these be the dukes of E'dom,
of Zib'e-on; both A'jah, and according to their habitations

A’nah: this was that A'nah in the land of their possession : R.V. who found the hot that found the mules in the he is E'sąu the father of the

springs ch.22.3, Asses. wilderness, as he fed the asses E'dom-ites.

v.9, Edomites.
of Zib'e-on his father.

25 And the children of A'nah Joseph hated of his brethren: 5 his B.C.1729.
were these; Di'shon, and A-hõl two dreams: 18 his brethren con-
i-bā'mah the daughter of Asnah.

spire his death. 23 He is cast into

a pit. 26 They sell him to the Ish26 And these are the children

meelites, 36 who sell him to Potiof Di'shon; Hěm'dan, and Ésh'- phar in Egypt.

ban, and Ithírare and Charanre A Niphezeiobhliselt in the

land ch.25.26, Jacob.

children of are wherein his father these; Bil’han, and Zā'a-văn, stranger, in the land of Ca'- ch.12.10, Sojourners. and Akăn. nhan.

ch.11.31, Canaan.
28 The children of Di’shan 2 These are the generations
are these; Ūz, and A'răn. of Jā'cob. Jõ’seph, being seven- ch.30.24, Joseph, v.28.

29 These are the dukes that teen years old, was feeding the ch.4.2. Shepherds, ch.46.32.
came of the Hoʻrites; duke Lo- flock with his brethren; and the
tan, duke Shōʻbal, duke Zib'e-on, lad was with the sons of Bil’hah,
duke Ã'nah,

and with the sons of Zil'pah,
30 Duke Di'shon, duke Eʻzēr, his father's wives: and Jo’seph
duke Di'shan: these are the brought unto his father their
dukes that came of Hōʻri, among evil report.
their dukes in the land of Sē'ir. 3 Now Işʻra-el loved Joʻseph ch.25.26, Jacob, ch.42.1.

31 (And these are the kings more than all his children, be- ch.25.28, Parental Partiality, that reigned in the land of cause he was the son of his old


ch.24.36, Parental Gifts, p.p.1 S.10.24. E'dom, before there reigned any age: and he made him a coat

(Jos.15.19. king over the children of Ig- of many colours.

Coats, Ex.28.40. ra-el.

4 And when his brethren saw 32 And Bēʻlà the son of Bē'or that their father loved him Man's Jealousy, Jud.8.1. reigned in E'dom: and the name more than all his brethren, they

of his city was Din'ha-bah. hated him, and could not speak ch.27.41, Hatred (2),Jud.11.7. 2 S.14.14, Death Universal. 33 And Bēʻlá died, and Jõʻbăb peaceably unto him.

ch.4.5, Envy (2).
the son of Zē'rah of Bõz'rah 5 I And Jõʻseph dreamed a ch.28.12, Dreams(2), ch.40.5.
reigned in his stead.

dream, and he told it his breth-
34 And Jõbăb died, and Hū’-ren: and they hated him yet
sham of the land of Těm'a-ni the more.
reigned in his stead.

6 And he said unto them, Hear,
35 And Hūʻsham died, and I pray you, this dream which I
Hā'dăd the son of Bē'dăd, who have dreamed:

Joseph at Dothan.


He is sold to Potiphar in Egypt.; 44.14.

7 For, behold, we were bind- 21 And Reụ ben heard it, and ch.29.32, Reuben, ch.42.22.

ing sheaves in the field, and, lo, he delivered him out of their ch.25.23, Supremacy:

Yh.48.19. my sheaf arose, and also stood hands; and said, Let us not kill Intercession (2), v.26. Sheaves, De.24.19. upright; and, behold, your him.

sheaves stood round about, and 22 And Reụ ben said unto Obeisance, ch.43.28. made obeisance to my sheaf. them, Shed no blood, but cast

8 And his brethren said to him, him into this pit that is in the
Shalt thou indeed reign over us? wilderness, and lay no hand up-
or shalt thou indeed have do- on him; that he might rid him

minion over us? And they out of their hands, to deliver ch.19.16, Deliverance (2). ch.27.41, Hatred (2). hated him yet the more for his him to his father again.

dreams, and for his words. 23 TAnd it came to pass, when

9 And he dreamed yet another Joʻseph was come unto his

dream, and told it his brethren, brethren, that they stript Joch.28.12, Dreams (2). and said, Behold, I have dreamed şeph out of his coat, his coat of v.3, Coats. ch.1.16, Sun, Moon, Stars. a dream more; and, behold, the many colours that was on him ; Est.6.8, Rich Apparel. ch.25.23,Subjection,ch.47.25. sun and the moon and the eleven 24 And they took him, and p.p.Je.38.6.

stars made obeisance to me. cast him into a pit: and the pit Cruelty (2), Ex.1.22.

10 And he told it to his father, was empty, there was no water and to his brethren: and his in it. father rebuked him, and said 25 And they sat down to eat ch.4.9, Selfishness (2). unto him, What is this dream bread : and they lifted up their that thou hast dreamed ? Shall I eyes and looked, and, behold, a and thy mother and thy breth- company of Ish'me-el-ites came Merchants, 1 K.10.15. ren indeed come to bow down from Gil'e-ăd with their camels Caravans, ch.46.6.

ourselves to thee to the earth? bearing spicery and balm and Balm, ch.43.11. ch.4.5, Envy (2), Nu.16.3. 11 And his brethren envied myrrh, going to carry it down Myrrh, ch.43.11.

him; but his father observed to Eʻgypt.

the saying Pop. Lu.2.19.

26 And Jū’dah said unto his ch.29.35, Judah, ch.38.1. 12 sAnd his brethren went to brethren, What profit is it if we v.21, Intercession (2). ch.12.6, Shechem (1), feed their father's flock in Shē'- slay our brother, and conceal

(ch.44.33, (Jos.24.32. chem.

his blood ? 13 And Iş'ra-el said unto Jo- 27 Come, and let us sell him Jos.7.21, Avarice (2). şeph, Do not thy brethren feed to the Ish'me-el-ites, and let not the flock in Shē'chem? come, our hand be upon him; for he

and I will send thee unto them. is our brother and our flesh. ch.47.12, Filial Honor (2). And he said to him, Here am I. And his brethren were content.

14 And he said to him, Go, I 28 Then there passed by Mid- Midianites, v.36. Parental Solicitude,1 S.10.2. pray thee, see whether it be i-an-ites merchantmen; and p.p.Je.38.13.

well with thy brethren, and they drew and lifted up Jõ’seph ch.30.24, Joseph, ch.39.2. well with the flocks; and bring out of the pit, and sold Jo’seph Traffic in Men, ch.39.1.

me word again. So he sent to the Ish'me-el-ites for twenty ch.13.18, Hebron.

him out of the vale of Hē bron, pieces of silver: and they See Silver (2), Am.2.6. ch.12.6, Shechem (1). and he came to Shē'chem. brought Jo'şeph into E'ġýpt. ch.12.10, Egypt.

15 And a certain man found 29 TAnd Reuben returned un-
him, and, behold, he was wan- to the pit; and, behold, Jõ’seph
dering in the field: and the was not in the pit; and he rent Clothes Rent, v.34.
man asked him, saying, What his clothes.
seekest thou?

30 And he returned unto his
16 And he said, I seek my brethren, and said, The child is
brethren: tell me, I pray thee, not; and I, whither shall I go?
where they feed their flocks. 31 | And they took Jõ'seph's ch.3.1, Craftiness.

17 And the man said, They are coat, and killed a kid of the p.p.v.3.
departed hence; for I heard goats, and dipped the coat in
them say, Let us go to Dö'than. the blood;
And Jo’seph went after his 32 And they sent the coat of

brethren, and found them in many colours, and they brought
Dothan, 2 K.6.13.

it to their father; and said, 18 TAnd when they saw him This have we found: know now ch.3.4, Lying. Jos.2.4.

afar off, even before he came whether it be thy son's coat or Conspiracy, Nu.16.3. near unto them, they conspired no.

against him to slay him. 33 And he knew it, and said,

19 And they said one to an- It is my son's coat; an evil v.3,Coats.
other, Behold, this dreamer beast hath devoured him; Jo'-

seph is without doubt rent in 20 Come now therefore, and pieces. Est.3.6, Malice (2). let us slay him, and casť him 34 And Jā'cob rent his clothes, v.29, Clothes Rent, ch.44.13.

into some pit, and we will say, and put sackcloth upon his loins, Sackcloth, 2 S.3.31. ch.3.4, Lying.

Some evil beast hath devoured and mourned for his son many ch.50.3, Mourning.
him: and we shall see what will days.
become of his dreams.

35 And all his sons and all his!

A , Pr.6.25. Lust.

Birth of Er and Onan.


Tamar deceiveth Judah. ch.50.21, Comfort (4). daughters rose up to comfort and his friend Hiʻrah the A-dũlch.23.2, Grief, ch.42.38. him; but he refused to be com- lam-ite.

forted; and he said, For I will 13 And it was told Tā'mar, saych.31.28, Paternal Love, go down into the grave unto ing, Behold thy father in law


my son mourning. Thus his goeth up to Tim'nath to shear p.p.Jos.15.10. ch.21.16, Weeping. father wept for him.

his sheep. v.28, Midianites, Nu.31.2. 36 And the Mid'i-an-ites sold 14 And she put her widow'sgarv.28, Traffic in Men. him into Egypt unto Põt'i-phar, ments off from her, and covered Disguises, 1 s.28.8.

an officer of Phā'raõh's, and her with a vail, and wrapped ch.24.65, Vail (1), Ex.34.33. captain of the guard.

herself, and sat in an open

place, which is by the way to CHAPTER 38


for she saw that Shē- p.p.Pr.7.12. B.C. 1727(?)

Judah begetteth Er, Onan, and She- lah was grown, and she was not

lah. 6 Er marrieth Tamar. 8 The
trespass of Onan. 13 Tamar de- given unto him to wife.
ceiveth Judah. 27 She beareth 15 When Jū’dah saw her, he
twins, Pharez and Zarah.

thought her to be an harlot; be- ch.34.31, Harlots.
ND it came to pass at that cause she had covered her face.
ch.29.35, Judah, ch.43.3.

down from his brethren, and the way, and said, Go to, I pray
turned in to a certain A-důl- thee, let me come in unto thee;
lam-ite, whose name was Hi-|(for he knew not that she was

his daughter in law.) And she 2 And Jū’dah saw there a said, What wilt thou give me, ch.3.6, Temptresses. ch.10.18, Canaanites. daughter of a certain Cā’năan- that thou mayest come in unto

ite, whose name was Shu'ah ; me? ch.24.3, Marriage (3). and he took her, and went in 17 And he said, I will send thee unto her.

a kid from the flock. And she
ch.21.2, Conception. 3 And she conceived, and bare said, Wilt thou give me a pledge,
ch.4.25, Children Named. a son; and he called his name till thou send it ?

18 And he said, What pledge
4 And she conceived again, shall I give thee? And she
and bare a son; and she called said, Thy signet, and thy brace- Signets, Ex.28.11.
his name Õ'nan.

lets, and thy staff that is in ch.24.22, Bracelets, Ex.35.22.
5 And she yet again con- thine hand. And he gave it
ceived, and bare a son; and her, and came in unto her, and
called his name Shēʻlah: and she conceived by him.

ch.21.2, Conception.
he was at ChēÖzīb, when she 19 And she arose, and went
bare him.

away, and laid by her vail from ch.24.65, Vail (1).
6 And Jū’dah took a wife for her, and put on the garments of
Er his firstborn, whose name her widowhood.

Ru.1.3, Widows.
was Tā'mar.

20 And Jū’dah sent the kid ch.6.5, Depravity.

7 And Er, Jū’dah's firstborn, by the hand of his friend the Jud.2.11, In God's Sight. was wicked in the sight of the A-dúlʻlam-ite, to receive his Jb.22.16, Wicked Cut Off. LORD; and the Lord slew him. pledge from the woman's hand:

8 And Jū’dah said unto Oʻnan, but he found her not. p.p.Mt.22.24.

Go in unto thy brother's wife, 21 Then he asked the men of De.25.5, Marriage (5). and marry her, and raise up that place, saying, Where is the seed to thy brother.

harlot, that was openly by the ch.34.31, Harlots.
9 And O'nan knew that the way side? And they said, There

seed should not be his; and it was no harlot in this place.
came to pass, when he went in 22 And he returned to Jū’dah,
unto his brother's wife, that he and said, I cannot find her; and

spilled it on the ground, lest also the men of the place said, ch.4.9, Selfishness (2). that he should give seed to his that there was no harlot in this brother.

10 And the thing which he did 23 And Jū’dah said, Let her

displeased the LORD: wherefore take it to her, lest we be Ex.6.6, God's Judgments. he slew him also.

shamed: behold, I sent this 11 Then said Jū’dah to Tā'mar kid, and thou hast not found

his daughter in law, Remain a her. Ru.1.3, Widows.

widow at thy father's house, 24 TAnd it came to pass about
till Shēʻlah my son be grown: three months after, that it was
for he said, Lest peradventure told Jū’dah, saying, Ta'mar thy

he die also, as his brethren did. daughter in law hath played p.p.Le.22.13.

And Tā'mar went and dwelt in the harlot; and also, behold, she
her father's house.

is with child by whoredom.
12 TAnd in process of time the And Jū’dah said, Bring her
daughter of Shu'ah Jū’dah's forth, and let her be burnt. Burning, Le.20.14.
wife died; and Jū’dah was com- 25 When she was brought
forted, and went up unto his forth, she sent to her father in
Isheepshearers to Tỉm'nath, he law, saying, By the man, whosel

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