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ble life, and left him a prey to anxiety and want, to sorrow and despair.

Of his poems, which have been so often printed, and so eagerly read, it is unnecessary to enter into a critical examination. All readers of taste and sensibility assign him the first place among the poets of his country; and acknowledge the presence of that “light from heaven,” which consecrates and eternizes every monument of genius.


THE ch and gh have always the guttural sound. The

sound of the English diphthong oo, is commonly spelled on. The French u, a sound which ofteil occurs in the Scottish language, is marked oo, or ui, The a in genuine Scottish words, except when forming a diphthong, or followed by an e mute after a single consonant, sounds generally like the broad English a in wall. The Scottish diphthongs ae, always, and ea very often, soum like the French e masculine. The Scottish dipha thong ey, sounds like the Latin ei.


Aff, off.

Aff-hand, extempore, imA', all, every one, the mediately. whole.

Aff-loof,unpremeditates Aback, away, aloof. Afore, before, sooner Abeigb, at a shy distance. than. Aboon, aboon, above, up, Aft, oft.

in the regions of hea- Aften, often, frequently, Abread, abroad, in sight, Agley, off the right siñė, at large.

oblique, wrong. Abread, in breadth.

Aiblins, perhaps.
Ae, ome.

Aik, the oak.
Vol. I. ])


many times.

Air, early, soon.

rent, sagacions, cun Airl-penny, earnest-mo ning, prudent.

ney, a piece of money Auld lang syne, olden for confirming a bar time, days of other gain.

years. Airt, quarter of the hea- Auld, old, ancient, advens; to direct.

vanced in years. Airn, iron.

Auntie, an aunt. Aith, an oath.

Ava', at all, of all, of any. Aits, oats.

Awa', away, absent. Aiver, an old horse. Awfu', awful, terrible. Aizle, a hot cinder. Awn, the beard of barAlake, alas!

ley, oats, Alane, alone, solitary, Awnie, bearded.

single, without compa. Ayont, beyond, at a disny.

tance, out of the reach Akwart, awkward, inele of.

gant, untaught. Aimast, almost, nearly."

B. Amang, among, mingled with.

Ba', ball, An', and, if.

Backets, ash boards; a Ance, once, one time. square wooden vessel Ane, one, and.

for carrying coals to Anent, over against, con the fire; a kind of box cerning.

for holding salt. Anither, another, one Backlins comin', coming more.

back, returning Ase, ashes, the remains Bad, did bid. of burnt coals.

Baide, endured, did stay. Asklent, asquint, aslant, Bailie, a magistrate in Asteer, abroad, stiring. Scotland, answering to Athart, athwart, wrong:

an alderman in EnAught, possession; as, in gland.

a' my aught, in all my Baggie, dimin. of bag, a po: session.

familiar term used to Auldfarren, or auld far. signify the belly,



Bainie, having large Belyve, by-and-by. bones, stout.

Ben, into the spence or Bairn, a child.

parlour. Bairntime, a family of Benmost, innermost. children, a brood.

Benlomond, noted Baith, both, likewise. mountain in Dumbara Bake, a small cake or tonshire. biscuit.

Bethankit, grace or short Ban, to swear, to make

prayer after the time an irreverent exclama or act of eating. tion; reproach, cen- Beuk, a book.

Bicker, a kind, of woodBane, bone.

en dish, a short race. Bang, to beat, to strivé, Bie, or Bield, shelter. to excel.

Bļen, wealthy, plentiful. Bardie, dimin. of bard. Big, to build. Barefit, barefooted, with- Biggin, building a house.

out shoes or stockings. Biggit, built. Barmie, of, or like barm. Bill, a bull. Batch, a crew, a gang. Billie, a brother, a young Batts, botts, small worms fellow.

in the entrails of horses. Bing, a heap of grain, Baudrons, a cat.

potatoes, &c. Bauld, bold, intrepid. Birk, birch. Bawk, a strip of land left Birken-shaw. Birchen

unploughed, two wood-shaw, a small three feet in width; a wood. ridge, a bank.

Birkie, a clever fellow, Baws'nt, having a white Birring, the noise of par-.

strip down the face. tridges, &c. when they Be, to let be, to give over,


Bit, crisis, nick of time. Bear, barley:

Bizz, a bustle; to buzz. Beastie, dimin. of beast. Blae, livid. Beet, to add fuel to fire. Blastie, shrivelleil Beld, bald, without hair dwarf, a term of en on the lead.



to cease.


Blastit, blasted.

Bodle, an old copper Blate, bashful, sheepish. coin, of the value of Blather, bladder.

pennies Scots, or oneBlaud, a flat piece of third of an English

any thing; to slap. penny. Blaw, to blow, to boast. Bogles, spirits, hobgobBleerit, bleared, sore lins. with rheum.

Bonie, or bony, handBleert and blin, bleared

some, beautiful. and blind.

Bannock, a kind of thick Bleezing, blazing, fla cake of bread, a small ming.

jannack, or loaf made Blellum, idle, talking fel of oat meal. low.

Boord, a board. Blether, to talk idly; Boortree, the shrub elnonsense.

der; planted much of Bleth'rin, talking idly. old in hedges of barnBlink, a little white, a yards, &c. smiling look; to look Boost, behoved, must

kindly, to shine by fits needs. Blinker, a term of con- Bore, a hole in the wall. tempt.

Botch, blotch, an angry Blinkin,smirking,ogling. tumor. Blithe, or Blythe, cheer- Bouk, body, a person. ful.

Bousing, drinking, quaffBlue-gown, one of those ing:

beggars who get an- Bow-kail, cabbage. nually, on the king's Bow-hough’d, applied to birth-day, a blue cloak the lower part of the or gown, with a badge. thighs, when crooked Bluid, blood.

or bent outwards. Bluntie, snivelling. Brachens, fern. Blype, a shred, a large Brae, a declivity, a pre. piece.

cipice, the slope of a Bock, to vomit, to gush hill. intermittently.

Braid, broad, plain. Bocked,gushed, vomited. Bragin't, reei'd forward.

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