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lic princess on the throne ; but who had half-an-hour before laid the prince, it seems,

the table-cloth for the prince, taken with the charms of this and announced his own death, amiable young princess, that the put an end to his existence for king, his father, could not prevail love. on himself to refuse his consent. A pair of the beautiful and

It is a whimsical coincidence, gigantic non-descript elks, that the two exhibitions in fine known by the Indians of the uparts opened together at the per Missouri (where they have Egyptian-hall, should be by

should be by been lately discovered) by the gentlemen of the names of Day name of Wapetti

, arrived here, and Martin ! Thus boots are on Tuesday, the 9th instant, on polished and tastes refined, if not their way to London. These by the same individuals and noble animals are the size of the means, at least by namesakes, horse, with immense spreading who might bring the Polish from horns; their form the most perRome and the Blacking from fect model of strength and beauty, Vesuvius.

combining the muscular strength ; GENEROUS REWARD OF HONES- of the race-horse, with the lightTY!-A porter of the reduced ness and agility of the greyhound, office in the bank of England are capable, with ease, of drawfound, a short time since, in ing a carriage or carrying a per. Cornhill, a pocket-book, contain- son more then twenty miles an ing upwards of seventy pounds, hour. They perfectly in bank-notes, and a banker's domesticated, and of the most check for eighty pounds, after amiable and gentle disposition.some difficulty he discovered Liverpool Advertiser. the owner, a person of consider- A VOICE FROM ST. HELENA. able property in the City-road, Mr. O'Meara's new work, conrestored the book to him, and taining anecdotes of Buonaparte, received for his reward the sum of during his exile in St. Helena, five shillings !

has already excited an uncomA remarkable suicide took mon share of interest, as every place at Vienna. A man repaired incident in the life of that extrato the general hospital, and begged' ordinary man must do. The folthat persons might be sent about lowing are some extracts from seven o'clock in the evening, to the book : -“ Of the battle of carry away the body of the cook Waterloo, Buonaparte said If of prince Kohary, who had com- you had lost the battle of Watermitted suicide. The men who loo, what a state would England received the orders went at the have been in! The flower of: hour appointed. The porter re- your youth would have been defused to admit them, and said that stroyed ; for not a man, not even the cook had re-entered the lord Wellington would have eshouse about half an hour before, caped. I observed here that and was very well. At last, how-, lord Wellington had determined ever, he allowed them to pro-. never to leave the field. Napoceed to his chamber, and they leon replied— He could not refound the cook, in fact, lying treat. He would have been de- : dead on the floor. This man, stroyed with his army, if, instead


of the Prussians, Grouchy had thousand men who were coming come up.' I asked him if he had against me. It was the greatest not believed, for some time, that folly to disunite the English and the Prussians, who had shewn Prussian armies. They ought themselves, were a part of Grou- to have been united ; and I canchy's corps ? He replied— Cer- not conceive the reason of their tainly; and I can now scarcely separation. It was folly in Welcomprehend why it was a Prus- lington to give me battle in a sian division, and not that of place where, if defeated, all must Grouchy. I then took the liber- have been lost, for he could not ty of asking whether, if neither retreat. There was a wood in Grouchy nor the Prussians had his rear, and but one road to arrived, it would not have been gain it. He would have been a drawn battle. Napoleon an- destroyed. Moreover, he allowswered— The English army ed himself to be surprised by me. would have been destroyed. This was

a great fault. He They were defeated at mid-day; ought to have been encamped but accident, or, more likely, from the beginning of June, as destiny decided that lord Wel- he must have known that I inlington should gain it I could tended to attack him. He might scarcely believe that he would have lost every thing; but he have given me a battle; because, has been fortunante ; his destiny if he had retreated to Antwerp, has prevailed ; and every thing as he ought to have done, I must he did will meet with applause. have been overwhelmed by the My intentions were to attack and armies of three or four hundred destroy the English army.""




It is now finally decided, that Pavilion. It is reported in the Scotland will be honoured by the north, that the king designs the presence of the king, this sum- honour of a visit, to the duke of mer. His majesty purposes go- Gordon, marquis of Stafford, and ing by water, and to embark, the earl of Fife. not here, as once ardently and The King's Court.-Monday, commonly hoped, but at Green- at three o'clock, his majesty held wich, almost immediately after a court at his palace in Pall-mall, the close of the present session for the purpose of holding a of parliament, which his majesty chapter of the most noble Order will prorogue in person, some- of the Garter, at which sir George where about the close of the first Naylor, garter principal king at week in August. We have the arms, sworn into office. satisfaction to know, that soon The bishop of Winchester was after his return from Scotland, then introduced by garter king at his majesty intends being at the arms and the usher of the black


rod, and sworn into office as sister to the present duke of prelate of the order, this being Richmond. The ceremony was the first chapter since his lord- performed by the lord bishop of ship's appointment. The mar- Chichester, at the dowager duchquis of Cholmondeley was then ess of Richmond's, in Waterlodintroduced, garter king of arms place, London. bearing the insignia of the order, On Thursday se'nnight, the with which his majesty was gra- prince and princess of Denmark ciously pleased to invest the and suite arrived at the Steynenoble marquis, who had been hotel, in this town, and the folpreviously knighted with the lowing morning inspected the Guelphic Order. The chancellor royal Pavilion, with which they then pronounced the usual ad- expressed themselves highly gramonition to the marquis, who tified. They set out the same afterwards received the congratu- day for Dover, passed through lations of the knights compani- Lewes, Battle, &c. and reached ons present. His majesty after- Dover at one o'clock, the followwards gave audience to the ing morning, Saturday, and went Danish minister, the marquis of to Wright's hotel. At two the Londonderry, the duke of Wel- detachment of the royal staff lington, the marquis of Chol- corps marched in to do duty durmondeley, the lord chamberlain, ing the stay of the royal visiters and lord Bradford.

and at day-break a salute was Mr. Elliston had the honour, fired. There being too much personally, to submit to his sea, their royal highnesses did majesty's inspection the plans not embark, but the prince for the projected alterations of visited and bathed in the royal the theatre royal, Drury-lane, Clarence baths. In the evening which his majesty was graciously the staff detachment was paradpleased to examine minutely, ed in front of the inn window and to favour with his entire ap- where their highnesses were, and probation and sanction.

the band played many delightful Prince Leopold has directed airs. The standard was displaytwo hundred guineas to be sent ed from the castle; and at the to the committee for the relief of heights, public buildings, and the distressed Irish.

the shipping in the harbour, Captain Malcolm had a dinner colours were waving in abunparty, at his residence, King's- dance. Sunday morning, at eight road, on Saturday last, and Mrs. o'clock, their royal highnesses Malcolm, an evening party. and suite embarked on board one

Mr. and Mrs. Barratt have re- of the great boats, which conturned to their residence, Pa- veyed them to the Royal Sovevilion-parade.

reign, yacht, lying in the roads, The prince of Saxe Cobourg amidst the cheers and hearty will return to London in about good wishes of a large crowd as three weeks, from the conti- sembled to see them off, the nent.

guns of the heights firing a royal On Saturday morning, Mr. salute. Laurence Peel led to the hyme- The duke and duchess of Richreal' altár lady Jane Lennox, mond arrived at the York-hotel, on Thursday, and lord Dulage on of an auditory. Duets have freFriday.

quently been sung by him and The arrivals within the few his daughter, and never without last days have been exceedingly a burst of approbation, eulogiznumerous, in consequence, should ing expressions, and encore. the weather turn out favourable, Wright commenced his routine a brilliant display of company of concerts last week, at his samay be expected on the race- loon in North-street, and elegant down to day, to witness the com- and numerous has been the atmencement of the annual sports tendance. The astonishing perthere; and, at the theatre in the formance of the junior Wright, evening, which has been engag- on the pedal harp, is, in itself, a ed by Mr. Russell, of Drury-lane resistless attraction with the celebrity ; the best provisions to amateurs. Report speaks favourmeet the taste of the public, ably of the vocal talents of Miss therefore, may be confidently Melville. As the population of anticipated.

the town increases, so increase The libraries, generally, thrive the names in the subscription under the fostering patronage of book at Loder's; the stirling ton. Davis continues the vocal worth of this literary lounge, in magnet at Tuppen's ; at Lu- all that appertains to such a concombe's, Miss Hammersley, who cern, it would be worse than warbles charmingly, and Mr. and useless to deny; and where such Miss Gibbon-one a tower of worth exists, patronage, as the strength.” Gibbon, truly, was shade the substance, must be the never in better voice than this effect. Donaldson's elegantly furyear, and never has he been more nished aud fitted up lounge, rises successful in exciting the plaudits daily in fashionable estimation.


That part of our Level, called the parties declined in dudgeon, the cricket ground, exhibited a and paid the stakes. Mr. Pierscene of pleasing interest, almost point of the Brighton eleven, got every day during the week be- thirty-six runs from his own bat, fore last. On Monday se'nnight and was caught out at last. The the return match between the highest number of runs got by batters and bowlers of this place any one player of Westginstead, and Westgrinstead commenced, was thirteen, in their first innings, the former, a second time, were by Mr. Grant. The Brighton defeated. Westgrinstead, first club is now matched against that innings, went out for sixty-four of Godalming. - On Thursday runs--their opponents ditto, for se'nnight T. R. Kemp, esq. the one hundred

and fifty-nine. lord of the manor, gave an enFour wickets of which Westgrin- tertained on the above ground, to stead, in the second innings, about two hundred of his workgiving way to six runs merely, men, and every way gratifying


and cheerful was the spectacle of with the approbation it dedisplayed. Mr. and Mrs. Kemp,

Lord Lennox, Mr. H. and a party of friends, took dinner Sumner, M.P. and various offion the ground in an open mar- cers of the 7th fusiliers, were quee. On Friday se'nnight a among the welcome visitants at variety of diversions, in celebra- the last meeting on Tuesday. tion of the coronation anniversary A whimsical incident occurred of his present majesty, attracted, at Tuppen's on Monday se'nnight, at least, ten thousand indi. about ten o'clock at night, which, viduals to the same spot between for a little time, rather alarmed sun-rise, and sun-set. Dinners the ladies, but which is now and

refreshments were served thought of with rather more out at all hours. Not an accident good humour than regret. A occurred to qualify with regret hardy son of Neptune, not one of the pleasures enjoyed. Mr. our local seamen, it is understood, Ireland, of the Golden Cross Inn, but a tar from some vessel or was the caterer on the several craft afloat in the channel, sudoccasions. It would have been diffi- denly made

his appearance cult to have found a better provid- among the elegant crowd at the er, or one who more heartily, and, library. The officiating beadle we may add, successfully, en- at the door would have stayed deavours to diffuse satisfaction. his approach, but Jack exhibited Mr. Tamplin gave a supper, and his grappling tackle, fancy style plenty of sparkling stout, to about boarded, bearing down all resistseventy of his workmen, at the ance. Hitching his trowsers afGolden Cross Inn, on Saturday ter the momentary conflict, he se'n night.

gazed, with apparent delight and The Swift steam packet con- astonishment, at the blaze of tinues her employment between female beauty which the place this place and Dieppe, with gra- exhibited and would have singled tifying success. The number of out a partner, had not the gentleembarkations have more than men interfered to dispute his doubled the former average, choice. Jack, however, was not since her arrival on the station. of a kidney easily to be put asideA singular occurrence to happen his form was athletic and muscuin a steam yacht, took place on lar, and a corresponding spirit, board in the night of Tuesday, when opposed by the male part or, rather, Wednesday morning. of the throng, shewed itself in A lady, who, with her mother, indignant flashes from his eyes ; had been taken on board at nor was his tongue idle—he inDieppe, was safely put to bed, sisting upon his right to the during the progress of the ves- overhaul disputed, and which, sel to this place. The mother, by boarding and conquest, he said soon after her arrival, was re- he had fairly gained. To dismoved to the New Ship inn. lodge him had become almost a Mother and child are doing well. matter of impossibility, untill a

Catch and Glee Club. This posse of constables, who had harmonic society has become a been sent for, arrived, and wh leading point of attraction in the were presently in order for action. town, and is every where spoken The sailor now, like a good

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