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4977 Watson (T.) Bishop of Lincoln, Two notable Sermons made

the thirde and fyfte Fridayes in Lent last past, before the Quenes highnes, concernynge the reall presence ....& also the Masse, black letter, a small hole through three 11.,

cf., Lond., J. Cawood, 1554, 12mo. (274) Webster, £ 1 ios. 4978 Westwood (J. O.) Classification of Insects, 2 vol., coloured front. and cuts, 1839-40, 8vo. (156)

Hill, £i 135. 4979 Wordsworth (W.) Lyrical Ballads, ist ed., 1798--Lyrical Ballads, vol. ii, 2nd ed., 1800, in i vol., hf. cf., 8vo. (35)

J. Campbell, Li 195. 4980 [Yerburgh (Rev. Dr.)]. Sketches, Illustrative of the Topo

graphy and History of New and Old Sleaford, and of several places in the surrounding Neighbourhood, LARGE PAPER, India proof plates, cuts, etc., uncut, Sleaford, 1825, 8vo. (241)

Foster, £i.

(May 31st, 1888.]



4981 Angas (G. F.) The New Zealanders, illustrated, coloured

plates, hf. rus. gt., 1847, fol. (298) Quaritch, £15 155. 4982 Bible. Y Beibl Cyssegrlan, sef yr Hen Destament ar Newydd,

Ist Welsh ed., by Bp. Morgan, black letter, imperfect, but with both titles, cf., Deputies of Christopher Barker, 1588, fol. (305)

James, £21. 4983 Bible. Y Beibl, ist ed., imperfect, first title in facsimile, but that to the New Testament genuine, cf., ib., fol. (306)

Quaritch, £6 tos. 4984 Bible. Y Beibl, 2nd ed. of the Bible and New Testament in

Welsh, black letter, dedications by Richard Parry and
William Morgan, followed by Almanack and four 11. of
Tables, title to the Old Testament wanted, in the original
cf. binding, and brass clasps restored, all faults, Bonham

Norton and John Bill, 1620, fol. (308) R. Jones, £4 155. 4985 Blakeway (J. B.). Sheriffs of Shropshire, with Genealogical

and Biographical Notices, hf. mor., t. e. g., Shrewsbury, 1831, fol. (311)

Quaritch, £,4 135. 4986 Cambrian Journal, published by the Cambrian Institute,

complete, 10 vol. in 5, illustrations, hf. cf., Tenby, 1853-63, 8vo. (13)

Ridler, £ i 16s. 4987 Cambrian Quarterly Magazine and Celtic Repository, vol. i

to v, complete, hf. cf., 1829-33, 8vo. (14) Downing, £i 16s. 4988 Cambrian Register, complete, 1795-1818, 3 vol., fronts. and map, hf. cf., 1796-1818, 8vo. (15)

Cross, £,2 45. 4989 Cambro-Briton, from the commencement in Sept. 1819, to June 1822, 3 vol., complete, hf. rus. gt. (1820-22), 8vo. (16)

Ridler, £ius. 4990 Camden (W.) Britannia, a Description of England, Scot

land, and Ireland, by Gough, 3 vol., portrait, maps, etc., cf., 1789, fol. (314)

Jefferics, £il 155.

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4991 Coxe (W.) Historical Tour in Monmouthshire, 2 vol., plates by Sir R. Colt Hoare, and map, cf. gt., y. e., 1801, 4to. (173)

Downing, £2.125. 4992 D. (J.) Llyfr y Resolusion, title and some 1l. mended, mor.,

gt. edge, by F. Bedford, 1632, 8vo. (31) Ridler, £ 5 jos. 4993 Davies (E.) Mythology and Rites of the British Druids, mor. antique, 1809, 8vo. (35)

Roberts, £1. 4994 Davies (Sir J.) Nosce Teipsum, mor., sides covered with

gold tooling, gt. edge, 1622, 8vo. (36) Quaritch, £5. 4995 Evans (D. Silvan). English and Welsh Dictionary, 2 vol.,

hf. cf., Denbigh, 1852-8, 8vo. (49) 4996 Eyton (R. W.) Antiquities of Shropshire, 12 vol., maps and

illustrations, mor. gt., uncut, t. e. g., by F. Bedford, 300 copies printed, 1854-60, 8vo. (52)

Quaritch, L31. 4997 Fenton (R.) Historical Tour through Pembrokeshire, LARGE

PAPER, map and plates, uncut, hf. mor. gt., t. e. g., 1811, 4to. (182)

Quaritch, £2 16s. 4998 Fenton (R.) Historical Tour through Pembrokeshire, plates, hf. mor., t. e. g., 1811, 4to. (183)

£ I 199 4999 Gambold (W.) Welsh Grammar, mor. ex., gt. edge, by F

Bedford, Carmarthen, 1727, 8vo. (56) Ridler, £4 8s. 5000 Guest (Lady C.) Mabinogion, from the Llyfr Coch o Hergest

and other ancient Welsh MSS., with English Translation and Notes, 3 vol., LARGE PAPER, facsimiles and woodcuts mor. ex., gt. edge, by F. Bedford, 1849, 8vo. (59)

Quaritch, £7 75. 5001 Guest (Lady C.) Mabinogion, another copy, small paper,

3 vol., hf. vel. gt., 1849, 8vo. (60) Jefferies, £2 16s. 5002 Guillim (J.) Display of Heraldry, 6th and best ed., front. portrait, and plates, last I. mended, cf., 1724, fol. (329)

Stibbs, £2 us. 5003 Hearne (T.) Itinerary of John, Leland, the Antiquary, 9 vol., LARGE PAPER, plates, cf., Oxford, 1768-9, 8vo. (67)

Stibbs, £7. 5004 Holme (Randle). Academy of Armory, or a Storehouse of

Armory and Blazon (engraved title wanted, printed title inlaid, and the corners of a few 11. mended), rus. ex., gt. edge, by Hering, with all faults, Chester, 1688, fol. (332)

Ridler, £8 155. 5005 Humphreys (H. Noel). History of the Art of Printing, plates, 1868, fol. (335)

Sotheran, £2 8s. 5006 Jeffrey of Monmouth. British History translated, with Com

mentary by Aaron Thompson, LARGE PAPER, mor., gt. edge, 1718, 8vo. (74)

Nattali, £3. 5007 Jones (Inigo) and Davenant (W.) Britannia Triumphans, a

Masque at White Hall, on Sunday after Twelfth-night, 1637, cut close at top, mor. ex., 1637, 4to. (200)

Quaritch, £2 2s. 5008 Jones (T.) History of the County of Brecknock, 2 vol., maps and plates, hf. rus., Brecknock, 1805-9, 4to. (203)

Edwards, £7. 5009 Jones (T.) British Language in its Lustre, or copious Dic

tionary of Welsh and English, ist ed., mor. ex., gt. edge, by F. Bedford, 1688, 8vo. (79)

Ellis, £3 ios.

5010 Jones (W. B.) and E. A. Freeman. History and Antiquities of St. David's, plates, hf. mor., t. e. g., 1856, 4to. (204)

Quaritch, £ 1 6s. 5011 Leycester (Sir Peter). Historical Antiquities, containing

particular remarks concerning Cheshire, map, bd. in panelled cf., 1673, fol. (343)

Ridler, £i is. 5012 Lhoyd (H.) Historie of Cambria, continued by David Powel,

black letter, title mounted, large capital letters and arms, coloured and illuminated, ruled throughout with red lines, velvet, gt. edge, Rafe Newberie, 1584, 4to. (207)

Quaritch, £3 16s. 5013 Lloid (Lodowicke). Pilgrimage of Princes, black letter

corner of last 1. mended, mor. ex., by Rivière, Wm. Jones, n. d., 4to. (212)

Sotheran, £2 18s. 5014 Meyrick (s. R.) History and Antiquities of the County of

Cardigan, plates, hf. cf., 1808, 4to. (216) Ridler, 43. 5015 Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales, collected out of Ancient

Manuscripts [by Owen Jones, Dr. Owen Pughe, and Iolo
Morganwg], 3 vol., cf. ex., gt. edge, 1801-7, 8vo. (97)

Ridler, £5 55. 5016 Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales, 2nd ed., Denbigh, 1870 (98)

Ridler, £ 1 8s. 5017 New Testament. Testament Newydd ein Arglwydd Jesu

Christ. Gwedy ei dynnu, yd y gadei yr ancyfiaith, 'air yn ei gylydd or Groec a'r Llatin. (By Wm. Salesbury), black letter, title and almanack printed in red and black (List of Errata), some 11. repaired and several in facsimile, mor. ex., gt. edge, by F. Bedford, in mor. case, Hen. Denham, 1567, 4to. (218)

Quaritch, 58. 5018 Ormerod (G.) History of Cheshire, new and enlarged ed.,

by T. Helsby, LARGE PAPER, 3 vol., portraits, plates, etc., in parts, 1882, fol. (357)

Rimell, 47 5019 Owen (W.) Welsh-English Dictionary, with Grammar, 2 vol., mor. gt. (1st ed. of Pughe's Dict.), 1803, 4to. (222)

Foulkes, £ i nos. 5020 Owen and Blakeway's History of Shrewsbury, 2 vol., plates,

rus. ex., cracked at joints, 1825, 4to. (223) Quaritch, £8 ios. 5021 Pennant (T.) Tours in Scotland and Wales, Journey to

Snowdon, and Journey from Chester to London, 6 vol., many plates, etc., uniformly bd. in cf. gt., Warrington,

Chester, and London, 1774-82, 4to. (229) Ridler, £ 1 12s. 5022 Pennant (T.) British Zoology, 107 coloured plates, hf. bd.,

Cymnmrodorion Society, 1766, fol. (351) Sotheran, £1 125. 5023 Petrus Hyspanus. Tresuri of Helth, translated by Hum

phrey Lhoyd, black letter, soiled, but large copy in old

binding, W. Coplande, n. d., 8vo. (107) Downing, £! 125. 5024 Powys-Land Club. Collections, Historical and Archæo

logical, relating to Montgomeryshire, vol. i to xiii, illustrations, cl. and hf. rus., 1868-80, and ii nos. (various) (111)

Sotheran, £11. 5025 Priest in Absolution : a Manual for such as are called unto

the higher Ministries in the English Church, part 2, privately printed for the use of the clergy, hf. rus., t. e. g., n. d., 8vo. (118)

Sotheran, £2 8s.


5026 Pugh (W. Owen). Dictionary of the Welsh Language, with

a Welsh Grammar, 2nd ed., 2 vol., portrait, hf. rus. gt., Denbigh, 1832, 8vo. (123)

R. Jones, £2 16s. 5027 Rees (W. J.) Lives of the Cambro-British Saints of the

Fifth and immediate succeeding Centuries, front and facsimiles, Welsh MSS. Society, 1853, 8vo. (126)

Downing, £1 13s. 5028 Reynolds (John, of Oswestry). Display of Herauldry of the

Coat Armour now in use in the Six Counties of N. Wales, plates of arms, hf. mor., Chester, 1739, 4to. (249)

Ridler, £i ios. 5029 Rowlands (H.). Mona Antiqua Restaurata, 2nd ed., map and plates, cf., 1766, 4to. (254)

R. Jones, 21 25. 5030 Salesbury (W.) Englyshe and Welshe Dictionary, black

letter, reprinted from the rare ed., 1547, mor., Cymmrodorion Soc., n. d., 4to. (258)

Sotheran, £i gs. 5031 Saxon Chronicle, with English Translation and Notes by

J. Ingram, LARGE PAPER, map and plates, cf. gt., 1823, 4to. (260)

Stibbs, £i 4s. 5032 Skene (W. F.) Four Ancient Books of Wales, 2 vol., map

and facsimiles, the original Welsh, with English Translations and Notes by R. Williams and D. Silvan Evans, Edinb., 1868, 8vo. (133)

Foulkes, £175. 5033 Watkyns (Rowland). Flamma sine Fumo : or Poems with

out Fictions, mor. ex., gt. edge, by Mackenzie, 1662, 8vo. (146)

Ellis, £ 1 6s. 5034 Westwood (I. O.) Lapidarium Walliæ, the Early Inscribed

and Sculptured Stones of Wales, delineated and inscribed, plates, hf. rus. ex., t. e. g., Oxford, 1876-9, 4to. (281)

Quaritch, £2 6s. 5035 Willis (Browne). Notitia Parliamentaria, 3 vol., cf., 173016-50, 8vo. (151)

Sage, £i 8s. 5036 Wood (J. G.) Rivers of Wales Illustrated, with Historical

and Topographical Descriptions, 2 vol., maps and etchings by J. G. Wood, hf. cf. gt., uncut, 1813, 4to. (288)

E. Bumpus, £3. 5037 Woodward (B. B.) History of Wales, numerous plates, hf. cf. gt., Virtue, 1863, 8vo. (153)

R. Jones, £1. 5038 Yorke (Philip). Royal Tribes of Wales, numerous portraits, hf. rus., marbled edge, Wrexham, 1799, 4to. (294)

Ridler, £1 5s.

(JUNE 4TH, 5TH, AND 6TH, 1888.]


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5039 Addison (J.) Works, Baskerville's ed., 4 vol., portrait and

plates, rus. gt., Birm., 1761, 4to. (262) Stibbs, £1 195.

Y 2

5040 Æsop's Fables, with Life, Stockdale's ed., 112 plates by Blake, Stothard, and others, 2 vol., titles cut into, (1793), 8vo. (7)

Rimell, £1 4s. 5041 Akerman (J. Y.) Catalogue of Rare and Unedited Roman

Coins, 2 vol., plates uncut, 1834, 8vo. (10), Salisbury, Łl, 5042 Akerman (J. Y.) Remains of Pagan Saxondom, 40 coloured

plates and woodcuts, hf. cf., 1855, 410. (266) Stibbs, £1 175. 5043 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, 4 vol., plates by Bartolozzi and

others, mor. ex., gt. edge, Birm., Baskerville, 1773, 8vo. (55)

Stibbs, £2 IIS. 5044 Allen (T.) History of the County of York, 6 vol., plates after

N. Whittock, hf. cf., 1828-31, 8vo. (14) Sotheran, £1. 5045 Beaumont and Fletcher. Works, with Introduction and Notes by H. Weber, 14 vol., cf. gt., Edinb., 1812, 8vo. (73)

Walford, £i 165. 5046 Biographical Magazine, vignette portraits by Holl

, cf., 1819, 8vo. (88)

Maggs, £1 16s. 5047 Bolingbroke (H. St. John, Lord). Works, 8 vol., 1829, 8vo. (95)

Stibbs, £ 1 35. 5048 Brayley (E. W.) and J. Britton. History of Surrey, the Geo

logical Section by Dr. Mantell, 5 vol., LARGE PAPER, illustrated title, India proof plates and woodcuts, cf. gt., gt. edge, Dorking, 1841, 4to. (297)

Walford, 25 155. 5049 British Theatre, Bell's ed., vol. i to xxi, character portraits, cf. gt., 1780-1, 8vo. (110)

Sabin, £2 183 5050 Bruce (J. C.) The Roman Wall, plans, plates, and woodcuts,

LARGE PAPER, hf. mor., 1851, 4to. (304) Rimell, £, 1 8s. 5051 Burke (E.) Speeches, 4 vol., hf. vellum, 1816, 8vo. (129)

Sage, £I 3s. 5052 Carlyle (T.) German Romance ; Specimens of its chief Authors, 4 vol., original cl., uncut, Edinb., 1827, 8vo. (156)

Rimell, {i ios. 5053 Chronicon Nurembergense (Auctore H. Schedel), large copy

(18% by 13 ins.), with upwards of 2,250 woodcuts by M. Wolgemut (the master of Albert Dürer) and W. Pleydenwurff

, blank portion of title cut off, some leaves stained, old oak bds. covered in stamped pigskin, clasps, Nuremberga, A. Koberger, 1493, fol. (345)

James, £11 15s. 5054 Claude. Liber Veritatis, a Collection of (300) Prints after the

Original designs of Claude de Lorraine, executed by R. Earlom, 3 vol., second proofs of the plates, uncut, n. d. and 1819, fol. (347)

Rimell, £6. 5055 Cobbett (W.) Complete Collection of State Trials, with Index by D. Jardine, 34 vol., 1809-28, 8vo. (181)

Edwards, £7 ios. 5056 Congreve (W.) Works, Baskerville's ed., 3 vol., portrait and plates, cf. Birm., Baskerville, 1761, 8vo. (190)

Stibbs, £3 6s. 5057 Copper Plate Magazine, portraits, plates after Monnet and

Views by P. Sandby, etc., cf., 1778, 4to. (316) Ridler, £15s. 5058 Daniel (W. B.) Rural Sports, 3 vol., plates, rus. ex., 1801, 8vo. (207)

Toovey, £2 25.

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