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fine copy

n. d.

. 13. - 11 Accords (Estienne Tabourot Seigneur des) Ses Bigarrures et

Touches avec les Apophtegmes du Sieur Gaulard et les
Escraignes Dijonnoises et avec les Contes facecieux du Sieur
Gaulard, 5 vol. in 1, woodcuts

in red morocco extra, g.e. by C. Smith Paris, 1608
This scarce and curious book of Drolleries, many of which, in
the spirit of the age, are rather obscene, seems to have been a
favourite reading of Swift and Lawrence Sterne, who thence

poached many of his best hits in Tristram Shandy. / 4. 12 Accords (Estienne Tabourot Seigneur des) Ses Bigarrures et Boone

Touches, avec les Apophtegmes du Sieur Gaulard et les
Escraignes Dijonnoises, woodcuts, vellum Rouen, 1640

A favourite work with Dean Swift.
6 13 Accum (F.) Årt of making Wine from Native Fruits

, 1820—
Accum (F.) Chemical Re-Agents .or Tests improved by W.

Maugham, plates
6 14 Ackland (T. G.) Carmen Carthusianum, privately printed 1838

15 Achilles Tatius Amours de Clitophon et de Leucippe

La Haye, 1735 3. 37-16 Actors" REMONSTRANCE or Complaint for the Silencing of their fakiwek

Profession and Banishment from their severall Playhouses
uncut, rare

A very important tract for the history of the Stage.
3. - 17 Adam (V.) L'Equitation et ses Charmes, humorous plates

Paris, 8. d.
6 18 Adami (J.) Londinum heroico Carmine perlustratum, with English
Translation by W. F.

1670 19 Adam (J.) History of Spain, 3 vol. uncut

6 20 Adam (N.) Le Secretaire François

Rouen, 1628
Adam (R.) Religious World displayed, 3 vol.

Edinb. 1809
3 - 22 Adam (G.) Geometrical Essays, atlas of plates, half calf 1813

Adams (J.) Elegant and Curious Anecdotes, Bon-Mots and Cha-
racteristic Traits, 2 vol.

1794 & 1792
24 Adams (J.) Pronunciation of the English Language vindicated
from imputed Anomaly and Caprice

Edinb. 1799 2 24* Adams. Another copy

ib. 1799
25 Adams (J.) Analysis of Horsemanship, 3 vol. portrait and plates

26 Adams (T.) Poetical Works, woodcuts by Bewick

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Alnwick, 1811 -:- 27 Adamson (J.) Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Luis de

Camoëns, 2 vol. portraits

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1820 los 28 Adam's Luxury and Eve's Cookery

1744 6, 29 Addington (S.) Christian Ministers' Reasons for Baptizing Infants uncut

1771 s ro 30 Addison (Rt. Hon. J.) Works, with Notes by Bp. R. Hurd, Bacin

6 vol. portrait and plates
LARGE PAPER, calf extra by Clarke and Bedford

31 Addison (J.) Miscellaneous Works, 4 vol. plates

Orford, 1830 1. Sia 32 Adelung (F.) Historical Sketch of Sanscrit Literature, with nume

rous Additions and Corrections

PAPER (only 12 copies printed), olive morocco extra, g. e. by C. Lewis

ib. 1832





n. d.


33 Adolphus (J.) History of France, including a complete Narrative

of the late Revolution, 3 vol. n. d. (1790)--History of France
from 1790 to the Peace of Amiens, 2 vol. 1803– Biography,
Oxford Prize Essay, Oxford, 1818—History of England from
the Accession of George III, 3 vol. portrait, the author's own
copy, with his autograph notes, uncut, 1802-Facsimiles of the
Autographs of A. Thistlewood and others tried for High
Treason, only a few copies printed, 1820

34 Adolphus (J. L.) Letters to R. Heber on the Author of Waverley

35 Adolphus. Another copy

36 Advantages of Repentance, in Blank Verse
37 Adventurer (The), 4 vol. portraits and plates

38 Æschines et Demosthenes de Corona, Gr. cum Delectu Annota-

tionum e Tayloro, Marklando, Reiskio, MS. notes by Thomas
Smith, calf extra :

Oxon. 1814
39 Æschyli Tragediæ, Gr. cum Commentario perpetuo C. G. Schützii,

ib. 1810 40 Æschylus Agamemnon, translated by J. S. Harford, plates

41 Æsopi Fabulæ, Gr. et Lat. Eæ item quas Avienus Carmine ex-

pressit. Accedit Homeri Batrachomyomachia, Gr. et Lat.
woodcuts, uncut

Traj. ad Rhen. 1699 heutch 42 Æsop and other Mythologists' Fables, with Morals and Reflections

18. by Sir Roger L'Estrange, portrait

LARGE PAPER, very fine copy in calf extra by F. Bedford 1738 Cuers 43 Asop and other Fabulists Select Fables,


ta fine copy in tree-marbled calf extra, g. e. by Clarke and Bedford,

Birmingham, J. Baskerville, 1761 44 Æsop's Fables, with Life, 2 vol. PROOF IMPRESSIONS of the 112 2. 16. fine engravings, uncut

1793 Bounce 45 Æsop's Fables : à New Version by Rev. T. James, upwards of 100

23. illustrations designed by J. Tenniel

1848 Puona 46 Æsope, Ses Fables illustrées de Discours. Nouvelle Edition ou 1. 14.

sont adjoustées les Fables de Philelphe avecque des Reflexions
Morales par J. Baudoin, portion of frontispiece deficient,

numerous plates
old French citron morocco, g. e. from the library of H. R. H.
Madame Sophie, whose arms stamped in gold are on the sides,

Paris, 1649
47 Æsop unveiled, or Poetical Translation of Fables, uncut
48 Agathemeris de Geographia Libri II, Gr. et Lat. cura S. Tennulii
uncut, rare in this state

Amst. 1671
49 Agriculteur Manufacturier, Journal des Sciences, &c. publié par

M. Dubrunfaut, 3 vol. plates, half russia, uncut Paris, 1830-31 thate 50 Aikin (Lucy) Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth, 2 vol.

portrait, 1823- Memoirs of the Court of King James 1, 2 vol.
portrait, 1822-Memoirs of the Court of Charles I, 2 vol.
portrait, 1833

6 vol.
51 Airy (G. B.) on Gravitation, 1834–Mathematical Tracts, plates, L.
Camb. 1831

2 vol. Boad .52 Aimé-Martin (L.) Education des Mères de Famille, 2 vol.

THICK PAPER, blue morocco, super estra, g.e. by Petit Paris, 1847 53 Ainslie (J.) Antipathy, or Confessions of a Cat-Hater, 3 vol. 1836 54 Aiton (W.) on Moss-Earth

Air, 1811




n. d.


55 Ajax_his Speech to the Grecian Knabbs in Broad Buchans, by
R. F[orbes]

56 Ajax_his Speech to the Grecian Knabbs attempted in Broad

Buchans, by R. F[orbes]. Also a Journal to Portsmouth,
and a Shop-Bill in the same Dialect, with a Key (Glossary)

Edinb. 1754
57 Akenside (M.) Pleasures of Imagination

1754 58 Aladdin ou la Lampe Merveilleuse

Troyes, 8. d.
59 Alamanni (L.) Opere Toscane, Lugduni, 1533—Alamanni (L.)

Girone il Cortese (in ottava Rima), 2 vol. uncut, Bergamo,

60 Alarm to the Patriots, 1749–Marriott (J.) Case of Dutch Ships,

1759 - Anticipation of H. M. Speech, 1778 — Anticipation
continued, 1779–Present State of the Nation, 1768-Two
Letters on National Affairs, 1755—Party Spirit, 1756
all uncut

61 Albert (Petit) Secrets Merveilleux de la Magie naturelle et caba-
listique, plates

Paris, 1815 62 Alchemy. Spectrum Spagiricum, das ist der guldene Irwisch oder Spagirische Wauwau, curious

Anno 1721
63 Alchemy. Lives of Alchemystical Philosophers, with a Catalogue

of Books on Occult Chemistry, and a Selection of the most
celebrated Treatises on the Hermetic Art

64 Alcoran of the Franciscans, or a Sink of Lyes and Blasphemies, no
frontispiece, uncut

1679 65 Alcoran des Cordeliers tant en Latin qu'en François, 2 vol. plates by B. Picart, half russia, uncut

Amst. 1734 66 Alcoran des Cordeliers en Latin et en François, 2 vol. plates by B. Picart, calf

ib. 1734
67 Alexandri (Natalis) Theologia Dogmatica et Moralis secundum

Ordinem Catechismi Concilii Tridentini, 10 vol.
Louis XIVrh's copy, in old French red morocco, 9. e. with the

Royal Arms of France stamped in gold on sides Paris, 1694
68 Alexander (W. executed at Newcastle for Forgery) Private and

Public Behaviour in Prison, and at the Place of Execution,

with folio broadside Last Dying Speech added

Newcastle, 1783
69 Aleyn (C.) Historie of Henrie VII (in Verse)
fine copy, portrait by Marshall

70 ALE. The Ex-Ale-tation of Ale (in Verse)

Falle derde fine copy in red morocco extra, g. e. by F. Bedford

1671 71 Alehouses pernicious to the Public by the V. of S. in Kent 1758 72 Aleman (M.) Primera Parte de la Vida del Picaro Guzman de

Alfarache, small corner of B 6 torn off, Tarragona, 1603—
Luxan de Sayauedra (M.) Segunda Parte de la Vida del Picaro
Guzman de Alfarache, rare, Barcelona, 1602 (at end 1601)

in one vol. 73 Algarotti (Conte F.) Opere, 7 vol. portrait, vellum Livorno, 1764-65 74 Algarotti (Conte F.) Epistole, in Versi

Venezia, 1759 75 Algarotti (Conte) Opere, 17 vol. (wanting vol. I) uncut

ib. 1791-94 76 Alhoy (Maurice) Les Bagnes: Histoire, Types, Meurs, Mystères, numerous illustrations

Paris, 1845 77 Ali (Son-in-Law of Mahomet) Sentences, translated by S. Ockley uncut



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78 Alison (Sir A.) Free Trade and a fettered Currency, Edinb. 1817
-England in 1815 and 1845, ib. 1847

alt 79 Alison (Sir A.) History of Europe, from the commencement of the o? 2.

French Revolution to the Restoration of the Bourbons in

1815, with Index, 14 vol.
LARGE PAPER, Library Edition, with portraits, and 4to. atlas of

coloured maps and plans, by A. K. Johnston Edinb. 1849-50
80 Alken (H.) Beauties and Defects of the Horse, coloured plates

imp. 8vo. 1816
81 Allan (T.) Mineralogical Synonymes and Analyses Edinb. 1814
82 All dridge (J.) Goldsmith's Repository (Art of Assaying Metals,
with Tables, &c.), uncut, scarce

83 Allein (T.) Truths Manifest revived, or further Discovery of Mr.

Stuckley's causeless Excommunication of Mrs. M. Allein
fare, but imperfect at end

84 Allen (J.) Principles of Modern Riding for Ladies, plates, 1825—

Allen (J.) Principles of Modern Riding for Gentlemen, plates,

2 vol.
85 Allen (J.) Modern Judaism

86 Allen (William, i. e. Colonel Titus) Killing no Murder, uncut 1659
87 Allen (William, i. e. Col. S. Titus) Killing no Murder, Edinb. 1741
** Suppressed, having been reprinted and circulated by the Stuart

Party to rouse the Scotch to Rebellion against the House of

deltawel. 88 ALLOT (R.) ENGLAND'S Parnassus, or the choysest Flowers of the. 5.

our Moderne Poets, with their Poeticall Comparisons

morocco super extra, leather joints, g. e. by Clarke and

*** The Roxburghe copy sold for £21, and another was marked £20

in the Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica.
89 Altin gi (J.) Fundamenta Punctationis Linguæ Sanctæ et Synopsis

Institutionum Chaldæarum et Syrarum, 2 vol. Francof. 1730

-Othonis (G.) Synopsis Institutionum Samaritanarum, Rab-
binicarum, Àrabicarum, Æthiopicarum et Persicarum, ib. 1735

in one vol.
90 Alxinger (J. von) Doolin von Maynz, ein Rittergedicht
VELLUM PAPER, portrait and fine plates, russia extra, g. e.

Leipzig, 1797
91 Amadis of Gaul, by Vasco Lobeira, a Romance of Chivalry, from 2.

the Spanish Version of Garciordonez de Montalvo, by R.
Southey, 4 vol. uncut, scarce

92 Ambrogs (Miss) Life and Memoirs of Miss Ann Catley the cele,

brated Actress, with biographical Sketches of Sir F. B. Delaval

and Hon. Isabella Pawlet
Fustand 93 Amelot de la Houssaie (Sieur) Histoire du Gouvernement de

Venise, 3 vol. plan and plates
fine copy in russia extra, uncut, by Purgold Hering Amst. 1714
This work includes a Translation of the celebrated Squitinio
della Liberta Veneta, and of the Histoire des Uscoques by the

Archbishop of Zara.
94 America. Adventures of Dr. Johnston in the Caverns of Mag. .

dalena, n. d.- Travels of L. Dow, n. d.




n. d.

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95 America. The surprizing Adventures of John Roach, Mariner of

Whitehaven, containing his long Captivity amongst the Savage

Indians and Imprisonment by the Spaniards in South America uncut, rare

Whitehaven, n. d. 96 AMERICA. The Chimera, a very rare Tract on the Mississipi Bubble, uncut

1720 97 America. Observations on the Assiento Trade, as exercised by

the South-Sea Company, proving the Damage to America and
particularly Jamaica, 1728—Paine (T.) Letter to Abbé Raynal,
1782 — Enquiry into B. Wooley's Conduct, and his being
stationed at Porto Bello and Panama, 1735 - Independent

Freeholder's Letter to the People of England, 1. d. uncut (4) 98 AMERICA. The celebrated Speech of a celebrated Commoper, 1766

-Free and Candid Remarks on the same, 1766- Enquiry into
the Conduct of a late Rt. Hon. Commoner, 1766-Examination
of the Principles, &c. of a late Rt. Hon. Gentleman, 1766-
The Coach Drivers, a Political Comic Opera, with the rare
caricature plates, 1766-Letter to E[arl] T[emple), 1766-
Letter to the Duke of Grafton, 1767-Taatfe (N. Viscount)
on Affairs in Ireland, Dublin, 1766

in one voi. 99 America. Washington (G.) Journal, no map, 1754-Considera

tions on the present State of Affairs between England and

America, 1778 100 America. McFingal, a Modern Epic Poem on the Town Meeting

1776 101 America. Conduct of the late Ministry examined, 1767-Con

stitutions of the Independent States of America, with Preface
by Rev. W. Jackson, portrait of Washington, 1783—Short
Account of that Part of Africa inhabited by Negroes and of
the Slave Trade, with Endeavours of the Society for the Pro-
pagation of the Gospel to instruct the Negroe Slaves in New
York, 1768, uncut

3 vol. 102 America. [Leslie (C.)] Short and Easie Method with the Deists,

printed by J. Applebee, and sold by John Checkley in Boston,
1723—Speech of John Checkley upon his Tryal at Boston in
New England for publishing the Short and Easie Method,

in one vol. 103 America. Remarks on the Conversation of the Town (on

Repealing Test Laws, on Transporting Vagrants to Georgia,

1735 104 America. Abingdon (Earl of) Thoughts on Burke's Letter,

Oxford, n. d.-Letter to a M. P. on the American Colonies,
1757-Letter from a Merchant to his Nephew in N. America,
1766—Tucker (Dean) Series of Answers to Objections against
separating from the Rebellious Colonies, Gloucester, 1776-

One more Letter to the People of England, 1762, uncut (5) 105 America. Piano dell' Assedio di Luisburgo colla Descrizione dell'Isola Reale o di Capo Breton, plan

Amst. 1758 106 America. Price (R.) on Civil Liberty, Government and the War

with America, uncut, 1766—Remarks on the Rescript, the
Manifesto, and the Memorial of Dr. Franklyn, uncut, 1779-
Rights of Great Britain asserted against the Claims of America,
uncut, 1776-Price (R.) on Civil Liberty, &c. uncut, 1776–
Price (R.) General Introduction and Supplement, &c. uncut,


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