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called Hagiographa, woodcut title, i leaf, folios ii. to 80 (numbered 61). " Newe Testament, woodcut title, i leaf, folios ii. to 103 (folio iii., half the leaf missing). (Last leaf missing.) Inserted in this copy are 3 leaves of preface

from edition of 1640.-- Catalogue.] 3119 Bible (The Holie), by Tunstall and Heath, black letter. slightly

damaged by wet, old calf (sold not subject to return), November, 1541, folio (317)

Ellis, £30 (Collation : Holbein's frontispiece, with arms of Cromwell effaced, Kalendar, 4 pages. The Bookes of Moses, folios i.-Iccii.; Joshua to Job, folios ii.-cviii. ; title. The Thirde Part, with 16 woodcuts; Psalmes, folios ii.-cxvi. ; title. The ini. Parte, with 16 woodcuts. Apocrypha, folios ii.-lxxii. ; title. The Newe Testament, Holbein's frontispiece with Cromwell's arms effaced, folios ii.-xcii., including

Table, 3 pages.- Catalogue.] 3120 Bible (The Holie), by Parker, black letter, second folio edition

of the Bishop's Bible, calf, Printed by Richard Jugge, 1572, folio (319)

Tregaskis, £5 5s. [Collation: Title, I leaf; Preface and Prayer, 3 leaves (missing the Summe, etc., i leaf); Prologue, etc., 3 leaves ; Genealogical Table, 7 pp. (missing 2 leaves). The Scripture is divided, I page; the New Testament in lyke manner, i leaf. Order of the Bookes, I leaf; Proper Lessons and Psalms, 2 leaves ; to finde Easter, i leaf; Calendar, 6 leaves ; Genesis to Deuteronomium, folios i.-112. Seconde Part, folios 113-270(missing half the map of Canaan at pp. 124-5). Thirde Part, folios i.-270. Apocrypha, folios i.-190. Newe Testament, folios i.-138 ; Table, 2 leaves.Catalogue. The third edition (second folio edition) of the

Bishop's Bible.- ED.] 3121 British Essayists, with Prefaces by Alex. Chalmers, 45 vol.,

portraits, tree-calf gilt, 1808, 8vo. (575) Maggs, £7 55. 3122 British Novelists, with an Essay and Prefaces by Mrs. Barbauld, 50 vol., tree-calf gilt, 1810, 8vo. (576)

Sotheran, £1 5s. 3123 Brome (A.) Songs and other Poems, portrait by Hertochs,

first edition, original calf, 1661, 8vo. (923) Pickering, £10

[This copy had the duplicate pages 127-142, which are

frequently missing.--ED.] 3124 Carey (David). Life in Paris, comprising the Rambles,

Sprees and Amours of Dick Wildfire, etc., 21 coloured plates, designed and engraved by George Cruikshank, and woodcuts, half bound, John Fairburn, 1822, 8vo. (261)

Dixon, £9 5s. 3125 Caradoc Press. The Collects from the Book of Common

Prayer, printed on pure vellum, with the initials and capitals illuminated by hand, in imitation of early manuscripts, only one copy issued in this manner, morocco super extra, appropriately tooled on sides and back, silver clasps to an original design, g. e., 1901, 4to. (1130) Tregaskis, £19 10s.

(The initials and ornaments designed, and the whole XVI.


printed, by H. D. and H. G. Webb at Caradoc, Bedford

Park, Chiswick.- Catalogue.] 3126 Chaucer (Geoffrey). The Workes of Geffray Chaucer, newly

printed with Dyuers Workes whiche were never in Print before, as in the table more playnly dothe appere. Cum Privilegio, black letter, double columns, title within fine woodcut border, cuts in the Canterbury Tales, woodcut title to the Romaunt of the Rose and numerous ornamental woodcut initials, old russia with gilt corners, r. e., with the ex-libris and signature of Mr. Baron Maule, Imprinted at London by Wyllyam Bonham dwellyng in Paules Churche Yarde at the Sygne of the reed Lyon, n.d. (1542), folio (1310)

Mathews, £30 (A fine, perfect and sound copy of this rare edition, the second with the Prologue of Wm. Thynne, and the first in which the Plowman's Tale appears.

Some copies occur with other imprints. It contains ccclv. numbered leaves and eight preliminary leaves, including title unnumbered.

- Catalogue.] 3127 Chaucer (Geoffrey). The Works of, now newly imprinted,

edited by F. S. Ellis, ornamented with pictures designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, woodcut borders and initial letters, Kelmscott Press, 1896, royal folio ()

Shepherd, £90 3128 Chaucer (Geoffrey). Works, edited by F. S. Ellis, printed in

black and red, with 87 designs by Sir E. Burne-Jones, ornamental borders and initials, etc., full white pigskin, covered with blind tooling, executed at the Doves' Bindery, 1896, under Mr. Cobden Sanderson's direction from Morris's design, with clasps, g. e., Kelmscott Press, 1896 (1124)

Allatine, £115 3129 Chauncy (Sir H.) Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire,

original edition, portrait, map and 43 views, morocco extra,

g.e., B. Griffin, etc., 1700, folio (773) Leighton, £7 3130 Cotton (Charles). Poems on Several Occasions, first edition, calf antique, 1689, 8vo. (1021)

Tregaskis, £2 4s. 3131 Cotton (John). The Resident Song Birds of Great Britain,

containing delineations of seventeen birds of the size of life (together with the egg of each species), the drawings etched and coloured by the author (only a few copies issued for friends), 1835, 8vo. (583)

Sotheran, £3 7s. 6d. 3132 Dante. La Commedia col Commento di Christ. Landino,

imperfect, unbound (sold not abject to return), Bressa, per Boninum de Boninis di Ragusci, 1487, folio (528)

Stechert, £8 3133 Davenant (Sir William). Works (Plays and Poems), now

published out of the Author's Originall Copies, first collected edition, portrait by Faithorne, old calf, For H. Her. ring man, 1673, folio (530)

Maggs, 64 3134 Dibdin (Dr. T. F.) Bibliomania, or Book Madness, a Biblio

graphical Romance, in 6 parts, illustrated with cuts, i vol. extended to 5 vol. and extra illustrated with 800 portraits

and views, old titles, vignettes, etc., all the plates being very brilliant impressions, some proofs, by the most celebrated engravers ancient and modern, bound in morocco extra, the backs covered in rich gilt leafy ornaments in the style of Clovis Eve, line sides, broad inside ornamental borders, red gilt end papers, joints, g. e., by C. Smith, with specially printed title to each vol. (one vol. loose in back), super imperial 8vo. (755)

Robson, £160 3135 Doves Press. Cornelii Taciti de Vita et Moribus Julii Agri

colæ Liber, limp vellum, Hammersmith, 1900, small 4to. (1129)

Bain, £8 3136 Drayton (Michael). Poly-olbion, or a Chorographicall De

scription of Tracts, Rivers, Mountains, Forests of Great Britain, digested in a Poem, 2 parts in i vol., frontispiece by Hole and the portrait of Prince Henry, also all the maps and the rare printed titles to both parts, besides the very scarce leaves of Table, old morocco, g. e., blank margin of printed title to first part repaired, Printed by H. L. for M.

Lounes, etc., 1613-22, folio (531) A. Jackson, £,26 5s. 3137 Fabris (Salvator). De lo Schermo overo Scienza d'arme,

portrait and 190 plates of fencing scenes, vellum, Copenhagen, 1606, folio (545)

Overton, £8 ios. 3138 Fenton (E.) Certaine Secrete Wonders of Nature. Seene

and allowed according to the order appointed, black letter. woodcuts, first edition, original calf, Henry Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel's copy, with his signature on the title-page, 1569, 4to. (481)

Berry, £15 ros. (Fitzalan had a fine library, the greater part of which feli, at his death, into the possession of his son-in-law, Lord Lumley, and afterwards passed into the hands of Prince Henry. At the Prince's death, his father, James I., amal. gamated the collection with the Royal library, which descended to the later Sovereigns, and (by the arrangements of George III. and George IV.) is now part of the

British Museum Library.- Catalogue.] 3139 Fidge (George). The Great Eater of Grayes-Inne, or the

Life of Mr. Marriot the Cormorant. Also a rare Physicall Dispensatory, frontispiece containing portrait of Marriot, old calf, 1652, 4to. (486)

Stone, tu 5s. [Copies containing the frontispiece are excessively rare. The present copy was Bindley's, and sold at his sale (in 1818) for £14 Is. It was afterwards in the Beckford collection. Catalogue. This copy sold for £8 last season

(see BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, vol. xv., No. 2155.)- Ed.] 3140 Fielding (H.) History of Tom Jones, a Foundling, first

edition, 6 vol., original half binding, uncut, pp. 197-98 of vol. v. torn and repaired, and a small hole in pp. 143-44 of vol. vi., A. Millar, 1749, 8vo. (924)

Quaritch, £96 [Uncut copies are very rarely met with, hence the high

price.-ED.) 3141 Fisher (Kitty). Kitty's Stream, or the Noblemen turned Fishermen. A Comic Satire, addressed to the Gentlemen in the interest of the Celebrated Miss K......y F......,

sprinkled calf extra, uncut, 1759, 4to. (487) Sabin, £2 3142 Fleming (Abraham). The Bucoliks of Publius Virgilius

Maro. Together with his Georgiks or Ruralls. All newly translated into English verse by A. F., black letter, original calf, 1589, 4to. (488)

Quaritch, £12 3143 Fletcher (John). Monsieur Thomas, a Comedy Acted at the

Private House, in Blacke Fryers, first edition, calf extra, g. e., 1639, 4to. (489)

Wise, £7 ios. 3144 Fox (John). Rerum in Ecclesia gestarum. Autore Joanne

Foxo Anglo, curious woodcuts, morocco extra, g. e. (Colophon:] Basilia, per Nicolaum Brylingerum, et Ioannem Operinum, Anno 1559, mense Augusto, folio (546)

Denham, £10 1os. [“ The first edition of Fox's 'Acts and Monuments' (commonly known as Fox's 'Book of Martyrs'). It contains Bishop Hooper's 'Appellatio ad Parlamentum,' together with other papers which, until lately discovered in this volume, were considered irrecoverably lost. There is also in this edition matter which was omitted in the translation.” -Lowndes. The “Acts and Monuments” was not pub

lished in English until 1562.--Catalogue.) 3145 Froissart (Sir J.) Le Premier Volume de Froissart de

Croniques de France, D'Angleterre, D’Escoce, D'Espaigne, De bretaigne, De gascongne, De flandres. Et lieux circunvoisins. Le second volume de Froissart, le tiers volume de Froissart, le quart volume de Froissart, (Colophon.) Cy finist le quart volume de Messire jehan froissart sur les croniques de france D'angleterre · : · Imprime a paris pour Anthoine Verard marchant libraire Demourant a paris sur le pont nostre dame a lymage Sainte Jehan levägeliste, gothic letter. ruled in red, 4 vol. in 3, original vellum, Paris (1499), folio (547)

Stone, £35 3146 Gessner (Solomon). Mort d'Abel Poëme de Gessner traduit par

Hubert, frontispiece and 5 plates after Monsiau, by Colibert, Casenave and Clément, old French calf gilt, g. e., Paris, 1793, royal 4to. (498)

Sabin, £5 (The plates were printed in colours and in proof state,

being “Avant les Numéros.”--Catalogue.] 3147 Gessner (Solomon). (Euvres, printed upon vellum, only 2

copies taken, portraits of Gessner on India paper, Moreau, proof, and Diderot, fine engravings after Moreau le Jeune, the engravings chiefly in duplicate on paper, etchings and proofs on India paper before letters, but some are only in one state, and some in three states, comprising in all 3 portraits and 92 engravings, 4 vol., French morocco, ornaments on backs, ornamental borders, uncut edges (Simier), enclosed in 4 half bound slip cases, Paris, A. A. Renouard, 1795, 8vo. (757)

B. F. Stevens, £70 3148 Goldsmith (0) A Prospect of Society (1763?), 4to.

Quaritch, £63 (Contains 16 pp., uncut. This pamphlet, of which a very

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long descriptive account is given in the catalogue, appears to be unique. It consists of the material from which“ The Travellers was evolved, the latter poem showing continuous re-arrangement of the lines and numerous alterations and additions. “A Prospect of Society” ends with line 310, and whether any more was printed is a matter of conjecture. It was discovered by Mr. Bertram Dobell in a parcel of old pamphlets, and has been reprinted by him with an introduction, in which Goldsmith's method of work is dealt with, and the alterations and additions analysed.

-ED.] 3149 Goldsmith (O.) The Deserted Village, a Poem, by Dr. Gold

smith, vignette by Isaac Taylor, “the sad historian of the pensive plain,” first edition, morocco extra, g. e., Printed for W. Griffith, at Garrick's Head, in Catharine-street, Strand, 1770, 8vo. (501)

Maggs, £18 3150 Goldsmith (O.) The Haunch of Venison, a Poetical Epistle

to Lord Clare, first edition, head after H. Bunbury, calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, 1776, 8vo. (502) Berry, £26 1os.

[Very rare ; the Fraser copy realised £25. This copy

had the rare half-title.- Catalogue.] 3151 Gowrie Conspiracy. The Examinations, Arraignment and

Conviction of George Sprot, Notary in Aye-Mouth, together with his constant and extraordinarie behaviour at his death, in Edenborough, August 12, 1608, morocco extra, g. e., M. Bradwood for William Aspley, 1609, 4to. (503).

A. Jackson, £9 (One of the rarest tracts (reprinted in the Harleian Miscellany) dealing with the Conspiracy of the Earl of Gowrie to assassinate King James I. It contains a long preface by Dr. George Abbot, who was present at Sprot's execution. Knight and Elze consider that it was from accounts of the Gowrie Conspiracy that Shakespeare derived much

of the “local colouring” in Macbeth.—Catalogue.] 3152 Gray (Thomas). An Elegy wrote in a Country Church Yard,

bound in a folio volume with other tracts, with the bookplates of Thomas Cowper and Reginald Cholmondeley, calf gilt, no place, date or printer's name (but about 1750), (555)

Sabin, £49 (The catalogue contains a very long descriptive account of this edition of Gray's Elegy, which appears to be quite undescribed. (See the Atheneum for March, 1897.) The inference is that the pamphlet is a proof antecedent to the

original quarto of 1751.--ED.) 3153 Greffier (C. G.) La tres Admirable, tres Magnifique, et

Triumphante Entree, du tres Hault et tres Puissant Prince Philipes, Prince d’Espaignes filz de Lempereur Charles Ve, en la ville d'Anvers, anno 1549, engraved title, engravings by Pierre Coeck d'Allost of triumphal arches and folding engraving of the palace erected for the banquet and reception of the Emperor, his sons and queen, original calf, from the library of Philippe Desportes, the poet, with his

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