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been reduced to the last extremity, before the Exchange of money with England the troops which we know to have been and other countries the decline of trade sent out, or other succours from Madras, aid manuračiurts in that island--and the could arrive to their relief.'

extensive fubversion of commerc al credit The following statement of the present both within Ireland, and in the interstrength of the British navy, was com course between Liih merchants and their municated by one of his Majesty's mi. foreign correspondents. L rd Cacinarvon nilt rs, up n a late occasion, in the House and Lord Grenville adopted and enfürced of Commons. The lips, frigares, and the fame opinion. It was ingen ofly floops of war now in commißion, are 411: opposed by Lord Hawkesbury and the the finall craft employed on the British Lurd Chancel or, who endeavoured to coat, are 602 : the small craft on the thew, that, under the reftriction, in forIrith coast, 137 : ip addition to these, mer years, the Bank of Ireland hau ils the Eat India Company fupplies 20

sued its notes with the molt commend. fhips, and the Trinity House, 10, for able good faith and discretion; and that the defence of the Thames : 373 vessels no evils could relult from renewing the are now in a progress of being armed and restriction which would, in any deotherwise equipped for fta, with the ut gree, counterbalance its utility in the molt dispatch. The number of the sea, present general circumftances of the Em. men in actual service, is 77,002: the pire. marines are 11,97.

The same subject came under difcufSeveral debates of no small keenness fion in the House of Commons, on the and importance', arose, during the month 2d of March. The evils of the restricof March, in the two Houles of Parliament, tion were eloquently fiated by Mr. Fitter

On the ist, the question for the Speak- and Mr. George Ponto ihy: its necessity er's leaving the Chair, in the House of was, on the oiher hand, well urged by Commons, that the House might go into Mr. Corry. a Comiritiee, on the Bill to consolidate An enquiry from Mr. Grey respecting and amend the leveral laws relating to his Majelty's indifpofition was antwered Volunteers, was warmly and eloquently from the Ministeria! Bench in language opposed; and a long contention of argu- intimating his rapid convalefcence to a ments ensued. Mr. Francis, Colonel Itate of health, in which he would ealily Crawford, Admiral Berkeley, Mr. Fox, discharge all the accustomed functions of Mr. Windham, and Mr. Pitt were the royalty. principal speakers in this debite. The The new schedule of the duties payfarther progress of the bill was opposed able at the Custom-houles in the ports of on the pretence, that its tendency was, Ireland were the subject of consideration to impofe new, unforeseen, and intoler in the House of Comnens, on the 3d. able reitrainis upon the volunt:ers; and Several alterations have been made, acyet, that it would not tend to provide cominodating that scale of duties, fomeine country with an effective force the what better tnan in the former schedule, most suitable for its actual defence against to the general interests of the trade of invasion. Capiair

. Markham replied, the United Kingdom. wi h great spirit to fome cenfures of the On the 6th, Sir John Wrottelley, in manner in which the naval defence of the the House of Communis, moved for a country is managed ; and endeavoured, Committee tu enquire into the causes of with some plaufibility, to evince, that it the late inkurrection in Dublin. is even better adapred, than that of the guel, that the Guvernment had be. n, to late war, for the effectual baiping of all a criminal degree, negligent of the inea-. that is attempted or menaced by the files fit to prevent that dangerous outenemy. Tre question for a Cominiitee breaking of reb:lion;' aid Gated, in of ihe House on the Bill, was carried. particular, among other things, tha',

On the same day, a debate on the Bill almust at the critical mo.nent, The Lord for the Restriction of the Bank of Ire- Lieutenant's fecretary, Mr. Mariden, had land from making payments in coin, was made very light of the wholc affair. opened in the House of Peers, by Lord Mr. Canning fuppor ed the notion with King. His Lordhip represented the mea great eaineitic's. but it was then suíly lu e renewed in the Bill, a having al. opposed by L rd Caitle' cagn, and "ir. ready been pernicious to the trade of Secretary Yorke; and was, in the ind, Ireland. Tochis fource alone, he itrove rejected. to trace the origin of the present dilid On the oth, the enquiries from min lm vantage to which Ireland is subject in ters, respecting the stait of his Mity's


He ar

Pp 2

health, were renewed, in the House of blockade of the port of Boulogne were Commons, hy Mr. Grey; in the House much fitter than any smaller ones to of Peers, by the Earl of Fitzwilliam. act succesfully against the French gun. The answers were so fatisfactory re boats. He even added, that he thought it fpecting the King's recovery, as to leave impossible for any French force fufficient no room for the propofition of any new to make a descent on the British or Irish mealure in Parliament, relative to the coasts, to esca e across the Channel, un. supreme functions of the Executive Go. dicovered by the Englith squadrons, as vernment.

these are now distributed, and main. On the 14th, Mr. Creevey proposed an tained in active vigilance. Mr. Sheridan enquiry into the conduct of the British zealoully vindicated the conduct of the Government, and its servants, towards Earl of St. Vincent's at the head of the the na:ive inhabitants of the island of Admiralty; and pronounced a very high Ceylon; representing, with a full detail eulogy on the vigour and integrity with of particulars, that it had been highly which that illustrious nobleman haa supinconsiderate and unjus. But, he failed pressed peculation and embezzlement in to periuade the Hoult, that it ought to different departments of the naval feryield to his motion.--Mr. Francis inoved, vice; as well as on the energy, the vigithe fame day, and with no better success, lance, the comprehensive and discerning for an enquiry into the origin and juts pro'essional judgment with which he has tice of the present war with the Mah- managed the equipment and the diftri. rattas.

bution of the fiets, convoys, and cruizers, But the most important motion of and on his care not only to supply by enquiry that has been lately made, was new equipments, the constant waste of that proposed by Mr. Pitt, relating to the war and navigation, but still, likewise, Naval Defence of this country. He re to increase the force of the Royal Navy, presented the strength and activity of the and the numbers of its Thipping. Mr. Navy to be, now, considerably less, than Fox cordially joined in the praises of in the late war. He complained that Lord St. Vincent's, but was not averse there was in particular, a great deficiency froin an enquiry, the result of which in those small armed vessels, which must could not, in his judgment, fail to crown naturally be the firtest to cope with the that nobleman's character with new hogun. boats of the French. He lamented

Mr. George Ponsonby called, the want of due activity in the dock also, for an enquiry. Many other memyards, and the neglect of the convenient bers spoke in the debate ; and it was policy of having ships of war built by ' continued to great length. The Chanthe merchants, upon commission. The cellor of the Exchequer spoke ftrenu. distribution of the squadrons, the general ously against the notion. The House at System of the operations of the fleet, the Jast, divided on the question. Not fewer manner in which the Navy is now fup- than 130 voted with Mr. Pitt; but his plied with seamen and marines, but espe. motion of Enquiry was rejected by a macially the state of the naval defence of jority of 201. There was a felicity in the coast, and the tone and terror of the the choice of this question, inasmuch as conduct of the Admiralty, were reviewed, it was almost the only one on which the in his speech, with strong and pointed friends of Mr. Fox and those of Mr. Pitt censure. Mr. Tierney defended the pre- could divide together against the Admifent administration of the Navy; and niftration, without any very conspicuous Jepresented the whole naval force of the dereliction of the principles upon which Empire now to consist of not fewer than they had been before in mutual hoftility 1500 ships of war. Sir C. M. Pole between themselves. It was observed, zealously represented the present plan of that, in this instance, not only Mr. Sheriour naval operarions offensive and defen- dan, but also the other servants of his five 'o be the belt adapted of any that a Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, professional seaman could well imagine, gave their votes with the Admịnistration. for successful opposition to the force and designs of the enemy. Sir Edward Pellew Has been lately, the scene of events which gave a similar opinion ; and informed the few its Consúlar Government not to be House that within every three weeks, the as yet in a state of full stability. The Mhips of war under his command, on the Jacobins, the surelt guardians of the restation he lately occupied had been re- publican establishments have been almost lieved regularly; and that gin-brigs and disipated and annihilared as a party, by other such vesiels as now formed the che general abhorrence of their revolu




tionary excesses, and by the institution of First Consul and his Ministers. The sei. the Consular Authorities. By the am žure of the papers of those persons against nesties to the emigrants, many fincere whom the information was given, is said royalists were restored to France. Moreau, to have told more : and a good deal has and all those officers who, not being Bo- been extorted by examination from the naparte's creatures, saw themselves ex men under accusation and in confinement. cluded by his supremacy from advance A plot of the most heinous intentions is ment agreeable to their wishes, were, of said by the Ministers of the Consular Gocourse, induced to delire a new change of vernment to have been thus seasonably dif. government; and when they considered covered. But it is, on the other hand, the old attachments of the people, and the londly alledged by the friends of Moreau example of England in the seventeenth and Pichegru, that the whole accusation century, could imagine no change fo likely is a fi&tion of the Government for the ruin to satisfy the majority of the French Na- of men whom the First Consul dreaded, tion, and to build up their own fortunes and found a suitable moment to destroy, on a sure foundation, as one that should on pretence of their being in a conspiracy restore the regal dignity and the Family of against him. A third party affirm that the Bourbons. Among the exiles to the conspiracy is in part real ; that the whom all amnesty was denied, or who, persons accused are, in general, privy to in their zeal for their King, and their ab- it ; but that they have been ensnared by horrence of Bonaparte, scorned to accept pretended accomplices, who were, in the Consul's favour, were not a few per- truth, the spies and decoys of the Governfons of distinguished ability, indefatigable ment ; that they had not intentions nearin intrigue, impatient of revenge, sanguine ly lo bold and guilty as those which are in hopes, and therefore incessantly labour. now attributed to them; and that, if put ing to overturn, by their correspondence, to death, they will perish, not upon fair, the Consular power, and to reconcile the substantial evidence, but upon suspicions minds of the French People to a restora- and pretences, which, however, are not at tion of their old rulers. The burthens bottom entirely in the wrong. Lavallee, and losses of the present war, and the ri. Laborie, and several of those who are dicule of eternal threats and preparations named by the Government as being in ending in nothing, have conliderably di- conspiracy, and proscribed for seizure or minished that popular enthusiasm in France deaih, are said to have escaped to London. for Bonaparte which arole from his luc. Within a short time before the conspiracy cesses in Italy, the only theatre of his was detected, most of the officers who had martial glory—and from his giving peace been promoted to eminent command unto the nation at a time when it was abso- der Moreau, or upon his recommendation, lutely lick of the beggary, the desolation, were removed from their appointments.the oppression of military adventure and Public expectation at Paris is now turned of conquet. In this state of feelings, with great anxiety toward the issue of the parties, opinions, and interests, in France, Erials of the conspirators. As the trial that which was naturally to be expected by jury is now under suspension in France, has taken place. A conspiracy to de- it is not supposed that they will be sufferthrone the First Consul has been detected. ed io escape, if the Government can find Pichegru and some other exiles, who had advantage in their death. secretly passed to France from England In the mean time, the preparations for and other surrounding countries, have the invasion of this country are much inbeen seized at Paris in suspicious fitua- creased in all the ports of France and tions, such as it is imagined that they Holland. There are said to be not fewer would scarcely have put themselves into than twelve hundred armed vessels ready if they had not been in plots against the at Boulogne only. At other ports the Government. General Moreau, and vas preparations are believed to be propora rious other persons never accused till now tionately great. At Toulon, at Brest, at of treason against the Revolution, have every port of France and Holland, armabeen taken and put in confinement, as ac ments are said to be in readinels to fail, as complices in the fame designs. The trea soon as they may escape out with any chery of persons who were in the confpi- prospect of eluding or defeating the racy' had betrayed it to the spies of the blockading squadrons.


ALPHABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIES and Dividends announced between the

2016 of February, and the 20th of March, extracted from the London Gazettes. .

BANKRUPTCIES, The Solicitors' Names are between Parentheses.

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ALDERS IN. Christopher, Beccles, grocer: (E. and T.

, All n, J., ten. Jiwry ardei, victuailer. (Lewis, New

1,11 , Minories Bitman', w. Furnival's inn court, printer. (Beethain,

6, Bouverie Itreet Iul

Thomas Bernat friet, Bristol, brandy merchant. (sandford and Sweet, Inner 1emple Bedd, Ainoplias, Avery', warehousemaa. (Hurd,

Kin shinchwaik. Temple Beck, John Morki, wie merchant. (Bacon, South

-9. pton tireet, Covent Garden Luis Wiliani, torino, priter and bakfeller. (Shawe,

New Brid, citreet, Wachiris Blick, Gecti e, and Alexier Sicphen, kur laive, dealers

in C035.) irrall, Wint Kittit, Fleet itreet Bery, Willam, Cikhain, doticcary. Ritem and Merri.

6. Cutitice Bl. 78, JihinHallfwor:h, thopkeeper. (Tarrant and

Nou.', licerylae 3:ti:fo, Kichardt, zeid Samuel Wade, Manchester, iner

chan:'JADI R. Wik, Warnturut urs Bur, Wiliam, juli, Pilton, Cauthier. (Luxmoore, Red

Toti uare Cre, times, Cuine, corun manufacturer. (Ellis, Cur.

fitor taket Consilting Thurnas. Crediton, ferge maker. (Darke, Princes

rect, Bedford row Davis, Benjamin, Chatham, money firivener. (Fowell,

Eilt x ttreet, Strand Dunkin, Jha, Açucross ftreet, rectifier. (Martin, Vint

t's all Edwrds. William, New Bond street, goldsmith and jewel

ler, Meltin, Maddox ficer Etches, Jame; Daventr. rcer, trading in the firin of

Etches and Poole. Wainwri:ht: Hare cuurt. Temple Engliit, Sarail, Charing cruis, hofier. (Hougton, Charles

fireet, St. James's Evans, Henry, Calle, clothier. (Sandys, Horton, and Tree

venen, Crane court, Fiset itreet Fell Josepha, ropemaker. (Roster, Kirby fireet,

Hatton Garden Fallon, Thomas, Bimeprette freet within, pewterer.

(Jones, Lord Mayor's Court office, Royai Exchange Gudrrey, Danici, Morfidus, broker. Chettir, Melipa

place, Wermine road Hetketh George Gakeld, Manchester, grocer. (J. C. and

c. Jackfon, Walbrook Hindity, Thomas, and Samuel Cooling, Manchester, calico

11.Duracirers. (Hewitter H!!, walter. Putney, krocer Lucket, Barinnall ftreet Hopwood, Thomas, Rasindal, plumber. (Haityt, Chan. Haynes, Thomas, Oundie, nursery and feedfinan. (Kin

deriey, Lon', and Inet, Syınood'sinin Jonnion, bhomas, Leicetter, carpenter. (Taylor, South

anpton building's Jenkinton, Richard, Pocklington, money scriv ner. (Crof

reld and Moore, Salisbury heig Sirand Kingitury. Laniel. Exeter, facher Fishnan, Ely place, William, luntriige Wells, baiker. (Bia idrord

and sweet, King's Een wall, Tempi Leening. Thomas, of Peiton, Joh! Myres of Cleckhea

ton, 231 William Chipman, of Preton, Worited manu. ta'turers, Evans T.vies in Lloy. Thomas, Biliter tuale, merchant. (Kayll, Tower

royal lopta ohn, and Samuel 1). Liptrap, Whitechap:1, dif

tiits. Druce, billiter fuare Leuliard, Chetits, en Bromwich, ironmaster. (Egerton,

Cray's in fare L2100, Wilner, and William Cyron, 1 ilcoin, drapers.

(lad. Racquet court, Fleet treet Lawton, Jarne, Dubcrois in Saddleworth, thopkeeper.

Elättye. Chancery lane Martina bonasBirmingham, and Thomas Nicholls,

trang 26 birminghani in the fil 0 Martin and Co. ano di Stone, in the firm ut Nicholls and Co. (Curitable, Synonasini Martingale', John, New Bond ftreet, wine merchant.

(Dewbery', Cunnit Atreet Mathews, William, Long lane, Southwark, velum and

parchment maker. (Roche, Nicholas Jane, Lornbard

treet Moabe, Edware, Broad ftruet, Bloomsbury, hat maker.

(Fut': rgill and Savane, uld trotinet Nanfersha Richard, We all. Whittington, grazier. (Hurd,

Kings Lench walk Toner Temple Murray, Samuel, Kulleli court, bookseller. (Cobb, Cle

men's inn Me, Thomas Nanchefter, and Peter Lunn, of Eccles,

calico manufacturers. (Ellis, Cuitor Areet North, William, Dewsbury, coveriid lanufacturer.

Sykes and Knowlts, Lofwe court Bani 112cBritti, copei. ' Janie's, Gray's inn fquare Ygwit, who, Cippenlari cloitier. Sandys, tortor, and

a resci.col5, Counc iuuri, icct ita ect

Prince, William, Stockpuri, cotton fpinner. (Edge, Inner

Tempie Powin,' Richart, Grofvuur mews, veterinary furgeon.

Rbining Charitr houte ftuare Powui'ch, George, Liv.insend, du er mariner. (Atcheson,

Atras Powil, William, Broad freet, St. Gils's, lineu draper. 15 kainean venutawy

1.swrence, Brnaba Cuiler. (James, Gray's int Ruti, l'homas. Dalfton, stock broker (Waltoni, Girdler's

hal, Bauhaliit cet Read, Amps. Alsermanbury, warehoufeman. (Hurd,

King's Li wak, Temple RI***S, Thomas, Gloucester, meror (James, Gray's

in luuare Rich diun, Sylvester, Blackburn, grucer. (Clarke and

Ricars Ricy, anuel, soy land, cotton spinner. (Gleadhill and

Fire, Lotlbury Riotom, Natal, of the Pa 2201, Southwark, taurer.

Ferngs, Lauinte pounene y huli P, ?, A.LTD, au juhu xlvic. Argyle Areet, army

agent. Rid k.bhallitor ireet, Blachfiiars Stewart, Rlbert, and Wallien tewart, Manchettes, mer.

Cants. Kay and Rhe, che er Siche, GeorGolport, ShoeIIiner. arrant and Moule,


10:1) lle Spees, Geure, black man Aieet, table keeper. (Collyer,

Greut tatt Cit-D Stord, John, Loningsby, brewer. (Wilfont, Canle street,

hati Shipity, Thomas, Wa'co, coach mater and cornfactor.

Baldaic and Alex.der, Next Solomon Ifaac, 50 plat 11 hitechapel, insurance

broker inubert, Smutusan Suveny, Thold , Scinthorpe, Willer, (Geldart, Holborn

Cutii, Gray's inn Thompion, Charles Jonn, Gorwel street, filversmith,

(smell y Alderigate treet Teatvalc, William, Mancheiter, cotton hroker. (Ruther.

furd, arthulinaw wc Thompfon, ihan, at Percival Barker, Dean ftreet, Souti.wark, merchants. haeton, Barlow, and Grove

Dor, Autin tiars Wheeler. Jofeph, Hampitead, victualler. (Deuton, Field

Cullit, Grays in Waroell, George, Mapfel street, Goodman's ficlus. (Evirt

and R.Xoli, haydon liquare, Minories Wilton. Joull, Nantwich, timber merchana. (Wilfun,

Crown Otilce row, Temple Wilde, Jaines, Dale in Saduleworth, clothier. (Battye,

Chancery lane Watkins, John, Northmoor, hutcher. (Edmonds and Sun, Exchequer office or Pitang Lincoln's inn

DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED. Allen, Henry, Liverpool, merchant, April 30 Andrews, Henry, Eitted caiman, March 31, final Be inlands, WA, and Berijazi Beanlands, Bradford,

wuolttaplers, March 16 Blinkhorn wil!1211g And John Musgrave, Fofter lane, filk

weavers, Varelo Bevinstong Samuci, Gracechurch Arcet, merchant, April Brouk, Fra: ciu, William Farrar, and Robert Rore, Basing11:11 Arect, waiebuulemet, leparare eitate of Brooke,

March 20 Bax, terry, Farningham, tyylor, merchant, March 37 Bird, jottph, lioundiuith, Butter, March 24 Blunt, Thomas, Coui171115Duniy, crvener, March 27 Broadbent, Bellinunt, taillon, boukleller, March 27 Bramhall, Ricard, Shctnciu, cutiers, and Patrick bram.

hali, March 29 baker, Jonathan), Upper Thames ftreet, grocer, April 14,

21 Bestfield, Bacon, Yarmouth; liquor inerchant, April 7,

final Becks, Andrew Berkeley, Green ftreet, Grosvenor square,

upholder, March 17 Blakenan, Jeremian, Limehouse, timber merchant, April

17, final Puiseld, William, Tancalter, Mopkeeper, April 2, final Joue, Peter, Whitfriars, builder, npril 14 Burroughs, James, Chitwellfirect, hotel,pril 14 Chapmall, john, Yarmouill, limen draper, Maich 24 Cowhaw, Charles, S. orne, trocul, prill Curteis, lohu, and Junn Stevens, Pentylin Mopkeepers,

Maren 3 Chinner, Thomas Oldham, Warfall, in rcer, March 19 Cupper, Thomas William, Pancras last, warehouse man,

April 25 Chivers, Williain, Newgate (treet, upholder, April 17 Dutiin, Michael, aad henry Duthilla trattori on Arun, linea

drapers, March 27, foud Durall, Edward, 110 Archer Whiting, Long Acre, coach.

cs, March : 7 DuniaryChristopher, Charies Areet, Hatton Garden, jewe

elitr, April 28 Daituri James, Pertford, bricklayer, April 28 Emilici, i dha tarite, and Itaac Eunundfon, Kef.

Cery laic

1, tual

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Elderton, John, Great Carter lane, oil and colourman,

March 27, final
Forbes, John, and Daniel Gregory, Aldermanbury, mer-

cliants, trading in the hirin of Buiton. Forbes, and Gre-
Boty, April 27, 1eparate estate of Gregory, final and sepa.

rate eftate of Forbes, final
Frazer. Henry Nghtingale lave, grucer. April 7
Fif. loban, partner with James Nowlan) Newcastle on

Tyne, fap in kit, April 5
Gouldfinith, Richard, New Bond Atreet; embroiderer, 7
Gale. Ifaac, Bradford, clothier, March 28, final
Hailam, Edward. Eury, drupeilt, March 29
Heultt, Richard. Waicut, bulder, March 20
Holgare, George Thomas, Pcaimah, Suflex, farmer, March

20, hal
Hathway, Francis, Little St. Thoinas the Apostle, broker,

March 24
Hurt, David, Lindley, cloth dreffer, March 28
Hallow's. James, Goldfinith ftreet, ribbon weaver, April

17. final
Hounfell, John, Bridport. ironmonger, April 5, final
Hopwood, l'avid, Union ftreet, St. Aiary le boiue, grocer,

April 16. fial
Harris, Francis, and Samuel Grove, Bristol, merchants,

April 16
Hall, Charles, Ellerton, horse johber, April 19, final
Herinthaw, Richard, Palace wharf, Lambeth, corn and

cual dealer April 14
Idell, Nicholas, Hambleton, furgeon, March 26
Kempfon Samuel, Flere ftreet, linen draper. April 17
King, Joh!, Coventry, innholder. April 7, final
Luwe, Charles, jun. Boston, miller, Maich S, final
Lund, William, Vircinia itreet, builder, March 31. final
Larkin, Charles. Rochester, coachmaster, April 28
Lawson William, Mucheter, grocer, Marcis zo
Lloyd, John, Wolwich, vi&tualier, March 27
Lonsdale. Edward, York, liuen driper, March 29
Lickley, Joh 1, Newcaile itreet, hoher, April 7 final
Maltby, honas, and George Maltby, Size lane, mer-

chants, April 10
Matthews, George, and Thornas Turnbull, Budge row,

merchants. April
Mouls, John, Hampread, cornchandler, April 24, final
Middleton, Tho. Liverpool, cufton manufacturer, April 16
Metcalfe, Thomas, virmingham, fa to, April 19, tinal
Mofs, John, Sali bury, ironmonger, April 10
Mozley, Lewis, Liverpool, watchmaker. April 14
Nowlin, Jarner, partner with John Ein, jun.) Newcatle

on Tya, Soap builer, Aprils
Nanfan, Thomas, Manchester, warehouseman, April 14

Owen, Robert, and William Mardle Houndfuitch, copper

fmiths, A. 44
Peierfon, lines, Strdbrooke, tanner, March 27.
Perrins, Wilam, Bedwurth, inaltiter, Aprils, final
Pourtales Aren', Paul, and ndrew George Pourtales,

Broad itr et buildings, merchants, April 29
Phillips, John, Ecce fuitiin manufacturer, April 12
Pycock Theosofi., and Marmaduke Ward, Pycock King.

itus on Huil, builtas, April7
Ruit!!!, John, voorfields, broker, April 21, final
Richinoud, Jinn, Skerton, Cardener and lecatinan, April 5,

Ricbes. George, Qucen ftreet, Cheapfide, warchouieman,

April to final
Rowland, Northy, and Peter Rowland, Great Coggehall,

blanket inakers, April 13
Radiofon, Michael, liverponi, mon y fcrivever, April 19
Spender, William, Birmingham, dezier, Aprilir,nual
Shirreti, Alexander, Newma treet, tailor March 20
Sch: tel. Bartolomew, Mansion house street, merchant,

March 31
Spears, William, Roodlane, fish faleman, April 7
Sykes, Richard, Cheaphite linen drapur, May 11, final
sommervail, Jain', Liv.rp), inerchant, april 7
Towafend, William, baih dive imith, arch 20
Towatend. Thonia, Bath, filverfiniin, and John Townsend,

of Bathwick, victualler, March 20
Thompton, Andrew, and Bardho o new White, Bowlane,
whole fale hofiers, Trading in the firm of white and co.

March 24
Tarn. William, Binop Wearmouth, painter and glazier,

Marci !
Touimin, Oliver, Efex freet. Strand, navy igeot, Aprile
Thacker Anthony, Upwell, Ely, coin merchant, March

26, April 18 final
Travis, Jofeph, and Peter Nevill, Bolton le Moors, inudin

manufacturers, feparate etter of Niviil April 13 Trudwell, Henry Wilvercoin yeoman, April 14, final Vandyck, Peter Dubbledonuts Arnold John Govers Leu.

ven, and Wynand Adriae de Gruiter Vink, Circus, Mia

nores. inerchants, March 16 Wicks, Wiliam, Middle ruw, holborn, haberdasher, Marca Wilde. Jaines, lohn Watts, and ho Body, Upper Thames

street whol file process, March 20
Warren, Thomas, jun, Bury, ihorkeeper, Varch 29, final
white. William parte vice Jobs jarvis) Southampion

buildings, brandy mrechuni, March 1
Wilton, Richari, bread Tott, Terchant, March 27
Whitehead, Edward onarles, William, carpenter, April 24
Wrighton, Daniel, Littie Alie, tax dreier, April 10


With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased.

On the 2d of March Mr. George Smart Mr. William John Galabin, printer of had another opportunity of thewing the ex Ingram-court, to Miis Marchant, of Paracellence of his chimney-sweeping apparatus dile-row, Iflington. in extinguishing the fire in a flue. A No.

Capt. Frederick W. Campbell, of the ift 12, Gloucester Place, Camden Town, the regiment of guards, to Mits lelie Caulfield, kitchen chimney took fire, in a few minutes daughter of the late Wade Callield, erą. it raged with so much fury as to break the Caprain R. Curry, of the R. Navy, to Miss chimney-pot to pieces, and to threaten the E. Blachford, daughter of Daniel B. eiq. of destruction of the house itself; the heat in. Tooting. 'deed was so violent as to render the adjoining Wm. Cooper, efq. of Lincoln's-inn, to house in some danger, Mr. Smart's apparatus Miss Joanna Bridge, daughter of Cyprian B. was sent up, and though the passage was in a esq. of Dover-court, Eliex. great measure blocked up by the broken S. Batchellor, ely. of Bloomíbıry-square, pieces of the chimney-pot, in the course of to Miss Shoolbreit, youngeit daughter of the three or four minut's it completely extin late John Shoolbred, ela. guished and brought down all the foot. A At St George's, Hanover-square, the Rev. fireman (from the Phenix Office, we believe) R. HoJeron, rear of that parith, to Miss accidentally passing at the time, was witness M. Tucker, fourth daug'iter of the late Col. to the who e (cene. With this apparatus

Tucker. Mr. S. has swept nearly 700 chimneys with Mr. T Old, of Newington Place, to Miso out the aid of any climbing boy, the whole Crefwell, of Kennington. work being performed by a man in the room W. Haynes, eiq. of the Strand, to Miss from which the chimnev rises. In the course Taylor, of the Adelphi Terrace, of his progress he has met with fourteen in R. Boulton, esq. of Thorncroft, Surrey, ftances only in which he has failed in the at-' to Miss Car. Shubrick. tempt.

F. Robertson, efq. to Miss L. Ross, of MARRIED.

Borwell-court. W. Corteker, eng. to Miss Mary I.yon, Mr. Spong, of High test, Bloomsbury, of Lambeth.

to Miss Simmons, of ivorti ke.


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