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3036 Stevenson (R. L.) A Child's Garden of Verses, first issue of

the first edition, original cloth, g. t., edges entirely untrimmed, 1885, 8vo. (889)

Pearson, £3 155. 3037 Surtees (R. S.) Mr. Romford's Hounds, first edition, com

plete in the 12 parts, original wrappers, coloured and other illustrations by Leech, etc., 1864, 8vo. (894)

Quaritch, £6 175. 6d. 3038 Swift (Dean). Travels into several Remote Nations of the

World, in 4 parts, by Lemuel Gulliver, portraits and plates, 2 vol., first edition, calf extra, first issue, with the double pagination, 1726, 8vo. (895)

Maberley, £13 155. 3039 Swinburne (Algernon Charles). The Sailing of the Swallow (896)

Ellis, £29 [The original proof sheets of the poem, consisting of 20 pages 8vo., uncut, with very numerous corrections and additions, in the autograph of the poet. The following note, also in his autograph and signed (initials “A. C. S.”), is added at the end : " Thought you might like to read this before it appears in a month's time. You can keep or destroy this proof, as I have done with the revise.-A. C. S.” There is a very curious note, too, at page 11.-Catalogue. These proof sheets were sold at Edinburgh last season for £18 75._6d. (see BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, vol. XV.,

No. 1104). -ED.) 3040 Swinburne (Algernon Charles). Chastelard, a Tragedy, first

edition, Moxon, 1866—Swinburne's Poems and Ballads, a Criticism, by W. M. Rossetti, Hotten, 1866, original cloth, uncut, 8vo. (1177)

Maggs, EI 35. 3041 Swinburne (Algernon Charles). Songs before Sunrise, first edition, original cloth, uncut, F. S. Ellis, 1871, 8vo. (178)

Maggs, £2 25. 3042 Swinburne (Algernon Charles). Tristram of Lyonesse, and

other Poems, first edition, presentation copy from the author, in the original cloth, 1882, 8vo. (1179)

Maggs, £4 45. 3043 Sylvester (J.) Parliament of Vertues Royal, Panaretus,

Bethulians Rescue, Little Bartas, Map of Man, Epigramms, Lachrymæ for Prince Henry and Funerall Elegie on Sydneys, 1614–The Second Session of the Parliament of Vertues Reall, containing Job Triumphant, Memorials of Mortalitie, Henrie the Great, St. Lewis the King, A Hymn of Alms, The Battaill of Yvry, Honor's Farwel, etc., 1615, 2 vol. in 1, calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, 8vo. (1180)

Maberley, £13 Ios. [The two parts are rarely found together. The present copies have all the separate titles and blank leaves so often wanting. The pieces composing this volume appear to have been separately printed at intervals, during the years 1614-15, and scarcely two copies exactly correspond in the contents. The present one, in unusually fine state, possesses the two Sessions and some of the supplementary forms subsequently added, and has certain blank leaves, not in most copies, necessary to complete the sheets. Sylvester spent a part of his life abroad, apparently as a merchant

adventurer in the Low Countries.- Catalogue.] 3044 Tennyson (A.) Poems, by Alfred Tennyson, first edition, original boards, uncut, Moxon, 1833, 8vo. (1184)

Manning, £25 (Southey's copy, with inscription, “Robert Southey,

Keswick, 13 March, 1834, from the author.”—Catalogue.] 3045 Tennyson (A.) Maud, a Monodrama, printed in black and

red, woodcut borders and initial letters, original vellum, uncut, with ties, in case, Kelmscott Press, 1893, 8vo. (1186)

Pickering, 23 vs. [This copy contained the four cancel leaves issued after

the work was published.--Catalogue.] 3046 Testament (Het Nieuwe), in Nederduytsch, met Psalmen

Davids ende Catechismus, lit. goth.. some leaves wormed, contemporary Dutch binding, oaken boards, cloth cover, embroidered in silver threads, with a silver serpent in high relief in centres, perforated silver clasps and bosses, with engraved figures of birds, and long silver chain, gilt and gauffred edges, Amst., J. P. Wachter, 1621 (1188)

Pickering, £24 3047 Thackeray (W. M.) Rebecca and Rowena, a Romance,

illustrations by Richard Doyle, first edition, calf, 1850, 8vo. (1189)

Sabin, £16 1os. [Inserted is an autograph letter from the illustrator, Richard Doyle, to the publisher, F. Chapman, referring to the book. “I have just seen some of the proof sheets of Thackeray's book, and am shocked to find the book is to be so much larger than you told me it was to be. My drawings will look small in the middle of such large pages. Besides the eight illustrations, I have at Thackeray's request done a title page, but without much work in it. There are also two small cuts for the text, and three

initials to the chapters."-Catalogue.] 3048 Thackeray. Crowe and Cavalcaselle. The Early Flemish

Painters, Notices of their Lives and Works, illustrations, original cloth, uncut, 1857, 8vo. (1195) Pearson, £12

[Presentation copy to Thackeray, with inscription. On the title is Thackeray's library stamp. It was lot 60 in the

sale catalogue of that author's library.- Catalogue.) 3049 Thomson (J.) Alfred, a Masque. Represented before their

Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, at
Cliffden, on the First of August, 1740, first edition, calf
extra, g. e., London, printed for A. Millar, over-against St.
Clement's Church in the Strand, 1740 (1199) Banks, 2,8

(Contains the first edition of “Rule Britannia.” “From 1740 dates one of Thomson's most famous compositionsthe noble ode known as 'Rule Britannia,' destined to be the political hymn of this country as long as she maintains

her political power."-SOUTHEY.) 3050 Tractatus aureus et perutilis de perfecta ymitatione Christi et vero mundi contemptu, lit. goth., painted capitals, a large and sound copy in old oak boards, covered with stamped pigskin, 1487 (1205)

Cotton, £6 1os. 3051 Tymme (Thomas). A Looking Glasse for the Court, com

posed by Anthony of Guevara and translated by Sir Fraunces Briant, black letter, woodcut border round title and printer's mark on reverse of last leaf, margin of title repaired and side-notes shaved, morocco extra, g.e., by Rivière, Imprinted at London for W. Norton, 1575, 8vo. (1207)

Sotheran, £ 5 [This is the first edition edited by Tymme, who has pre

fixed An Address to the Reader in verse. ---Catalogue.] 3052 Voltaire. Romans et Contes, 3 vol., portrait and proof plates

before the numbers after Marillier, Monnet and Moreau,

old French calf gilt, 1778, 8vo. (1210) Mannering, £7 ios. 3053 Walton (Isaac). The Complete Angler, fourth edition, much

corrected and enlarged, plates of fish, R. Marriot, 1668— Venables (Colonel R.) The Experienced Angler, third edition, frontispiece by Vaughan, 1668, 2 vol. in 1, original

sheepskin binding, 1668, 8vo. (1211) Meredith, £35 3054 Walton (Isaac). Life of Mr. George Herbert, first edition,

portrait by White, fine copy, in the original calf binding, 1670, 8vo. (1214)

Bain, £4 1os. 3055 Walpole (Horace). The Mysterious Mother, a Tragedy, with

the following MS. note inside the cover : “J. Knightpurchased at a Chandler's Shop in the Village of Fetcham in Surrey, where, with many other books, it had been deposited by Richard Brinsley Sheridan as a security for necessaries furnished to that unfortunate Gentleman, whilst he resided at Randall Park, Leatherhead, and the Rectory at Fetcham.” A note on the fly-leaf states : “This book was presented by the Author to Richard Brinsley Sheridan, as the present proprietor of it was informed, by the Honble. Douglas Kinnaird. The marginal notes, etc. are in the handwriting of Sheridan,” russia gilt, g. e., J. Dodsley, 1781, 8vo. (1216)

Hatchard, £6 3056 Watts (Dr. Isaac). Hymns and Spiritual Songs, in Three

Books-I., Collected from the Scriptures-II., Compos'd on Divine Subjects-III., Prepared for the Lord's Supperwith an Essay towards the Improvement of Christian Psalmody, by the Use of Evangelical Hymns in Worship, as well as the Psalms of David, first edition (some headlines shaved), original calf

, J. Humphreys for John Lawrence at the Angel in the Poultrey, 1707 (1217) Higham, £65

[The first edition of Isaac Watts' “Hymns and Spiritual Songs” was long regarded as almost unknown.

În 1854 Peter Cunningham, in his Life of Watts in his edition of the English Poets, says: “A first edition of the hymns, 1707, is rarer than a first edition of the 'Pilgrim's Progress,' of which it is said only one copy is known.”Catalogue.

See ante No. 1426.-ED.] 3057 Wordsworth (W.) Ode on Charles Lamb, slightly foxed, otherwise a fine copy in the original paper wrappers, uncut, Privately printed (1835), 8vo. (1228) Denham, £30

[Presentation copy from the author, with the inscription in ink in his own autograph on the fly-leaf, “ E. Cookson from Wm. Wordsworth.”—Catalogue. This was the same copy that realised £28 on November 21st last. See ante No. 8o8. It is there stated that no other copy is known, but there is one in the library of Mr. Thomas J. Wise, another in that of Professor Dowden, and a third at South

Kensington.-ED.) 3058 Wordsworth (W.). Two Letters reprinted from the Morning

Post, with additions, first edition, morocco extra, fore-edges slightly trimmed, the outer blank margins of several pages dust-soiled, otherwise sound, Kendal (1844), 8vo. (1229)

Denham, £2 195. [This rare pamphlet of 24 pages had an original sonnet, beginning “Is there no nook of English ground secure," and signed, “William Wordsworth, Rydal Mount, October

12, 1844."---Catalogue.] (c) The Property of the Bedford Literary and Scientific Institute

and General Library.

Sold by Order of the Council. 3059 Caxton (William). The Ryal (or Royall) Book, or Book for

a King (at end on U 9). This book was compyled & made atte requeste of Kyng Phelyp of Fraunce in the Yere ... mcclxxix., & translated or reduced out of frensshe in to Englysshe by me Wyllyam Caxton, atte requeste of a Worshipful Marchaunt a mercer of London whyche translation or reducying ... was achyeved fynysshed and accomplysshed the xiii. day of Septembre in the yere of thyncarnacyon of Our lord mcccclxxxiv., and in the Second yere of the regne of Kyng Rychard the thyrd, black letter (Blades' type 5), long lines, 33 to a full page, containing 160 printed leaves (A ii.-U 9), the two blanks Al and u 10 being wanting, with six elegant outline woodcuts ; in Caxton's binding in oaken boards, leather, stamped in diagonal compartments of dragons and roses (the back missing), (Printed by Wm. Caxton at Westminster, circa 1487), small folio (987)

Quaritch, £2,225 (This is probably the largest and finest copy existing of Caxton's Ryal Book, of which Blades enumerates five perfect copies. It is evidently in the state in which it was originally issued, having all the edges unshaved, many with the shorter rough edges. The leaves measure 11% by 8/4 in., and are all entirely uninjured by damp or dust. Its only blemishes are a few ink and rust stains, but no portion of the text is injured. Some writings in English and Latin in several margins are in the hand of “Thomas Archer, parson of Houghton Conquest, in Bedfordshire". (temp. Queen Elizabeth), to whom the volume formerly belonged. It was

exhibited at the Caxton Exhibition in 1877. Of the other perfect copies known, one was sold last year for £1,550. The others are in public libraries, and it is, therefore, very improbable that another copy will ever occur again for sale

by auction.- Catalogue.] 3060 [Caxton (William).] The Indulgence issued by the Authority

of Pope Sixtus the Fourth for Assistance against the Turks, by his English Protonotary, lit. goth., headed, “ Johannes de Giglis juris utriusque doctor Sanctissimi dñi nostri dñi Sixti divina providentia Papæ Apostolicæ Subdiaconus, nec non in regno Angliæ fructuum redditum et aliorum Jurium Camere apostolica debita ac nuncius et Commissarius generaliter ad infra scripta deputatus et Constitutus dilecto nobis in Cristo," printed upon vellum, on a single leaf of 24 lines (6 by 8in.), Anno dñi millesimo quadringentesimo octuagesimo primo, ac pontificatus Prefati Sanctissimi domini nostri dñi Sixti Pape Quarti anno undecimo [W. Carton at Westminster, 1481), (985) Quaritch, £265

[The extremely rare Caxton "Indulgence," which Blades describes as No. 4 type. The words after “Sixti divina” in the top line have been cut into, and the right hand margin

has cut letters.- Catalogue.] 3061 Caxton (William). A similar Indulgence to the last, with the

three lines of the official heading cut off, beginning “Prefatus Sanctissimus," and ending with the same date, but with the outer margin intact, lit. goth.. printed upon vellum, a single sheet, 21 lines (534 by Sin.), [W. Caxton, at Westminster, 1481], (986)

Sotheran, £145 [This copy has a contemporary English note at end of datum, “Wold yow not can yow not let it be," and the case marks of the book, “ Livre Royal, Thomas Archer, Parson of Houghton Conquest," from whose library came the copy of the “Ryal Book” above named, which contained these two “Indulgences" in the binding.- Catalogue.]

(8) Morris (William). Original Holograph MSS. [The following three manuscripts were sold by order of the executors of the late Mr. F. S. Ellis, and are the only Morris MSS. in his collection which were not sold privately.] 3062 Morris (William). A Dream of John Ball, the author's auto

graph manuscript, on 95 pages and 3 inserted pages, complete, signed by the author in three places, bound in

Kelmscott vellum, with ties, 4to. (1094) Burton, £166 3063 Morris (William). The Friendship of Amis and Amile, done

out of French into English by William Morris, the author's autograph manuscript, written on 19 pages foolscap, for the Kelmscott Press in 1894, Kelmscott boards, small folio (1095)

Burton, £130 3064 Morris (William). The Art of the People (in Hopes and

Fears for Art), (a Lecture), 23 pages—The Beauty of Life (in Hopes and Fears for Art), (an Address), 31 pages

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