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4568 London. Transcripts of various Records relating to the City 2.13.

Companies, &c. made for the use of Sir F. Palgrave when

Commissioner of Inquiry into Municipal Corporations, 4 vol.

MANUSCRIPT of curious and important documents, half russia 4569 London. Treatise of the Habits to be worn and Ceremonial to

2 .
be observed in the Office of Mayon of the City of London,
from 29 Sept. 1738, to 28 October, 1739 inclusive, by

Micajah Perry
MANUSCRIPT, transcribed for S. Gregory from one on vellum,
Formerly in the possession of H. Woodthorpe, which was

destroyed by Fire at the Royal Exchange, 10 January, 1838 4570 LOND ON. THE FISHIMONGERS' PAGEANT ON LORD MAYOR'S 13. /3.

DAY, 1616. Chrysanaleia, the Golden Fishing, devised by
Anthony Munday, Citizen and Draper. Represented in
twelve Plates by Henry Shaw, from contemporary Drawings
in the possession of the Worshipful Company of Fish-
mongers. Accompanied with various illustrative Documents
and an historical Introduction by J. G. Nichols, with dupli-
cate set of plates (one plain and the other coloured, in imita-
tion of the original drawings), and having all the coats of
arms, &c. finely illuminated in gold and colours, magnificently
bound in red morocco super extra, with broad dentelle borders,
J. e. by F. Bedford

1814 *** Prefixed is an autograph note from W. Wansey to J. Britton. 4571 London, Erra Paters Prophesy, or Frost Faire, 1683, a very

2 rare engraving of portrait and view of Thames frozen over, with verses below

1683 This curiosity cost the late owner in a sale £1. 11s. 4572 London. Wonders on the Deep, or the most exact Description /

. of

the Frozen River of Thames, 1683. A very curious printed broadside, containing a Poem and Chronology of memorable Frosts, with large woodcut view

(1683) *** This rarity cost £2. 11s. 4573 London. Prospect of the Frozen River Thames (with Fair), an 3. 8. extraordinary rare engraving (cost £2. 48.)

Printed on the Frozen Thames, Feb. 1681 4574 London. View of the Fair on the Thames when frozen over in 1681, an original sketch in indian


Signed, January the 15 A0. 108 4575 London. Woodcut View of London Bridge and the Fair on the

Thames when frozen over in 1715-16, with Verses beneath,
Printed on the Ice, 1715-Portraits of the Princess and her
Children, with Verses beneath, printed on the frozen Thames,

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(2) These curiosities cost at an auction £1. 16s. 6d. 4576 London, Prospect of the Fair on the Thames (1715-16), drawn 3 10. by C. Woodfeild as it appeared upon a View at the Templo

Sold by J. Nutting (1716) *** This very rare Engraving cost £4. 2s. 4577 London. Ice Fair (1739-40), a very rare engraving by G. B.

2 h (the companion plate)

Printed on the Thames now frozen over, 1739-40
This Engraying cost £1. 18s.




. 4578 London. Frost Fair (1739-40), a very scarce engraving, with hosed

Verses beneath

Printed upon the Ice on the River Thames, 1739-40

** This curiosity cost £1. 9s. 5.5. - 4579 London. The English Chronicle ; or Frosty Kalendar, a very adding large broadside, with view of London and Fair (1739-40)

Printed on the Thames, 1739-40 * Extremely rare, and purchased at a sale for £3. 6s. 2. 16 4580 London. Frost and Ice Fair (1739-40), a large engraving, with hosed Verses beneath, taken off in red ink

(1740) *** This great rarity was purchased at a sale for £3. 38. 2. 10. 4581 London. Frost Fair (1739-40), a large engraring by C. M., with Do

Verses, fc. beneath
Printed upon the Thames when frozen, February 6, 1740

This rare Print cost £1. 14s. 2:19. 4582 London. View of Frost Fair (1740 ?), a large engraving, with 3. Verses beneath

n. d. *** This scarce Print cost £1. 11s. at a sale by auction. 2. 12. - 4583 London. Frost Fair, a very rare engraving by G. B. of the Fair

D on the Thames in 1739-40

Printed on the Thames when frozen over, 1740

* Purchased in an auction for £1. 11s. I. 13. – 4584 London. An exact Draught of Frost Fair on the River Thames

3 as it appear’d from White Hall Stairs in the year 1740, a very large engraving, with Verses beneath G. Foster (1740)

* This very rare Print cost at a sale £3. 6s.




n. d.

vir 4585 Jesuits. Narrative of the horrid Tragedy at Thorn in Polish

Prussia, with the large plate, uncut 3. 6. 4586 Jilted Bridegroom, or London Coquet, uncut

1706 4587 Jeux. Le Nouveau Savant de Société ou Encyclopedie des Jeux 5.0.

de Société, Gages et Penitences; Tours d'Adresse, de Physique et de Cartes; Chansons, Enigmes, Charades et Logogriphes; et Règles de tous les Jeux et Billiard, 4 vol. plates calf gilt

Paris, 1825 4588 Jewel (Bp. J.) Apology of the Church of England, translated by T. Cheyne, LARGE PAPER, calf



With very interesting and curious notes in the autograph of
friends.-See MS. note by G. Daniel.

Zustele 4589 Jobson (5.) Golden Age, 1823— Horace's First Book of Satires,

by F. Howes, 100 copies printed for private distribution, with
author's autograph additions and corrections, Norwich, 1842
—Pindar (Peter) Choice Cabinet Pictures, 1817-Erskine
(Hon. H.) The Emigrant, n. d.

(4) go 4590 Jocelin's Life and Acts of St. Patrick, translated, with the Eluci

dations of Bp. D. Rothe, by E. L. Swift LARGE PAPER

Dublin, 1809 4591 Jockey Club (Female), uncut

1794 4592 Jodrell (Sir R. P.) Illustrations of Euripides, 2 vol. uncut 1781 4593 John (St.) Gospel, in German, adapted to the Hamiltonian System, by G. Hamilton

4594 John Bull still in his Senses, with Appendix

uncut, with John Bull's Last Will and Testament, a single leaf
in 4to. added

Edinb. 1712
4595 Johnson (Capt.) Life and Intrigues of that celebrated Courtezan

and Posture-Mistress Eliz. Mann, alias Boyle, alias Sample Uncut

1724 4596 Johnson Junior (Ben) Poems, being a Miscellanie of Seriousness,

Wit, Mirth and Mysterie in Vulpone the Dream, Iter

Bevoriale, Songs, &c. composed by W. S.
Horace Walpole's copy, rare

T. Passenger at the three Bibles on London Bridge, 1672

* Midgley's copy sold for £2. 4s.
4597 Johnson (E.) Nuces Philosophicae; or the Philosophy of Things
as developed, from the Study of the Philosophy of Words

Ipswich, 1842
4598 Johnson (John) A Mathematical Question propounded by the
Vicegerent of the World, answered by the King of Glory

1761 4599 Johnson (J.) Advantages and Disadvantages of the Marriage. State

1772 4600 Johnson (J.) Typographia, or the Printer's Instructor, 2 vol.

7. 3. LARGE PAPER, woodcuts

4601 Johnson (S.) London, a Poem, 1738—The Expedition, an Ode,

n. d.-Letter to S. Johnson (in Answer to “The false
Alarm”), 1770—Thoughts on the late Transactions respect-
ing Falkland's Islands, uncut, 1771

4602 Johnson (S.) Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland

Johnson (8.) Letters to and from, with Poems never before 6.

printed published by Hester Lynch Piozzi, 2 vol. portrait
added, half calf, uncut

important information respecting the Thrale Family and their
Johnson (S.) Works, with Life by A. Murphy, 12 vol. portrait,

1801 Johnson (S.) Works, including the Parliamentary Debates, with 1.5

Life by A. Murphy, 14 vol.
LARGE PAPER, portrait, half morocco, uncut



Bred. 4605

4606 Johnsoniana, or Supplement to Boswell, portraits and plates 1836
4607 Johnson (T.) History of Free Masons, plates engraved by the

4608 Johnston (C.) Chrysal, or Adventures of a Guinea, 4 vol.
fine copy in gilt tree-marbled calf, by Montagu

4609 Johnston (J.) Sermons, with Life, portrait Edinb, 1834
4610 Johnston (R.) Historie of_Scotland during the Minority of

King James, done into English by T. M.
Thomas Hearne's copy, with his autograph signature and note

respecting the rarity of the book, and a MS. statement re

lative to the Asisfortunes of the Stuart Family, calf, uncut, 1646 2./2. - 4611 Jolley (Thomas) Library-Catalogue, 7 parts LARGE PAPER, AIS. prices and names

1843-53 4612 Jomard (M.) Comparaison de différentes Méthodes Tachygra

phiques et Sténographiques author's autograph inscription

Paris, 1836 4613 Jonas (P.) Distiller's Guide

1818 4614 Jones (Captain) Legend, relating his Adventures, &c. (in verse by Dean D. Lloyd), 2 parts in 1, frontispiece by Marshall

1671 and 1670
* Lowndes mentions an edition of this date in 4to, but not this 8vo.
4615 Jones (C. C.) Recollections of Royalty, 2 vol.

4616 Jones (D.) Secret History of Whitehall, 2 vol.
calf extra, uncut, top edges gilt

4617 Jones (G. H.) Account of the Murder of W. Weare by J. Thur.
tell, J. Hunt, and W. Probert, plates

1824 4618 Jones (J.) Reply to Rev. W. B. Knight's Remarks on Welsh Orthography

4619 Jones (R.) Origin of Language and Nations, with postscript,

2 vol. 1764-65-Hieroglyfic Grammar, 1769-Philosophy of
Words, 1769–Circles of Gomer and English Grammar,
1771-10-Triads, 1773, uncut, scarce

in one vol. 2.6. - 4620 Jones (Thomas Rymer) General Outline of the Animal Kingdom,

LARGEST PAPER, very choice impressions of the 336 beautiful
wood engravings, uncut

4621 Jonville (Jean Sire de) Memoires sous le Regne de St. Louys
Roy de France, calf extra, g. e.

Paris, 1666 4622 Jopling (J.) Practice of Isometrical Perspective, cuts and 6.10.plates

(1849) Bond 4623 JORTIN (J.) WORKS, with Life by Dr. J. Disney, viz. Sermons,

7 vol. 11771-72 — Discourses concerning the Truth of the
Christian Religion, 1768--Discourses on the Christian Re-
ligion, and Remarks on Ecclesiastical History, 3 vol. portrait,
1805-Life of Erasmus, 3 vol. portrait, 1808-Six Disserta-
tions, portrait, 1809-Tracts, 2 vol. 1790— Miscellaneous

Observations upon Authors, 2 vol. 1731-Life, 1792
fine copy in tree-marbled calf extra, g. e. by J. Clarke, with the

arms of the Rev. T. Williams stamped in gold on sides 20 vol.
6.4624 Jortin (J.) Life of Erasmus, reduced by A. Laycey, port. 1805
4625 Joubert (F. E.) Manuel de l'Amateur d'Estampes, 3 vol. Heath

VELLUM PAPER, with lithographed tables, calf extra, g.e. by
J. Clarke

Paris, 1821
4626 Joujou des Demoiselles

Londres, 1753

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4627 Journal de l'Amateur de Livres, tome II, Paris, 1849; and
3 others

(4) 15.
4628 Journal of a Naturalist
LARGE PAPER, woodcuts and coloured plates

1829 4629 Journal of the Society of Arts

1853-56 Het 4630 JOUY (Etienne) EUVRES COMPLÈTES, 27 vol.

2 LARGE PAPER, portrait, uncut

Paris, 1823-28 4631 Jouy (M. de) L'Hermite en Italie, 2 vol.

Paris, 1824
4632 Jovian, or an Answer to Julian the Apostate, uncut 1683
4633 Jovio (P.) Vida y Chronica de Gonçalo Hernandes de Cordoba

llamado El Gran Capitan, traduzida por Pedro Blas Torrellas,
limp vellum

Anvers, 1555
4634 Jubinal (A.) Jongleurs et Trouvères ou Choix de Saluts, Epitres, 3. p.

Réveries, et autres Pièces légères des XIII° et XIVe siècles,

publié pour la première fois
PRINTED ON VELLUM (only three copies struck of'), red mo-
rocco extra, g.e. by Koehler

Paris, 1835
Luutar 4635 Jubinal (A.) Nouveau Recueil des Contes, Dits, Fabliaux, et .

autres Pièces inédites des XIII, XIV, et XVe Siècles,
pour faire Suite aux collections de Legrand d’Aussy, Baba-

zan, et Méon, 2 vol.
THICK DUTCH PAPER (only 20 copies printed), uncut

Paris, 1839-42
4636 Julien (Empereur) Deffense du Paganisme en Grec et en François,

avec des Dissertations et des Notes par M. le Marquis d'Ar-
gens, red morocco, g.e. by De Rome

Berlin, 1764
4637 Julian (Emperor) Two Orations to the Sun and the Mother of

the Gods, translated with notes by T. Taylor LARGE PAPER, uncut

1793 4638 Julian (Emperor). Another copy, LARGE PAPER

1793 4639 Julian Emperor) Arguments against the Christians suppressed and very scarce, see M18. note

1809 4640 Jullien (A.) Topographie de tous les Vignobles connus, Par, 1816 -Manuel du Sommelier, plates, ib. 1822

4641 Junius: including Letters by the same Writer, under other

Signatures, &c. with notes, &c. by G. Woodfall, 3 vol.
LARGE PAPER, facsimiles, uncut

4642 Junius, Genuine Letters, uncut, 1771-Junius, 1796 (2)
4643 Junius. (Johnston (A. G.)] Letters proving a late Prime

Minister (Duke of Portland) to have been Junius 1816
4644 Junius. Roche (J.) Inquiry proving Burke the Writer of the

Letters, 1813-Coventry (G.) Critical Enquiry proving the
real Author of the Letters to have been Viscount Sackville,
portrait and facsimiles, 1825-Busby (T.) J. L. De Lolme
Junius, facsimiles, 1816

3 vol.
4645 Jupp (E. B.) Historical Account of the Worshipful Company of

Carpenters of the City of London, frontispiece 1848 4646 Justinus, curante M. Maittaire, vellum, 1713 - Juvenalis et

Persii Satyræ, curante M. Maittaire, LARGE PAPER, 1716 (2) 4647 Juvenal and Persius, translated into English Verse, with notes

and illustrations by W. Gifford (with his Autobiography

prefixed), 2 vol. calf extra, g.e. by Clarke and Bedford 1817 4648 Juvenilia, 1805, privately printed

Eton, 1805


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