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his army.

him in peace.

Abimelech's covenant.


Jacob instructed by Rebekah. ch.20.2, Abimelech.

26 1 Then A-bỉm'e-lěch went hunt for venison, and to bring
to him from Gē'rär, and A-húz'- it.
zath one of his friends, and 6 (And Re-běk'ah spake unto ch.24.15, Rebekah, v.46.
Phi'chol the chief captain of Jā'cob her son, saying, Behold, ch.25.26, Jacob, v.30.

I heard thy father speak unto ch.17.19, Isaac.

27 And I'şaac said unto them, E'sąu thy brother, saying,

Wherefore come ye to me, see- 7 Bring me venison, and make ch.27.41, Hatred (2). ing ye hate me, and have sent me savoury meat, that I may me away from you ?

eat, and bless thee before the 28 And they said, We saw cer- LORD before my death. ch.28.15, Divine Presence. tainly that the LORD was with 8 Now therefore, my son, obey Ex.20.12, Honor.

thee: and we said, Let there be my, voice according to that
now an oath betwixt us, even which I command thee.
betwixt us and thee, and let us 9 Go now to the flock, and
make a covenant with thee; fetch me from thence two good

29 That thou wilt do us no kids of the goats; and I will
hurt, as we have not touched make them savoury meat for
thee, and as we have done unto thy father, such as he loveth:
thee nothing but good, and have 10 And thou shalt bring it to

sent thee away in peace: thou thy father, that he may eat, and De.23.5, God's Blessing. art now the blessed of the LORD. that he may bless thee before See Blessings (5), ch.48.16. 1 K.8.65, Feasts.

30 And he made them a feast, his death. ch.45.15, Good for Evil.

and they did eat and drink. 11 And Jā'cob said to Re-běk'ch.19.27, Early Rising (1), 31 And they rose up betimes ah his mother, Behold, É'sąu my

[Ex.8.20. in the morning, and sware one brother is a hairy man, and I am Oaths (3), ch.31.53. ch.21.27, Covenant (4). to another: and I'şaac sent them a smooth man:

away, and they departed from 12 My father peradventure Mk.9.50, Peace (7).

will feel me, and I shall seem 32 And it came to pass the to him as a deceiver; and I same day, that I'şaac's servants shall bring a curse upon me,

came, and told him concerning and not a blessing. ch.21.30, Wells.

the well which they had digged, 13 And his mother said unto 1K.22.52, Parental Influence.
and said unto him, We have him, Upon me be thy curse, my
found water.

son: only obey my voice, and
33 And he called it Shē'bah : go fetch me them.
ch.21.31, Beer-sheba, therefore the name of the city 14 And he went, and fetched,

[ch.28.10. is Bē'er-shē’bå unto this day. and brought them to his mothch.25.25, Esau, ch.27.1. 34 TAnd E'sąu was forty years er: and his mother made sa

old when he took to wife Jú'dith voury meat, such as his father

the daughter of Bê-ē'rī the Hiť- loved. ch.4.19, Polygamy, ch.28.9. tite, and Băsh'e-măth the daugh- 15 And Re-běk'ah took goodly

ter of E'lon the Hit'tite: raiment of her eldest son E'sąu, ch.3.21, Clothing, 2 S.1.24. 2 S.18.33, Parental Sorrow. ch.37.14, Parental Solicitude. 35 Which were a grief of mind which were with her in the ch.24.15. Rebekah, ch.27.6. unto l'şaac and to Re-běk'ah. house, and put them upon Jā'cob


her younger son: B.C.1760 (?)

Isaac sendeth Esau for venison. 6 16 And she put the skins of ch.3.1, Craftiness, Jos.9.4.
Jacob, instructed by Rebekah, ob- the kids of the goats upon his ch.38.14, Disguises.
taineth the blessing: 34 Esau's com- hands, and upon the smooth of
life. 42 Rebekah sendeth Jacob to his neck:

17 And she gave the savoury
ND it came to pass, that meat and the bread, which she ch.18.8, Food (3).
ch.15.15, Old Age.
Dimness of Vision, ch.48.10. his eyes were dim, so that he her son Jā'cob.
ch.25.25, Esau, v.30. could not see, he called E'sąu 18 1 And he came unto his

his eldest son, and said unto father, and said, My father: and
him, My son: and he said unto he said, Here am I; who art
him, Behold, here am I. thou, my son ?

2 And he said, Behold now, I 19 And Jā'cob said unto his Pr.27.1, Future Hidden. am old, I know not the day of father, I am É'sąu thy firstborn; ch.12.13, Deception, 1 5.21.2. Jb.4.19, Mortality. my death:

I have done according as thou Le.19.11, Falsehood.
3 Now therefore take, I pray badest me: arise, I pray thee,
Quivers, Jb.39.23. thee, thy weapons, thy quiver sit and eat of my venison, that
Bows, 2 S.1.18.

and thy bow, and go out to the thy soul may bless me.
ch.10.9, Hunters, Le.17.13. field, and take me some venison; 20 And i'şaac said unto his ch.17.19, Isaac.

4 And make me savoury meat, son, How is it that thou hast Nu.11.5, Appetites. such as I love, and bring to found it so quickly, my son?

me, that I may eat; that my And he said, Because the LORD
soul may bless thee before I die. thy God brought it to me. See Profanity, Ex.20.7.

5 And Re-běk'ah heard when 21 And I'şaac said unto Jā'cob,
I'şaac spake to E'sąu his son. Come near, I pray thee, that I
And E'sąu went to the field to may feel thee, my son, whether

A , ,

Jacob, deceiving Isaac,


obtaineth the blessing.
thou be my very son E’sąu or 35 And he said, Thy brother

came with subtilty, and hath ch.3.1, Craftiness.
22 And Jā'cob went near unto taken away thy blessing.
I'şaac his father; and he felt 36 And he said, Is not he
him, and said, The voice is Jā'- rightly named Jā'cob? for he
cob's voice, but the hands are hath supplanted me these two
the hands of E'sąu.

times: he took away my birth- ch.25.31, Birthright.
v.1, Dimness of Vision. 23. And he discerned him not, right; and, behold, now he hath

because his hands were hairy, taken away my blessing. And
as his brother E'sąu's hands: so he said, Hast thou not reserved
he blessed him.

a blessing for me?
24 And he said, Art thou my 37 And I'şaac answered and p.p.v.28.

very son É'sąu? And he said, said unto É'sąu, Behold, I have ch.3.4, Lying, ch.37.32. I am.

made him thy lord, and all his ch.25.23, Supremacy. 25 And he said, Bring it near brethren have I given to him to me, and I will eat of my son's for servants; and with corn and ch.25.23, Subjection. venison, that my soul may bless wine have I sustained him: and ch.24.35, Temporal Blessthee. And he brought it near what shall I do now unto thee,

[ings. to him, and he did eat: and my son ? Pr.20.1, Wine.

he brought him wine, and he 38 And Eʼsąu said unto his fa-

ther, Hast thou but one bless26 And his father I'şaac said ing, my father? bless me, even ch.31.28, Paternal Love. unto him, Come near now, and me also, O my father. And E'sąu kiss me, my son.

lifted up his voice, and wept. ch.21.16, Weeping, 1 5.1.7. 27 And he came near, and 39 And l'şaac his father anKiss (1), ch.29.11.

kissed him: and he smelled the swered and said unto him, Be- v.27, Blessings (5). Blessings (5), ch.28.1. smell of his raiment, and blessed hold, thy dwelling shall be the

him, and said, See, the smell of fatness of the earth, and of the
my son is as the smell of a field dew of heaven from above;

which the LORD hath blessed : 40 And by thy sword shalt thou ch.24.35, Temporal Bless


28 Therefore God give thee of live, and shalt serve thy brother; ch.25.23, Subjection, ch.37.9. Dew, Ex.16.13.

the dew of heaven, and the fat- and it shall come to pass when Le.26.5, Plenty Promised. ness of the earth, and plenty of thou shalt have the dominion, corn and wine:

that thou shalt break his yoke 29 Let people serve thee, and from off thy neck.; 2 K.8.20. ch.25.23, Supremacy,ch.37.7. nations bow down to thee: be 41 | And E'sąu hated Jā'cob Hatred (2), ch.37.4.

lord over thy brethren, and let because of the blessing

thy mother's sons bow down to with his father blessed him:
thee: cursed be every one that and E'sąu said in his heart, The
curseth thee, and blessed be he days of mourning for my father
that blesseth thee.

are at hand; then will I slay Est.3.6, Malice (2).
30 TAnd it came to pass, as my brother Jā'cob.

soon as I'şaac had made an end 42 And these words of E'sąu ch.25.26, Jacob, ch.28.1. of blessing Jā'cob, and Jā'cob her elder son were told to Re

was yet scarce gone out from běk'ah: and she sent and called

the presence of I'şaac his father, Jā'cob her younger son, and said ch.25.25, Esau, ch.33.9. that Eʻsąu his brother came in unto him, Behold, thy brother from his hunting.

E'sąu, as touching thee, doth 31 And he also had made sa- comfort himself, purposing to voury meat, and brought it unto kill thee.

his father, and said unto his 43 Now therefore, my son, obey Ex.20.12, Filial Honor. D.p.v.4.

father, Let my father arise, and my voice; and arise, flee thou
eat of his son's venison, that to Lā’ban my brother to Hā'ran; ch.11.31, Haran, ch.28.10.
thy soul may bless me.

44 And tarry with him a few
32 And I'şaac his father said days, until thy brother's fury

unto him, Who art thou? And turn away; Ex.13.2, First-born. he said, I am thy son, thy first- 45 Until thy brother's anger ch.4.5, Man's Wrath. born E'sąu.

turn away from thee, and he ch.17.19, Isaac.

33 And I'şaac trembled very forget that which thou hast R.V. Who then is he exceedingly, and said, Who? done to him: then I will send,

where is he that hath taken and fetch thee from thence:
venison, and brought it me, and why should I be deprived also ch.21.16, Maternal Love.
I have eaten of all before thou of you both in one day?

camest, and have blessed him ? 46 And Re-běk'ah said to l'şaac, ch.24.15, Rebekah, ch.49.31.

yea, and he shall be blessed. I am weary of my life because,35.

34 And when E'sąu heard the of the daughters of Hěth: if Weeping (2), De.1.45. words of his father, he cried Jā'cob take a wife of the daughDe.28.39, Disappointment with a great and exceeding bit-ters of Hěth, such as these ch.10.15. Heth, ch.49.32.

ter cry, and said unto his father, which are of the daughters of Ex.14.25, Too Late. Bless me, even me also, O my the land, what good shall my father.

life do me?

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Vision of Jacob's ladder.

GENESIS, 28, 29

The stone at Beth-el. CHAPTER 28

the land whereon thou liest, to ch.12.7, Promised Land. B.C.1760.

Jacob is blessed, and sent to Padan- thee will I give it, and to thy
aram: 10 his vision, and God's

promise in a dream. 18 The stone

at Beth-el. 20 Jacob's vow. 14 And thy seed shall be as ch.15.5. Posterity Promised. ch.17.19, Isaac, ch.35.29. ch.25.26, Jacob, ch.29.1.

blessed him, and charged shalt spread abroad to the west, ch.27.27, Blessings (5),


him, and said unto him, Thou and to the east, and to the north, ch.24.3, Marriage (3), De.7.3. shalt not take a wife of the and to the south: and in thee

daughters of Cā’năan. and in thy seed shall all the

2 Arise, go to Pā'dan-ā'ram, families of the earth be blessed. See Gentiles (1), ch.22.18. to the house of Běth-u'el thy 15 And, behold, I am with Divine Presence, ch.31.3. mother's father; and take thee thee, and will keep thee in all Divine Keeper, Ps.34.20.

a wife from thence of the places whither thou goest, and ch.24.29, Laban.

daughters of Lā'ban thy moth- will bring thee again into this 1 K.8.56, God's Promises. er's brother.

land; for I will not leave thee, De.7.9, Divine Faithfulness. De.23.5, God's Blessing. 3 And God Almighty bless until I have done that which I ch.1.28, Blessings (4). thee, and make thee fruitful, and have spoken to thee of.

multiply thee, that thou mayest 16 TAnd Jā'cob awaked out of

be a multitude of people; his sleep, and he said, Surely De.4.39, Omnipresence.; 22.17.

4 And give thee the blessing the LORD is in this place; and I ch.17.2, Covenant (2). of Abră-hăm, to thee, and to knew it not.

thy seed with thee; that thou 17 And he was afraid, and Ne.5.15, Godly Fear. ch.1 Promised Land. mayest inherit the land where- said, How dreadful is this place! p.p.Ex.3.5; Jos.5.15.

in thou art a stranger, which this is none other but the house
God gave unto Kobra-hăm. of God, and this is the gate of

5 And I'şaac sent away Jā'cob: heaven.
and he went to Pā'dan-ā'ram 18 And Jā'cob rose up early in ch.22.3, Early Rising (2),
unto Lāban, son of Běth-u'el the morning, and took the stone

(Ex.24.4. the Syri-an, the brother of that he had put for his pillows, See Worshippers, ch.22.5. ch.24.15, Rebekah. Re-běk'ah, Jā'cob's and E'sąu's and set it up for a pillar, and Pillars, ch.31.45. mother.

poured oil upon the top of it. Ex.29.36, Anointing (1).
6 TWhen E'sąu saw that I'şaac 19 And he called the name of
had blessed Jā'cob, and sent that place Běth'-el: but the Beth-el, ch.31.13.
him away to Pā'dan-ā'ram, to name of that city was called
take him a wife from thence; Lŭz at the first.
and that as he blessed him he 20 And Jā'cob vowed a vow, Vows Made, Nu.21.2.
gave him a charge, saying, Thou saying, If God will be with me, v.15, Divine Presence.

shalt not take a wife of the and will keep me in this way v.15, Divine Keeper.
daughters of Cā'năan;

that I go, and will give me bread Prayer for Food, Pr.30.8. ch.47.12, Filial Honor (2). 7 And that Jā'cob obeyed his to eat, and raiment to put on, ch.1.29, Food (1).

father and his mother, and was 21 So that I come again to my Ex.24.7, Covenant (3).
gone to Pā'dan-ā'ram; father's house in peace; then Jos.24.15, Wise Choice.

8 And E'sąu seeing that the shall the Lord be my God: Jehovah Chosen, De.26.17.
daughters of Cā'năan pleased 22 And this stone, which I
not l'şaac his father;

have set for a pillar, shall be ch.16.11, Ishmael.

9 Then went E'sąu unto Ish- God's house: and of all that

ma-el, and took unto the wives thou shalt give me I will surely ch.4.19, Polygamy, ch.29.28. which he had Mā'ha-lăth the give the tenth unto thee. ch.14.20, Tithes, Le.27.30. daughter of Ish'ma-el A'bră

hăm's son, the sister of Nê-bā'- Jacob, coming to the well of Haran, B.C.1760 (?)
joth, to be his wife.

9 meeteth Rachel, and is enter

tained by Laban: 15 he covenant10 |And Jā'cob went out from

eth for her, 21 but is deceived with ch.21.31,Beer-sheba, ch.46.1. Bē'er-shē'bá, and went toward Leah. 28 Rachel also given him to ch.11.31, Haran, 2 K.19.12. Hā'ran.

wife on a new agreement. 31 Leah

beareth Reuben, Simcon, Levi, and 11 And he lighted upon a cer Judah.

tain place, and tarried there all THEN Jā'cob went on his ch.25.26, Jacob, v.18. ch.32.24, Solitude. night, because the sun was set; journey, and came into the

and he took of the stones of land of the people of the east.
that place, and put them for his 2 And he looked, and behold a

pillows, and lay down in that well in the field, and, lo, there ch.15.12. Sleep (5), 1 S.26.12. place to sleep.

were three flocks of sheep lying Dreams (2), ch.37.5. 12 And he dreamed, and be- by it; for out of that well they ch.21.30. Wells, Ex.2.15.

hold a ladder set up on the watered the flocks: and a great
earth, and the top of it reached stone was upon the well's

to heaven: and behold the mouth.
ch.16.7, Ministering Angels. angels of God ascending and 3 And thither were all the
descending on it.

flocks gathered : and they rolled ch.12.7, Divine Appearances. 13 And, behold, the LORD stood the stone from the well's mouth,

above it, and said, I am the and watered the sheep, and put ch.4.4, Sheep, De.18.4.
LORD God of Abră-hăm thy the stone again upon the well's
|father, and the God of l'şaac: mouth in his place.


Jacob marrieth


Leah and Rachel.

And Jā'cob said unto them, another man: abide with me.

My brethren, whence be ye? 20 And Jā'cob served seven ch.11.31, Haran.

And they said, Of Hā'ran are we. years for Rā'chel; and they

5 And he said unto them, seemed unto him but a few days, ch.24.29, Laban.

Know ye Lā’ban the son of for the love he had to her. ch.24.67, Conjugal Love,
Nā'hôr? And they said, We 21 [And Jā'cob said unto Lā'-

(v.30. know him.

ban, Give me my wife, for my ch.2.18, Wife. 6 And he said unto them, Is he days are fulfilled, that I may go

well? And they said, He is well: in unto her. Rachel, v.18.

and, behold, Rā'chel his daugh- 22 And Lā'ban gathered to-
ter cometh with the sheep. gether all the men of the place,
7 And he said, Lo, it is yet and made a feast.

1 K.8.65, Feasts.
high day, neither is it time that 23 And it came to pass in the
the cattle should be gathered evening, that he took Lē’ah his ch.3.4, Deception (2).
together: water ye the sheep, daughter, and brought her to
and go and feed them. him; and he went in unto her.

8 And they said, We cannot, 24 And Lā’ban gave unto his until all the flocks be gathered daughter Lē'ah Zil'pah his maid

together, and till they roll the for an handmaid. ch.21.30, Wells.

stone from the well's mouth; 25 And it came to pass, that in
then we water the sheep. the morning, behold, it was

9 CAnd while he yet spake Lē’ah: and he said to Lā’ban, Leah, ch.30.14.

with them, Rā'chel came with What is this thou hast done unto ch.4.2, Shepherds, ch.37.2. her father's sheep: for she kept me? did not I serve with thee them.

for Rā'chel? wherefore then
10 And it came to pass, when hast thou beguiled me? Ps.36.3, Deceit (1).
Jā'cob saw Rā'chel the daughter 26 And Lā'ban said, It must
of Lā'ban his mother's brother, not be so done in our country,
and the sheep of Lā’ban his to give the younger before the
mother's brother, that Jā'cob firstborn.
went near, and rolled the stone 27 Fulfil her week, and we will
from the well's mouth, and wa- give thee this also for the ser-
tered the flock of Lā’ban his vice which thou shalt serve
mother's brother.

with me yet seven other years. ch.3.1, Craftiness. ch.27.27, Kiss (1), ch.45.15. 11 And Jā'cob kissed Rā'chel, 28 And Jā'cob did so, and ful

and lifted up his voice, and wept. filled her week: and he gave him

12. And Já'cob told Rā'chel Rā'chel his daughter to wife ch.4.19, Polygamy,Jud.8.30.

that he was her father's broth- also.
ch.24.15, Rebekah. er, and that he was Re-běk'ah's 29 And Lā'ban gave to Rā'chel

son: and she ran and told her his daughter Bilhah his hand-

maid to be her maid.
13 And it came to pass, when 30 And he went in also unto
Lā’ban heard the tidings of Jā'- Rā'chel, and he loved also Rā'- ch.24.67, Conjugal Love,
cob his sister's son, that he ran chel more than Lē'ah, and

(Est.2.17. to meet him, and embraced him, served with him yet seven other 1 S.18.3, Brotherly Love (3). and kissed him, and brought him years. ch.18.4, Hospitality (2). to his house. And he told Lā'- 31 sAnd when the LORD saw Ps.115.12, Divine Care. ban all these things.

that Lē’ah was hated, he opened ch.27.41, Hatred (2). 14 And Lā’ban said to him, her womb: but Rā'chel was bar- ch.11.30, Childless. Surely thou art my bone and ren.

And he abode with 32 And Lē’ah conceived, and ch.21.2, Conception.
him the space of a month. bare a son, and she called his

15 And Lāʻban said unto Jā'- name Reu'ben: for she said, Reuben, ch.30.14.
cob, Because thou art my broth- Surely the LORD hath looked See Devout Women, 15.1.15.
er, shouldest thou therefore upon my affliction; now there-

serve me for nought? tell me, fore my husband will love me. See Husbands' Duty,ch.2.24. Le.19.13, Wages.

what shall thy wages be? 33 And she conceived again, ch.24.29, Laban, ch.31.1. 16 And Lā’ban had two daugh- and bare a son; and said, Be

ters: the name of the elder was cause the LORD hath beard that 1 5.2.3, God's Knowledge.
Lē'ah, and the name of the I was hated, he hath therefore
younger was Rā'chel.

given me this son also: and she ch.33.5, Children (1). 17 Lē'ah was tender eyed; but called his name Sim'e-on. Simeon, ch.34.25. ch.12.11, Beauty(1),1 S.16.12.

Rā'chel was beautiful and well 34 And she conceived again,

and bare a son; and said, Now ch.25.26, Jacob, ch.30.25. 18 And Jā'cob loved Rā'chel; this time will my husband be Seven Years, ch.41.29. and said, I will serve thee seven joined unto me, because I have v.6, Rachel, ch.30.1.

years for Rā'chel thy younger born him three sons: therefore

was his name called Lē'vi. Levi, ch.35.23. 19 And Lā'ban said, It is bet- 35 And she conceived again, Betrothals, De.20.7. ter that I give her to thee, and bare a son: and she said, than that I should give her to Now will I praise the LORD: 2 Chr.5.13, Praise (2).

my flesh.

A hewbare Bricod saw that bærebja od the fifth somed, and ch.21.2

. Conception.

Rachel's grief.


Birth of Joseph. therefore she called his name thee to night for thy son's manJudah, ch.35.23. Jū’dah; and left bearing. drakes.

16 And Jā'cob came out of the CHAPTER 30

field in the evening, and Lē'ah B.C.1749 (?)

Rachel's grief for her barrenness : 5

Bilhah beareth Dan and Naphtali: went out to meet him, and said,
9 Zilpah beareth Gad and Asher: Thou must come in unto me;
17 Leah beareth Issachar, Zebulun, for surely I have hired thee with
and Dinah:
Joseph. 25 Jacob's new covenant my son's mandrakes. And he
with Laban: 37 his policy to be- lay with her that night.
come rich.

17 And God hearkened unto ch.29.25, Leah, ch.31.4. ch.29.6, Rachel, v.22. ch.11.30, Childless.

she bare Jā'cob no chil- bare Jā'cob the fifth son. ch.4.5, Envy (2).

dren, Rā'chel envied her sister; 18 And Lē’ah said, God hath
and said unto Jā'cob, Give me given me my hire, because I
children, or else I die.

have given my maiden to my ch.4.5, Man's Wrath. 2 And Jā'cob's anger was kin- husband: and she called his dled against Ra'chel: and he name Is'sa-char.

Issachar, ch.35.23.
See Children (1), ch.33.5. said, Am I in God's stead, who 19 And Lē'ah conceived again,

hath withheld from thee the and bare Jā'cob the sixth son.
fruit of the womb?

20 And Lē'ah said, God hath ch.33.5, Children (1).
3 And she said, Behold my endued me with a good dowry; Dowry, ch.34.12.
maid Bìl’hah, go in unto her; now will my husband dwell with
and she shall bear upon my me, because I have born him six
knees, that I may also have sons: and she called his name
children by her.

Zeb u-lăn.

Zebulun, ch.35.23. 4 And she gave him Bil’hah 21 And afterwards she bare a ch.16.3, Concubinage, her handmaid to wife: and Jā'- daughter, and called her name (ch.36.12. cob went in unto her.

Di'nah. ch.21.2, Conception. 5 And Bil’hah conceived, and 22 TAnd God remembered Rā'- ch.8.1, Saints Remembered. bare Jā'cob a son.

chel, and God hearkened to her, ch.29.6, Rachel, ch.33.2. ch.18.25, God a Judge. 6 And Rā'chel said, God hath and opened her womb. Ex.15.25,Prayers Answered. Jb.34.28, Prayer Heard. judged me, and hath also heard 23 And she conceived, and ch.21.2, Conception, my voice, and hath given me a bare a son; and said, God hath

[Jud. 13.5. See Children (1), ch.33.5. son: therefore called she his taken away my reproach: Dan, ch.49.16. name Dàn.

24 And she called his name
7 And Bil’hah Rā'chel's maid Jõʻseph; and said, The LORD Joseph, ch.33.2.
conceived again, and bare Jā'- shall add to me another son. ch.15.6, Faith (5).
cob a second son.

25 TAnd it came to pass, when
8 And Rā'chel said, With great Rā'chel had born Joʻseph, that

wrestlings have I wrestled with Jā'cob said unto Lā'ban, Send me ch.25.26, Jacob, ch.31.3. ch.4.25, Children Named,

my sister, and I have prevailed: away, that I may go unto mine

[ch.41.51. and she called his name Năph'- own place, and to my country. ch.31.30, Love of Home. Naphtali, ch.35.25. ta-li.

26 Give me my wives and my
9 When Lē’ah saw that she children, for whom I have
had left bearing, she took Zil - served thee, and let me go: for
pah her maid, and gave her Jā'- thou knowest my service which
cob to wife.

I have done thee.
10 And Zil'pah Lē’ah's maid 27 And Lā'ban said unto him,
bare Jā'cob a son.

I pray thee, if I have found
11 And Lē’ah said, A troop favour in thine eyes, tarry: for

cometh: and she called his I have learned by experience Jb.12.12, Experience. Gad, ch.35.26. name Găd.

that the LORD hath blessed me ch.24.35, Temporal Bless12 And Zil'pah Lē'ah's maid for thy sake.

(ings. bare Jā'cob a second son. 28 And he said, Appoint me Ps.128.2, Happiness (1). 13 And Lē'ah said, Happy am thy wages, and I will give it. Le.19.13, Wages.

I, for the daughters will call me 29 And he said unto him, Thou

blessed: and she called his knowest how I have served thee, ch.39.6, Fidelity (1). Asher, ch.35.26. name Ashsēr.

and how thy cattle was with me. ch.29.32, Reuben, ch.35.22. 14 And Reuben went in the 30 For it was little which thou

days of wheat harvest, and hadst before I came, and it is
found mandrakes in the field, now increased unto a multi-ch.39.3, Prosperity (4).

and brought them unto his tude; and the LORD hath blessed ch.24.35. Temporal Blessch.29.25, Leah, v.17. mother Lē'ah. Then Rā'chel thee since my coming: and now

(ings. said to Lē’ah, Give me, I pray when shall I provide for mine thee, of thy son's mandrakes. own house also ?

15 And she said unto her, Is 31 And he said, What shall I it a small matter that thou hast give thee? And Jā'cob said, taken my husband? and would- Thou shalt not give me any est thou take away my son's thing: if thou wilt do this thing mandrakes also? And Rāʻchel for me, I will again feed and said, Therefore he shall lie with keep thy flock.

ch.4.2, Shepherds.

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