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4491 Letany (A new) for these Times (in Verse). A rare Parody

Printed in the second Year of England's Redemption, (1662) 1.11 4492 Lewis (G.) Series of Groups illustrating the Physiognomy,

Manners, and Character of the People of France and Ger


LARGE PAPER, india proof etchings, half morocco, uncut 1823 2 si 4493 LEWIS (S.) HISTORY AND TOPOGRAPHY OF ISLINGTON, plates,

ILLUSTRATED with 35 ORIGINAL DRAWINGS by T. Gosden and H. Matthews, and 185 prints (many of them proofs), by W. Upcott, uncut

1842 4494 Lewis (Sir W.) Vindication from the Charge of not having

given an Accompt of Monies received as Governour of Portsmouth

1647 4495 Ley (J.) Fury of Warre and Folly of Sinne

1643 4196 Leybourn (W.) Art of Dialling, plates

1669 4497 Leycester (R. Earl of). Copie of a Letter to the Earle of Ley

cester, with a Report of certeine Petitions and Declarations

to the Queene, with her Answeres C. Barker, 1586 4498 Leycester (R. Earl of) Proceedings for the Reliefe of Sluce

1590 4499 Leycesters Common-wealth (attributed to Father R. Persons) LARGE PAPER, uncut

1641 4500 Licetus (F.) de Monstris, plates fine copy in olive morocco extra, g. e. by Clarke and Bedford

Amst. 1665 4501 Life of Long Meg of Westminster

Reprint of 1635 4502 Lilburne (Col. J.) Freemans Freedome vindicated, 1646–The

Juglers discovered, 1647— Grand Plea of J. Lilburne, with

initials of J. M. (very similar to Milton's autograph) 1647

from Hone's Collection of Parodies 4503 Lilburne (Col. John) Legal fondamental Liberties of the People

of England revived, asserted, and vindicated, portrait of author looking through the prison-bars by Glover, 1649– Agreement of the free People of England, 1649—Remonstrance, 1616—England's new Chains Discovered, n. d.

Whip for the present House of Lords, 1647; uncut (5) 6.26 4504 Lily (John) Euphues and his England

black letter, very fine copy in brown morocco super extra, blind

tooled, g. e. by Clarke and Bedford W. Leake, 1609 4.

4505 Lilie (J.) Euphues, the Anatomy of Wit

black letter, very fine copy in brown morocco super extra, blind

tooled, g. e. by Clarke and Bedford W. Leake, 1613 This book was a favourite with Sir Walter Scott, who introduces it as the Manual or Quintessence of Wit of his Sir Piercie

Shafton. 4506 Lilly (W.) Supernaturall Sights and Apparitions seen in London, 30 June, 1614, interpreted

1614 4507 Lilly (W.) The Starry Messenger, or Interpretation of that

strange Apparition of three Suns, seene in London 19 Nov.

1644, the Birthday of K. Charles, cuts, half calf 1645 4508 Lilly (W.) Christian Astrology, portrait by W. Marshall, and nativities, scarce



4509 Lilly (W.) Collection of Ancient and Modern Prophecies with

Nativities of Thomas Earle of Strafford and Archbp. W.
Laud, &c. 1645—Relations of the Examinations and Con.

fessions of the late Witches executed in Essex, 1645
half morocco, uncut

in one vol. 4510 Lilly (w.) Monarchy or no Monarchy in England, curious plates half russia

1651 4511 Lithgow (W.) 19 Yeares Travells by 3 Voyages in Europe, 113.

Asia, and Affrica, woodcut portrait calf extra, g. e.

J. Okes, 1640

6. 4512 Liturgy. Forme of Common Prayer during this Visitation black letter

1625 4513 Liturgy. Triall of the English Liturgie, very scarce 1637

3. 4514 Liturgy. A fresh Bit of Mutton for those fleshyminded Canibals

that cannot endure Pottadge: or a Defence of Giles Calfine's
Mess of Pottadge well seasoned and well crummed by
Drupheyra Thexylvenio Cosmopolites, uncut

Printed for T. P. 1462, (1642)
4515 Liturgy. Directions for Publique Worship, with Ordinance for

2. the taking away of the Book of Common Prayer 1644 4516 Liturgy. Petition for Peace with the Reformation of the

6. Liturgy

1661 Tewart 4517 Liturgy. Form of Prayer for 29 May (Restoration-Day)

3. black letter, blue morocco, g. e. rare

1661 *** This Form differs from that sanctioned by Convocation in 1662. 4518 Liturgy. A Petition for Peace; with the Reformation of the

6. Liturgy, 1661- Gauden (Bp. J.) Considerations touching the Liturgy, 1661-Accompt of all the Proceedings for the Review of the Book of Common Prayer, 1661-Pulpit-Conceptions Popular-Deceptions, 1662—Ordinance for Settling the Liturgy, 1643–Gatford (L.) Petition, 1655—Answer to Dissenters' Objections against the Liturgy, 1684–Vox Cleri, 1699; and 3 others (imperfect), uncut

(11) 4519 Liturgy. Form of Common Prayer for the Fast (on Account of Ja Great Plague), black letter, very rare

1665 sold for £3. 18s. at these Rooms in April 1857. letter 4520 Liturgy. Form of Prayer for Naval Victory, black letter, half 3. 6

morocco, 1666 ; and 17 other occasional Services between
1672 and 1710 (including the rare Form for the Birth of
the Pretender in 1688; that for the Prince of Orange
delivering the Kingdom from Popery, 1688; that for

Deliverance from the Rye-House Plot, 1683; &c.) (18)
Tewat 4521 Liturgy. Form of Common Prayer for the late dreadful Fire,

which wasted the greater part of the City of London black letter, morocco, g. e.

1666 Very rare; a copy sold for £4. 128. at these Rooms in April

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A copy





4522 Liturgy. Form of Prayer for Restoration-Day, 1685–Form of

Prayer for Martyrdom of Charles I, 1685—-Form for the

King's Day (James II), 1685 black letter, half morocco

in one vol. weet 4523 Liturgy. Form of Prayer for His Majesty's Success in Ireland black letter



13. 4524 LITURGIES. A very extensive Collection of occasional Services, Luanti

from 1588 to 1856, many of great rarity, but a few slightly

imperfect, sold with all faults

6. 4525 Liturgies. Forms of Prayer for occasional Services between Veluwe
1794 and 1857

(52) 64526 Liverpool (C. Earl of) Treatise on the Coins of the Realm

uncut, privately printed for presents only, scarce Oxford, 1805 2 °. 4527 Lloyd (L.) Marrow of History, or the Pilgrimage of Kings and

Princes, corrected and revised by R. Codrington black letter, fine copy in the original binding

1653 l. 2. 4528 LOCKE (J.) Works (edited with a Memoir of the Author by Houd, Bp. E. Law), 4 vol. portrait

4529 Like Copy Lincold russia extra, by Staggemeier
4529 Locke (J.) Life, with Extracts from his Correspondence, Journals
and Common-Place Books, by Lord King, portrait

1829 6.6.4530 Lockhart Papers, published from the original Manuscripts in the lisad Possession of A. Aufrere, 2 vol. uncut

1817 4531 Lockhart (J. G.) Ancient Spanish Ballads

ILLUSTRATED EDITION, numerous engravings from Drawings by

W. Allan, D. Roberts, H. Warren, C. E. Aubrey and W.
Harvey, with borders and ornamental vignettes in colours by
Owen Jones

1856 8. p. 4532 Lodge (T.) Euphues Golden Legacie

Pirkin black letter, very fine copy, in brown morocco super extra, blind

tooled, g. e. by Clarke and Bedford Iohn Smethwick, 1612
*** The original of Shakespeare's As you like it. Heber's copy sold

for £4. 14s. 6d.
4533 Lomonosov (M.) Ancient History of Russia, in the Russian

St. Petersburg, 1766
4534 London's Account: or Calculation of the arbitrary and tyran-

nicall Exactions, Taxations, Excises, &c. uncut 1647 4535 London's Account: or a Calculation of the arbitrary and tyrannicall Exactions, Taxations, Excises, &c.

4536 London's Account, or Calculation of arbitrary Exactions, Taxa-

tions, Excises, &c. 1647—Orders to be put in Execution by
the Lord Mayor and Aldermen for the Price of Meale, Flesh,
Butter, &c. 1647

4537 London. A Dialogue between the two Giants in Guildhall

, Colebrond and Brandamore, concerning the late Election for the City of London, calf extra ·

This was George Daniel's copy, and has his MS. note stating it

It sold for £1. 48. in his sale.
4538 London. A Faire in Spittle Fields, where all the Knick Knacks

of Astrology are exposed to open Sale, &c. (in Verse),
written by J. B., 1652—Answer to “The Downfall of old
Common Councill Men," 1642

4539 London Apprentices' Petition, part of imprint torn off, 1641–

Remonstrance of the upright Apprentices, 1642-Humble
Desires of Citizens, young Men and Apprentices, 1647—
Humble Petition of young Men and Apprentices of the
City, 1647-Out-Cry of the London Prentices for Justice
upon John Lord llewson, 1659- Relief of Apprentices
wronged by their Masters, 1687


to be "

very rare."

London. Conference held in the Tower of London between two 4552 London. Conflagration poetically described (in English and

4540 London. A Scrap-Book, with leaves containing 10 WATER-COLOUR 1. 10.

DRAWINGS of Views by F. SHEPHERD, a Drawing in water-
colours by Dodd, representing W. Guest drawn on a Sledge
to Tyburn, with the Engraving from it by Lodge, several
engraved Views, printed and engraved Shop-Bills (several

receipted), Advertisements, Cuttings from Newspapers,

printed and manuscript Descriptions, &c. &c. half morocco 4541 London. Bartholomew Faire, with its Enormityes and Misdemeanors, woodcut, half morocco

1641 4542 London. Bloody Massacre plotted by the Papists discovered by

Alderman Towes, 1611 - Matters of note made known to all
true Protestants, 1641-A new Plot against the Parliament
<by Citie Papists), 1611-Discovery of a horrible and bloody
Treason, 1641– King's Demand of Members accused of

High Treason, with H.M. Speech in Guildhall, 1641 (5) 4543 London. Brief Account of the Guildhall

1851 4544 London. Briefe Answer to Alderman Garroway's Speech, &c.

1643–Bland (P.) Answer to the Complaint to the House
of Commons, &c. 1613-Knowne Lawes, 1613-Merchants
Remonstrance, by I. B. 1644–I. (T.) Speech to the People,
1644-London Petition, 1644

(6) 4545 London.

Brief Narrative of the late treacherous and horrid
Designe, 1643—Three Speeches at a Common-Hall, by the

Earl of Manchester, J. Pym, and H. Martin, 1643—Decla

ration of the Proceedings at Merchant-Taylors Hall, 1643 (3) 4546 London.

Challenor (R.) Confession and Speech upon the Ladder before his Execution in Corne-hill, 1643— Petition of Alderman T. Adams, J. Langham and J. Bunce, 1648Triennial Mayor: or the New Raparees, a Poem, 1691Bristoll (J. Earle of Speech concerning an Accommodation, 1642-Bankes (J. Haberdasher) Will, 1736

(5) 4547 London. Charter, Bye-Laws, &c. of the W. Company of Fishmongers, calf, printed only for Liverymen

1790 4548 London. Charters of the Hospitals of Christ, Bridewell and St.

Thomas, in Latin and English, privately printed 1828 4549 LONDON Civic History.

A Collection of Transcripts of 1.10.original highly interesting Documents, made for Sir F.

Palgrave, 3 vol. MANUSCRIPT, half russia
4550 London. Common Councell held at Guild-Hall, 31 Dec. 1641

Order for raising Trayned Bands, &c. 1641-Complaint
to the House of Commons, Oxford, 1642-Petition of Lon-
don, Westminster and Southwark, 1643-London Petition,
with H. M. Answer, 1643-Ordinance for associating the
County of Hertford with the City of London, &c. 1613–
Ordinance for putting Malignants and Papists out of Lon-
don, &c. 1648
Aldermen of the City, Praise God Lean-Bone and the Lord

Latin, by Simon Ford)

1667 Valued at £2. 23. in the Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica. 4553 London. Corporation Credit, or a Bank of Credit made currant by common Consent in London, uncut, scarce 1682



4554 London. Copie of certaine Letters which manifest the Designe

of the late discovered Plot, 1613–Vote of both Houses on the Plot, 1613 - Discovery of Juglings, 1643 - Three Speeches at a Common Hall, 1645-Declaration of the Lord Maior, &c. 1647— Remonstrance of the Lord Maior, 1646—Letters from Sir T. Fairfax, 1647—Petitions of the Lord Maior, Jan. 16, 8 Aug. and 17 Oct. 1618–Common

Councell, 1660—Proceedings at Guildball, 1676 (12) 4555 London. Covenants of an Indenture of Apprenticeship privately printed

1829 4556 London. Declaration of the valiant Resolution of the famous

Prentices of London, 1642—Honour of London Apprentices (a Poem), scarce, 1647 - Outery of the Youngmen and Apprentices of London, 1649

in one vol. 4557 London. Declaration of the valiant Resolution of the famous

Prentices of London, 1642 — Tumultuous Behaviour of divers Citizens at Guildhall, 1642 - Look about you, 1643

(3) 4558 London. Declaration and Vindication of the Lord Mayor, &c. uncut

1660 4559 London. Declaration and Vindication of the Lord Mayor,

Aldermen, &c. uncut, 1660-Modest Enquiry concerning the Election of Sheriffs, uncut, 1682

(2) 4560 Londons Desire and Direction to all her Children, 1642—Petition

of the Rebells in Newgate, 1642-The last News in London, 1642, uncut

(3) 4561 Londons Desire and Direction, 1642—— Papists Designe Dis

covered, 1642-Letter sent to my Lord Maior by A. S. 1612 -Complaint to the House of Commons and City-Resolution, Oxford, 1642


FOLIO. 3. 4562 London. Cases on Customs of London, &c.

MANUSCRIPT, with various printed Documents, &c. in a port

folio 13. – 4563 London. Copies of City Charters, Briefs for Counsel, Transcripts

of City Documents, &c. &c. made for Sir F. Palgrave MANUSCRIPT, with various printed Summonses for Ward-Motes,

Courts, &c. prefixed, half russia 13. – 4564 London. Gregory (s.) Collections for a History of the Lord

Mayors Sheldon, Davies, Chaplin and Edwards MANUSCRIPT, illustrated with views of Croydon Palace and

Church, Lambeth Palace and Church, St. Sepulchre's, Skinner Street, the Monument and Guildhall ; coats of arms, autograph letter of Col. D. Sheldon,

autograph signatures of Lord Mayors Sir J. Sheldon, Sir Thomas Davies, Sir Francis

Chaplin, and Sir James Edwards hi 4565 LONDON. Transcripts of Ancient Records relative to the City

of London, made for Sir F. Palgrave, 3 vol. MANUSCRIPT 5. 6.4566 London. Transcripts of Documents relating to City Privileges,

&c. made for Sir F. Palgrave, MANUSCRIPT, half russia 12. - 4567 London. Transcripts of Original Documents respecting the

Municipal Corporation and its History, made expressly for
Sir F. Palgrave when Commissioner of Inquiry into the
Municipal Corporations, MANUSCRIPT, half russia

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