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Griswold, Rufus Wilmot. Washington and the Generals of the American Revolution. 2 vols. 1 2mo. Phil., 1847.

Napoleon and the Marshals of the Empire. 2 vols. i 2mo.


The Female Poets of America. 8vo. Phil., 1849.

The International Monthly Maga2ine of Literature, Science and

Art. 5 vols. 8vo. N. Y., 1850-52. The Republican Court; or, American Society in the Days of

Washington. 8vo. . N.Y., 1853. The Poets and Poetry of America. Seventeenth edition, revised,

etc. Portraits. 8vo. Phil., 1856.

[ ] The Cyelopedia of American Literature. By Evart A. Duyck

inck and George L. Duyekinck. A Review. [From the New

York Herald of February 13, 1856.] 8vo., pp. 32.

N. Y., 1856.

Griswold, Stanley. A Discourse delivered at New Milford, October i2, 1800. 8vo., pp. 31. Bridgeport, 1800.

Sermon at Wallingford, Conn., before a numerous Collection of

the Friends of the Constitution, of Thomas Jefferson, President, and of Aaron Burr, Vice-President of the United States. 8vo., pp. 36. Hartford, 1801.

— Sermon, 7th July, 18o2, at Sussicld, Conn. 8vo., pp. 29.

Sussicld, 1802.

and Dan Huntington, Ephraim Kirby, and Jofeph Lyman.

Church and State: a Political Union, formed by the Enemies of both. Illustrated in Correspondence between. 8vo. 1802.

Gros, Johan Daniel. Natural Principles of Rectitude, for the Conduct of Man in all States and Situations of Lise, etc. 8vo.

N.Y., 1795.

Grose, Francis. A Provincial Glossary; with a Collection of Local

Proverbs and Popular Superstitions. 4to. Lond., 1811.

Grosvenor, Thomas P. Oration at Hudson, July 4th, 1808. With

Explanatory Notes. 8vo. Grotius, Hugo. Dissertatio de Originc Gentium Americanarum. 8vo.,

pp. 13. _ 1642. Dissertatio altcra de Origine Gentium Americanarum, adversus

obtrectatorem, opaca quem bonum sacit barba. 8vo., pp. 30.


His Three Books, treating of the Rights of War and Peace, etc.

Translated into English by William Evats, B. D. Folio.

Lond., 1682.

Het Leven van Hugo dc Groot. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1771.

Grynæus, Simon. Novus Orbis Regionum ac Insularum Vcteribus Incognitarum una cum Tabula Cosinographica, etc. Folio.

Basileæ, 1555.

Gualdo, Priorato. The History of France. Translated from the Italian, by Henry Earl of Monmouth, and William Brent. Folio.

Lond., 1676.

Guardian. Distresses and Miraculous Preservation of his Majesty's Ship the . . . 8vo. Lond., 1790.

Guenon's Treatise on Mileh Cows. With Remarks and Observations on the Cow and Dairy, by John S. Skinner. 8vo. N. Y., 1846.

Guerra, Jose. Historia de la Revolucion de Nueva Efpana, antiguamente Anahuae, etc. Tomes 2. 8vo. Lond., 1813.

Guest, Henry. Observations on the Sheathing of Vessels, Seasoning of Timber, etc., in a series of Letters. 8vo.

New Brunswick, 1801.

Guiana. An Essay on the Natural History of. [Title-page gone.]

Guicciardini, Ludovico. Description de touts les Pays-Bas, autrement appelle2 la Germanic Inscrieure ou Basse Allemagne . . . Traduit d'ltalien en langue Francoise, par F. de Belle Forest. Folio.

Amsterdam, 1609.

Omnium Belgii, five Inserioris Germanise, Regionum Descriptio,

etc. Folio. Amsterdam, 1613.

Guide. A Practical, during a Journey from London to Paris. Map,

etc. Second edition. i2mo. Lond., 1803.

Guide To Devotion, for the Use of the Blind, by the Presbyterian

Board of Publication. Folio. 1846.

Guillermin, Gilbert. Journal Historique de la Revolution de la

Partic de l'Est de Saint Domingue commenece le 10 Aout, 1808.

Avec Notes, etc. 8vo. Phil., 1810.

Gui2ot, M. General History of Civili2ation in Europe, from the Fall

of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution. 12mo.

N.Y., 1838.

Gulls. The Wars of the . . . An Historical Romance, in Three Chapters. i2mo. N.Y., 1812.

Gunn, Alexander. Sermon occasioned by the Death of Rev. Dr. John N. Abeel. 8vo., pp. 24. N. Y., 1812.

Sermon on the Prevailing Vice of Intemperate Drinking, Bloom

ingdale, January 1, 1813. 8vo., pp. 24. N. Y., 1813.

Memoirs of John H. Livingston. 8vo. N.Y., 1829.

Gunpowder Plot. A True and Persect Relation of the Proceedings at the Scverall Arraignments of the late Most Barbarous Traitors. 8vo. Lond., 1606.

Gunter, Edmund. The Works of. Fifth edition. By William Leybourn, Philomath. 4to. Lond., 1673.

Gurley, Ralph Randolph. Lise of Jehudi Ashmun, etc. 8vo.

Washington, 1835.

Same. With an Appendix, etc. Second edition. 8vo.

N. Y., 1839.

Address at the Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Coloni2ation

Society, November 11, 1839. 8vo., pp. 40. Phil., 1839.

Mission to England on behalf of the American Coloni2ation Society. i2mo. Washington, 1841.

Lise and Eloquence of the Rev. Sylvester Larned, in which is

contained his Portrait. 8vo. N.Y., 1844.

Gurney, David. Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. Edward Riehmond, Stoughton, December 5, 1792. 8vo. Boston.

Gurney, Joseph. The Trial of Thomas Hardy for High Treason, at the Sessions House in the Old Bailey, October, November, 1794. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond., 1794.

The Whole Proceedings on the Trial of Indictment against Thomas Walker, of Manchester, Merchant, Samuel Jackson, James Cheetham, Oliver Pearsal, Benjamin Booth, and Joseph Collier, for Conspiracy, etc. 8vo. Phil., 1794.

The Trial of John Horne Tooke for High Treason, at the Sessions House in the Old Bailey, November, 1794. 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond., 1795.

The Trial of William Stone for High Treason, at the Bar of the

Court of King's Bench, January, 1796. 8vo. Lond., 1796.

Gurney, Joseph John. A Letter to a Friend, on the Authority, Purpofe, and Effects of Christianity, etc. Eighteenth edition. 12mo., pp. 34. Lond., 1825.

Familiar Letters to Henry Clay, of Kentucky, describing a Winter in the West Indies. 8vo. N.Y., 1840.

Observations on the Distinguishing Views and Practices of the

Society of Friends. [First Ameriean from the Seventh London edition.] 8vo. N. Y., 1840.

Guthrie, William. A System of Modern Geography; or, a Geographical, Historical and Commercial Grammar, etc. 4to.

Lond., 1811.

Guthrie, William. See Quinctilianus Cicero.

Gwi.vett, Ambrose. Adventures of. . . Tried, Condemned and Executed for a Murder he never Committed, etc. With an Account of John Mathicson, and Narrative of the Adventures of Four Ruffian Sailors, etc. 8vo., pp. 32. Phil., 1784.

Habeas Corpus. Facts, Records, Authorities and Arguments, concerning the Claims of Liberty and the Obligations of Military Service, etc. 8vo. Lond., 1758.

Hacke, William. A Collection of Original Voyages, Maps, etc. 8vo.

Lond., 1699.

Hadduck, Charles B. An Oration pronounced before the Phi Beta Kappa Society, of Dartmouth College, August 25, 1825. 8vo., pp. 35. Concord, 1825.

A Discourse delivered before the New England Society of the City

of New York, December 22, 1841. 8vo., pp. 24.

N. Y., 1842.

The Reliance of Christianity on its Ministers: a Discourse delivered before the Rhetorical Society, in the Theologieal Seminary, at Bangor, Me., August 30, 1843. 8vo., pp. 33. Boston, 1843.

Hadley, W. Hobart. The American Citi2en's Manual of Reserence; being a Comprehensive, Historical, Statistical, etc. View of the

United States of North America, and of the several States and
Territories. 8vo. N. Y., 1840.

Haerlem. Constitution of the Friendly Society of the Town of. pp. 13. N. Y., 1807.

Haerramek ja Vaesstamek Jesus Kristus adda Testament. [New Testament in Swedish.] 12mo. Kristianiast, 1840.

Haggerton, George. Free and Candid Remarks upon a Sermon by Rev. William Graham. 8vo., pp. 77. Lond., 1773.

Ha Gue, William. An Historical Discourse delivered at the Celebration of the Second Centennial Anniversary of the First Baptist Church in Providence, November 7, 1839. 12mo.

Providence, 1839.

Haight, Benjamin J. An Address delivered before the Philolexian Society of Columbia College, May 17, 1840. N. Y., 1840.

[haight, Mrs. R. K.J Letters from the Old World. By a Lady of New York. 2 vols. 8vo. N. Y., 1840.

[haines, Charles G.] Considerations on the Great Western Canal, from the Hudson to Lake Erie; with a View of its Expense, Advantages and Progress. Published by Order of the New York Corresponding Association for the Promotion of Internal Improvements. 8vo. Brooklyn, 1818.

[ ] Report on the Penitentiary System in the United States; prepared under a Resolution of the Society for the Prevention of Pauperism in the City of New York. 8vo., pp. 101. Appendix, 107. N. Y., 1822.

[ ] Arguments against the Justice and Policy of Taxing the Capital

Stock of Banks and Insurance Companies, in the State of New
York. 8vo. N. Y., 1824.

—— Memoir of Thomas Addis Emmet . . . With a Biographical Notice of Mr. Haines. i2mo. N. Y., 1829.

Hakluyt, Richard. The Principall Navigations, Voyages, Trassiques and Diseoveries of the English Nation, etc. 3 vols. folio.

Lond., 1598-1600.

A Selection of Curious, Rare, and Early Voyages, and Histories

of Interesting Discoveries, chiefly published by Hakluyt, or at his suggestion, etc. [Evans' Supplementary Volume.] 4to.

Lond., 1812.

Haldeman, S. S. A Description of several New and Interesting Animals. 8vo. Albany, 1847.

Hale, Benjamin. A Sermon occasioned by the Death of David Bates Douglass, LL. D. . . . and preached in the College Chapel, on the last Sunday of the Term, December 16, 1849. 8vo., pp. 19.

Geneva, 1850.

Hale, Edward E. Letters on Irish Emigration. First published in the Boston Daily Advertiser. 8vo., pp. 64. Boston, 1852.

—— A Sermon delivered before the Boston Society for the Prevention of Pauperism, at the Old South Church, in Boston, May 9, 1852. 8vo., pp. 24. Boston, 1852.

Hale, M. Spring Water versus River Water, for Supplying the City of New York . . . etc. 8vo., pp. 50 N. Y., 1835.

[hale, N.] Remarks on the Practicability and Expediency of Establishing a Rail Road in one or more Routes from Boston to the Connecticut River. By the Editor of the Boston Daily Advertiser. 8vo., pp. 71. Boston, 1827.

Hale, Sir Matthew. The Primitive Origination of Mankind Considered and Examined, according to the Light of Nature. Folio.

Lond., 1677.

—— Pleas of the Crown; or, a Methodical Summary of the Principal Matters relating to that Subject. With his Treatise on Sherisf's Accompts, and a Tryal of Witches. 8vo. Lond., 1707.

The History of the Common Law. Fourth edition, etc. By

Charles Runnington. 8vo. Dublin, 1792.

Hale, Salma. Annals of the Town of Keene, from its First Settlement in 1734, to the year 1790. 8vo., pp. 69. Concord, 1826.

History of the United States, from their First Settlement as Colonies, to the Clofe of the Administration of Mr. Madison, in 1817. [Fam. Lib.] 2 vols. i2mo. N. Y., 1841.

Hales, John, of Eton. Golden Remains of the Ever Memorable. 4to. Lond., 1659.

Hales, John G. A Survey of Boston and its Vicinity, etc. i2mo.

Boston, 1821.

Hales, Stephen. Vegetable Staticks; or, an Account of some Statical Experiments on the Sap in Vegetables. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond., 1727-33.

Account of some Experiments and Observations on Mr. Stephens'

Medicines for Dissolving the Stone, etc. 8vo., pp. 66. Lond.

Half-pay. A Collection of Papers relative to, and Commutation thereof, granted by Congress to the Ossicers of the Army. With a Circular Letter from General Washington to the several Legislatures of the United States. 4K). Boston, 1783.

Halhed, Nathaniel Brassey. Answer to Dr.' Horne's Second Pamphlet, etc. 8vo., pp. 34. Lond., 1795.

Testimony of the Authenticity of the Prophecies of Richard

Brothers, etc. 8vo., pp. 40. Lond., 1795.

See Gentoos.

Haliburton, Thomas C. An Historical and Statistical Account of Nova Scotia. Map and engravings. 2 vols. 8vo. Halisax, 1829

Halkett, John. Historical Notes respecting the Indians of North America. 8vo. Lond., 1825.

Hall, Benjamin H. History of Eastern Vermont, from its Earliest Settlement to the Clofe of the Eighteenth Century. With a Biographical Chapter and Appendixes. 8vo. N. Y., 1857.

[hall, Captain.] The History of the Civil War in America. Vol. I., comprehending the Campaigns of 1775, '76, and '77. By an Ossicer of the Army. Second edition. 8vo. Lond., 1780.

Hall, David. Thanksgiving Sermon for the Entire Reduction of Canada, etc., delivered October 9, 1760. 8vo. Boston, 1761.

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