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of Marie-Marguerite de Valois Saint-Remy, a very fine specimen of Clovis Eve binding in perfect condition, Lugd., S. Gryphius, 1555, 12mo. (187)

Sotheran, £126 2837 Thane (John). British Autography, a Collection of Fac

similes of the Hand Writing of Royal and Illustrious Personages, with their authentic Portraits, 250 tinted portraits and autographs, original issue, 3 vol., old morocco, with gilt inside tooling, Lord Strangford's arms on sides, joints, g.e., Published by J. Thane, Rupert Street, n. d., 4to. (192)

Quaritch, £12 2838 Thomas à Kempis. De Imitatione Christi lib. iv., editio

elzéviriana, engraved title, old French morocco, ornamental gilt back and borders, g. e., by Simier, Lugd. ex Of. Elzev., 1658, 12mo. (194)

Sotheran, 64 45. 2839 Van Blarenberghe. Traité de la Cavallerie. Military Equi

tation and Evolutions in War, etc., 32 large plates (the set complete without title), old French morocco, full gilt back, ornamental borders with the Orleans arms on sides, n. d. (16—), imperial atlas folio (198)

Quaritch, £41 2840 Venetia. Habiti d'Huomeni et Donne Venetiane con la Pro

cessione della Serma Signoria et altri Particolari cioe Trionfe, Feste, Ceremonie Publiche della Nobilissima Citta di Venetia, 32 plates by Franco Forma, vellum gilt, with Horace Walpole's ex-libris, s. a. et l. (16—), small folio (199)

Delaine, £8 2841 Veronica. Vita della beata Veronica Giuliani Badessa della

Cappuccine in S. Chiara di Città di Castello, scritta di J.
M. Salvatori, portrait and plate, old Italian calf, with gilt
ornaments and the arms of Henry Benedict Stuart, called
Cardinal of York, on sides, Roma, 1803, 4to. (201)

Maggs, £10 5s. 2842 Victorius (Petrus). Commentarii in Librum Demetrii Pha

lerei de Elocutione, old English calf, Prince of Wales's feathers blind stamped in side corners, with the royal arms of England in gold in centres (rebacked) with crown and portcullis, probably originally in the library of Henry Prince of Wales, eldest son of King James I., Florent., Ph. Junta, 1594, folio (202)

Leighton, £6 tos. 2843 Vico (Eneas). Le Imagini con tutti I Riversi trovati et

le Vite de gli Imperatore, tratte dalle Medaglie et dalle Historie de gli Antichi, plates of medals, with ornamental borders, etc., old morocco, covered in elaborate interlaced gilt scroll ornaments, with title of book, “Duodecem Cæsarum Numismata," in centre of upper cover, “Jo Grolierii et Amicorum” below and “Portio mea Domine sit in Terra Viventium” in centre of under cover, g. e., neatly repaired in some places but on the whole well preserved, enclosed in new morocco case, Enea Vico Parm. F. l'anno • 1548, small 4to. (203)

Quaritch, £162 [The late Mr. Foss (of Payne and Foss) had written the following on a card, relating to this volume, “Duodecim

Cæsarum Numismata, Eneas Vicus, 1548; Grolier. A

most beautiful specimen." - Catalogue.] 2844 Virgilius. Opera, nunc emendatiora, editio elzeveriana prima,

engraved title and map, old Dutch morocco, line tooled back, ornamental borders, inside gilt borders, joints, g. e.,

Lugd. Bat. ex Of. Elzev., 1636, 12mo. (204) Quaritch, £3 2845 Voltaire. La Henriade, Poëme, Ornée de Dessins litho

graphiques, finely printed, with 90 subjects and portraits after Vernet and Mauzaisse, contemporary French morocco extra, ornamental gilt back with devices, sides richly tooled in line and ornamental scrolls with sections au pointillé, broad inside ornamental borders, joints, vellum fly-leaves, g.e., the arms of the Duchesse de Berry stamped in gold in covers, bound by Simier, from the Yemeniz collection, Cairo, E. Dubois, 1825, folio (206)

Maggs, £24 2846 (Voltaire.] Candide, ou l'Optisme, traduit de l'Allemand de

Mr. Le Docteur Ralph, première édition, morocco extra, full gilt back, line sides, inside dentelles, g.e., by Capé,

s. l. ou n. d'impr., 1759, small 8vo. (207) J. Bumpus, £3 3s. 2847 Walpole (Horace). A Pill to Purge State Melancholy, or a

Collection of Excellent New Ballads, old calf, Horace Walpole's copy, with ex-libris, signature" Horatio Walpole, 1730," and note, “ This book is rare and contains the Whig songs, made during the four last years of Queen Anne, some of them are remarkably good, especially those in pages 5, 95 and 161," in fly-leaf, and marginal notes, all in Walpole's hand, Printed in the year 1715, small 8vo. (208)

Quaritch, £u 5s. 2848 Walpole (Horatio, Earl of Orford). Works, portrait, 5 vol.,

alf morocco, Robinson, 1798, 4to. (210) Young, £2 4s. 2849 Walpole (Horace). Reminiscences, written in mdcclxxxvii.

for the Amusement of Miss Mary and Miss Agnes Berry, illustrated with engraved proof portraits of Horace Walpole, Miss Berry, Dean Atterbury, etc., Houbraken portraits of Queen Anne, the Earl of Sunderland, Earl Granville and Pope, mezzotint portraits of George I., Sophia Dorothea Queen of Prussia and others, interesting and valuable autograph letters of Horace Walpole and others, 3 original drawings by J. Buckler, of Strawberry Hill, old views of Whitehall and St. James's Palace, and two poems,“ Bishop, Bonner's Ghost” and “ The Magpie and the Brood,” Printed at Strawberry Hill (inlaid), comprising in all 54 portraits, 3 drawings, 5 views and 7 autograph letters, in 1 vol., morocco extra, inside dentelles, joints, g. e., by Rivière, R. Taylor, 1805, atlas 4to. (211)

B. F. Stevens, £ 148 2850 Warner (Richard). Collections for the History of Hampshire

and the Bishopric of Winchester, map and numerous plates (225 copies printed), 5 vol. in 3, calf extra, plain edges (1795), 4to. (212)

Young, 26 5s. 2851 Wilson (Arthur). History of Great Britain, being the Life

and Reign of King James the First, illustrated with upwards of 100 portraits and plates, some scarce, English morocco super extra, broad inside ornamental borders, joints, g. e.,

R. Lowndes, 1653, small folio (214) Sotheran, £18 Ios. 2852 Wyld (J.) Maps and Plans of the Monuments, Battles,

Sieges, etc. of the British Army, 1808-14, in the Spanish Peninsula and South of France, 50 maps and plans, half morocco gilt, 1808-14, atlas folio (217) Quaritch, £2 25.

2853 Longus. Les Amours Pastorales de Daphnis & Chloé,

traduites de Grec de Longus par Amyot, Paris, Didot l'Ainé, 1800

38,000 francs. [This was the unique copy on vellum, royal folio, with the original designs for the nine plates by Godefroy, Marais, Massard and Roger, after Prudhon and Gérard, printed expressly for the Duc d'Abrantès, at whose sale it realised £73 ios. From thence it passed into the possession of William Beckford, at whose sale in December, 1882 it realised £900. The above mentioned sum of 38,000 francs, or about £1,520, was realised at Paris at the sale of the library of M. Eugène Paillet in March, 1902, and the incident is here recorded as being of very peculiar interest. Two copies, however, appear to have been also printed on vellum, but in 4to. See the Athenæum for March 29th, 1902, page 406, Lewine's “Bibliography of Eighteenth Century Art Books," 1898, page 325.- ED.)



(No. of Lots, 1314; amount realised, £14,530 8s. 6d.)

(a) The Property of the Earl of Mexborough. 2854 Aristophanes. Comediæ novem, Græcè, cum Scholiis Græcis

et prefatione Græca Marci Musuri, editio princeps, some leaves wormed, ancient MS. notes in the margins, old oak boards covered with stamped leather, not subject to return, Venet., Aldus, 1498, folio (42)

Denham, £5 5s. 2855 Brosses (C. de). Lettres sur l'Italie, 3 vol., fine paper, with

10 pages of MS. notes by William Beckford, half bound, 1799, 8vo. (7)

Mathews, £2 ios. 2856 Burton (Robert). The Anatomy of Melancholy, What it is,

With all the Kindes, causes, symptomes and cures of it, first edition, morocco super extra, g. e., by Rivière, Oxford, 1621, 4to. (32)

Denham, £40 2857 Elizabeth (Queen). Triumphalia de Victoriis Elizabethæ

Reginæ contra Classem instructissimam Philippi Hispaniarum Regis [Carmina N. Eleutherii, J. Riparii

, R. Hemelii, etc.), original calf, s. l., 1588, 4to. (34)

Quaritch, £4 2858 Euclid. Euclidis Megarensis Opus Elementorum in Geo

metria, woodcut diagrams and on the first page a woodcut border and initial letter, numerous other initials, limp vellum, Venet., E. Ratdolt, 1482, folio (46) Mathews, £19

[The original edition of this version and the first book

published with woodcut diagrams.-ED.] 2859 Holme (R.) Academy and Armory, or a Storehouse of

Armory and Blazon, engraved title and plates, original calf,
Chester, 1688, folio (48)

Quaritch, £15 155. [This was a subscription copy, with the bookplate of Horace Walpole inside the cover. The work is dedicated to Charles Hurlestom of Picton, and contains a large en

graving of his coat-of-arms and crest.-Ed.] 2860 Ramicus Bishop of Arusiens. Here begynneth a litill boke

necessarye and behovefull ayenst the Pestilence, 8 leaves, gothic letter, 24 lines to a full page, a large copy (8 by 5% inches), without name, date, or place of imprint, of excessive rarity (London, W. de Machlinia, 1483-4), 4to. (37)

Quaritch, £160 [The Introduction states: “I the Bisshop of Arusiens in the royame of Denmarke, doctour of Phisike, will write by the moost experte and famous doctours auctorised in Phisike somme thinges of the infirmyte of pestilence which dayly enfecteth and sone suffreth us to departe oute of this lyfe.

Mr. Hazlitt chronicles a very imperfect copy, with the exact title (as above), at Peterhouse, Cambridge. The White Knights copy, quoted by Lowndes, and sold in the Ashburnham sale, had nine leaves. This has only eight, but there is no evidence of any imperfection in the text.

Catalogue.] 2861 Statutes of the most Honourable Order of the Bath, old

morocco, dentelle borders, with book mark of silver filigree work and silk, and pink silk tyers, with tassels, g. e., 1744, 4to. (39)

Mathews, £3 145. (B) Other Properties. 2862 Ackermann (R.) Picturesque Tour of the English Lakes,

LARGE PAPER, 48 coloured plates by Fielding and Walton, original boards, uncut, 1821, imperial 4to. (197)

Hornstein, £8 5s. 2863 Addison (Joseph). Cato, a Tragedy, first edition, calf extra, t.e. g., uncut, 1713, 4to. (152)

Berry, £,4 ios. [This copy contained the rare half title. An uncut copy

is possibly unique.- Catalogue.] 2864 Adventures of a Post Captain, by a Naval Officer, with 25 characteristic engravings (coloured) by Williams, half calf

, uncut, t. e. g., J. Johnson, n. d. (1817), (54) Hornstein, £6 2865 Alexander (William). Aurora, containing the First Fancies XVI.



of the Author's Youth, morocco extra, g. e., Richard Field for Ed. Blount, 1604, 4to. (153)

Wood, £4 16s. [First edition. The corners of some leaves mended, sold

not subject to return.- Catalogue.] 2866 Alken (Henry). The National Sports of Great Britain, with

Descriptions in English and French, 50 coloured plates, first edition, morocco gilt, g. e., T. McLean, 1821, folio (199)

Hornstein, 650 2867 Alken (Henry). The Sporting Repository, many coloured plates, original boards, T. McLean, 1822, 8vo. (57)

Sotheran, £80 [Record price. Contains 19 coloured plates by Berenger

and Alken.—ED.) 2868 Alken (Henry). The National Sports of Great Britain, 50

coloured plates, with Descriptions, contemporary morocco, g. e., T. McLean, 1825, super imperial 8vo. (58)

Spencer, £24 2869 Almanack. Buckmaster (T.) A Newe Almanacke and

Prognostication, for the yere of Lorde God MDLXXI., exactly made for the Meridian and Pole alike of the citie of London, and may serve for al Englande, by Thomas Buckmaster, black letter, printed in red and black, two woodcut titles, calf extra, g. e., Printed by Richard Watkins (1571), (59)

Bevan, £9 [This edition seems to be totally undescribed. The earliest edition of Buckmaster's Almanack mentioned by

Mr. Hazlitt is that of 1589.- Catalogue.] 2870 Almanack. Securis (John). A New Almanacke and Prog

nostication for the yere of our Lord, 1569, made chiefly for England, and applied sometimes to other Countries, composed in Salisbury by John Securis, woodcuts, black letter, half calf, T. Marshe (1569), (60)

Quaritch, £5 2871 Almanack. Securis (John). A Newe Almanacke and Prog

nostication for the yeare of our Lord God, 1571, made and set forthe in Salisburye by John Securis, Maister of Arte and of Physicke, black letter, printed in red and black, woodcut title and woodcut showing the anatomy of man's body, with a separate title to the Prognostication, calf extra, g.e., Printed at London by Thomas Marshe (1571), (61)

Bevan, £6 155. [Although editions of 1562 and 1573 are mentioned by bibliographers, this, of the year 1571, seems to be quite unrecorded.- Catalogue. But see BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, vol. xiv., No. 1483, where a copy of this date in calf extra,

by Riviere, brought £4 6s.-Ev.) 2872 America. The Discoveries of John Lederer in three several

Marches from Virginia to the West of Carolina, and other parts of the Continent, begun in March, 1669, and ended in September, 1670. Collected and Translated out of Latine, by Sir William Talbot, with the very rare folding map by Cross, morocco extra, Printed by J. C. for Samuel Heyrick, 1672, 8vo. (155)

Evelyn, £26

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