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2783 Hora Beatæ Mariæ Virginis cum Calendario, illuminated Manuscript on vellum (129 leaves, 7 by 5 inches), written in gothic letters, in red and black, 16 lines to a full page, by a French scribe (Calendar in gold, red and blue, and prayers at end to the Virgin in French), the outside margin of every page having a border of richly painted and illuminated conventional scroll flower ornaments, small miniatures of the occupations of the months and signs of the Zodiac in the Calendar, 14 very fine miniatures within borders, each having a smaller one below connected with the subject of the larger one, Sæc xv. (69) Ellis, £120

[The catalogue gives a description of each of the miniatures.-ED.]

2784 Hora Beatæ Mariæ Virginis cum Calendario, illuminated Manuscript on vellum (183 leaves, 41⁄2 by 3 inches), written in neat lettres bâtardes, 14 lines to a page, by a French scribe (Calendar in French), with 15 small finely painted and richly illuminated arched miniatures (2 by 11⁄2 inches), surrounded by borders of scroll flower ornaments, nearly every page, including Calendar, having marginal decorations of a similar character, thick boarded morocco, the back and sides covered in rich floreate and geometrical scrolls and compartmental ornaments, with name of former owner, "Gilles Davoult," in oval centres, g. e. (Clovis Eve), a genuine and well-preserved specimen, late fifteenth century, 12mo. (70) Robson, £71 2785 Hora Diurnæ cum Psalterio Romano ad Usum Cleri Basilicæ Vaticanæ cura Henrici S. R. G. Presbyteri Cardinalis Ducis Eboracensis editæ, red and black, frontispiece and plates, old Italian morocco, with elaborate gilt ornaments, g.e., the editor the Cardinal Duke of York's own copy, with his arms (England with a crescent) on sides, g. e., in fine condition, Roma, 1756, small 8vo. (71) Quaritch, £122

[The Cardinal Henry Benedict Stuart, called Cardinal Duke of York, to whom this volume belonged, and under whose supervision it was published, was brother to the Young Pretender, and the last of the Stuarts in the male line. Catalogue.]

2786 Horatius. Opera, neis Tabulis incidit Johannes Pine, first or "post est" edition, engravings, 2 vol., old French morocco, ornamental backs and sides, bronzed flower end papers, g. e., Lond., Jo. Pine, 1733-37, royal 8vo. (72) Quaritch, £8 15s. 2787 Horatius. Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera, portrait by St. Aubin, morocco, line tooled, uncut, some leaves not cut open, black rules in side margins, bound by Hayday, Paris e Typog. Regia, 1733, 12mo. (73) J. L. White, £2 2s. 2788 James I. King James his Counterblast to Tobacco. To

which is added a Learned Discourse by Dr. E. Maynwaringe, proving that Tobacco is a procuring Cause of Scurvy... concluding with Wittie Poems against Tobacco by Josh. Sylvester, etc., crowned portrait of King James

with globe and sceptre, half calf, Jo. Hancock, 1672, small 4to. (82) Pickering, £2 16s. 2789 James II. of England. Nouvelles Predictions sur la Destinée des Etats et Empires Du Monde-Les Dessins du Roi d'Angleterre-Les Intrigues de la Cour de France-La Naissans et l'Education du Prince de Galles, old French morocco gilt, g. e., Londres, traduit de l'Anglois, 1688, 12mo. (84) J. L. White, £1 16s. 2790 James II. of England. La Cour de St. Germain ou les Intrigues galantes du Roy et de la Reine d'Angleterre depuis leur séjour en France, crushed morocco, full gilt floreate back, line sides, inside dentelles, g. e., by Hardy, A St. Germain chez Jacques Le Bon au Chateau de l'Amour, 1695, 12mo. (86) Quaritch, £2 105. 2791 James II. of England. Life of James II. late King of England, with a Supplement of Several Curious Memoirs, etc., second edition, portrait and plates of medals, morocco, blind and gilt ornaments, g. e., J. Knapton, 1703, 8vo. (88) Young, £1 6s. upon Occasion of the Queen's being with child (Mary of Modena), London and Dublin editions (2), 1687, small 4to.-Form of Prayer with Thanksgiving for the Safe Delivery of the Queen and Happy Birth of the Young Prince, ib., 1688- Depositions in the Council Chamber at Whitehall on the Birth of the Prince of Wales-A Single Sheet on the above Depositions, 1690, small folio, and another, portrait of "Jacques III., Roy d'Angleterre," by Basan, inserted, bound in 1 vol., old morocco gilt, with the arms of King James II., with initials I, R, probably the King's own copy, from the Earl of Gosford's library, small folio (96) Quaritch, £37 2793 Jacobites. L'Ascanius Moderne, ou l'Illustre Avanturier, Histoire de Prince Charles Edouard Stuart, etc., traduction de l'Anglois, folding plates, calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, à Edinbourg, 1763, small 8vo. (101) Maggs, £1 11s. 2794 Jacobites. Les Revers et les Disgraces du Prince Charles Edouard Stuart en Ecosse, sprinkled calf extra, g. e., Edinbourg chez les Partisans du Prince Edouard, 1748, small 8vo. (102) Maggs, 111S. 2795 Jacobites. Manlius, or the Brave Adventurer, a Poetical Novel (on Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender, and the 1745 Rebellion), sprinkled calf gilt, Edinburgh, D. Murchison for Fergus Philabeg, 1749, small 4to. (105) Maggs, £1 128. 2796 Jacobite Songs. A Collection of Loyal Songs, Poems, etc. (from the Birth of the Young Pretender to the Rebellion of 1745), mottled calf extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by W. Pratt [Privately printed], 1750, 8vo. (110) Quaritch, £2 45. 2797 Jacobite Songs. The True Loyalist, or Chevalier's Favourite, being a Collection of Elegant Songs, never before printed, also Several Other Loyal Compositions wrote by eminent hands, old calf, Printed in the year 1779, 12mo. (111) Sotheran, £4

2792 Jacobites. Form of Prayer.

2798 Lactantius. Traité de la Mort des Persecuteurs de l'Église, mis en François par Mons. Maucroix, old French morocco, full gilt floreate back, line sides, with arms of Madame Adelaide, eldest daughter of Louis XV., g. e. (Derome), Paris, F. Muguet, 1680, small 8vo. (117)

Quaritch, £5 17s. 6d. 2799 Lafontaine (J. de). Les Amours de Psyché et de Cupidon, édition ornée de Figures imprimées en Couleurs d'après les Tableaux de M. Schall, russia gilt, Paris, Defer de Maisonneuve Impr. de Didot Jeune, 1791, 4to. (118)

Quaritch, £5 IOS. 2800 Laujon (A. P. M.) Précis Historique de la Dernière Expédition de Saint-Domingue, old French morocco, full gilt ornamental back and elegant borders, with the arms of the Emperor Napoleon I., inside dentelles, silk linings, g. e., by Bradel, with his ticket, Paris, Delafolie, etc., s. d., 8vo. (119) Sotheran, £14 15s.


2801 Le Jeune (Joseph). Le Grammerien Françoise, etc., dedicated to Monseigneur le Prince de Galles" (Charles Edward the Young Pretender), contemporary Italian calf, with elaborate gilt ornaments, with the arms of the Old Pretender (James Stuart) on sides, from the library of H. B. Stuart, called the Cardinal of York, Rome, 1724, 8vo. (120) Quaritch, £54 2802 Le Noble. Mylord Courtenay, ou Histoire Secrete des Premiers Amours d'Elizabeth d'Angleterre, morocco extra, full gilt ornamental back, line sides, inside dentelles, g. e., by Hardy, Lyon, Ph. Drevon, 1697, small 8vo. (121)

Denham, £2 8s. 2803 Leonora. Vita della Augustissima Imperadrice Leonora Maddalena Teresa tradotta da Latino da un Religioso della Compagnia di Jesu, old Italian morocco richly gilt, with the arms of Sobieski, wife of the Old Pretender and mother of Charles Edward Stuart the Young Pretender, Venezia, 1625, small 4to. (122) Quaritch, £26 2804 Lettres Philosophiques sur les Physionomies [par l'Abbé Pernety], frontispiece by J. Von Schley, old French morocco, full gilt back with acorns and birds, broad and rich ornamental borders, with arms of M. de Fourqueux Procureur Général de la Chambre des Comptes on sides and his ex-libris on cover, g. e. (Derome), La Haie, J. Neaulme, 1746, small 8vo. (123) Quaritch, £5 2805 Lodge (Thomas). Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain, with Memoirs, first edition, 240 portraits, 4 vol., morocco, with gilt ornamental backs and borders, g. e. (Harleian style), Lackington, Harding and Lepard, etc., 1821-34, folio (127) Downing, £21

2806 Louis XV. Le Sacre de Louis XV., Roi de France et de Navarre, dans l'Eglise de Reims le Dimance 25 Oct. 1722, engraved throughout with 77 plates, with large plates of pageantry, costume, etc., brilliant proofs, old French morocco, with rich gilt ornaments and royal arms of France

on sides, g. e. (Towneley copy), (Paris), 1722, atlas folio (129) Sotheran, £49 2807 Magallanius (F. Petrus). Tractatus Theologicus de Scientia Dei ad Quæstionum XIV. Primæ Partis S. Thomæ, contemporary Italian morocco, with some small blue inlayings, covered with ornamental gilt tooling of gilt stars and scrolls, with the arms of Cardinal Altieri, afterwards Pope Clement X., g. e., well preserved, Ulyssipone, J. à Costa, 1666, small 4to. (131) Delaine, £10 2808 Marescotti. Vita della Venerabile Serva di Deo suor Giacinta Marescotti, Monaca nel Ministerio di S. Bernardino di Viterbo (dedicated to Cardinal Marescotti, with his arms and portrait of the Nun), old Italian morocco, ornamental back with stars, the sides covered in rich gilt floreate scrolls and leafy branches, with the arms of Cardinal Albani, afterwards Pope Clement XI., g. e., well preserved, Roma, 1695, small 4to. (133) Delaine, £5 2809 Marie de Medici. De la Serre (Sr.) Histoire de l'Entree de la Reyne Mere du Roy Tres-Chrestien dans la Grande Bretagne, frontispiece, portraits of Charles I. and Henrietta Maria and 11 views, limp vellum gilt, with the Medici arms, ties, g. e., J. Raworth pour G. Thomason, etc., 1639, folio (135) Quaritch, £26 2810 Martialis. Epigrammata Lib. xiv., summa diligentia castigati, contemporary French morocco, back tooled in lines and fleurons, the sides covered with elegant gilt leafy scrolls and line and diamond interlaced frames, similar to the ornamental bindings executed for Francis I. by Geoffrey Tory, g. e., with ties, well preserved, Paris, S. Colin, 1540, 12mo. (136) Sotheran, Lior 2811 Motteville (Mme. de). Memoires pour servir à l'Histoire d'Anne d'Autriche, Epouse de Louis XIII., 5 vol., old French morocco, full gilt floreate backs, line sides, with arms of Marie Josephine Louise de Savoie, Comtesse de Provence, g. e. (Derome), Amst., Fr. Changuion, 1723, small 8vo. (142) Quaritch, £20 IOS. 2812 Nani (Bapt.) Histoire de la République de Venise, portraits, 4 vol., old French morocco, full gilt floreate backs, line sides, with the arms of the Marquis de Chanaleiles, g. e. (Du Sueil), Cologne (à la Sphere), P. Marteau, 1682, small 8vo. (143) Maggs, £3 10S.

2813 [Nieremberg (Eusebius).] L'Aimable Mère de Jésus. Traité de la devotion et de l'Amour de la tres-sainte Vierge, traduit de l'Espagnol par le P. D'Obeilh, de la Compangnie de Jésus, morocco, full gilt back with gilt and inlaid green ornaments, ornamented frame sides with corner fleurons, inlaid green and gilt ornaments au pointillé, doublé, with blue morocco covered with gilt scroll gasconesque ornaments au pointillé, joints, g. e., by Niedrée, the fine Yemeniz copy, à Amiens pour la Veuve du Rob. Husant, 1671, 12m0. (144) Quaritch, £10

2814 Officia recitanda in Nativitate D. N. Jesu Christi, in Festo Petri et Pauli, et Officium Defunctorum ad Usum Cleri Basilica Vaticanæ, frontispiece, old Italian calf, covered in gilt tooling, with the arms of a Cardinal on sides (H. B. Stuart, called Cardinal Duke of York, found among his effects at Rome), Romæ, G. Salomoni, 1756, small 8vo. (146) Quaritch, £11 2815 Orleans (Père d'). Histoire des Révolutions d'Angleterre, nouvelle édition, 4 vol., old French morocco, full gilt floreate backs, line sides, with the arms of Madame Victoire Louise Marie Therèse, second daughter of Louis XV., g. e. (Derome), Paris, Giffart et Rolin, 1750, small 8vo. (147) Delaine, £8 8s. 2816 Parr (Elnathan, of Palgrave, Suffolk). The Grounds of Divinitie, plainely discovering the Mysteries of Christian Religion, propounded familiarly in divers Questions and Answers, etc., second edition, dedicated to "Mr. Nathaniel Bacon and the Lady Jane Cornewalleys his wife," black letter, original limp vellum, gilt lines and ornaments on back, line frame sides with Prince of Wales' feathers at corners, royal arms (James I.) in centre and initials N. B. (Nathaniel Bacon), g.e., T. Snodham for S. Man, 1615, small 8vo. (148) Marque, £5 15s. 2817 Pepys (Samuel). Diary and Correspondence, by Lord Braybrooke, fourth edition, and Life and Correspondence, etc., now first published, portraits and facsimiles, 6 vol., tree marbled calf extra, y.e., by Rivière, Colburn, 1854-Bentley, 1841, 8vo. (150) J. Bumpus, £4 10s. 2818 Popish Plot. A Remonstrance of Piety and Innocence, containing the last Devotions and Protestations of several Roman Catholicks, condemned and executed on Account of the Plot, etc., contemporary English morocco, the sides covered with rich gilt ornamental tooling au pointillé, with crowned initials C. R. in centres, g. e. (S. Mearne), Charles II.'s copy, Printed in the year 1682, small 8vo. (153)

Quaritch, £40 2819 Psalmï Davidis, Argumentis, Orationibus et annotationibus illustrati, studio et diligentia M. P. Wiel, red and black, slight wormhole throughout, contemporary French morocco, back and sides covered with small emblematic religious devices connected with the Passion, the inside panel of the covers having Semis of Tears, an angel at each corner, instruments of the crucifixion in centre, laurel wreath above containing the motto "Que Honnore est Honoré" and plain wreath below, g. e., well preserved, Paris, Joannes Heuqueville, 1575, 12mo. (156) Mathews, £56

[A remarkable specimen of binding, similar to those due to the fantastic religious ideas of Henri III. of France, to whom it is very likely this volume belonged. At the beginning are six leaves of "Prieres pour le Roy," in neatly written MS. in gold and black ink; at the end are "Orationes," Latin and French, 8 leaves of MS. neatly written;

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