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my soul,

my soul.

7. For they have privily Jai! 19 O fet not them that are their bet to destroy me without mine enemies triumph over me a cause : yea, even without ungodly: neither let them wink cause have they made a pit for with their eyes, that hate me

without a cause. 8 Let a sudden destruction 20 And why? their communcome upon him unawares, and ing is not for peace : but they his net that he hath laid privily imagine deceitful words againit catch himself : that he may fall them that are quiet in the land. into his own mischief.

21 They gaped upon me with 9 And, my soul he joyful in their mouths, and said : Fie on the Lord : it fall rejoice in thee, fie on thee, we saw it with his salvation.

our eyes.. 10 All my bones shall say, Lord, 22 This thou hast reen, O who is like unto thee, who de- Lord : hold not thy tongue then, liverest the poor from him that go not far from me, O Lord. is too strong for him : yea, the 23 Awake, and stand up to poor, and him that is in misery, judge my quarrel : avenge thou from him that spoileth him? my cause, my God, and my

ii False witnesses did rise up: Lord. they laid to my charge things 24 Judge me, O Lord my God, that I knew not.

according to thy righteousness : 12 They rewarded me evil for and let them not triumph over good : to the great discomfort of me.

25 Let them not say in their 13 Nevertheless, when they hearts, There, there, so would were sick, I put on fackcloth, we have it : neither let them and humbled my soul with faft- fay, We have devoured him. ing : and my prayer shall turn 26 Let them be put to confu. into nire own bocom.

fion and shame together that 14 I behaved my self as though rejoice at my trouble : let them it had been my friend or my be clothed with rebuke and brother : I went heavily as one dishonour that boast themselves that mourneth for his mother. against me.

15 But in mine adversity they 27 Let them be glad and rerejoiced, and gathered them- joice that favour my righteous selves together : yea, the very dealing : yea, let them say alabjects came together against way, Blessed be the Lord who me unawares, making mouths hath pleasure in the prosperity at me, and ceased not.

of his fervant. 16 With the flatterers were 28 And as for my tongue, it busy mockers: who gnashed mail be talking of thy righteupon me with their teeth.

ousness : and of thy praile all 17 Lord, how long wilt thou 'the day long, look upon this : O deliver my PSAL. 36. Dixit injustus, soul from the calamities which Y heart Theweth me the ling from the lions,

ly: that there is no fear of God 18 So will I give thee thanks before his eyes. in the great congregation : I For he fattereth himself in will praise thee among much his own fight : until his abopeople,

minable fin be found out,


they bring the me and my dar. M Wickednescore the angeles

3 Tlie

3. The werds of his mouth art 3. Put thou thy trust in the unrighteous and full of diecéit : Lord, and be doing sod: dwell he hath left of to behave lum. diame land, and very thou shalt self wisely, and ro do good.

be fed. 4 He imagineth nchief up Dolgit thou in the Lord : on his bed, and hath set him- and he shall give thee ihy heart's self in no good way.

neither desire. doth he abhor any thing that is 5 Commit thy way unto the evil.

Lord, and put thy trust in him : 5 Thy mercy, O Lord, reach- and he shall bring it to pass. eth unto the heavens : and thy 6 He shall make thy rightefaithfulness unto the clouds. ousness as clear as the light and

6 Thy righteousness ftandeth thy just dealing as the noon-day. like the strong mountains : thy 7 Hold thee still in the Lord, judgements are like the great and abide patiently upon him deep.

but grieve not thyself at him 7. Thou, Lord, shalt save both whose way doth prosper, against man and beast; How excellent the man that doeth after evil is thy mercy, O God : and the counsels. children of men shall put their 8 Leave off from wrath, and trust under the Thadow of thy let go displeasure : fret not thywings.

self, else thalt thou be moved to 8 They shall be satisfied with do evil. the plenteousness of thy house : 9 Wicked doers shall be rootand thou malt give them drink ed out : and they that patiently of thy pleasures as out of the abide the Lord, 'those ihall inriver.

herit the land. 9 For with thee is the well of 10 Yet a little while and the life : and in thy light shall we ungodly shall be clean gone : see light.

thou shalt look after his place, 10° continue forth thy love and he shall be away. ing-kindness unto them that 11 But the meek-spirited Mall know thee : and thy righteous- pofless the earth : and shall be ness unto them that are true of refreshed in the multitude of 2. heart.

peace. 11 O let not the foot of pride 12 Theungodly seeketh councome against me : and let not sel against the just: and gnashthe hand of the ungodly cast me eth upon him with his teeth. down,

- 13 The Lord Mall laugh him 12 There are they fallen, all to scorn : for he hath seen that that work wickedness : they are his day is coming, cast down, and shall not be able 14 The ungodly have drawn to stand.

out the sword, and have bent

their bow ; to cast down the EVENING PRAYER.

poor and needy, and to nay ruch PSAL. 37. Noli aemulari. as are of a right conversation. RET not thyself because of 15 Their sword tall go

the ungodly: neither be thou through their own heart : and envious against the evil-doers. their bow shall be broken.

2 For they shall soon be cut 16 A small thing that the down like the grass : and be wi-, righteous hath : is better than thered even as the green herb, : great riches of the ungodly.


17 For

17 For the arms of the un 32 The law of his God is in godly shall be broken : and the Kis heart : and his goings Mall Lord upholdeth the righteous. not fide, 18 The Lord knoweth the

33. The ungodly seeth the days of the godly : and their in- righteous ; and seeketh occalion Leritance shall endure for ever. to Nay him.

19. They shall not be con 34 The Lord will not leave jounded in the perilous time : him in his hand : nor condemn and in the days of dearth they him when he is judged. all have enough.

35 Hope thou in the Lord, and 20 As for the ungodly they keep his way, and he shall prothall perish, and the enemies of mote thee that thou fhalt por. le Lord fhall consume as the sess the land : when the ungodly t it of lambs : yea, even as the fall perish, thou shalt see it. Inoke Niall they confume-away. 35 I myself have seen the uno'

21 The ungodly borroweth, godly in great power : and fouand payeth not again : but the rishing like a green bay-tree. righteous is merciful and liberal. 22 Such as are blessed of God, gone :

37 I went by, and lo, he was

I fought him, but his inall poffefs the land : and they place could no where he found. that are cursed of him :shall be

38 Keep innocency, and take rooted out.

heed unto the thing that is 23. The Lord ordereth a good right : for that shall bring a man man's going : and maketh his peace at the last. way acceptable to himself. 39 As for the transgressors

24 Though he fall he mall they shall perish together : and not be cast away : for the Lord the end of the ungodly is, they upholdeth him with his hand. shall be rooted out at the last,

25 I have been young, and 40 But the falvation of the now am old : and yet saw I ne- righteous cometh of the Lord : ver the righteous forsaken, nor who is also their strength in the his fee'd begging their bread. time of trouble.

26 The righteous is ever mer 41. And the Lord shall stand ciful and lendeth : and his feed by them, and save them : he is blefred.

shall deliver them from the un27 Flee from evil, and do the godly, and shall save them, bething that is good : and dwell cause they put their trutt in him. for evermore.

28 For the Lord loveth the thing that is right : he forsak

MORNING PRAYER. eth not his that be godly, but PSAL. 38. Domine, ne in furore, they are for ever.

to , punished : as for the seed of the ther chasten me in thy heavy ungodly it shall be rooted out. displeasure.

3? The righteous Thall inhe 2 For thine arrows stick fast rit the land ; and dwell therein in me : and thy hand presseth for ever.

me fore. 31 The mouth of the righte 3. There is no health in my ous is exercised in wisdom : and Aeth, because of thy displeahis tongue will be talking of sure ? neither is there any rest in judgement.

my bones by reason of my fin.

2. The unrighteous shall be P Lord,"in hinto angere nei

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4. For my wickednelies in 10 But mine enerries; gone over my heart, and are and are mighty: and they like a kr: burden, too 'htavy date nie wiongfuliy art nia. for me to sear.

number, My wounds stink, and are 20. They also that reward corrupt: through my foolishness. for good are against me 6 I am brought into fo great

cause I follow the thing t trouble and milery : that I go good is. mourning all the day long. 21 Forfake me not, O Lord m;

7 For my loins are filled with God: be not thou far from me. a fore disease, and there is no 22 Hafte thee to help me :) whole part in my body. Lord God of my salvation.

8 Ian feeble and fore smitten : FSAL.. 39. Dixi, cuftodiam. quietness of my heart.

ways : that I offend not i 9 Lord, thou knoweft all my my tongue; defire : and my groaning is not

2 I will keep my month as it hid from thee.

were with a bridle : while the 10 My heart panteth, my ungodly is in my fight. ftrength hath failed me - and 3 I held my tongue and spake the light of mine eyes is gone nothing : I kept filence, yea, from me.

even from good words; but it 11 My lovers and my neigh- was pain and grief to me. bours did stand looking upon

4 My heart was. hot within my trouble : and my kinsmen me; and while I was thus mus. stood afar off.

ing the fire kindled : and at the 12 They alfo that sought after lait I spake with my tongue; my life, laid snares for me : and 5 Lord, let me know my end, they that went about to do me

and the number of my days : evil talked of wickedness, and that I may be certified how long imagined deceit all the day I have to live. Jong.

6 Behold, thou hast made my 13 As for me I was like a days as it were a span long; and deaf man, and heard not : and mine age is even as nothing in as one that is dumb, who doth respect of thee; and verily every not open his mouth,

man living is altogether vanity. 14 I became even as a man

7 For man walketh in a vain that heareth not; and in whose shadow, and disquieteth himself. moutlt are no reproofs.

in vain : he heapeth up riches, 15 For in thee, O Lord, have I and cannot tell who shall gather put my trust : thou shalt an. them. Iwer for me, O Lord my God. 8 And now, Lord, what is

36 I have required that they, my hope : truly my hope is even mine enemies, mould not even in thee. triumph over me : for when 9 Deliver me from all mine my foot nipped, they rejoiced offences : and make me not a greatly against me.

rebuke unto the foolish. 17 And I truly am set in the

10 I became dumb, and openplague : and my heaviness is ed not my mouth : for it was ever is my fight.

thy doing 18 For I will confefs my wick

11 Take thy plague away edness : and be sorry for my fin, from me: I am.eyen consumed


by means of thy heavy hand. 10 'In the volume of the book

12 When thou with rebukes It is written of me, that I should doth chasten man for sin, thou fulfil thy will, O my God! I am makest his beauty to confume content to do it, yea, thy law is

away, like as it were a moth within my heart. nfretting a garment : every man ji I have declared thy rightetherefore is hut vanity.

ousness in the great congrega13 Hear iny prayer, O Lord, 'tion : lo, I will not refrain my 3. and with thine ears consider lips, O Lord, and that thou

my calling : hold not thy peace knowest. at my tears;

12 I have not hid thy rightee. 14 For I am a Aranger with ousness within my heart : my thee, and a sojourner : as all my talk bath been of thy truth, and fathers were.

of thy salvation. 15 spare me a little, that I 13 1 have not kept back thy may recover my tirength : be- loving mercy and truth : from fore I go hence, and be

no more the great congregation. seen.

14 Withdraw not thou thy PSAL. 40. Expeftans expeEtavi. mercy from me, O Lord : let

Waited patiently for the thy loving-thy me, and heard my calling.

15 For innumerable troubles 2 He brought me also outofthe are come about me; my fins horrible pit, out of the mire and have taken such hold upon me, clay : and fet my feet upon the that I am not able to look up : rock, and ordered my goings. yea, they are more in number

3 And he hath put a new song than the hairs of my head, and in my mouth : even a thankl my heart hath failed me. giving unto our God.

16 O Lord, let it be thy plea3-4 Many thall fee it, and fear: sure to deliver me : make haften and shall put their trust in the O Lord, to help me. Lord.

17 Let them be ashamed and 5. Bl ffed is the man that hath confounded together, that seek fet his hope in the Lord : and after my soul to destroy it: let turned not unto the proud, and them be driven backward, and to fuch as go about with lies. put to rebuke, that with me

6 O Lord my God, great are evil. the wondrous works which theu 18 Let them be defolate and hait done, like as be also thy rewarded with thame : that fay thoughts, which are to us-ward: unto me, Fie upon thee, fie upand yet there is no man that

on thee. ordereth them unto thee.

19 Let all those that seek thee 7 If I should declare them, and be joyful and glad in thee : and speak of them : they mould be let fuch as love thy falvation say more than I am able to express. alway, The Lord be praised.

8 Sacrifice and meat-offering 20 As for me, I am poor and thou wouldeft not : but mine needy : but the Lord careth for ears hast thou opened.

9 Burnt-offerings and sacrifice 21 Thou art my helper and for fin haft thou not required : redeemer : make no long tarrythen said I, LO, I come;

ing, O my God.


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