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n. d.

respecting the conduct of Priests) ; Articles founde by the Inquisi-
tours at the Visitation of St. Magnus (amongst other Abuses" that
dyvers of the priestis and clarkes in tyme of dyvyne service be at
taverns and alehowsis"); Complaynte of the Duke of Gloucester
upon the Cardynal of Wynchester and my lorde of Wynchestere's

Answere;" &c., &c.
389 Arrowsmith (A) Map of Italy, with Additions to 1821, mounted on
canvas, in case, lettered as a book

390 Art Union. Hicks (G. E.) Fourteen Designs, in outline, illustra-
tive of T. Campbell's Gertrude of Wyoming

1846 391 Art Union. Seven Plates, in outline, reduced from Cartoons, 1847

-The Last Embrace and Neapolitan Wedding, by Uwins,

a pair
392 Art Union. Coleridge (S. T.) Rime of the Ancient Mariner, with
illustrations in outline by J. N. Paton

393 Art Union. Priolo (P.) Illustrations of Tennyson's Idylls of the
King, engraved in outline

394 Aubry (C.) Histoire Pittoresque de l'Equitation, ancienne et

moderne, plates, half red morocco, top edge gilt Paris, 1833-34
395 Ayrton (E.) Anthem in Score
396 Baker (Sir R.) Chronicle of the Kings of England, with Continua.

tions to the Death of George I, by E. Phillips, &c. 1733 3. 6. - 397 Ballads. “A new Balade or Songe, of the Lambes Feast,” and Lucenat

"Another, out of Goodwill," per W. S. (Samuel ?) Veritatis

Amatorem, Anno 1574
black letter, two excessively rare broadsides

1574 4. I. - 398 BALLADS, BROADSIDES, &c. A Collection of 146 rare Ballads Borne

and Songs (several with the music), with some curious Prose
Pieces (see MS. list on fly-leaves), including Robin Hood and
the Duke of Lancaster, 1727-Britannia Excisa, with woodcut,
n. d. - The Discovery, 1727 – Distillers' Petition, n. d.-The
Crab-Tree, with cut-Case of Mr. Bygrave-Case of the Cur-
riers-St. Crispin's Triumph over Pope Innocent, a Tragi-
Comedy (in verse), very rare, printed at Primrose Hill, 1678
-George Barnwell, &c. half bound

in one vol.
399 Ballads. Carey (H.) Musical Century in one hundred English
Ballads, 2 vol. in 1, with music

1740 3.15.- 400 BALLADS, in black letter, with woodcuts, viz.: Dead Man's Song, Hotten

part torn off-Warning to Youth-Wandering Jew-Charles
the Second, second part—England's Captivity Returned
Coridon and Parthenia—Flora's Farewell— Lamentation of
Mr. Pages Wife of Plymouth-Begone thou fatal fiery feavor-
Mercer's Son of Midhurst - Fancies Favorite-Dialogue in
Dutch, sold with all faults, as most are defective

401 Ballads, in Dutch printed at Gent, on broadsides

(5) 2.-.- 402 BALLALS, &c. The Geneva Ballad, 1678–London's Warning

Peece, being the Common Prayers Complaint, Yorke, 1643
Pyms Juncto, Oxford, 1613-Have amongst you my Masters,
n. d.-Three New Christmas Carols, n. d. Life and Conver-
sation of James Campbell of Burnbanck-Elegy on J. Camp-.
bel-Burnbank and George Fachney's last Shift-Burnbank's
Farewell-Supplication of G. Fachney to Rob Roy, with Rob
Roy's Answer-Dialogue between G. Fachney and A. Penni-


403 Ballads. Mock Masonry, or the Grand Procession, a broadside,

with large engraving, 1741– Welsh-Mens Glory (1683)-Pro-
logue to His Majesty at the first Play presented at the Cock-
pit in Whitehall, 1660-News from the Royall Exchange, 1660,

four rare broadsides 404 Ballads and Songs

a parcelli 2 405 Ballads, &c. A Collection of 75 single Ballads, Songs, &c., printed 3. to.

at Newcastle-on-Tyne (including Crafty Kate of Colchester,
St. George and the Dragon, Miller of Mansfield, Cupid's
Courtisie, Northern Ditty, King John and the Abbot of Can-
terbury, Chevy Chace, Blind Beggar of Bednal Green, Con-
fession of W. Stevenson of North-Allerton, Fair Rosamond,

Patient Grissel, Dr. Faustus), with woodcuts by Bewick, &c. 406 Ballads, Songs, &c. A Collection of 40 curious Broadsides, with 2.12.

woodcuts, chiefly Scotch, including Oration on the Decision of
the Plea between the Doughlas and Hamilton Families --Re-
nowned Robin Hood-Robin Hood and the Shepherd-William
Lawries Dog-Titus and Andronicus - Christs Kirk on the

Green-Northern Man's Ditty-Monmouth Degraded, 1685 407 Ballads, Songs, Christmas Carols and other Broadsides, many with 13. woodcuts

a parcel 408 Ballads, Songs, &c., comprising 36 Broadside Ballads, (including

Berkshire Tragedy, Plymouth Tragedy, Seaman of Dover,
Berkshire Lady, Gloucestershire Tragedy, Dragon of Wantley,
Jane Shore, Fair Rosamond, Chevy Chace, &c.): 12 Garlands
and Chap-Books, 17 Songs (double columns), and 26 Ship-
Songs, with woodcuts

(91) 409 Ballads, Songs, &c., including Wanton Wife of Bath-Lamenta- 2. ů.

tion of Jane Shore - Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green - King
John and Abbot of Canterbury --St. George and the Dragon
-Young Bateman's Ghost; and 30 others

(36) 410 Ballads and Songs. The Outlaw Murray, with Copy of a Letter

from Andrew Plummer respecting this Song; and 4 other

Poems, MANUSCRIPT 411 Banister (J.) Historie of Man, woodcuts

2. blark letter, J. Horne Tooke's copy

John Daye, 1578 412 Bank. Short Account of the Bank of England






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413 Baker (Sir R.) Theatre Vindicated, in Answer to Prynn's Histrio.
Mastix, scarce

414 Barclay (R.) Anarchy of Ranters, &c. To which is added W.
Penn on Liberty Spiritual

415 Bardsley (S. A.) Critical Remarks on Pizarro, uncut, 1800—

Critique on Pizarro, 1799
416 Baretti (J.) Account of the Manners and Customs of Italy, 2 vol.

uncut, 1769–Baretti (J.) Journey from London to Genoa,
through England, Portugal, Spain, and France, 4 vol, uncut,

417 Baretti (J.) Dictionary of the English and Italian Languages,
with Grammars, 2 vol. calf

1820 418 Barford (R.) The Assembly, an Heroi-comical Poem, 1726–

Poetical Epistle to the Earl of Chesterfield, 1730— Battle of

the Sexes, 1721-Brereton ( ) George, 1715 419 Barham (R. H.) Ingoldsby Legends, three series

, with Life of Fickenem
the Author, 3 vol. port. and humorous plates by J. Leech 1852
420 Barker (R.) The Unfortunate Shipwright, or Cruel Captain, being

a faithful Narrative of his Unparallel'd Sufferings on Board the
Thetis Snow of Bristol, in a Voyage to Guinea and Antigua,
plates, uncut

421 Barletæ (F.) Gabrielis) Sermones Quadragesimales et Sanctua-

rium sive Sermones de Sanctis, 2 vol. in 1, rare Brixiæ, 1521 * The ludicrous similes and the mixing of languages in his Sermons

have made Barleta a great favourite with collectors of Facetiæ. 422 Barn (The) and the Steeple, 1828–Balfour (J. H.) Manual of Botany, numerous wood engravings, Edinb. 1860

423 Barnes. Personal Narrative of a Journey Over-Land from the

Bank to Barnes, 1829-Barnett (J.) Systems and Singing
Masters, 1842—Barnum (P. T.) Life, written by himself,
portrait and cuts, Redfield, 1855

424 Bakon (R.) EROTOPAIGNION; or the Cyprian Academy this

(in Prose and Verse), portrait and engraved title by Marshall, fine copy in purple morocco extra, g. e. rare

1647 This'copy, marked £10. in the Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica, sold

for £6. 16s. 6d. at Saunders's in 1818. 425 Barrera (Madame de) Gems and Jewels

426 Barrington (G.) History of New Holland and Description of

Botany Bay, with Discourse on Banishment by the Rt. Hon.
W. Eden, maps, 1787—Barrington (G. Pickpocket) Memoirs,

frontispiece, (1790)
427 Barrington (George, Pickpocket) Memoirs, portrait 1790
428 Barron (W.) Lectures on Belles Lettres and Logic, 2 vol.


4 18.


1418 Baxter (G. R. W.) Don Juan Junior, a Poem
451 Bayley (B.) on Inspiration

429 Barrow (Isaac) Theological Works, with Life, 6 vol. portrait
tree-marbled calf extra, g. e.

Oxford, 1818
430 Barry (E.) Essay on Celibacy, Wedlock, Seduction, &c. uncut,

Reading, 1806-Friendly Call to a New Species of Dissenters,

ib. 1806–Sermon before Royal Humane Society, 1820 (3) 431 Barry (E.) Thèse de Littérature sur les Vicissitudes et les Transformations du Cycle populaire de Robin Hood

Paris, 1832
432 BARTSCH (A.) LE Peintre Graveur, 21 vol. MS. additions by 7.12.0

T. Vernon, uncut
433 Bartholini (T.), J. H. et M. Meibomi de Usu Flagrorum in Re Me-

dica et Veneria, &c. old French green morocco Francof. 1670
434 Barzaz-Breiz: Chants populaires de la Bretagne recueillis et

publiés, avec une Traduction Française, des Notes et les Me.
lodies originales par Th. Hersart de la Villemarque, 2 vol.
with music

Paris, 1846
435 Basan (P. F. et H. L.) Dictionnaire des Graveurs, 2 vol. portraits

and plates, calf gilt by Clarke and Bedford Paris, 1809
436 Baskerville (J.) English Vocabulary and Grammar
fine copy with rough leaves, calf extra by Kalthober

Birm. J. Baskerville, 1765
437 Bass Rock: its Civil and Ecclesiastical History, by Rev. T.

McCrie; its Geology, by H. Millar; its Martyrology, by Rev.
J. Anderson; its Zoology, by J. Fleming, D.D.; and its Bo-
tany, by Prof. J. H. Balfour, plates

Edinb. 1848
438 Batiment des Receptes, uncut

Troyes, 1738 439 Bataille (E.) Vie de Thomas Becket, Chancelier de Henri II, Archevêque de Canterbury

Paris, 1842 440 Bate (R.) Tables of the Weight of Spirits, 1825–Bateman (Dr. T.) Memoir of, 1822

(2) 411 Bath. The new Wife of Beath (a Poem)

3. 3 5. black letter, fine copy in green morocco extra, g. e. by C. Lewis

Glasgow, 1700
** Very scarce. This copy sold for £1. 12s. in Bright's sale.
442 Bath Guide, plates, Bath, 1814—Manners (G.) Plan of Bath,

mounted on cloth, in case, n. d.
443 Bathurst (Hon. and Rev. C.) Notes on Nets, plates
444 Battle of the Sexes, a Poem

445 Baudei (D.) Gnome Commentario illustratæ Lugd. Bat. 1607
446 Baverstock (J.) on Brewing, with Life, portrait

1824 Boud. 447 Baour de Lormian (M.) Veillées poétiques et morales

TELLUM PAPER, unlettered proof plates, fine copy in blue morocco

super extra, silk linings, 9. e. by Bozérian Jeune ; from the Col-
tion of the Comte H. de La Bedoyère

Paris, 8. d.

1839 449 Baxter (R.) Making light of Christ and Salvation too oft the

Issue of Gospel Invitations, uncut, 1655–Baxter (R.) Second

Sheet for the Ministry, uncut, 1657
450 Baxter (R.) One Sheet against the Quakers

, 1657—One Sheet
for the Ministry against the Malignants, 1657—Second Sheet
for the Ministry, 1657— Winding Sheet_for Popery, 1657, in
one vol.-Baxter (R.) Two Sheets for Poor Families, uncut,

(5) 1708

n. d.

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452 B[ayly) (T.) Royal Charter granted unto Kings by God himself, frontispiece by Marshall

1649 For writing this work the author was imprisoned in Newgate. 453 Baynard (E.) Health, a Poem

1749 454 Bazillac (P. M. J. de) L'Art d'embellir la Vie et de fixer le Bon. heur, 2 vol.

Par. 1817 455 Beards. Pogonologia, or Essay on Beards, translated from the French (by J. A. Drewe), calf extra

Exeter, 1786 456 Beattie (J.) The Minstrel, and other Poems, uncut

1779 457 [Beattie (Prof. J.)] Scoticisms, interleaved with MS. additions uncut

Edinb. 1787 458 Beattie (J.) Evidences of the Christian Religion

1806 459 Beattie (J.) Minstrel, and other Poems

LARGE PAPER, wood engravings by Clennel from designs by Thur. ston, uncut

Älnwick, 1807 460 Beatty (Dr. W.) Authentic Narrative of the Death of Lord Nelson LARGE PAPER, proof portrait by E. Scriven

1807 461 Beaumarchais M. de) Le Barbier de Seville uncut, scarce

Paris, 1776 14.- 462 Beaumarchais (M. de) La folle Journée, ou le Mariago de Figaro,

Comédie en Prose, plates

morocco super extra, broad dentelle borders, g. e. rare ib. 1785 463 Beaumarchais (M. de) Euvres complètes, 6 vol. portrait and plates half green morocco, uncut

ib. 1828 464 Beccaria (Marquis C.) on Public (Economy and Commerce, 1769

-Beccaria on Crimes and Punishments, with Commentary by Voltaire, 1770—Beccaria (C.) dei Delitti e delle Pene, frontis.

piece, uncut, Livorno, 1824 465 [Beckford (W.)] Modern Anecdote of the Ancient Family of

Kinkvervankotsdarsprakengotchderns, uncut, (1779) – Beck. ford (W.) Biographical Memoirs of Extraordinary Painters (satirical), uncut, 1780

(2) 2.10. - 466 Beckford (W.) An Arabian Tale, with Notes

FIRST EDITION OF VATHEK, very fine copy, nearly uncut, in light olive morocco super extra, g. e. by F. Bedford

1786 467 Beckford (William, author of Vathek) Memoirs, 2 vol. port. 1859 468 Beckmann (J.) History of Inventions and Discoveries, translated by W. Johnson, 4 vol.

1814 469 Beddoes (T.) History of Isaac Jenking, Sarah his Wife, and their three Children

Bristol, 1793 470 Bedford (A.) Great Abuse of Musick, calf

1711 471 Beehive of the Romish Church, made by Isaac Rabbotenu, trang.

lated by G. Gilpin, black letter, 1636–Emiliane (G. d') Frauds of the Romish Monks, vol. II, 1704

2 vol. - 472 Beer. Warm Beere farre more wholesome than that which is

drunke cold (with Verses in Commendation of Warm Beer by W. B.)

Camb. 1641 *.* Scarce. Bindley's copy sold for 11s. 6d. 473 Beer and Spirits. A Collection of 11 Pamphlets relating to the

Trade in Beer and Spirits (by Fearon, Cullen, Innes, Macdonnell), &c. see MS. list on fly-leaf, half calf

1830 474 Beke (C. T.) Origines Biblicæ, vol. I, map, 1834–Beke (C. T.)

Lecture on the Sources of the Nile, map, privately printed 1864


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