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mental farms shall be under the direction of the agricultural experiment station of the State agricultural college. The officers of the said State experiment station, after having made selection of the location of the said experimental farms, are hereby authorized and required to proceed to carry out the provisions of this act.

SEC. I. The State experiment station shall prepare and publish, or cause to be prepared and published, full and complete annual reports of the work accomplished on said experimental farms; an elition of not less than 6,000 copies shall be pub)lished annually and distributed free of charge to all State and county officials, newspapers, and interested citizens.

SEC. 6. These experimental farms shall be maintained for a period of not less than five years from the date of the passage of this act.

SEC. 7. For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this act the sum of $12.500 is hereby appropriated from any moneys in the State treasury not otherwise appropriated, and the State auditor shall draw his warrant on the State treasurer upon request in writing by the secretary of the board of trustees of the Agricultural College of Utah.

SEC. 8. Whenever the trustees of the agricultural college desire to establish an experimental farm in any county, they shall, as a condition precedent, apply to the commissioners of such county to provide them with the gratuitous use of the required lands for the time needed, and upon the commissioners furnishing a requisite lease on suitabie land the said trustees may establish such farm. (March 6, 1903.)

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Acts and Resolves, 1862, joint resolution No. 46: The State of Vermont does hereby accept the benefits of an act passed by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled entitled 'An act donating public lands to the several States and Territories which may provide colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts." approved July 2, 1862, and will observe and comply with all the requirements of said act. (October 29, 1802.)

Acts and Resolves, 1862, public act No. 17: SECTION 1. Homer E. Royce '* and John B. Page * are hereby appointed agents in the name and behalf of the State of Vermont to obtain and receive from the United States Government all land scrip to which said State may become entitled under an act of the Congress of the Unitel States approved July 2, 1862.

SEC: 2. The aforesaid agents are hereby authorized and required to make such examination of the public lands as are subject to private entry, and procure such information in relation to the same as they may judge will be useful in the disposal and location of the scrip inentioned in the first ssction of this act, and they are authorized to sell or assign the same, or any part thereof, npon such terms and conditions as they shall deem will be most advantageous to this State: Provilcil. The governor of the State shall approve of all such sales or assignments.

SEC. 3. The agents appointed by this act shall hold their appointment for one year and until their successors shall be appointed, and before entering upon the duties of their appointment each shall give his bond with good and sufficient sureiy or sureties to the State of Vermont in the sum of $50,000, the said bond to be approved by the governor and deposited with the secretary of state, and to be in such form as he shall direct and conditioned for the return to the treasury of the State of all scrip, money, or other securities obtained or received for the benefit of this state and for the faithful performance of all the duties of their office.

SEC. 4. Said agents shall make an annual report to the governor of the State of all their doings under this act.

Sec. 5. The governor of the State is herehy anthorized to receive proposals for sich donations of land, buildings, and funds as may be tendered from any part of the State, or from any person or persons, for the purpose of establishing a college according to the provisions of the act of Congress heretoforementioned, and report the same to the next legislature.

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Sec. 7. All moneys derived from the sale of said lands or scrip mentioned in section 2 of this act shall be invested by the treasurer of the State in safe stocks yielding not less than 5 per cent upon the par value of said stocks, and the interest of the fund created by said stocks shall be appropriated for the purposes declared

in the saill act of Congress: Proriled, That sail investments shall always be made with the approval of the governor of the State. (December 1, 1862.)

Acts and Resolves, 1864, public act No. 96: SECTION 1. Justin S. Morrill (and 13 others named], their associates and successors, are hereby constituted a body corporate by the name of the Vermont Agricultural College, the leading object of which shall be, without excluding other scientific and classical studies and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts in order to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions of life.

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Sec. 8. When the said college shall have been organizeri, located, and established, as and for the purposes specified in this act, there shall be appropriated and paid to its treasurer each year, on the warrant of the governor, the annual interest or income which may be received from the fund created under and by virtue of the act of Congress (of July 2, 1862) named in the seventh section of this act and the laws of this state accepting the provisions thereof and relating to the same. (November 22, 1861.)

Acts and Resolves, 1863, public act No. 83: SECTION 1. The University of Vermont and the Vermont Agricultural College, with such other corporations as may hereafter become united therewith, are hereby unitel and constituted a body corporate by the name of the “University of Vernont and State Agricultural College,” for the purpose of carrying ont the objects contemplated in their respective charters, and as such shall be and remain a body corporate forever, and as such may hold and convey real and personal estate, have a common seal, and have all the rights and powers incident to corporations.

Sic. 2. Each of the two institutions hereby united shall, on or before December 15 next, elect by ballot nine of their number, who, with their successors, shall thereafter constitute its board of trustees and likewise constitute a part of the board of trustees of the corporation hereby created, and the nine trustees of the suid agricultural college so elected shall be divided by lot into three classes: The first class, consisting of three members, shull vacate their office at the end of two years from their election; the second class, consisting of three members, shall vacate their office at the end of four years from the time of their election, and the third class, consisting of three members, shall vacate their office at the end of six years from the time of their election; and it shall be the duty of the legislature, at its session next preceding the time of the expiration of the terms of office of said trustees, to elect persons to supply such vacancies, whose terms of office shall continue six years, and it shall be the duty of the said nine trustees of the University of Vermont to elect successors to fill any vacancy which may occur among their inumber, and all the trustees so «lected as is hereinbefore provided shall, together with his excellency the governor of the State, and the president, who hall be ex officio a member, constitute an entire board of trustees of the corporaPion hereby created, who shall have the entire management and control of its property and affairs, and in all things relating theretoexcept in the elections to fill vacancies, as aforesaid, shall act together jointly as one entire board of trustees: Provided, That all future elections or appointments to said board of trustees shall be made with special reference to preventing any religious denominational preponderance in said board.

Sec. 3. Said board of trustees, a majority of whom may constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, may confer such honors and degrees as are usually given in colleges and universities and any other appropriate degrees, and may from time to time, as occasion may require, elect a president, also a secretary, treasurer, librarian, professors, instructors, and any other necessary officers, and prescribe their duties, salaries, and term of office, and may make all necessary by-laws and regulations for the government of themselves and others connected with the institution not inconsistent with the provisions of this act, and therein prescribe the terms of admission, rates of tuition, modes of stuly, and course of instruction, including any proper regulations for uniform, discipline, and military drill, as well as for experimentaland practical instruction in the different branches of agricultural labor.

SEC. 4. Said board of trustees shall have the right to use, control, sell, or dispose of all the real estate and personal property now belonging to the University of Vermont, and belonging to any other institution at the time of its union, if such union shall be made with this corporation agreeably to this act, subject, however, to the payment of any debts of such institutions existing at the time of such union, and subject to any trusts, duties, and obligations connected therewith, and shall be entitled to receive and use, for the purposes aforesaid, the rents and uses of any of the aforesaid lands, including the rents and uses of all such lands as have been heretofore reserved in any charter of land in this State for the use and benefit of any college, and may have the same rights in respect to said lands, and to any leases of the same, and to any rents arising therefrom that said institutions respectively now have, and may maintain suits in their own name, or in the name of such new corporation, to recover the same: Provided, That the right of all parties shall remain and the same defenses shall be had to such suits as if the same were brought in the name and as between the said or nal parties; and the corporation hereby created shall at all times assume, discharge, and perform all the debts, duties, trusts, and obligations which said several institutions were subject to at the time they became united in said new corporation by virtue of this act.

SEC. 5. There shall at all times be maintained in the institution hereby created such instruction in the various branches of learning as is contemplated in the several charters of each of the institutions hereby united, and more particularly including a four years' course of studies similar to such as are generally taught in other colleges, and not inferior to that recently taught in said University of Vermont, and in addition to that which is usually taught in other colleges the instruction in this institution shall include such enlarged facilities and extended scope and variety in the study of those branches which relate to military tactics, agriculture, and the mechanic arts as shall render the whole instruction in conformity with said act of Congress, as well as with the several charters aforesaid.

Sec. 6. Said trustees may, in their discretion, obtain by gift, grant, or otherwise, a tract of land which together with the land now owned by the University of Vermont shall amount to at least 100 acres, to be used as an experimental farm whereon they may make any desirable experiments in the breeding of stock, field culture, the analysis and adaptation of soils, and horticultural and botanical gardening, or either of them, as they may deem proper; and also for the purpose of military encampment, target firing, driil, and review; and said trustees may use, lease, or dispose of the same, as they may think proper, so as best to promote the objects of the institutions.

And in case said land shall be procured, as aforesaid, a sum not to exceed onetenth of the money which has been received by the State treasurer for the sale of land scrip, in pursuance of the act of Congress authorizing the same, shall be paid to said board of trustees for the purposes aforesaid: Provided, That no agricultural labor shall be required of students except by their voluntary agreement or consent.

SEC. 7. Whenever this corporation shall have been duly organized there shall be appropriated and paid to its treasurer annually, for the purpose herein mentioned, on the warrant of the governor, the interest or the income which may be received from the fund created under and by virtue of the act of Congress.

SEC. 8. The corporation hereby created shall make annual reports to the legislature of this State of their condition, financially and otherwise, and make and distribute the reports required by the act of Congress herein referred to; and the legislature may annually appoint a board of visitors, who may annually examine the affairs of said corporation.

Sec. 9. The permanent location of the institution hereby created shall be in Burlington, in said State of Vermont, and the first meeting of the board of trustees shall be there held on November 15 next, at 7 o'clock p. m., or if such meeting shall not be held at that time it shall be held at such other time and place as the governor of this State may appoint, seasonable notice of said appointment having been first given to each of the trustees or corporators of the Verinont University and Vermont Agricultural College.

SEC: 10. The president and fellows of Middlebury College and the Norwich University, or either of them, may hereafter, with the assent and concurrence by vote of a majority of each of the nine trustees elected as aforesaid, and their successors, become incorporated and united with the corporation hereby created by vote of their said corporations at any meeting legally warned and holden, and by leaving for record in the office of the secretary of the State a true and attested copy of such vote or votes, and of all the proceedings of the meeting or meetings at which the votes aforesaid were passed, and causing the same to be recorded in said office.

Sec. 11. If at any time the corporation hereby created shall fail substantially to carry out the provisions and requirements of this act, the supreme court of this State may, it any stated session there f, having first given due notice to said corporation, annul and vacate this charter, and in such case, or in case said corporation shall otherwise be dissolved, said supreme court may, on application, order and decree that the income thereafter to be derived from the proceeds of the sale of said land s rip, in the hands of the State treasurer as aforesaid, together with such amount as may have been paid over by said treasurer fi r the purpose of an experimental farm, shall revert to said Vermo it Agricultural College, and all the other property and effects which at the time of said union belonged to said other institution chill revert to) and be the property of the other institution or institutions which shal have been united and incorporated by or in pursuance of this a't, and in case more than one such other institution shall have been thus united, such other property shall revert to them separately, such specific property to each, as said court shall aljudge and decree, having reference in ma'sing such decree to what was origially owned or contributed by each: Prorided, That in respect to any property or funds hereafter acquired by said new corporation, by gift, grant, bequest, or otherwise, the same shall be awarded and distributed to each of the institations hereby incorporated or hereafter united, in such manner as said court shall deem just and equitable, having reference to the manner the same was acquired, and to any specific trusts or expressed intention of any donors made at the time the same was acquired. And fr the purposes aforesaid, as well as for all other purposes, the said several corporations which shall have been united by virtue of this act shall be deemed ant treated as having continued in life, and the several trustees which shall have been elected by each at the time they were united, and their successors, shall be deemed and treated to have been, since the time of their elections, the trustees of their respective institutions as well as trustees of the united corporation, and, as such trustees, may receive the property and effects which may revert to their respective corporations by such decree of court, and they and their successors whom they may thereafter appoint may continue and manage the affairs of their respective corporations thereafter in the same manner as the trustees of each might have done before they were united as aforesaid.

SEC. 12. This act shall take effect whenever the two corporations hereby united shall, at a meeting duly warned, vote to accept the same and to surrender and relinquish to the corporation hereby created all the property belonging to them, whether real or personal, and all the rents, profits, and income therefrom arising, including said proceeds from the sale of said land scrip, for the purpose and subject to all the rights, trusts, and conditions as in this act provided; and it shall be the duty of each of said corporations to canse a copy of the record of such votes, duly certified by the secretaries of the r respective corporations, to be left for record and duly recorded in the office of the secretary of state; whereupon, by virtue of such votes, such property, rents, profits, and income shall become the property of the corporation hereby created for the purposes and subject to the rights, trusts, and conditions aforesaid, and said property, and the property hereafter acquired by the corporation hereby created, shall be subject to all the conditions, immunities, and exemptions now pertaining to the property held by said University of Vermont. (November 9, 1865.)

Acts and Resolves, 1866, public act No. 97: SECTION 1. The treasurer of the State is hereby directed to pay to the treasurer of the corporation of the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, semiannually, on the 1st day of December and the 1st day of June, on the warrant of the auditor, countersigned by the governor, for the purpose mentioned in the act [of November 9, 1865, above) of which this is an amendment, the interest or income which may be received from the fund created under and by virtue of the act of Congress referred to in the said act of incorporation. (November 15, 1866.)

Acts and Resolves, 1878, public act No. 50: SECTION 1. Any ten or more male citizens of this State who shall claim that the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College has failed to carry out the provisions and requirements of its charter may commence proceedings to have the same inquireil into and determined by the supreme court, by a written complaint addressed to the supreme court, which complaint shall be verified by the oath of one of said complainants, and said complainants shall enter a recognizance for the payment of costs to the defendant corporation in case costs shall be adjudged on failure of prosecution. Said complaint shall set forth substantially the particulars in which such alleged failure on the part of said corporation consists, which complaint may be presented to the supreme court whenever in session or to any judge of the supreme court at any time, which said court or judge may make all proper orders for the giving of notice of such complaint to said corporation; for the making of answer to such complaint; for taking the testimony, by deposition or otherwise; for the time and place of hearing the canse, and for all other matters necessary to bring such cause to issue, hearing, and determination in the supreme court at the earliest practicable day.

SEC. 2. Such judge or court may make such complaint returnable to any term of the supreme court, wherever sitting, and the court may transfer said cause from county to county for the purpose of securing a more speedy hearing and determination thereof.

SEC. 3. The court in such case may make all necessary and proper orders for perfecting and carrying out its judgments and orders and may enforce its orders by execution and bý process for contempt, and all questions of costs shall be in the discretion of the court. (November 26, 1878.)

Acts and Resolves, 1886, public act No. 73: SECTION 1. For the promotion of scientific and practical agriculture and for preventing frauds and adulterations in commercial fertilizers, foods, feeding stuffs, seeds, and commercial products there is hereby established a State agricultural experiment station in connection with and under the control of the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College. (November 24, 1886.).

Acts and Resolves, 1888, No. 260: SECTION 1. In pursuance of the objects set forth in the charter of the University of Vermont and State Agiicultural College the auditor of accounts is hereby authorized and directed to draw his order on the State treasurer in favor of the treasurer of said University of Vermont and State Agricultural College (upon the warrant of the governor) semiannually on the 1st days of December and June (for] the sum of $3,200 [$3,000:] for the period of four years from December 1, 1888, at which date said first semiannual payment shall be made, until December 1, 1892, inclusive (of which sun of $6,000 per annum, the sum of $3,600 shall) be expended by the said the Univerity of Verinont and State Agricultural College (in providing competent instruction in said institution in branches of learning related to the industrial arts, and the sum of $2,400) in paying the tuition and incidental college charges of 30 students therein, one of whom shall be designated and appointed by each senator in the general assembly, such appointment to be made by such senator from his respective county, provided any suitable candidate shall apply therefor; otherwise, from any county in the State, and all vacancies in such appointments shall be filled by the senator who made the appointment vacated, or by his successor in office; said appointments to be made in the inonth of Juno preceding the commencement of the college course of the student so appointed, and whenever any such vacancy shall occur.

SEC. 2. Whenever any senator from any county shall fail to make an original appointinent or to fill any vacancy among such appointed students which he is authorized to make or fili by section 1 of this act, after one month's notice of his right so to do from the president of said University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, the trustees of that institution may make such appointment or fill such vacaney by appointment from that county if there are any applicants therefrom who shall pass the examination required by the rules of said institution, and if not, then from any county in the State. (November 27, 1888.)

Acts and Resolves, 1888, No. 162: The assent of the general assembly of the State of Vermont be, and hereby is, given to the purposes of the grants made in said act [of Congress of March 2, 1887), and the action hitherto taken by the trustees of the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College in organizing and conducting an agricultural experiment station in connection with the said University of Vermont and State Agricultural College is hereby ratified and confirmed, and the said trustees are hereby authorized to continue to conduct the said agricultural experiment station in accordance with the terms and conditions expressed in the act of Congress aforesaid.

Acts and Resolves, 1890, No. 78: SECTION 1. The assent of the general assembly of the State of Vermont be, and hereby is, given to the purposes of the grants of moneys anthorized by said act of Congress approved August 30, 1890. (November 19, 1890.)

Acts and Resolves, 1892, No. 25: SECTION 1. [Repeats practically the provisions of section 1 of the act of November 27, 1888, appropriating $6,000 per annum to the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College.]








SEC. 4. Senators from any county shall in their appointment of candidates for scholarships in the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College give preference to candidates for the agricultural and industrial department; but if, at any time, there are not thirty suitable applicants for said department, then said senators may appoint to any other department of said college. (November 4, 1892.)

Acts and Resolves, 1898, No. 31: SECTION 1. All appointments of students heretofore made and designated by the senators in the general assembly * shall expire in June, 1899.

SEC. 2. Each senator in the general assembly shall biennially designate and appoint one student to [the University of Vermont and State Agricultural College], and the scholarship thus created shall be for the period of two years. Vacan

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