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Voyages and Travels (continued):
Indies (East and West). Trauvayle

(Eden), 4679
Indies (East and West). Voyages

(Linschoten), 1868
Indies (West). Voyage (Drake), 4826
Italy, Pictures from (Dickens), 729
Jerusalem. Le Saint Voyage (Breyden-

bach), 5568
Labrador Journal of Events (Cart'

wright), 3315
Lakes, The English, Tour of the (Field-

ing), 624
Lisbon, Voyage to (Fielding), 3604
Mandeville's Voyages, 1157
Marco Polo's Travels, 1842
Mexico. Journal of La Salle's Last

Voyage (Joutel), 912
Moryson (F.) Itinerary, 2555
Naples and the Campagna Felice

(Rowlandson), 72
Narborough (Sir J.) Voyages and Dis.

coveries, 4910
New General Collection of Voyages and

Travels, 1873
New South Wales, Voyage to (White),

Nicolay (N.) Navigations, 2558
North-West Passage (Foxe), 5425
North-West Passage (Frobisher), 5661

Voyages and Travels (continued):

North-West Passage (James), 3337, 5455
North-West Passage (Middleton), 2285
North-West Passage (Parry), 2215
North-West Passage (Ross), 2219
Paris, Tour in (Sams), 2675
Purchas (S.) His Pilgrimes, 457
Ramusio (G. B.) Navigationi, 1880
Russia. Voyage of the Ambassadors to

Muscovy (Olearius), 4688
Scotland, Voyage Round (Daniell), 536
Shelley's Six Weeks' Tour, 2679
Sicily: Voyage Pittoresque (Houel), 4241
South Seas (Hawkins), 2554
Surinam, Description of (Warren), 4580
"Swiftsure,” Voyage in the (Willyams),

Troad. Voyage (Lechavalier), 6424
Venus, Voyage sur la, 149
Voyages and Travels

(Struys), 4957
Wilson (W.) Post Chaise Companion,

Weather Lore:

ges (L.) A Prognostication, 5634
Wood-carving. See Cabinet-Making
Writing See Penmanship
Yachting :

Davis (Jno.) The Seaman's Secrets, 6514
Medina (P.) Arte de Navegar, 1389

Book-Prices Current.



(No. of Lots, 869; amount realised, £775 6s.)

I America. A List of Charters from the Commissioners for Trade

and Plantations : Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pensylvania, Massachusets and Georgia, half calf, 1741, folio (596)

H. Stevens, £i 18s. 2 America. The Case of Mr. John Gordon with respect to certain

Lands in East Florida, 1772—The Opinion of Daniel Horsmanden on the Moheagan Indians, 1769-A Collection of Papers relating to Quebec, by F. Maseres, 1772, 4to. (567)

H. Stevens, £9 ios. 3 Annals of Sporting, by. Caleb Quizem and his Various Corres

pondents, vignette title and 28 coloured plates by Woodward and Rowlandson, original boards, uncut, 1809, 8vo. (345)

Hornstein, £6 4 Astrology. Registrum Guidonis Bonati de forlivio, gothic letter,

in double columns, many curious woodcuts and horoscopes, old oaken boards (wanted last leaf), August vind. E. Ratdolt, 1491, small 4to. (204)

Ridler, £2 2s. 5 Atkyns (Sir R.) Ancient and Present State of Gloucestershire, second edition, map and plates, calf, 1768 (807)

Bensley, £5 ros. [Another copy of this same edition, but on large paper, realised £7 55. (russia), and a third copy, also on large paper, £6 (russia), both at this same sale. The first edition was

published in 1712, folio.--ED.) 6 Beckford (William). An Arabian Tale (Vathek) from an unpublished Manuscript, with Notes, calf, London, 1786, 8vo. (444)

Denham, £i 9s. 7 Bentley's Miscellany, vol. 1 to 23, illustrations by Cruikshank and Leech, half calf gilt, 1837-48, 8vo. (719).

Maggs, £4 75. 6d. (A series of 22 vol., in half morocco, realised £2 ios. at

this same sale.—ED.] 8 Blair (R.) The Grave, first edition, plates by W. Blake, boards, uncut, 1808, 4to. (199)

Karslake, £i ios. £i 5s.

9 Bonaventura (S.) Super primo sententiarum opus, gothic letter,

double column, 186 leaves, with woodcut printer's device at end, original calf, Brixia, B. de Farfengo, 1490, 4to. (584)

[Hain, 3537, never saw this work and was unable to give a collation. All books printed at Brescia in the fifteenth

century are rare.- Catalogue.] 10 Book-Prices Current, vol. 1-7, half morocco and cloth, 1887-93, 8vo. (671)

Maggs, £4. 155. 11 Brandt (Sebastian). Stultifera Navis. Narragonice pfectionis

nunī. satis laudata Navis : per Sebastianū Brant, woodcuts, old oaken boards covered with contemporary stamped leather, In laudatissima Germanie urbe Basiliensi : imp. opa et pino

tione Johānis Bergman de Olpe, 1498, 4to. (551) £7 75. 12 Britton (J.) Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain, LARGE PAPER, 5 vol., plates, half morocco, 1807-26, folio (287)

Hill & Sons, £4 175. 6d. 13 Broadside. The Committee, or Popery in Masquerade, large

engraved plate with verses beneath, Printed by Mary Clark for Henry Brome, 1680, folio (851)

Dobell, £1 4s. 14 Brown (F.) Abstracts of Somersetshire Wills, etc., copied

from the Manuscript Collections of the late Rev. F. Brown, 6

vol., Privately printed, 1887-90, folio (604) Crisp, £3 175. 6d. 15 Butler (S.) Hudibras, with Life, 2 vol., coloured plates, morocco, g. e., 1822, 8vo. (514)

B. Palmer, £1 125. 16 Calendar of Wills at Ipswich, 1444-1600 (one of 100 copies), half vellum, Privately printed, 1895, folio (597)

Hill & Sons, £1 8s. 17 Cartwright (Mr. W.) Comedies, Tragi-comedies, with other

Poems, the Ayres and Songs set by Mr. Henry Lawes, original edition, portrait by Lombart, some head-lines cut into (sold not subject to return), morocco, by Rivière, London, H. Moseley, 1651, 8vo. (515)

F. Edwards, £2 6s. 18 Catholic Registers of the City of Worcester (one of 50 copies),

vellum, Privately printed, 1887, folio (601) Quaritch, £ 1 19 Combe (W.) Tours of Dr. Syntax, 3 vol., coloured plates by Rowlandson, n. d., 8vo. (190)

Ridler, £i ios. 20 Coryat (T.) Crambe, or His Colwort twise Sodden, and now

served in with other Macaronicke dishes, as the second course to his Crudities, woodcut title (plain margin repaired), music, and verses by Ben Jonson, L. Whitaker, W. Rich, etc. (one or two head lines shaved), morocco gilt, W. Stansby, 1611, small 4to. (407)

Maggs, £7 55. 21 Cricket. Frederick Lillywhite's Cricket Scores and Biographies

of Celebrated Cricketers, vol. 1 and 2 (1746 to 1840), cloth, 1862, 8vo. (79)

Sotheran, £1 18s. 22 Cruikshank (George). Hans of Iceland, first edition, plates by G. Cruikshank, calf extra, t. e. g., 1825, 8vo. (396)

Sabin, £1 45. 23 Cruveilhier (J.). Anatomie Pathologique, 2 vol., plates, some

coloured, russia, 1829-42, folio (298) Lorentz, £i 125. 6d.

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