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“Philosophy baptiz'd
In the pure fountain of eternal love
Has eyes indeed ; and viewing what she sees
As meant to indicate a GOD to Man,

Gives him his praise, yet forfeits not her own."



PRINT Ed RY wilks, GRAF Ton, & co.


JUL 26.1899




AN account of the progress of a virtuous man through a variety of trying vicissitudes, must ever be a gratification to the reader of sensibility. Such a man was the subjet of this biographical sketch, and the most remarkable events of his history, are here detailed with truth, and impartiality.

This little work is enriched with anecdotes, com-municated to the author, by persons who were long eye-witnesses to the dignified conduct of Dr. Priestley, as a public character, and to his domestic habits as a private individual. It may be observed that his Biographer ought to be a man highly endowed with eloquence, to give an animated picture of his superlative merit; but his fame is fully established by his

own inestimable productions, and the more simple

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