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In the compilation of the History OF THE UPPER MISSISSIPPI VALLEY it has been the aim of the Publishers to present a general and local history, comprising in a single volume of convenient form a fund of varied information, not only of interest to the present, but from which the coming searcher for historic data may draw without the tedium incurred in its preparation. The extraordinary range embraced, and the almost unprecedented variety of topics, have rendered this an extremely difficult task ; and it is with no ordinary sense of relief that we at last witness its completion. That our work is wholly errorless, or that nothing of interest has been omitted, is more than we dare hope, and more than is reasonable to expect. In closing our labors, we have the gratifying consciousness of having used our utmost endeavors in securing reliable data, and feel no hesitancy in submitting the result to an intelligent public. The impartial critic, to whom only we look for comment, will, in passing judgment upon its merit, be governed by a knowledge of the vastness of the undertaking, and the manifold difficulties attending its prosecution. While no apology is demanded, we deem it but just to ourselves to forestall possible misunderstandings by directing attention to portions of the local history.

In presenting so many subjects in a single volume, without sacrificing its symetrical proportions, it has been found necessary to economize space ; and as some of the counties have received frequent mention in the general chapters, a repetition has been avoided, thus making an apparent difference in their relative annals which does not exist. In some towns the history is so interwoven with the personnels as to render little else even possible, while others, as yet but partially developed, afford but meagre details either in record or legend. In a few instances we have relied upon the sacred promises of others to furnish additional detail, and only learned of their failure when too late for extended personal research. In these instances our duties have been doubly arduous ; but the labor has been patiently performed, and, we trust, to the satisfaction of those interested.

We have been especially fortunate in enlisting the interest of Rev. Edward D. Neill, J. Fletcher Williams, Charles S. Bryant, and Prof. N. H. Winchell, whose able productions are herewith presented. We also acknowledge ourselves indebted to Hon. Nathan Richardson, of Little Falls ; Almon P. Barker, of Princeton ; and the valuable writings of the late Rev. Sherman Hall, of Sauk Rapids. In general terms we express sincere thanks to the Clergy, the Press, the Pioneers, and Citizens, who, with a few unimportant exceptions, have extended universal encouragement and endorsement.

That our efforts may prove satisfactory, and this volume receive a welcome commensurate with the care bestowed in its preparation, is the earnest desire of


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