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that this Odin, with his brothers, ruleth both heaven and earth, that O IN is his true name, and that he is the no powerful of all the Gods (A).


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In all likelihood this meant to inculcate that fable is only an allegory; the supreme, eternal, inbut whatever right my visible and incorruptible privilege of commentator God, whom they durft may give me to explain not name out of fear ar it, I shall decline the at reverence, had appointed tempt.

inferior divinities for the There is, however, a

government of the world: very important remark to and that it was those dibe made here.

vinities who, at the last erful Being had with his day, were to yield to the breath animated the drops efforts of powerful eneout of which the first Gi mies, and be involved in ant was formed. This the ruins of the universe: Being, whom the EDDA and that then the supreme affects not to name, was God, ever existing, and intirely distinct from O. placed above the reach of din, who had his birth all revolution and change, long after the formation would arise from his reof Ymir. One may con

pose, to make a new jecture, therefore, (since world out of the ruins of we know that the Druids the old, and begin a new never revealed their

my• period, which thould in steries, but by degrees, its turn give place to anand with great precau

other; and so on through tion) that the hidden all eternity. The same philosophy of the Celts *, was the system of the Sto

* It is sufficient just to hint to the reader, that our ingenious author goes here upon the hypothesis of M. Pelloutier, that the Goths and Celts were the same people, and that the do&rine of the Druids was also that of the Scandinavian Scalds : an hypothesis which I take to be extremely erroneous,



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ics; who, as well as the Tuiston had a son named philosophers of the north*, Mannus, whose three fons fupposed that the world, were the original ancesafter it had been

tors of the three princisumed by flames, should pal nations of Germany. be renewed ; and that the The Scythians, accordinferior Deities should be ing to Herodotus, lib. 4. destroyed at the same time. c. 6. & 10. said that TarWhat confirms all this, gytaus (i.e. the GoodTaus) is, that this God, fupe the founder of their narior to Odin himself, and tion, had three fons, Leiof whom the vulgar a poxain, Anpoxain and Komong this people had laxain. A tradition rescarce any idea, is repre

ceived by the Romans, fented in the Icelandic imported (according to poems as making a fe Appian, Illyr. Lib.) that cond appearance, after the the Cyclop PÖLYPHEME death of all the Gods, had by Galatea three fons, in order to distribute juf- named Celtus, Illyrius, and tice, and establish a new Gallus. SATURN, the faorder of things. See the ther of Jupiter, Neptune, Icelandic odes, cited in and Pluto, might very well the antiquities of Bartho come from thesame source; lin, l. 2. C. 14.

as well as the three fons

whom Hefiod makes to (A) “ The most pow spring from the marriage “ erful of all the Gods.”] of HEAVEN and EARTH, 'Tis not undeserving of Coltus, Briareus, and Gyges. notice, that all the ancient A tradition fo ancient and nations of Europe + de so general, must have cer

cribe their origin with tainly had its foundation the same circumstances. in fome real fact, though Tacitussays, that the Ger I pretend not to decide mans, in their vertes, ce with Cluverius, that this lebrated a God born of the fact is what the Scripture carth, named Tuiston (that tells us of Noah and his is, the son of Tis, or Tuis, sons; yet one cannot dethe supreme God.) This ny, that there is some

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* Fr. Les Celtes.

† Fr. Tous les Peuples Celtes.

Gen. x. 3.

thing very probable in other evil, whom love at this, unless the reader is last united. But I leave inclined to give the pre the pleasure of making ference to the sons of this research, to those who GOMER, Akenaz, Ri are fond of disquisitions of phath, and Togarmah. this kind. Let me only

invite them to read, upon If I were not already this subject, the pretendtoo prolix, I might find ed prophesy of Enoch, here the traces of another cited in Syncellus, p. 11, tradition, not less anci & seq. and Lactantius's ent, very far spread over Origin of Errors. They the east, and in fome de will find there many surgree confirmed by the 6th prizing conformities with chapter of Genesis *. I the above doctrines of the mean those two different EDDA. races, the one good, the

* The common versions of the passage referred to by our author, run as follows: " The fans of God " saw the daughters of men, that they were fair; and “ they took them wives of all which they chose. ... " There were Giants in the earth in those days; 66 namely, after that the fons of God came in unto “ the daughters of Men, and they bare children to 66 them : the same became mighty men; which were 66 of old men of renown, &c.”

Gen, vi. 2, 4It is however but justice to the sacred writer, to observe, that it is only from a misinterpretation of the original words, that the wild traditions mentioned by our author could have any countenance from the above paffage : For, by " the sons of God,” the best commentators understand the virtuous race of Seth; and by “ the daughters of men,” the vicious offspring of Cain: and the fruits of this marriage were 3 Nephilim, (not Giants, but) Men of Violence, from 79, ruit, irruit, &c.


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How the fons of Bore made heaven and earth.


I AS there, proceeded Gangler, any

kind of equality, or any degree of good understanding between those two different races? Har answers him; Far from it: the fons of Bore (A) flew the Giant. Ymir, and there ran so much blood from his wounds, that all the families of the Giants of the Frost were drowned in it, except one single Giant, who saved him: self, with all his household. He is called Eergelmer. He escaped by happening to be aboard his bark; and by him was preserved the race of the Giants of the Frost. This is confirmed by the following verses. “Many winters before the earth was fash“ ioned, was Bergelmer born ; and well I « know that this fage Giant was faved and

preserved on board his bark (B)." Gan gler demands, What then became of the fons of Eore, whom you look upon as

Gods ?

Gods? Har replied: To relate this is no trivial matter. They dragged the body of Ymir into the middle of the abyss, and of it formed the earth. The water and the sea were composed of his blood; the mountains of his bones; the rocks of his teeth; and of his hollow bones, mingled with the blood that ran from his wounds, they made the vast ocean ; in the midst of which they infixed the earth (c). Then having formed the heavens of his scull, they made them rest on all sides upon the earth : they divided them into four quarters, and placed a dwarf at each corner to sustain it. These dwarfs are called East, West, South, and North. After this they went and seized upon fires in Muspelsheim, (that flaming world in the south,) and placed them in the abyss, in the upper and lower parts of the sky, to enlighten the earth. Every fire had its affigned residence. Hence the days were distinguished, and the years reduced to calculation. For this reason it is said in the poem of VOLUSPA, “ For6. merly the sun knew not its palace, the “ moon was ignorant of its powers, and

the stars knew not the stations they were "to occupy (D).” These, cried out Gangler, were grand performances indeed ! most ftupendous undertakings! Har goes on, and fays, The earth is round, and



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