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Witar 312 Art Union. Thirty Illustrations to Byron's Childe Harold
fine impressions

313 Arthur. Morte Arthure: the alliterative Romance of the Death o.

of King Arthur, now first edited by J. O. Halliwell, front.
half morocco, uncut, only 75 copies printed for private circulation

Brixton Hill, 1847 314 Ashton (J.) Paper delivered at his Execution, with Answer, three copies

1690 315 [Astley (John)] Art of Riding

H. Denham, 1584 316 Athenian Letters (by P. Earl of Hardwicke, Hon. C. Yorke, &c.) 2 vol. portraits, map and plates

1798 317 Atkins (Alderman) Seasonable Speech in the Rump Parlia. ment

1660 318 Atkins & Co. on the Relation between Specific Gravities and the Strengths and Values of Spirituous Liquors

319 Atterbury (F.) True State of the Controversy betwixt the present

Bishop and Dean of Carlisle, touching the Regal Supre-

320 Auctoris incerti de Rebus Ultrajectinis Narratio (1138-1233),
cum Notis A. Matthæi, vellum

Hage, 1740
321 Augustini (B.) Sermo super Orationem Dominicam
a fine specimen of Ulrich Zell's types

8. 1. & a.
*. * Printed at Cologne by Ulrich Zell, about 1475. This copy sold

for £2. 6s. in Nicoll's sale. 322 Austen (Ra.) Profits Pleasures, a Treatise of Fruit Trees, together 2. 18.

with the Spirituall Use of an Orchard, 2 vol. in 1, engraved

title by Goddard

olive morocco, super extra, g. e. by J. Clarke Oxford, 1653 323 Austin (G.) Chironomia, or Treatise on Rhetorical Delivery 1806 324 Austine (R.) Allegiance not Impeached

presentation copy, with author's autograph inscription, For my

much honoured freind S' John Honywood,” uncut 1644 325 B. (J.) Kedarminster-Stuff, a new Piece of Print: or, a Remnant of Mr. Baxter's Piæ Fraudes unravelled, uncut

1681 326 B. (J.) Argument shewing that it is impossible to be rid of the Marshal of the King's

Bench and Warden of the Fleet, without Extirpation of the Offices, &c. uncut

1699 327 B. (W.) Serious Letter to the Lady Consideration to communicate

in Hide-Park to the Gallants after Sun-set, uncut, rare 1655 328 Bacchanalian Sessions : with a Farewel to Wine, & satyrical Poem

1693 329 Bacchinus (B.) de Sistris, &c. plate Traj. ad Rhen. 1696 330 Bacon (Frier) his famous History, with the Lives and Deaths of 2. 5.

the two Conjurers Bungey and Vandermast (interspersed with

Poetry), woodcut black letter, half morocco

M. Clark for T. Passenger on London Bridge, 1679 331 Bacon (Sir F.) Charge touching Duells, 1614–Learned Reading on the Statute of Uses, uncut, 1642

332 Bacon (Sir Francis) Two Bookes on the Proficience and Advance-

ment of Learning, Divine and Humane, 1629-Bacon (Lord)
Ordinances for Chancery, 1612

333 Bacon (F. Lord) Discourse of the Happy Union of England and
Scotland, uncut

1700 D


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334 Bagshawe (E.) Two Arguments in Parliament (concerning the
Cannons and Premunire)

335 Bagshawe (E.) Two great Questions concerning Things indifferent
in Religious Worship, 2 parts in 1, uncut

336 Bagshaw (H.) Sermon on the Excellency of Primitive Govern-

ment, preached at Guild-Hall Chappel at the Election of the
Lord Mayor (Waterman), limp vellum

337 Baker (G.) de Catarrho et Dysenteria Londinensi, plates 1764
338 Baldinucci (F.) Opuscoli sopra varie Materie di Pittura, Scultura
e Architettura

Firenze, 1765 339 Bale (J.) Pageant of Popes, Englished by J. Studley, portrait of

Borne Bale added black letter, calf gilt

T. Marshe, 1574 P. 10. - 310 BALLADS AND Songs. A large Collection of Broadsides (many decantad

with woodcuts) printed by J. Catnach, collected by R. H.

Barham (Ingoldsby), and presented to J. Adolphus in 1 vol. 341 Bancroft (Archbp. R.) Dangerous Positions and Proceedings 16 10 342 Bank-Credit: its Usefulness and Security, uncut, 1683– Bank of latih

Credit (General) Account of its Constitution and Security,
uncut, with cotemporary inscription, "For Mr. Alderman
Parr," 1683– Brief Account of the Intended Bank of Eng-
land, uncut, 1691-Observations on the Bank of England,
uncut, 1695

343 BAPTISM. Wynell (T.) Covenants Plea for Infants, 1642-

Crooke (W.) Answer to the Vanity of Childish Baptism,
uncut, 1644-Infants Baptizing lawfull, 1614-Church (J.)
Divine Warrant for Infant-Baptism, 1618–Ainsworth (H.)
Censure of Anabaptists, 1614–Cook (W.) Font uncovered
for Infant Baptism, 1651–Exell (J.) on Infant Baptism, 1693 ;
and 8 other Pamphlets on Pædo-Baptism

344 Baptism. Practice and Doctrine of Presbyterian Preachers,

Edinb. 1703 - Baptists. Heart-Bleedings for Professors
Abominations, 1650

345 Barclay (R) Apology for the Quakers
2. 15, 346 Barnes" (Juliana) Gentlemans Academie

, or Booke of St. "Albans atau (Hawking, Hunting and Armorie), reduced into a better Method by G. Markham, coats of arms

1595 347 Barnes (T.) Vox Belli, or an Alarum to Warre

1626 348 Barriffe (W.) Mars his Triumph : or, the Description of an Exercise performed 18 Oct. 1638, in Merchant-Taylors Hall

, by certaine Gentlemen of the Artillery Garden, London, with music, scarce

349 Barriffe (W.) Military Discipline, or the Yong Artillery Man,

portrait by G. Glover, and plates, 1639-Mars his Triumph, or
Description of an Exercise performed 18 Oct. 1638, in Mer-
chant-Taylors Hall, by certain Gentlemen of the Artillery
Garden, London, rare, 1639, calf extra, g. e.

in 1 vol.
850 Barry (Sir E.) on the Wines of the Ancients, frontispiece

351 Barthelemy (Abbé) Voyage du Jeune Anacharsis en Grèce, 4 vol.

calf, and 4to, atlas of maps and plates, half calf, printed in

Paris, 1789
352 Bartoli (C.) del Modo di misurare le Distantie, &c. woodcuts

Venetia, 1614

353 Bartsch (A.) Catalogue raisonné de toutes les Estampes qui for

ment l’Éuvre de Rembrandt et de ceux de ses principaux

Imitateurs, 2 vol. portraits and plates
LARGE PAPER, uncut, very scarce

Vienne, 1797
354 Basing.House. Relation of all Things concerning Basing-House

(with Verses entitled The Armies Teares over Major Bethel),
1645--Cromwell (O.) Letter concerning the Taking of Basing

resimca: 355 Basingstoke. History of Holy Ghost Chapel and Guild, with

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Particulars of the Hospital founded in 1261, plates

Basingstoke, 1819
356 Baur (J. W.) One Hundred and Fifty Etchings illustrative of /.


Ovid's Metamorphoses, fine impressions, rare Vienna, 1641 357 Baxter (R.) Explication of some Passages in the foregoing Pro

positions and Profession, 1653-Christian Concord : or the Agreement of the Associated Pastors and Churches of Worcestershire, with R. Baxter's Explication and Defence, autograph of Bp. Sy. Patrick, uncut, 1653—Judgment and Advico of the Assembly of Associated Pastors of Worcestershire,

uncut, 1658
358 Baxter (R.) Admonition to W. Eyre, uncut, 1654-Humble

Advice, uncut, 1655–Of the Saints Perseverance, 1657-Of
Saving Faith, uncut, 1658

it ) 359 Baxter (R.) Sermon of Repentance, uncut, 1660-Life of Faith,

uncut, 1660—Right Rejoycing, uncut, 1660-Life of Fa,'h,

frontispiece by White, 1070 360 Baxter (R.) The Church told of Mr. E. Bagsbaw's Scandals, &c.

1672--Moral Prognostication, 1680—How to do Good to Many, 1682—Catholick Communion defended against both Extreams, all uncut

(4) 361 Baxter (R.) Whether Parish Congregations be true Christian

Churches, presentation copy, with author's autograph inscription, "For Mr. Clarkson," 1684-Of National Churches, uncut, 1691– Penitent Confession and Necessary Vindication, uncut, 1691

(3) 362 Baxter. Bishop of Worcester's Vindication of himself from Mr.

Baxter's Calumny, uncut, 1662—Tully (T.) Letter to R. Baxter (Defence of Justificatio Paulina), uncut, Oxford, 1675Kedarminster-Stuff. A new Piece of Print: or, a Remnant of Mr. Baxter's Pia Fraudes unravelled, by J. B. uncut, 1681 -L'Estrange (Sir R.) The Casuist uncas'd, in a Dialogue betwixt Richard and Baxter, uncut, 1681-Reflections on Mr. Baxter's English Non-Conformity, LARGE PAPER, uncut, 1689– Reflections upon the Opposition made against the Free Doctrines of M. Baxter, 1700

(6) 364 Bayley (J.) History and Antiquities of the Tower of London, 2 vol. plates

1821-25 365 Beard (T.) Theatre of God's Judgements

1631 Containing, amongst other Examples, an account of Kit Mar. lowe and bis tragical fate. Dr. Beard was schoolmaster to

Oliver Cromwell.
366 Bedford. Narrative of Illegal and Arbitrary Proceedings against

Nonconformists in and near_Bedford, with Account of the
Strange Death of the Grand Informer, scarce


367 Bedlam, a Poem, privately printed

1776 368 Bedwell (W.) Description of the Mesolabium Architectonicum invented by T. Bedwell

, 1631–Pilkington (G.) Turnament of Tottenham (in verse), published by W. Bedwell, 1631-Bedwell (W.) Briefe Description of the Towne of Tottenham HighCrosse, 1631

in one vol. 369 Beer. Reasons for taking off the Duty upon Beer and Ale, and laying it on Malt, uncut

1695 370 Beilhaven (Lord) Speeches (on the Union), with an occasional Preface (by D. De Foe), uncut, scarce

1733 371 Belbaven (Lord) Speech on the Affair of the Indian and African Company and its Colony of Caledonia

372 Bell of Antermony (J.) Travels from St. Petersburg to diverse

Parts of Asia, 2 vol. maps
half morocco,

Glasgow, Foulis, 1763


373 Adam (V.) Restez chez vous pour éviter les Désagréments de

Voitures, humorous plates 13.-. 374 Æsop's FABLES, WITH His Life in Exalish, French AND LATIN wanted

LARGE PAPER, fine impressions of the 112 Sculptures of the Fables,

and of the 31 Figures (plate 17 not disfigured, as usual) repre

senting his Life, by F. Barlow
olive morocco, super extra, g.e. by Clarke and Bedford 1687
Very scarce on Large Paper. Col. Stanley's copy sold for £8.,

and the Fonthill for the same sum.
375 Africa. Relation of the Victory of Prester John in taking Habalee,

with Letter from J. Mills concerning Rencounters against the
Sally-Men, 1684–Adventures of a Christian_Ship at Alex-
andria, n. d.- Relation of the Transactions at Tangier, n. d.-
Present Danger of Tangier, 1697-Letter from the King of
Morocco to Charles I, 1680

376 Aleman (M.) The Rogue: or Life of Guzman de Alfarache (trans-

lated by J. Mabbe), Oxford, 1630—The Spanish Bawd repre

sented in Celestina (translated by J. Mabbe), 1631 fine copies

in one vol. 3.6. 377 Allason (T.) Picturesque Views of the Antiquities of Pola

Quantah LARGE PAPER, proof impressions of the beautiful engravings by

Cooke, fc., including a fine frontispiece after Turner 1819 378 AMADIS DE Gaula. Los quatros libros de Amadis d'gaula nueu

a amente impressos & hystoriados 1533, woodcuts EXTREMELY RARE, very fine copy in morocco super extra, 9. e. by F. Bedford

Venecia, 1533 According to the Priest (in Don Quixote) Amadis de Gaul was the first of the Romances of Chivalry in Spain, and as the father of so pernicious a sect deserved to be thrown into the flames, but was spared at the intercession of the Barber "as the best of all

the books of this kind.” Col. Stanley's copy sold for £50. 1. 2.- 379 America. The Repeal, or Funeral Procession of Miss Americ. threw

Stamp, a scarce engraving, with description engraved beneath-
Another Etching of the same subject, called " Funeral of Miss
Ame-Stamp,” with a different description printed beneath (2)

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380 Andrade (M. C. de) Luz da liberal e nobre Arte da Cavalleria, /. 18

2 vol. in 1, portrait of John Prince of Brazil, and fine engravings red morocco, with arms of Lord Stuart de Rothesay stamped in gold on sides

Lisboa, 1790 381 Angelo (D.) School of Fencing, in English and French, plates

3. uncut

1765 382 APULEYO DEL ASNO DE ORO (traducido en Español)

2. 18. black letter, woodcut title-page, fine copy in russia, g. e.

Medina del Campo, 1543
* Very scarce. This copy sold for £7. 10s. at the White Knight's

383 Archer (J. W.) Vestiges of old London

LARGE PAPER, india proof plates, half morocco, uncut 1851
384 Argyll (John Duke of) Monument in Westminster Abbey, with 3.

bis Speech on the State of the Nation, 15 April, 1740, a large

and rare broadside, with engraving of the monument, T. Fox, n. d. 385 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, in English heroical Verse, by Sir 2. 3.

John Harington, with his Epigrams, engraved title (with por

traits) and plates, fine copy in the original binding 1634 386 Aristotle's Metaphysics, translated, with notes, by T. Taylor


387 Army. Rules for London Military Association-Rules of Artillery

Ground, 1779—Six Placards calling on Volunteers to join dif-
ferent Regiments — Female Volunteers (a Song) –Plate of
Lunardi ascending from the Artillery Ground; and Six En-
gravings connected with Volunteers

388 ARNOLD (R.) CHRONICLE. In this booke is Conteyped the names 25.76

of ye baylifs Custos maers and Sherefs of the cite of londo from
the tyme of king richard the furst. & also thartycles of the
Chartur and libarties of the same Cyte. And of the chartur
and Liberties off England wyth odur dyuers mat's good and


Čitezē to undirstond and knowe black letter, very large copy, but a few leaves mended, dark morocco

super extra, blind-tooled in the old style, g. e. by Clarke and

Bedford, EXTREMELY RARE The "odur dyuers matters” are very heterogeneous, comprising "The ordinaunce for asyse of brede in london; the Popys bulle for offeryngis in london; the ordinaunce for brokers; names of chirchis in london and subarbes; the ordynaunce for wollen clothe; articles ayenste perell of fyer; the divers othes; various legal forms; list of indulgences; the crafte of graffyng and plantyng of tryes and alterypg of frutis as well in colour as in taste; the generall cursse to be declared iiii times in the yere (very curious); various recipes; the beautiful BALLADE OF Y* NOTTE BROWNE MAYDE; the offyce of a bishop or a preyst; Charter of the Forest; Magna Charta ; list of the tythe-payers of Saint Magnus (including the name of author as Richard Arnod); list of the Courses at the Installation of the Bishop of Ely Morton with names of Guests, the Chants, &c. (very curious); Coppe of a Testament (appointing R. Arnolde Haberdassher one of the Executors); Crafte for to brue bier; Patrons of Benefices; Corodyes of all the Abbeys; Lawes and beleve of the Sarasyns (probably the earliest specimen of Arabic printed in England); ARTICLES OF VISITATION (containing some curious Inquiries

n. d.

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