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2879 Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions, chiefly in Scotland

2862 Engel (W.) Qu'est-ce que l'Etat? suivie de la Vision de St.

Jersey, 1859
2863 Engelandts Memoriael en Eikon Basilike, 2 vol. in 1, with 8 rare

portraits and frontispiece to Eikon, vellum, Amst. 1619–
Engelands Gods-Dienst en Vryheid hersteld door den Prince
van Oranjen, curious plates, vellum, ib. 1689

2864 England. The Security of English-men's Lives; or the Trust,
Power and Duty of the Grand Jurys

2865 England's Vanity; or the Voice of God against the monstrous

Sin of Pride in Dress and Apparel, wherein naked Breasts
and Shoulders, antick and fantastick Garbs, Patches and
Painting, long Perriwigs, Towers, Bulls, Shades, Curlings
and Crispings, with an hundred more Fooleries, are con-
demned, scarce

John Dunton, 1683
2866 English Presbyterian Eloquence; or Dissenters' Sayings
2507 England. Plain Truth, a Dialogue, 1741-Free Thoughts of a

True Briton in the present situation of Affairs, particularly
relating to the Surrender of Gibraltar and Port-Mahon, 1741
-The Court Secret, 1742

in one vol.
2868 England. History of all Regencies, Protectorships, Minorities

and Princes of England since the Conquest, autograph notes
of H.R.H. the Duke of Sussex, old morocco, 9.C.

2869 England's Remembrancer; or a humorous, sarcastical, and poli- /.

tical Collection of Characters and Caricatures, in 74 copper-
plates, with key, calf extra, g.e.

2870 English Rogue; or Life of Jeremy Sharp, with Narrative of

1.9. Dlary Toft the Rabbit-Breeder, 3 vol. fine copy russia extra

1776 2871 English Spy, 2 parts, coloured plates and woodcuts by R. Cruikshank

1824 2872 Englishman's Miscellany (Parody, Political Ballads, &c.) 1742 2873 Engra ving. Sculptura Historico-Technica; or History and Art of Engraving, plates, uncut

1770 2874 Engravings. Catalogue of Col. Durrant, 1856–Rev. A. Har

16. ford's Collection, 1857–Fisher's Collection, 1857 LARGE PAPER (only 12 copies printed), MS. prices and

2875 Enoch Versio Æthiopica edita a R. Laurence Archiepiscopo

Cassiliensi, Oxon. 1838—Enoch, an Apocryphal production,
translated from an Ethiopic Manuscript by Archbp. R.
Laurence, Second and Third Editions, 2 vol. ib. 1833-38–
Enoch Restitutus, by Rev. E. Murray, 1836

4 vol.
2876 Epigrammata et Poematia vetera quorum pleraque nunc primum

24. edontur, autograph signature and notes of the learned Is. CASAUBon, and also the autographs of 3. M. Gesner and

Paris, 1590
2877 Epigrams. A Collection of, 17274-The Festoon, a Collection of 18.

Epigrams, with an Essay on that species of Composition,
calf extra, g. e. by J. Clarke, 1767-The Christmas Treat,
or Gay Companion, wants leaf of contents, uncut, Dublin,
1767_Panorama of Wit, exhibiting at one view the choicest


1. 5. Johnson, 2 vol. LARGE PAPER, uncut, scarce

1806 Glasgow, 1834


lá 2878 Epitaphis ana wontumental Inscriptions, with Essay by Day

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2880 Equitation Militaire. Cours à l'Usage des Corps des Troupes à Cheval, 2 vol. calf extra

Saumur, 1830 2881 Erasmi (D.) Colloquia, fine copy in brown morocco extra, g. e. by Clarke and Bedford

Amst. Elzevir, 1662 15. 2882 Erasmi (D.) Encomium Morie: Stultitia Laus, fine copy in

purple morocco extra, uncut, the leaves slightly smoothed and gilt by Wright

Amst. 1685 2. 5.2 2883 Erasme (D).) Eloge de la Folie traduit par M. de la Veaux

THICK DUTCH PAPER, portrait and woodcuts by Heitz, after

Holbein's designs, fine copy in red morocco, borders of gold, g. e. by Bradel le Jeune, scarce

Basle, 1780 /. 6. 2884 Erasmus (D.) Praise of Folly, made English by Bp. W. Kennett,

portraits of Erasmus and Sir T. More, with 46 plates after designs by Tolbein, fine copy in gilt hogskin (to imitate French morocco), g.e. by C. Lewis

1724 2885 Erasto dopo molti Secoli ritornato al Fine in Luce et con somma

Diligenza dal Greco fedelmente tradotto in Italiano FIRST EDITION of this rare Romance, morocco super extra, 9. e. by F. Bedford

Mantova, 1546 Di 2886 Ercilla y Zuñiga (A. de) Araucana, 2 vol. portrait, map and

plates, calf extra, by Clarke and Bedford Madrid, 1776 2887 Eremundi (E.) Origo et Historia Belgicorum Tumultuum, plates,

blue morocco extra, g. e. by C. Lewis Lugd. Bat. 1619 * James Bindley's copy, with his autograph note on fly-leaf re

specting the rarity of the work. 16 2888 Erlach (F. K. von) Die Volkslieder der Deutschen eine voll

ständige Sammlung, 5 vol. tree marbled calf extra

Mannheim, 1834-36 2889 Ernest Duke of Sax-Gotha's Ghost, with Life, uncut 1757 2890 Erotopægnion sive Priapeia Veterum et Recentiorum, plates French calf, g.e.

Lut. Paris, 1798 2891 Erskine (Lord) Speeches when at the Bar, 4 vol. portrait, 1810

Speeches on Miscellaneous Subjects, 1812

5 vol. 2892 Erskine (T.) on Revealed Religion

Edinb. 1823 2893 Escole de Salerne en Vers burlesques

Troyes, 1714 2894 Espence (C. d') Oraison funebre es Obseques de Marie Royne

Douairiere d'Escoce, with the Dedication to Mary Queen of

Scots, fine copy in purple morocco, g.e. by Eedy Paris, 1561 2895 Esprit du Clergé ou le Christianisme primitif vengé des Entre

prises et des Excès de nos Prêtres modernes, 2 vol. uncut

Londres (Paris), 1707 2896 Esprit des Orateurs Chrétiens, 2 vol.

Paris, 1807 2897 Essay in Defence of the Female Sex, in which are inserted Cha

racters of a Pedant, a Squire, and a Beau, &c. frontispiece of " the compleat Beau," calf extra, g.e.


QUARTO. 19. 6. 2895 Drummondi (G.) Polemo-Middinia Carmen Macaronicum. Ac

cedit Jacobi V Cantilena Rustica vulgo inscripta Christes

Kirk on the Green, cum Notis E. G[ibson]
LARGE PAPER, half calf, uncut, rare

Oxon. 1691 2 2 2899 Drury (Dru) Illustrations of Exotic Entomology, with Addi

tions by J. O. Westwood, 3 vol. coloured plates half morocco, uncut



2900 Dubravius (Janus) New Booke of good Husbandry, containing 5. 4.

the Order and Maner of making of Fish-Pondes, with the
breeding of Carpe, Tench, Pike, Troute, and other Fresh-
Fish, translated at the speciall request of G. Churchey,

Fellow of Lions Inne

black letter, fine copy in blue morocco, joints W.White, 1599 2901 Ducarel (A. C.) History of the Royal Hospital and Collegiate 2. 4.

Church of St. Katharine, near the Tower of London, por-
trait and plates, 1782–Nichols (J. B.) Account of the
Hospital and Church of St. Katharine, plates, ILLUSTRATED

with additional engravings and OXIGINAL DRAWINGS, 1824
russia extra, g. e.

in one vol. 2902 Duchesne Ainé (M.) Essai sur les Nielles, Gravures des Orfè.

vres Florentins du XVe siècle
LARGE PAPER, plates (several worked in silver), uncut, rare

Paris, 1826 2903 DUGDALE (Gilbert) THE TIME TRIUMPHANT, declaring in briefe 10. 10.

the arival of King James into England, his Coronation at
Westminster, with his Progresse from the Towre to White

Hall, &c.
black letter, portrait of James I, by Vaughan, added, fine copy
in green morocco extra, g. e. by C. Lewis

Printed for R. B. 1604
A copy of this scarce Pageant sold for £3. 158. in Mr. Skegg's

2904 DUNMOW. Famous History of Robert Fitz-Walter, Lord of 1.10

Woodham, and of his fair Daughter Matilda. To which is
added the merry Custom of a Flitch of Bacon at Dunmow
in Essex, with the large folding plate of the Dunmow Cere-
mony and Procession, 20 June, 1751, by D. Mosley, after
D. Ogborne, and two proofs of the tombs of Matilda and her

With the above will be sold an original and very curious Docu-
ment on Vellum, from the Court-Rolls of Dunmow, recording
the claim of John and Ann Reynolds of the Flitch, in 1701.

In this Document the Oath slightly differs from the printed copy. 2905 Du paty de Clam (M.) La Science et l'Art de l'Equitation

démontrés d'après la Nature, plates, uncut Paris, 1776 2906 Duppa (R.) Life of Michel Angelo Buonarroti, with his Poetry and Letters, portrait and plates ; from the Library of Daw

17 son Turner, who has added a curious print of the Last Judgment, after Michael Angelo, by Gaultier, a Catalogue of Drawings by Michael Angelo, exhibited by Woodburn, and an autograph signature of R. Duppa

1807 2907 Durham (w.) Sermon before the Artillery Company, uncut 1671 Fondo 2908 DU ROVERAY. A complete Set of the 90 Plates used by Du . 16

Roveray in his Editions of Pope's Poetical Works and

Homer, Goldsmith's Poems, and Gray's Poetical Works
CHOICE LARGE PAPER PROOFs, chiefly unlettered, of beautiful

engravings, by Bartolozzi, Fittler, Heath, Bromley, and other
eminent artists, from designs by Stothard, Fuseli, Westall,
Smirke, &c. &c. green morocco, g. e.

n. d.



2909 Durie (J.) Disengaged Survey of the Engagement, 1650 –

Second Parcel of Objections against taking the Engagement answered, 1650—Two Treatises concerning the En.

gagement, 1650 2910 Dutch Folk-Lore. Leven van de H. Godelieve, black letter,

woodcuts, Gend, 8. a.-Historie van den Ridder Melegys,
Amst. 1638–Historie van de vier vroome Ridders genaemd
de vier Hems-Kinderen (Quatre Fils Aymon) black letter,
woodcuts, Antwerpen, 1619—Historie van Jan van Parys,
black letter, woodcuts, ib. s. a.-Historie van Helias Ridder
met de Zwaen, black letter, woodcuts, ib. 1610–Historie van
Valentyn en Oursson, black letter, ib. 1624–Historie van
Keyzer Carel V, black letter, woodcuts, ib. 1712–Dobbelen
Zielentroost, black letter, Gend, 1740—Reyze nae het H.
Land ende Stad van Jerusalem door Broeder Jan Vander
Linden, black letter, woodcuts, ib. 1740—Nouveau Voyage
de Jerusalem, Bruxelles, 1715—Leven en Martelie van den
H. Carolus Bonus Graeve van Vlaenderen, black letter, Ant-
werpen, 1628–Reynaert den Vos, black letter, woodcuts, ib.
1661–Historie van Julius Cæsar (Romance), black letter,

woodcuts, ib. 8. a.
a collection of scarce editions, half calf

in one vol. 2911 Dyve (Sir L.) Account of his Escape from the Kings Bench 1648 2912 EBRIETAS. De Generibus Ebriosorum et Ebrietate vitanda Questio Facetiarum et Urbanitatis plena, curious woodcut

Nurnberge, 1516 2913 Eburne (R.) on the two-folde Tribute (Taxes and Tithes) 1613 2914 Ecclesiastical Tracts. Downing (C.) Considerations toward a

Peaceable Reformation in Matters Ecclesiasticall, 1641–
Christian Moderator, 1652–Forerunners Work, 1652-
Peace at Pinners Hall, 1692—Bp. of Rochester's Second
Letter, 1689 –Modest Offer to the Assembly, 1644–Igno-
ramus his Conviction, 1648—Mysterium Religionis recog-

nitum, 1649—Mannyngham (T.) on Superstition, 1692 (9) 2915 Eden (R.) History of Trauayle in the West and East Indies, and


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other Countreys lying eyther way towardes the fruitfull and ryche Moluccaes: with a Discourse of the Northwest Passage: augmented and finished by R. Willes black letter, russia, g. e. old style, with arms of E. V. Utterson

stamped in gold on sides, very scarce R. Jugge, 1577 2916 EDINBURGH. Report from the Senatus Academicus of the Uni

versity on the Accommodation required in the New Buildings. Printed for the private use of the architects drawing plans, 1815—Playfair (W. H.) Report, ib. 1816~Hamilton

(T.) Observations, ib. 1816; and other Tracts in the volume 2917 Edinburgh. Historical and Descriptive Account of George

Heriot's Hospital
LARGE PAPER, india proof plates

Edinb. 1827 2018 Edinburgh. History of the Speculative Society of Edinburgh from its institution in 1764

Edinb. 1845 2919 Edward VI, Letter to Bp. N. Ridley for the taking downe of Altars, &c.




2920 Edwards. A Parable, or Consultation of Physitians upon Mas

ter Edwards (Author of Gangræna) un cut, very scarce



INGS, 7 vol.
ORIGINAL EDITION, quite complete, with the descriptions in

English and French, and the numerous plates COLOURED in
a very superior manner, beautiful copy in red moroccn extra,

leather joints, gilt marbled edges, by Kalthober 1743-64
2922 Edwards (T.) Baxterianism barefac'd

1699 2923 Egane (A.) Book of Rates, now used in the Sin Custom-House of the Church of Rome, uncut

1673 *** Lowndes erroneously gives 1674 as the date of the first edition. 2924 Egane (A.) Book of Rates now used in the Sin Custom-House / /

of Rome (taken from the famous Taxæ Cancellaria) very curious

1674 2925 Elizabeth (Queen) Injunctions usted

5. black letter

1559 2926 Elizabeth. Pattern or President for Princes, &c. (Lively Character of Queen Elizabeth), imprint cut of

2927 Ellis (Sir H.) Original Papers illustrative of the Management of

Literature by Printers and Stationers in the Reign of Q.

2928 Elmes (J.) Memoirs of the Life and Works of Sir Christopher

Wren, LARGE PAPER, portrait and plates, uncut 1823
2929 Eloisa in Dishabille, by a Lounger, with the Dedication to the

Fraternity (by Col. J. Matthews, but often erroneously
attributed to Professor Porson), calf extra

2930 Emblems. De Veldgezangen van Thyrsis, 24 emblematic plates

Leyden, 1702 2931 Em blemata. Acht-en-Dertig Konstige Zinnebeelden met dicht- 1.16?

kundige Uitleggingen, fine impressions

red morocco extra, g. e. by Clarke and Bedford Amst. 1737
2932 ENCYCLOPÆDIA METROPOLITANA; or Universal Dictionary of 2. 12.

Knowledge, edited by Rev. E. Smedley and Rev. H. J. Rose,
25 vol. in 59 parts, plates

2933 England. Times Alteration, or Dialogue betweene Lord Finch 16

and Secretary Windebancke, folio broadside, with two wood-
cut portraits, half morocco

2934 England. The Popes Briefe, or Inquiry after the Death of their 2.

Catholiques in England, &c. uncut, 1643—Ordinance for
Enlargement of a former for Sequestration of Delinquents
Estates, uncut, 1613–Petition of the Lay Catholiques,
Recusants, 1641

2935 England. The Case of our Affaires in Law, Religion, and other 4

Circumstances, 1643; and other Civil War Tracts (7)
2936 England. Declaration of the Commons touching no farther 3..

Address to the King, 1647—- Answer to Declaration, 1618
- Full Answer to the Infamous and Trayterous Declaration,
1648-Royall Apologie to the Declaration, Paris, 1618


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