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Send down a coal of heavenly fire, Is the returning day of rest,
To warm each waiting heart.

Which hides them from the world a while ! 2 Dear Shepherd of thy people, hear, 2 Now, from the throng withdrawn away, Thy presence now display;

They seem to breathe a different air; As thou hast given a place for prayer, Compos'd and soften'd by the day, So give us hearts to pray.

All things another aspect wear. 3 Show us some tokens of thy love, 3 How happy if their lot is cast, Our fainting hope to raise ;

Where statedly the gospel sounds! And pour thy blessings from above, The word is honey to their taste, (wounds. That we may render praise.

Renews their strength and heals their 4 Within these walls let holy peace, 4 Though pinch'd with poverty at home, And love and concord dwell ;

With sharp afflictions daily fed, Here give the troubled conscience ease, It makes amends, if they can come The wounded spirit heal.

To God's own house for heavenly bread. 5 The feeling heart, the melting eye, 5 With joy they hasten to the place The humbled mind bestow;

Where they their Saviour oft have met, And shine upon us from on high,

And while they feast upon


grace, To make our graces grow.

Their burdens and their griefs forget. 6 May we in faith receive thy word, 6 This favour'd lot, my friends, is ours; In faith present our prayers ;

May we the privilege improve, And, in the presence of our Lord,

And find these consecrated hours Unbosom all our cares.

Sweet earnests of the joys above! 7 And may the gospel's joyful sound, 7 We thank thee for thy day, O Lord; Enforc'd by mighty grace,

Here we thy promis'd presence seek; Awaken many sinners round,

Open thine hand, with blessings stor'd, To come and fill the place.

And give us manna for the week.



1 Jesus, where'er thy people meet, 1 O HAPPY they who know the Lord,
There they behold thy mercy-seat;

With whom he deigns to dwell ! Where'er they seek thee, thou art found, He feeds and cheers them by his word, And every place is hallow'd ground.

His arm supports them well. 2 For thou, within no walls confin'd,

2 To them in each distressing hour, Inhabitest the humble mind;

His throne of grace is near: Such ever bring thee where they come,

And when they plead his love and power And going, take thee to their home.

He stands engag'd to hear. 3 Dear Shepherd of thy chosen few,

3 He help'd his saints in ancient days, Thy former mercies here renew;

Who trusted in his name; Here to our waiting hearts proclaim

And we can witness to his praise, The sweetness of thy saving name.

His love is still the same. 4 Here may we prove the power of prayer

4 Wand'ring in sin, our souls he found, To strengthen faith, and sweeten care;

And bid us seek his face; To teach our faint desires to rise,

Gave us to hear the gospel-sound, And bring all heaven before our eyes.

And taste the gospel-grace. 5 Behold, at thy commanding word,

5 Oft in his house his glory shines, We stretch the curtain and the cord ;*

Before our wond'ring eyes; Come thou, and fill this wider space,

We wish not then for golden mines, And bless us with a large increase.

Or aught beneath the skies. 6 Lord, we are few, but thou art near;

6 His presence sweetens all our cares, Nor short thine arm, nor deaf thine ear:

And makes our burdens light; O rend the heavens, come quickly down,

A word from him dispels our fears,
And make a thousand hearts thine own!

And gilds the gloom of night.
C. 7 Lord, we expect to suffer here,

Nor would we dare repine;

But give us still to find thee near,

And own us still for thine. The Lord's day. 1 How welcome to the saints, when press'd 8 Let us enjoy and highly prize

These tokens of thy love, With six days' noise, and care, and toil,

Till thou shalt bid our spirits rise,

To worship thee above.

• Isaiab liv. 2.


6 Though to our lot temptations fall, ANOTHER.

Though pain, and want, and cares annoy, 1 Happy are they to whom the Lord

The precious gospel sweetens all,
His gracious name makes known;

And yields us med'cine, food, and joy.
And by his Spirit, and his word,
Adopts them for his own.

HYMN XLIX. 2 He calls them to his mercy-seat,

A Famine of the Word.
And hears their humble prayer;
And when within his house they meet,

1 GLADNESS was spread through Israel's host They find his presence near.

When first they manna viewed ;

They labour'd who should gather most, 3 The force of their united cries

And thought it pleasant food.
No power can long withstand;
For Jesus helps them from the skies,

2 But when they had it long enjoyed, By his almighty hand.

From day to day the same,

Their hearts were by the plenty cloyed, 4 Then mountains sink at once to plains,

Although from heaven it came.
And light from darkness springs;
Each seeming loss improves their gains,

3 Thus gospel-bread at first is priz'd, Each trouble comfort brings.

And makes a people glad;

But afterwards too much despis'd, 5 Though men despise them, or revile,

When easy to be had.
They count the trial small;
Whoever frowns, if Jesus smile,

4 But should the Lord, displeas'd, withhold

The bread his mercy sends, It makes amends for all.

To have our houses fill'd with gold, 6 Though meanly clad, and coarsely fed, Would make but poor amends.

And like their Saviour, poor, They would not change their gospel-bread 5 How tedious would the week appear,

How dull the Sabbath prove, For all the worldling's store.

Could we no longer meet to hear 7 When cheer'd with faith's sublimer joys, The precious truths we love !

They mount on eagles' wings, They can disdain, as children's toys,

6 How would believing parents bear, The pride and pomp of kings.

To leave their heedless youth

Expos’d to every fatal snare, 8 Dear Lord, assist our souls to pay

Without the light of truth!
The debt of praise we owe,
That we enjoy a gospel-day,

7 The gospel, and a praying few,

Our bulwark long have provid; And heaven begun below.

But Olney sure the day will rue

When these shall be remov'd.

8 Then sin, in this once-favourd town, Praise for the Continuance of the Gospel.* Will triumph unrestrain'd; 1 ONCE, while we aim'd at Zion's

And wrath and vengeance hasten down,

songs, A sudden mourning check'd our tongues !

No more by prayer detain'd. Then we were call'd to sow in tears, 9 Preserve us from this judgment, Lord, The seeds of joy for future years.

For Jesus' sake we plead; 2 Oft as that memorable hour

A famine of the gospel-word
The changing year brings round again,

Would be a stroke indeed!
We meet to praise the love and power
Which heard our cries and eased our pain.

HYMN L. 3 Come, ye who trembled for the ark,

Prayer for Ministers. Unite in praise for answer'd prayer!

1 CHIEF Shepherd of thy chosen sheep, Did not the Lord our sorrows mark?

From death and sin set free! Did not our sighing reach his ear?

May ev'ry under-shepherd keep 4 Then smaller griefs were laid aside,

His eye intent on thee! And all our cares summ'd up

in “Let us but have thy word," we cried,

2 With plenteous grace their hearts prepare

To execute thy will; " In other things thy will be done."

Compassion, patience, love, and care, 5 Since he has granted our request,

And faithfulness, and skill. And we still hear the gospel-voice,

3 Inflame their minds with holy zeal,
Although by many trials prest,
In this we can and will rejoice.

Their flocks to feed and teach;
And let them live, and let them feel

The sacred truths they preach.
• Wherever a separation is threatened between a 4 Oh! never let the sheep complain
minister and people who dearly love each other, this
Hymp may be as seasonable as it was once in Olney. That toys, which fools amuse,


Ambition, pleasure, praise, or gain,

HYMN LII. Debase the shepherd's views.

Hoping for a Revival. 5 He that for these forbears to feed

1 My harp untun’d and laid aside, The souls whom Jesus loves,

(To cheerful hours the harp belongs) Whate'er he may profess or plead,

My cruel foes insulting cried, An idol shepherd proves.*

• Come, sing us one of Zion's songs.” 6 The sword of God shall break his arm,

2 Alas! when sinners, blindly bold, A blast shall blind his eye;

At Zion scoff, and Zion's King; His word shall have no power to warm,

When zeal declines, and love grows cold, His gifts shall all grow dry.

Is this a day for me to sing ? 7 O Lord, avert this heavy woe,

3 Time was, whene'er the saints I met, Let all thy shepherds say!

With joy and praise my bosom glow'd ; And grace, and strength, on each bestow,

But now, like Eli, sad I sit,
To labour while 'tis day.

And tremble for the ark of God.
4 While thus to grief my soul gave way,

To see the work of God decline;

Methought I heard my Saviour say,

“Dismiss thy fears, the ark is mine. Prayer for a Revival.

5 “Though for a time I hide my face, 1 Saviour, visit thy plantation,

Rely upon my love and power; Grant us, Lord, a gracious rain!

Still wrestle at a throne of grace,
All will come to desolation,

And wait for a reviving hour.
Unless thou return again:

6 " Take down thy long-neglected harp, Keep no longer at a distance,

I've seen thy tears, and heard thy prayer, Shine upon us from on high;

The winter-season has been sharp, Lest, for want of thine assistance,

But spring shall all its wastes repair." Ev'ry plant should droop and die.

7 Lord, I obey; my hopes revive; 2 Surely once thy garden flourishid,

Come, join with me, ye saints, and sing; Ev'ry part look'd gay and green:

Our foes in vain against us strive, Then thy word our spirits nourish'd,

For God will help and healing bring. Happy seasons we have seen. But a drought has since succeeded,

And a sad decline we see:
Lord, thy help is greatly needed;

Help can only come from thee.

Welcome to the Table, 3 Where are those we counted leaders,

1 This is the feast of heavenly wine,
Fillid with zeal, and love, and truth?

And God invites to sup;
Old professors, tall as cedars,
Bright examples to our youth!

The juices of the living vine
Some, in whom we once delighted,

Were press'd to fill the cup.
We shall meet no more below; 2 Oh! bless the Saviour, ye that eat,
Some, alas! we fear are blighted,

With royal dainties fed;
Scarce a single leaf they show.

Not heaven affords a costlier treat,

For Jesus is the bread. 4 Younger plants—the sight how pleasantCover'd thick with blossoms stood;

3 The vile, the lost, he calls to them, But they cause us grief at present,

Ye treinbling souls, appear!
Frosts have nipp'd them in the bud !

The righteous in their own esteem
Deorest Saviour, hasten thither,

Have no acceptance here.
Thou canst make them bloom again; 4 Approach, ye poor, nor dare refuse
Oh! permit them not to wither,

The banquet spread for you;
Let not all our hopes be vain!

Dear Saviour, this is welcome news, 5 Let our mutual love be fervent,

Then I may venture too.
Make us prevalent in prayers:

5 If guilt and sin afford a plea, Let each one esteem'd thy servant

And may obtain a place,
Shun the world's bewitching spares:

Surely the Lord will welcome me,

C. Break the tempter's fatal power,

And I shall see his face.
Turn the stony heart to flesh;
And begin from this good hour,

To revive thy work afresh.

Christ Crucified.
1 When on the cross my Lord I see.

Bleeding to death for wretched me,

* Zech. xi. 17.

Satan and sin no more can move,

Sinner, wipe thy tears away, For I am all transform'd to love.

I thy ransom freely pay.” 2 His thorns and nails pierce thro' my heart, 4 While I hear this grace reveal'd, In every groan I bear a part;

And obtain a pardon seal'd, I view his wounds with streaming eyes;

All my soft affections move,
But, see! he bows his head, and dies ! Weaken'd by the force of love.
3 Come, sinners, view the Lamb of God, 5 Farewell, world! thy gold is dross,

Wounded, and dead, and bath'd in blood! Now I see the bleeding cross;
Behold his side, and venture near,

Jesus died to set me free
The well of endless life is here.

From the law, and sin, and thee! 4 Here I forget my cares and pains; 6 He has dearly bought my soul ; I drink, yet still my thirst remains;

Lord, accept, and claim the whole! Only the fountain-head above

To thy will I all resign, Can satisfy the thirst of love.

Now no more my own, but thine. 5 O that I thus could always feel ! Lord, more and more thy love reveal !

HYMN LVII. Then my glad tongue shall loud proclaim

Looking at the Cross. The grace and glory of thy name.

1 In evil long I took delight, 6 Thy name dispels my guilt and fear,

Unaw'd by shame or fear, Revives my heart and charms my ear:

Till a new object struck my sight, Affords a balm for ev'ry wound,

And stopp'd my wild career. And Satan trembles at the sound.

2 I saw one hanging on a tree,

In agonies and blood,

Who fix'd his languid eyes on me,
Jesus hasting to Suffer.

As near his cross I stood. 1 TAE Saviour, what a noble flame

3 Sure never till my latest breath Was kindled in his breast,

Can I forget that look; When, hasting to Jerusalem,

It seem'd to charge me with his death, He march'd before the rest!

Though not a word he spoke. 2 Good-will to men, and zeal for God, 4 My conscience felt, and own'd the guilt, His ev'ry thought engross;

And plung'd me in despair;
He longs to be baptiz'd with blood, * I saw my sins his blood had spilt,
He pants to reach the cross.

And help'd to nail him there. 3 With all his sufferings full in view,

5 Alas! I knew not what I did; And woes to us unknown,

But now my tears are vain; Forth to the task his spirit flew,

Where shall my trembling soul be hid, 'Twas love that urg'd him on.

For I the Lord have slain. 4 Lord, we return thee what we can; 6 Another look he gave, which said, Our hearts shall sound abroad,

“I freely all forgive; Salvation to the dying man,

This blood is for thy ransom paid, And to the rising God !

I die, that thou may’st live.” 5 And while thy bleeding glories here,

7 Thus, while his death my sin displays, Engage our wond'ring eyes,

In all its blackest hue, We learn our lighter cross to bear,

(Such is the mystery of grace,) And hasten to the skies.

C. It seals my pardon too.

8 With pleasing grief, and mournful joy, HYMN LVI.

My spirit now is filld,

That I should such a life destroy,
It is good to be here.

Yet live by him I kill'd.
I Ler me dwell on Golgotha,
Weep and love my life away:

While I see him

the tree, Weep, and bleed, and die for me.

Supplies in the Wilderness. 2 That dear blood, for sinners spilt,

1 When Israel, by divine command, Shows my sin in all its guilt:

The pathless desert trod, Ah! my soul, he bore thy load;

They found, though 'twas a barren land, Thou hast slain the Lamb of God.

A sure resource in God. 3 Hark! his dying word, “ Forgive,

2 A cloudy pillar mark'd their road, Father, let the sinner live;

And screen'd them from the heat; From the hard rocks the water flow'd,

And manna was their meat.

• Luke xii. 50.


3 Like them, we have a rest in view, 4 While Moses stood with arms spread wide, Secure from adverse powers;

Success was found on Israel's side ;* Like them, we pass a desert too;

But when through weariness they fail'd, But Israel's God is ours.

That moment Amalek prevail'd. 4 Yes, in this barren wilderness,

5 Have you no words? ah! think again, He is to us the same,

Words flow apace when you complain, By his appointed means of grace,

And fill your fellow-creature's ear, As once he was to them.

With the sad tale of all your care. 5 His word a light before us spreads, 6 Were half the breath thus vainly spent, By which our path we see;

To heaven in supplication sent, His love a banner o'er our heads,

Your cheerful song would oft'ner be, From harm preserves us free.

“Hear what the Lord has done for me." 6 Jesus, the bread of life, is given

To be our daily food :
Wedrink a wond’rous stream from heaven,

'Tis water, wine, and blood.

Power of Prayer. 7 Lord, 'tis enough, I ask no more, 1 In themselves, as weak as worms, These blessings are divine;

How can poor believers stand,
I envy not the worldling's store,

When temptations, foes, and storms,
If Christ and heaven are mine.

Press them close on ev'ry hand ?

2 Weak, indeed, they feel they are, HYMN LIX.

But they know the throne of grace; Communion with the Saints in Glory. And the God who answers prayer, 1 REFRESHED by the bread and wine, Helps them when they seek his face. The pledges of our Saviour's love:

3 Though the Lord a while delay, Now let our hearts and voices join

Succour they at length obtain; In songs of praise with those above.

He who taught their hearts to pray, 2 Do they sing, “Worthy is the Lamb ?" Will not let them cry in vain. Although we cannot reach their strains,

4 Wrestling prayer can wonders do, Yet we, through grace, can sing the same, Bring relief in deepest straits; For us he died, for us he reigns.

Prayer can force a passage through 3 If they behold him face to face,

Iron bars and brazen gates.
While we a glimpse can only see; 5 Hezekiah on his knees
Yet equal debtors to his grace,

Proud Assyria's host subdued;
As safe and as belov'd are we.

And when smitten with disease, 4 They had, like us, a suffering time, Had his life by prayer renewed.

Our cares, and fears, and griefs they knew; 16 Peter, though confin'd and chain'd, But they have conquer'd all through him, Prayer prevail'd and brought him out;

And we ere long shall conquer too. When Èlijah prayed, it rain'd,
5 Though all the songs of saints in light After three long years of drought.

Are far beneath his matchless worth, 7 We can likewise witness bear,
His grace is such, he will not slight That the Lord is still the same;
The poor attempts of worms on earth.

Though we fear'd he would not hear,

Suddenly deliverance came.

8 For the wonders he has wrought,

Let us now our praises give;

And by sweet experience taught,

Call upon him while we live.
Exhortation to Prayer.
1 What various hindrances we meet
In coming to a mercy-seat !

Yet who that knows the worth of prayer,
But wishes to be often there.

2 Prayer makes the darken'd cloud withdraw,
Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw,

The Light and Glory of the World. Gives exercise to faith and love,

1 The Spirit breathes upon the word, Brings ev'ry blessing from above.

And brings the truth to sight; 3 Restraining prayer, we cease to fight; Precepts and promises afford

Prayer makes the christian'sarmour bright; A sanctifying light.
And Satan trembles when he sees

upon his knees.
Vol. II.

Exod. xvii. 11.

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