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often confounded with his “Natural hystoria de las Indias," published in 1526. The Carta Missiva at the end consisted of two leaves, and contained the autograph signature of the

author, “Go. Fernandez de Oujedo.”Catalogue.] 1710 Petrarca (Francesco). I Trionfi col commento di B. Glicini

ed i Sonetti col commento di F. Philelpho, roman letter, with 6 full-page woodcuts to the Triumphs, within ornamental borders, first leaf of table defective, few wormholes, large copy, half vellum, Impressi in Venetia per Piero Veroneso, 1490, folio (135)

Pickering, £37 ios. [An edition remarkable for its woodcuts, which are different from those in the first illustrated edition of 1488.

The first and final blank leaves wanted.-Catalogue.] 1711 Plinius secundus. Historia Naturalis lib. xxxvii., printed in.

roman letter, the first page of Book i. had a large historiated initial, defect in one leaf, some wormholes and damp-stains, contemporary stamped pigskin, with brass bosses in centre and corners, Impressum Venetiis per Nicolaum Jenson Gallicum, 1472, folio (139)

Olschki, £19 ios. 1712 Quintilianus. Institutiones Oratoriæ ex recog: Jo. Andreæ,

roman letter, long lines, wanted 3 leaves and blank leaf a 1, had the final blank, nail-hole in margins of first few leaves, one leaf loose, original stamped binding, worn, Roma, Con. Sweynheim et Arn. Pannartz, s. a. (1470), folio (150)

Quaritch, 58 [The printers' names appear as usual in the eight-line colophon at the end. The epistle at the beginning is dated 1470, so the book must have been printed about that time.

-Catalogue.] 1713 Regiomontanus (Joh.) Calendarium, lit. goth.. title in red,

initial and border, white on black, on a i, latter slightly shaved by binder, woodcut diagrams, some printed in colour, with volvelle, Venetiis, E. Ratdolt, 1485, small 4to. (152)

Olschki, £5 125. 6d. 1714 Regiomontanus (Joh.) Epytoma Joannis de monte regio in

almagestum ptolomei, lit. goth., long lines, with a xylographic title, full-page woodcut on verso of a 3, within ornamental border, woodcut initials, white on black, many diagrams, and printer's mark at end, large copy with the final blank leaf, original limp vellum, front cover damaged, Venetiis, Joh. Hamman de Landoia dictus hertzog, 1496, small folio (154)

Quaritch, £9 5s. 1715 Roderici Zamorensis speculum Vitæ Humanæ, lit. goth., long

lines, initials painted, the first in gold and colours, some small wormholes, large copy with the blank leaves and table, old calf, Impressum Parisiis per Martinum crauts, Vdalricum gering et lichaelem friburger, 1475, small folio (158)

Ellis & Elvey, £13 55. 1716 Sacrobosco (Joh. de). Sphere Mundi Opusculum una cum

additionibus per opportune interfertis ac familiarissima textus expositione Petri, lit. goth., large and small, with 3 woodcuts and numerous astronomical figures, copy with

rough leaves, limp vellum, Parisiis, impensis Guidonis Mercatoris, 1498, folio (164)

Ellis & Elvey, £10 1717 Sacrobosco (Joh. de). Sphera Mundi, roman letter, long

lines, title in red, ornamental initials, diagrams, large copy, Sine nota (Rome, circa 1480 ?), small 4to. (165)

Quaritch, £4 2s. 6d. 1718 Savonarola (H.) Tractato o vero sermone della oratione,

roman letter, long lines, large outline woodcut on title, some leaves cut into at the top, Firenze, per Ant. Mischomini, 1492, small 4to. (167)

Quaritch, £7 25. 6d. [This tract was finished by Mischomini, the printer, on October 20th, 1492. The woodcut on the title discloses the garden of Gethsemane with Christ praying and the disciples asleep close by, while an angel with a cup descends from the sky. A description of the Savonarola

tracts was published by M. Gustave Gruyer in 1879.-ED.] 1719 Savonarola (H.) Tractato o vero sermone della oratione,

roman letter, 2 large outline woodcuts, the Agony in the Garden and Christ carrying His Cross (Audin, 94), Senza nota (Firenze, circa 1493), 4to. (169)

Olschki, £,10 1720 Savonarola (H.) Operetta della oratione mentale (Audin,

98), gothic title, with 2 outline woodcuts, half calf, Senza nota (Firenze, circa 1495), 4to. (172)

Olschki, £10 1721 Savonarola (H.) Sermone della oratione a M. A. D. S. com

posto da frate Hieronymo da Ferrara (Audin 93, Hain 14403), roman letter, long lines, outline cut of the Agony in the Garden on title, half calf, g. e., Senza nota (Firenze, circa 1495), 4to. (173)

Quaritch, £14 1722 Savonarola (H.) Operetta (Audin 32, Hain 14442), with 2

outline woodcuts, half calf, g. e., Firenze, L. Morgiani et

G. di Maganza, s. a. (circa 1496), 4to. (175) Quaritch, £22 1723 Savonarola (H.) Tractato dell ordine de predicatori circa el

reggimento & gouerno della Citta di Firenze (Audin, 2), roman letter, long lines, ornamental initials, morocco, gold tooled, g. e., by Lortic, Firenze, Compagnia del D’rago, 1498, 4to. (176)

Olschki, £3 ios. 1724 Savonarola (H.) Tractato del Sacramento (Audin, 41), roman

letter, long lines, 4 leaves, woodcut of the Crucifixion on title, half calf, s. n. (Firenze, Bart. di Libri, circa 1498 ?), 4to. (177)

Quaritch, £7 ios. 1725 Savonarola (H.) Operetta sopra i dieci Comandamenti

, 2 outline woodcuts, one of Savonarola preaching to nuns, the other of the Crucifixion, Firenze, 23 October, 1508, 4to. (178)

Bain, £6 55. 1726 Scriptores Rei Rusticæ, roman letter, long lines, first page of

text illuminated with two initials, one bordered, and coatof-arms of original owner, executed in gold and colours, large part of the blank portion of the first leaf cut off

, original stamped binding, backed, Regii opera et impensis Bart. Bruschi al. Botoni regiensis, 1482, large folio (180)

Wolby, £ 10 5s. 1727 Terentius cum quinque commentis, viz., Donati, Guidonis,

Calphurnii, Ascensii et Servii, woodcut title with the large cut of Terence and his commentators on reverse, woodcuts in the text, printer's mark, original boards, Venetiis, L. de

Soardis, 1511, small folio (183) Ellis & Elvey, £13 1os. 1728 Thomas Aquinas. Summa theologie, lit. goth., double

columns, bordered initial, armorial wreath, and small initial on first page of text, all illuminated in gold and colours, wormhole through last few leaves, large copy, old vellum, s.l. (Patavii), per Albertum de Stendael, 1473, small folio (184)

Olschki, £5 155. 1729 Thomas Aquinas. Secunda secundæ, lit. goth., double

columns, old vellum, Mantuæ, imprimente magistro Paolo de Puzpach germani co eius artis perito, s. d., c. 1475, folio (185)

Quaritch, 46 [A volume in connection with the history of early printing in Mantua. For a full account see Volta's Saggio stor. crit. sulla tipogr. mantovana, page 30. In 1501 this volume belonged to the convent of St. Maria delle grazie

d'Imola.—Catalogue.] 1730 Thomas Aquinas. Commentaria in libros perihermenias et

posteriorum Aristotelis et eiusdem fallaciarum opus, etc., lit. goth., double columns, 2 outline woodcuts, half bound, Impresse sunt hec opera per Otinum Papiensem, 1496, folio (187)

Quaritch, £6 2s. 6d. [Hain, No. 1495, but he never saw and was unable to give a description of a copy. The woodcuts have been

ascribed to Andrea Mantegna.-Catalogue.] 1731 Tory (Geoffroy). Champs Fleury, first edition, woodcuts,

alphabets, ornamental letters, etc. by Geoffroy Tory, large copy, with the leaf containing device at end, morocco, richly tooled to a contemporary pattern, g. e., by Lortic, Paris, for Maistre Geofroy Tory de Bourges, 1529, small folio (188)

Tregaskis, £ 29 105. 1732 Turrecremata (Joh. de). Expositio super toto Psalterio,

roman letter, long lines, initial and border illuminated in gold and colours on first page, ornamental initials in colours, first leaf torn and defective, old vellum, Rome, per Lupum Gallum frēm mgri Vdalrici galli de Bienna, 1476, small folio (190)

Leighton, £7 5s. 1733 Ulmeus (Paulus). Libellus de Apologia religionis fratrum

heremitarum ordinis Sancti Augustini, lit. goth., double columns, original boards covered with leather, with corners and clasps, Rome, in domo Francisci de Cinquinis, 1479, 410. (192)

Maggs, £5 55. (All the books printed in the house of Francesco Cinquini by an unknown typographer are of great rarity, as

well as being few in number. ---Catalogue.] 1734 Varro (P. M. Terentius). De Lingua Latina, roman letter,

long lines, 58 leaves, large copy, unbound, Sine nota sed Roma, Georg. Sachsel de Reichenhall et Bart. Golsch de Hohenbart, circa 1474, folio (194)

Olschki, £5 [Some copies have an extra leaf at the end containing

the epilogue of Angelus Tifernas, as usual not found here. One of the five works known that can be attributed to

these printers.Catalogue.] 1735 Wert (W.) Lilium grammatice, lit. goth., long lines, woodcut

of schoolmaster on title and one of Adam and Eve on verso, printer's mark at the end, title and a leaf defective, corners stained, Spire C. D., 1509, 4to. (197)

Nixon, £4


(No of Lots, 945; amount realised, £1,708 is. 6d.)

1736 America. Pennsylvania. Acts of the Assembly, temp.

William III. to George III. (1700-1775), with Appendix,

folio, calf, Philadelphia, 1775, 8vo. (161) Quaritch, £3 5s. 1737 America. Report of the Penn v. Lord Baltimore, Pensilvania

and Maryland Boundary Case in the Court of Chancery, 1735-6, 2 maps (one folding and dated Philadelphia, 1740), folio, old morocco gilt, silk ties with gold fringe, gilt edges, n. d., 8vo. (162)

Quaritch, £33 Ios. 1738 America. Minutes of the Provincial Council of Pennsyl

vania, from 1683 to 1758, 7 vol., half calf, Harrisburg, 1838-51, 8vo. (163)

Quaritch, {2 1739 Aspin (I.) Naval and Military Exploits in the Reign of

George III., 33 coloured miniature plates, foolscap, original boards, uncut, S. Leigh, 1820, 4to. (139)

Hornstein, £5 175. 6d. 1740 Austen (Jane). Pride and Prejudice, first edition, 3 vol., half bound, 1813, 8vo. (504)

Pickering, £6 ios. 1741 Baffo (Giorgio). Poésies Complètes, portrait in two states,

4 vol., royal 8vo. (limited to 100 copies), half levant morocco, gilt top, by Morrell, Paris, 1884, 8vo. (49)

Roquet, £2 18s. 1742 Barth (H.) Travels in North and Central Africa, litho. plates

and maps, 5 vol., cloth, 1857-8, 8vo. (889) Thorp, fi 195. 1743 Behn (Mrs. A.) Plays. Sir Patient Fancy–The Forc'd

Marriage–The Dutch Lover— The Rover, 2 parts— The Amorous Prince, and others (11), first editions, 1671-82and Betterton. The Revenge, 1680, in 1 vol., small 4to., old calf, 8vo. (565)

Pickering, £8 2s. 6d. 1744 Bewick (T.) Works, with Memoir, Memorial Edition, nume

rous cuts, 5 vol. (limited to 750 copies), half morocco, gilt top, 1885-7, royal 8vo. (345)

Bull, £2 175. 6d. 1745 Billings (R. W.) The Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquities

of Scotland, LARGE PAPER, numerous plates, half morocco,


gilt edges, W. Blackwood and Sons, 1845-52, royal 4to. (923)

Grant, £6 1os. 1746 Blond (A. le). Theory and Practice of Gardening, by James, plates, 1728, 4to. (591)

J. Bumpus, £2 145. 1747 Borrow (George). Wild Wales, first edition, 3 vol., original

cloth, uncut, a clean copy, 1862, 8vo. (509) £5 155. 1748 Browning (E. B.) Poetical Works, frontispieces on India

paper, LARGE PAPER (250 copies printed), 6 vol., 1889, 8vo. (836)

Denham, £3 tos. 1749 Browning (R.) Poetical Works, frontispieces on India paper,

LARGE PAPER (250 copies so printed), 17 vol., buckram, 1888-94, 8vo. (835)

Mckinley, £8 5s. 1750 Brunne (R.) Handlyng Synne, and Wadington's Le Manuel

des Pechiez, edited by Furnivall, Roxburghe Club, 1862, 4to. (449)

Quaritch, £3 175. 6d. 1751 Bunyan (J.) Pilgrim's Progress, with autograph of George

Cruikshank on title and rough pencil sketches, frontispiece, cloth, 1846, 8vo. (128)

Spencer, £4 125. 6d. [George Cruikshank's own copy, showing, from the pencil sketches and passages marked, his intention of illustrating

the work throughout.--Catalogue.] 1752 Burchell (W. J.) Travels in the Interior of Southern Africa,

map and numerous folding coloured plates, 2 vol., original boards, uncut, 1822, 4to. (914)

Quaritch, £9 5s. 1753 Bury (T. T.) Coloured Views on the Liverpool and Man

chester Railway, with coloured plates of the coaches, machines, etc., 13 plates, boards, uncut, a clean copy, Ackermann, 1831, 4to. (135)

Quaritch, £13 [Published in two sets, the first containing six coloured views, the other having seven. There are, or should be, eight pages of letterpress. The drawings were made on the

spot by T. T. Bury.- ED.) 1754 Byron (Lord). Works, with Life, etc., by Moore, frontis

pieces and vignette titles (an exceptionally clean copy), 17 vol., half morocco gilt, gilt top, 1832-3, 8vo. (838)

Denham, £4 75. 6d. 1755 Cervantes (M.) Don Quichotte, par Florian, plates after Le Barbier and others, 6 vol., boards, uncut, 1799, 8vo. (417)

Sabin, £4 (Complete in 6 vol., 16mo., with 24 plates by Gaucher, Masquelier, and others. In this instance the high price

was due to the character of the binding:-Ed.] 1756 Chaucer (G.) Complete Works, edited by the Rev. W. W. Skeat, facsimiles, 7 vol., cloth, O.xford, 1894, 8vo. (678)

Crooks, £3 18s. 1757 Chesterfield (Earl of). Letters and Works, edited by Lord Mahon, portraits, 5 vol., cloth, uncut, 1845-53, 8vo. (881)

Maggs, £4 ios. 1758 Chronicles of England, edited by Sir H. Ellis. Holinshed's

Chronicle, 6 vol.-Froissart, 2 vol.--Grafton, 2 vol.-Hall
-Hardyng, etc., 14 vol., russia gilt, m. l., 1807-12, 4to. (920)

Sotheran, £1 155.

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