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occupant shall comply in all respects with and be subject to the provisions of the thirteenth section of the act of Congress approved September 4, 1841, entitled "An act to appropriate the proceeds of the sales of the public lands and to grant preemption rights,' and to the rules and regulations of the General Land Office of the United States relating to proof for the establishment of preemptor's claims: Provided, however, That the affidavit required by said thirteenth section of said act of Congress may be made before any justice of the peace or other officer authorized to administer oaths. (April 3, 1873.)

[Sec. 4105–22 and sec. 4105–23 relate to the division and sale of the military lands.]

Sec. 4105-24. The proceeds of the sales of such lands, or so much thereof as may be necessary, after the payment out of the same of all the necessary expenses of survey and sale, remaining uncertified into the treasury of said State, may be used by said trustees in building and maintaining upon the lands of said university a suitable number of houses, adapted to use as family residences, for the use of members of the faculty of said university, for which use a fair and reasonable rent shall be paid to said university. Said buildings shall be erected under the provisions of title 6 of the Revised Statutes of Ohio; and the said trustees shall annually report to the governor a detailed statement of receipts and disbursements in the execution of the trust under the provisions of this act. (April 3, 1873, as amended April 17, 1882.)

Sec. 4105–26. The trustees of the Ohio State University be, and they are hereby, required to establish in said university a school of inines and mining engineering, in which shall be provided the means for studying scientifically and experimentally the survey, opening, ventilation, care, and working of mines; and said school shall be provided with a collection of drawings, illustrating the manner of opening, working, and ventilating mines, and with the necessary instruments for surveying, measuring air, examining and testing the noxious and poisonous gases of mines, and (also) with (the) models of the most improved machinery for ventilating and operating (all the various kinds of) mines with safety to the lives and health of those engaged. Said school shall also be provided with complete mining laboratories for the analysis of coals, ores, fire clays, and other materials, and with all the necessary apparatus for testing the various coals, ores, fire clays, oils, gases, and other minerals. (May 7, 1877, as amended April 4, 1888.)

SEC. 4105–27. Said trustees shall employ competent persons to give instruction in the most (improved and) successful methods of opening (and operating), surveying, and inspecting mines, including the methods and machinery employed for extracting coal, ore, fire clay, oil, gas, and other minerals from the pit's mouth and for facilitating the ascent and descent of workmen, the draining and freeing of mines from water, the causes of the vitiation of air, the quantities of fresh air required under various circumstances, natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation by flues and fans, and other ventilating machinery, the use of air engines, air compressors, and coal-cutting machinery; also instruction in the various uses of coals, ores, fire clays, oils, gases, and other minerals and the methods of testing, analyzing, and assaying such minerals: also the methods employed in metallurgical and other processes in the reduction of ores and in determining the qualities of metals, particularly of iron and steel, as shown by practical and laboratory tests; and there shall be kept in a cabinet properly arranged for ready reference and examination, suitably connected with said school of mines, (samples of the) specimens from the various mines in the State which may be sent for analysis, together with the names of the mines and their localities in the counties from which they were sent, and the analysis and a statement of their properties attached (it shall also be his duty to furnish analysis of all minerals found in the State and sent to him for that purpose by residents of this State). (May 7, 1877, as amended April 4, 1888.)

SEC. 4105–28. There is hereby appropriated out of the general revenue fund the sum of $3,500 to be expended in the equipment, support, and maintenance of said school of mines, as provided for in the first and second sections (secs. 4105–26 and 4105–27) of this act. (May 7, 1877, as amended April 4, 1888.).

SEC. 4105–29. The board of trustees of the Ohio State University are hereby authorized and empowered to appropriate annually for the period of ten years to the support and maintenance of the school of law of the Ohio State University out of the funds derived under section 3951 of the Revised Statutes of Ohio, amended March 20, 1891 (88 0. L., 159), a sum not exceeding $5,000 in addition to the sum derived from the tuition fees of the students in said school of law. (April 24, 1893.)

SEC. 4105-30. The trustees of the Ohio State University be, and they are hereby, required to establish in said university a department of ceramics, equipped and designed for the technical education of clay, cement, and glass workers in all branches of the art which exist in this State or which can be profitably introduced and maintained in this State from the mineral solirces thereof, including the manufacture of earthenwares, stonewares, yellow wares, white wares, china, porcelain, and ornamental pottery; al:o the manufacture of sewer pipe, fireproofing, terra cotta, sanitary clay wares, electric conduits and spe ialties, fire bricks, and all refractory materials, glazed and enameled bricks, pressed bricks, vitrified paving material, as well as the most economic methods in the prodnction of the courser forms of brieks used for building purposes; also the manufacture of tiles used for paving, flooring, decorative wall paneling, roofing, and draining purposes; also the manufacture of cement, concrete, artificial stone, and all kinds of glass proclucts and all other clay industries represented in our limits. (April 20, 1894.)

SEC. 4105–31. Said department shall offer special instrnction to clay workers on the origin, composition, properties, and testing of clays, the selection of materials for different purposes, the mechanical and chemical preparation of clays, the laws of burning clays, the theory and practice of the formation of clay boilies, slips, and glazes, and the laws which control the formation and fusion of silicates. (April 20, 1891.)

SEC. 4105-32. Said department shall be provided with an efficient laboratory designed especially for the practical instruction of clay workers in the lists of subjects enumerated in the second section (sec. 410.5–31] of this act, and also equipped to investigate into the various troubles and defects incident to every form of clay working, which can not be understood or avoided except by use of such scientific investigation. Said laboratory shall be equipped with apparatus for chemical analysis, with furnaces and kilns for pyrometrie and practical trials with such machinery for the grinding, washing, and preparation of clays for manufacture as is consistent with the character of the department. (April 20, 1894.)

SEĆ. 4105–33. Said trustees shall employ to conduct this department of ceramics a competent expert, who shall unite to the necessary edncation and scientific acquirements a thorongh practical knowledge of clay working, and not less than two years' actual experience in some branch of the art. It shall be his duty to teach the theoretical part of the subject and to conduct the laboratory for the instruction of students, and also to prosecute such scientific investigations into the technology of the various clay industries as may be practicable, and from time to time to publish the results of his investigations in such form that they will be accessible to the clay workers of the State for the advancement of the art. (April 20, 1894.)

SEC. 4105-34. There shall be hereafter appropriated out of the general revenues of the State the sum of $5,000, to be expended in the organization, equipment, and maintenance of said department (of ceramies] for the current year, and there shall be appropriated from the same fund the sun of $2,500 annually for two years for the salary, supplies, and all other expenses of inaintenance of said department. (April 20, 1894.)

SEC. 410.5-3.7. It shall be the duty of the professor occupying the chair in the chemical and mechanical department of the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College, upon application, to make and give a written analysis of such artificial fertilizers as may be furnished to him for that purpose. (April 4, 1878.)

SEC: 4105–36. The educational institution heretofore designated as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College shall be known and designated hereafter as “The Ohio State University.” (May 1. 1878.)

SEC. 4105–37. The government of said university shall be vested in a board of seven trustees, who shall be appointed by the governor of the State, with the adrice and consent of the senate, but no trustee or his relation by blood or marriage shall be eligible to any professorship or position in the university, the compensation for which is payable out of the State treasury or said college fund. (May 1, 1878.)

SEC. 4105-38. The members of said board of trustees and their successors shall holil their offices for the term of seven yearseach: Prorided, That the trustees first appointed under the provisions of this act shall hold their terins for one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven years, respectively, to be fixeil hy the governor in their commissions. In case a vacancy shall occur from death or other cause the appointment shall be for the unexpired term. The trustees shall not receive any compensation for their services, but they shall be paid their reasonable and necessary expenses while engaged in the discharge of their official duties. (May 1, 1878.)

SEC, 4105-39. The board of trustees shall have power, and it is made their duty, to collect. or cause to be collected, specimens of the various cereals, fruits, and other vegetable products and to have experiments made in their reproduction upon the lands of the university and to make report of the same from year to year, together with such other facts as may tend to advance the interests of agriculture. (Jiay 1, 1878.)

SEC. 410.5–40. The board of trustees shall have power, and it is hereby maile their duty, to secure and keep in the said university a collection of specimens in mineralogy, geology, zoology, botany, and other specimens pertaining to natural history and the sciences, and it shall be the duty of the president of the university to collect and deposit in the said university, in such' manner as shall be directed by the trustees, a full and complete set of specimens as collected by him and his assistants. together with a brief description of the character of the same and where obtained, and the said specimens shall be properly classified and kept for the benefit of said university. (May 1, 1878.)

SEC. 410.5–41. The first meeting of the members of the board shall be called hy the governor, as soon after the appointment of said board as convenient, to be held at said university, in Columbus, Ohio. All succeeding meetings shall be called in such a manner and at such times as the board inay prescribe. The said board shall meet at least three times annually, and at such other times as they may think necessary for the best interest of the said university. A majority of the board of trustees present at any meeting shall constitute a quorum to do business: Prorided, A majority of all the board shall be required to clect or remove a president or professor. (May 1, 1878.)

SEC. 410.5–42. The board of trustees shall cause to be made on or before the 1st of October of each year a report to the governor of the condition of said university; the amount of receipts and disbursements, and for what the disbursements were maule; the number of professors, officers, teachers and other employees, and the position and compensation of each: the number of students in the several departments and classes, and the course of instruction pursued in each; also an estimate of the expenses for the ensuing year; a statement showing the progress of the university, recording any improvements and experiments made, with their costs, and the results, and such other matters as may be supposed useful. Said annual report shall be for the year ending June 30, and the said Ohio State University is hereby esempted from the provisions of section 172. Revised Statutes of Ohio. There shall be printed * * 5,000 copies of the said annual report, to be distributed by the trustees in such manner as they shall deern best for the interest of said university. The president of said university shall transmit by mail one copy to the Secretary of the Interior, one copy to the Secretary of Agriculture, and one copy to each of the colleges which are or may be endowedl under the provisions of the act of Congress of Jnly 2, 1862. (May 1. 1878, as amended April 27, 1893.)

SEL. 4105-43. All funds derived from the sale of land scrip issued to the State of Ohio by the United States in pursuance of the aforesaid act of Congress, together with the interest accumulated thereon, shall constitute a part of the irreducible debt of this State, the interest upon which, as provided by the art of Febrnary 10, 1870, shall be paid to the university by the anditor of State, upon the requisition of the commissioners of the sinking fund, issued on the certificate of the secretary of the board of trustees, that the same has been appropriated by said trustees to the endowment, support, and maintenance of the university, as provided in the act of Congress aforesaid. (May 1, 1878.)

SEC. 410.5–44. That said board of trustees shall fix the compensation for the president, professors, teachers, and all other employees of the university: Provideri, That the compensation for the services of the professors shall not exceed $2,500 each per annum. (May 1, 1878, as amended March 16, 1894.)

SEC. 410.5-45. It shall be the duty of the board of trustees, in connection with the faculty of the university, to provide for the teaching of such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts, mines and mine engineering, and inilitary tactics, and such other scientific and classic studies as the resources of the fund will permit. (May 1, 1878, as amended April 15, 1880.)

SEC. 4105-46. The auditor of State be and is required to compute the interest which has aceruel and will accrne on the agricultural college scrip fund since the same has been sold, to July 1, 1870, compounding the same by semiannual rests on the 1st day of January and the 1st day of July in each year; and on June 15, 1870, to transfer the sum so arising to the said college fund, and invest the same in the interest-bearing bonds of the State, in the same manner as the principal of the said fund is now invested. (February 10, 1870.)

Sec. 410.3–17. That on July 1, 1870, and every six months thereafter the auditor of State shall invest the interest of said funds falling due in the same manner as the principal is now invested. (February 10, 1870.)

SEC. 142. The professor of physics of the Ohio State University shall be ex-officio State sealer, and the standards of weights and measures adopted by the State shall be deposited in a suitable room at the Ohio State L'niversity, and the same shall be by him kept in suitable cases, which shall be opened only for the purpose of comparing with such standards the copies which by law are to be furnished for the use of the several counties, unless by a joint resolution of the general assembly, or upon a call of either house for information, or by order of the governor for scientific purposes. (March 17, 1891.)

SEC. 409-15. There be, and hereby is, established at the State university, at Columbus, Ohio, a central office for the promotion of forestry, to be entitled the State forestry bureau, which shall consist of three members, to be appointed by the governor, as a board of directors. The members of the board of directors shall be commissionell by the governor, and be duly qualified as like oficers of the State; one of three directors shall serve for six years, the second for four years, and the third for two years, and on the expiration of terms of service appointments shall be made for the term of six years. (April 16, 1885.)

SEC. 409-16. It shall be the duty of said State forestry bureau to thoroughly inquire into the character and extent of the forests of the State; to investigate the causes which are in operation to produce their waste or decay; to suggest what legislation, if any, may be necessary for the development of a rational system of forestry, adapted to the wants and conditions of this State, and with the consent of the trustees of the Ohio State University the said directors may establish a forestry station on the grounds of said university. The directors shall select one of their number, or appoint a qualified person as secretary, to carry out the plans of the board, who shall receive such compensation for his services as shall be agreed upon by the board: Provided, That all expenses incurred under this act shall not exceed the amount hereinafter provided. Said directors shall serve without compensation, but shall be allowed their necessary expenses incurred in discharge of the duties of their office. (April 16, 1885.)

SEC. 409–17. This bureau shall annually make a report to the governor, which shall contain the results of the investigation, together with such other information as the board may deem necessary for the promotion of forestry in this State. Five thousand copies of this report are to be printed by the State, 2,000 of which shall be distributed by this bureau of forestry, and the remainder by the general assembly. (April 16, 1885.)

SEC. 409-18. There is hereby appropriated for the ensuing year, for the maintenance of said bureau, the sum of $1,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the purpose of meeting the actual expenses of carrying out the provisions of this act. (April 16, 1885.)

Laws, 1891, 369 G: SECTION 1. The assent of the State is hereby signified to the aforesaid act of Congress [of August 30, 1890], and to all the purposes, conditions, and provisions therein contained, and the faith of the State of Ohio is hereby pledged to the performance of all such purposes, conditions, and provisions.

SEC. 2. The treasurer of the Ohio State University is hereby designated to receive the moneys appropriated by said act of Congress.(

(May 4, 1891.) Laws, 1902, 373 G: SECTION 1. There is hereby appropriated from any moneys raised or coming into the State treasury to the credit of the Ohio State University fund, not otherwise appropriated, for the last three quarters of the fiscal year ending November 15, 1902, and the first quarter of the fiscal year ending November 15, 1903, the sum of $300,000, or so much as inay come into the treasury to the credit of said fund; and for the last three quarters of the fiscal year ending November 15, 1903, and the first quarter of the fiscal year ending November 15, 1904, the sun of $300,000, or so much as may come into the treasury to the credit of such fund, to be applied to the uses and purposes of the Ohio State University in accordance with the provisions of section 3951 of the Revised Statutes of Ohio as amended May 8, 1902. (May 10, 1902.)

Laws, 1902, 376 G: SECTION 1. The board of trustees of the Ohio State University, for the purpose of providing for the erection of needed buildings and improvements and the securing of needed equipment and for the payment of the costs, expenses and estimates thereof, as the work progresses, is hereby authorized to issue from time to time certificates of indebtedness to an amount not exceeding in the aggregate $200,000 in anticipation of the annual levies authorized by section 3951 of the Revised Statutes of Ohio as amended May 8, 1902.

SEC. 2. The certificates of indebtedness herein authorized shall be signed by the president and secretary of said board of trustees and sealed with the seal of said university, shall bear such rate of interest, not exceeding 4 per cent per annum, payable semiannually, as said board of trustees may determine and shall be payable by said board of trustees out of the revenues in anticipation of which they shall be issued as herein provided; and the moneys arising from the issue of such certificates shall be applied exclusively to the purposes for which such certificates shall be issued. Said certificates of indebtedness shall be sold by said board of

trustees at not less than their par valne to the highest bidder. after notice of the sale thereof has been given in a newspaper of general circulation published in the city of New York, and also in the cities of Columbus,Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo; or may be issued to contractors for said buildings and improvements in payment of estimates for work and materials done or furnished by them. (May 10, 1902.)


OKLAHOMA. [The following matter is taken from “The Statutes of Oklahoma, 1493. Being a compilation of all the laws now in force in the Territory of Oklahoma. Compiled under the direction and supervision of Robert Martin, secretary of the Territory, by W. A. McCartney, John H. Beatty, and J. Malcolm Johnston, a committee elected by the legislative assembly." Guthrie, Okla., 1893.] - Chapter I: SECTION 1. The provisions of an act of Congress entitled "An act to establish agricultural experimental stations in connection with the colleges established in the several States under the provisions of an act approved July 2, 1862, and the acts supplementary thereto, approved March 2, 1887, are hereby accepted by the Territory of Oklahoma; and the Territory hereby agrees and obligates itself to comply with all the provisions of said act.

SEC. 2. Upon the approval of this act by the governor, he is hereby instructed to transmit a certified copy of the same to the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Interior of the United States. (October 27, 1890.)

[Sections 3-2 comprise the provisions of an act of December 25, 1-90, as amended March 13, 1993.]

SEC. 3. An agricultural and mechanical college is hereby located in Payne County. It shall be the duty of the governor to appoint three competent citizens of said Territory as a board, whose duty it shall be to locate such institution at some point in Payne County and report their actions and doings to the governer relative thereto within ninety days after their appointment.

SEC. 4. The institution shall be known as the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, and shall be an institution corporate under the laws of Oklehoma; and the government and management thereof is hereby rested in a board of regents to be known as the “ agricultural and mechanical college board of regents."

SEC. 5. The leading object of said college shall be to give instruction in agriculture, the mechanical arts, the English language, and the various branches of mathematical, physical, natural, and economic sciences, with special reference to their application in the industries of life; and to that end there shall be established a sufficient number of professorships for teaching the above branches, including military tactics, and such arts and sciences as are related thereto; which professorships shall be filled by able and efficient persons, aided by such assistants and instructors as shall from time to time be necessary.

SEC. 6. Such institution shall not be located by said commissioners upon less than 80 acres of land, suitable and fit for use as an agricultural experimental station, which land shall be conveyed to such institution for the use and benefit thereof by good and sufficient title thereto. The said board of commissioners to locate said site shall receive as compensation for their services $4 per day each for the time actually and necessarily employed, together with all necessary and actual expenses incurred in the discharge of their duties, to be audited and paid ont of any fund in the Territorial treasury not otherwise appropriated.

Suc. 1. The said county of Payne or municipality in or near which the said agricultural college shall be located under this act shall issue its bonds in the sun of $10.000 and deliver the same to the secretary of the Territory of Oklahoma, to be by him sold for said Territory at not less than their par value, the proceeds thereof to be by the secretary turned over to the treasurer thereof, to be placed to the credit of such institution, such bonds to run twenty years after the date of their issuance and draw 5 per cent interest, payable semiannually, and to be issued in the denomination of $1,000 each, with interest coupons thereto attached: Provided, If such county or municipality shall fail or refuse to issue such bonds or convey said lands after demands made therefor by such board, such institution may be relocated elsewhere: Provided further, That a majority of the qualified voters of said county or municipality shall at an election called for that purpose vote “for the proposition to issue such bonds. The proceeds arising from salo of such bonds shall be used only in the erection of the building for such institution. Such bonds shall be payable to bearer.

SEC. 8. Such college, by its regents, may take title to real estate, enter into contract, locate buildings, and do all things necessary to make the college effective as an educational institution.

ED 1903-11

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