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214 Austin (W.) Hæc Homo, wherein the Excellency of the Creation

of Woman is described by way of an Essaie; portrait of Mary
Griffith (to whom the book is dedicated), and engraved title
containing portrait of author by F. Glover, calf

215 Autograph Letters, comprising the Rupert and Fairfax Corres-

LARGE PAPER, MS. prices and names

216 Avantures de Don Antonio de Buffalis, Histoire Italienne

La Haye, 1722 217 Avellaneda (A. Fernandez de) Nouvelles Avantures de l'admirable

Don Quichotte de la Manche, 2 vol. plates old French calf

Paris, 1704 218 Ayres (P.) Emblems of Love, in four Languages (Latin, English,

Italian, and French)

engraved throughout, uncut Printed for John Wren, n. d.
219 Azuni (D. A.) Histoire de la Sardaigne, 2 vol. map

Paris, 1802
220 Babbage (C.) on the Decline of Science in England 1830
221 Bacco Usurpatore di Parnasso o sia Arlichino Riformatore delle

Venezia, 1724 222 Baconis (F.) Historia Vitæ et Mortis, morocco, uncut Amst. 1663 223 Bacon (Friar) History, with Lives and Deaths of two Conjurors, Bungey and Vandermast, frontispiece

J. Hollis, n. d. 224 Bagatelles, with Description of Paraclete, uncut

225 Bailey (N.) New Universal Etymological Dictionary, containing

an additional Collection of Words. To which is added a Dic-
TIONARY OF Cant WORDS, numerous woodcuts

226 Baillie (Joanna) Metrical Legends of Exalted Characters
half morocco

227 Bailly (M.) et H. M. N. Duveyrier, Procès-verbal des Séances

et Deliberations de l'Assemblée Générale des Electeurs de

Paris (1789), 3 vol. portrait green morocco, g. e. by De Rome

Paris, 1790 228 Baird (R.) Protestantism in Italy, with Notice of the Waldenses, portrait

Glasgow, 1847 229 Baker (Anne Elizabeth) Northamptonshire Glossary, 2 vol. with two autograph notes of the authoress added

230 Baker (D. E.) Biographia Dramatica, with Continuations by Isaac Download

Reed and S. Jones, 3 vol. in 4
calf extra, g. e. by Clarke and Bedford

231 Baker (J.) Library-Catalogue, with Catalogues of his Collections

of Engravings, Autograph Letters, and Coins, 4 parts, MS.
prices and names

232 Baker (R.) Remarks on the English Language

233 Balai (Le) Poëme héroi-comique en XVIII Chants

Constantinople, 1791
234 Balaruc. Essai sur les Eaux Thermales de Balaruc

Montpellier, 1773
235 Balassa (C.) Art of Shoeing, plates
236 Balbi (A.) Abrégé de Geographie

Paris, 1833
237 Balbo (Comte C.) Vie du Dante, traduite par Madame la Com-
tesse De Lalaing, 2 vol.

Bruxelles, 1844
238 Balbuena (Don B. de) El Bernardo Poema, 3 vol.

Madrid, 1808


n. d.

n. d.

239 Baldwin (G.) La Prima Musa Clio, translated from the Italian of

Cesare Avena de Valdiere, or the Divine Traveller exbibiting
a Series of Writings obtained in the Extasy of Magnetic Sleep,

3 vol. in 1
privately printed and very scarce, most of the copies having been

destroyed by Mr. Baldwin when he discovered how he had been

imposed upon. 240 Bale (Johan) A brefe Chronycle concernynge the Examinacyon 310:

and death of the blessed martyr of Christ syr Johan Oide

castell, the lorde Cobham
black letter, woodcut, fine copy in calf, g.e.; from the Hollis and
Disney Collections

Imprynted Anno Domini 1544
* Bindley's copy sold for £3. 15s., and this in Hollis's Sale for

£2. 98. Lowndes (new edition) erroneously gives the date

as 1554.
241 Bale (Johan) Brefe Chronycle. Another Edition

3. 12.
black letter, woodcut, fine copy in blue morocco extra, g. e. by
F. Bedford

A. Scoloker and W. Seres, n. d.
This edition is without any date, and if Lowndes met with one
bearing 1548, it must be different from this, which in such case

must have escaped his notice.
242 Bale (J.) Brefe Chronycle of Syr J. Oldecastell, the Lorde Cob-
ham, LARGE PAPER, frontispiece

243 Balfour (J. H.) de Strychnia, author's autograph inscription,

Edinb. 1831-Balfour (J. H.) on Purulent Deposits after
Wounds and Operations, ib. 1833–Balfour (J. H.) Biogra-
phical Sketch of Dr. G. Bird, ib. 1855

244 Balguy (T.) on Divine Benevolence, uncut

1781 245 Ballads. Anderson (R.) Ballads in the Cumberland Dialect, with

Notes, Glossary, and Essay by T. Sanderson Carlisle, 1828
246 Ballads. Aytoun (W. E.) Ballads of Scotland, 2 vol. Edinb. 1858
247 Ballads. Buchan (P.) Ancient Ballads and Songs of the North . /.
of Scotland hitherto unpublished, with notes, 2 vol. ib. 1828

cal, critical, and humorous, 3 vol. plates (including that of the
Swimming Lady, generally deficient), calf gilt 1723-25

*** Nassau's copy sold for £7. 12s. 6d.
249 Balloon (The Air) rendered familiar to the plainest Capacity,

250 Baltimore (F. Lord) Tour to the East, calf extra, g. e. by F. Bed-

ford, 1767 — Baltimore (F. Calvert Lord) Trial for Rape,
uncut, Edinb. 1763

2 vol.
251 Balzac (M. de) Euvres, imperfect

Paris, 1633 252 Bammeville (M. de) Catalogue of Engravings

3. LARGE PAPER, only 12 copies printed, MS. prices and names 1854 253 BANDELLO (M.) NOVELLE, 9 vol.

PRINTED ON LARGE AZURE PAPER, port. uncut Londra, 1791-93 254 Bankes (H.) Civil and Constitutional History of Rome, 2 vol. 1818 255 Banners, Standards, and Badges in the Reign of Henry VIII. 1835 256 Bannister (J.) View of the Arts and Sciences to the Age of Alexander the Great


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257 Bannister (John, Comedian) Memoirs of, by John Adolphus,

2 vol. ILLUSTRATED with numerous portraits, character prints,

views, 8c. (many PROOFS), red morocco extra, by Hayday 1839
258 Baptism. Towgood (M.) Baptism of Infants a reasonable Ser-

vice, and Dipping not the only Scriptural and Primitive
Manner of Baptising, 2 vol. 1750-51-Inquiry into the Nature
and Design of Baptism, 1757--Letters on Baptism, 2 parts,
1756-57— Taylor (J.) Covenant of Grace and Baptism, 2757,

259 Barber (J.) Poetical Works (Farmer's Daughter; Female Skir-

mish; Law Suit; and Tom King's or the Paphian Grove, with
Humours of Covent Garden), plales, scarce

260 Barber (John, Lord Mayor of London) Life and Character, por-
trait, calf gilt

1741 261 Barber (J.). Another copy, with the scarce portrait, half calf 1741 262 Barber (W. H.) Case, with his autograph

1849 263 Barbier (A. A.) Dictionnaire des Ouvrages Anonymes et Pseudo- Best nymes, 4 vol. calf extra by J. Clarke

Paris, 1806-9
264 Barclaii (J.) Argenis cum Clave, Lugd. Bat. Elzevir, 1630 -

Euphormionis Lusinini Satyricon, cum Clavi. Accessit Con-
spiratio Anglicana, ib. 1637, calf gilt

2 vol.
265 Barclay (J.) on Muscular Motions of the Human Body, Edinb.

1808 — Description of the Arteries of the Human Body,
ib. 1812




266 A powerfull, pitifull, Citi-full Cry of plentifull Children, &c.

facetious, scarce

Printed in the yeare that Mars and Venus begot a wanton Cupid, 1643 267 Abulcacim Tarif Abentarique (Alcaide) Historia verdadera del luontoh

Don Rodrigo, traduzida por M. de Luna Madrid, 1654 268 Acuña (D. Hernando de) EL CAVALLERO DETERMINADO. A ME D


TRICAL ROMANCE (translated from the French of Olivier de la

Marche), with engravings

fine copy in old French green morocco, g. e. scarce Anveres, 1591
269 Agrippa (H. C.) of the Vanitie and Uncertaintie of Artes and Haltinet

Sciences, Englished by Ja. Sanford
black letter, fine copy in calf extra, g.e. by F. Bedford

H. Wykes, 1569
270 Ahmed Bin Abubekr Bin Wahshih, Ancient Alphabets and

Hieroglyphic Characters explained in Arabic, with English
Version by J. Hammer, cuts

271 Aikiu (J.) Description of the Country from 30 to 40 Miles round

Manchester, plates after Stothard and other artists, uncut 1795 272 Ainsworth (R.) Latin Dictionary, improved and enlarged by T. Morell and J. Carey, russia extra, g.e.

273 Alchymia. Musæum Hermeticum Reformatum et Amplificatum,
plates, uncut

Francof. 1749
Containing 21 rare Alchymical Works, including Thomæ Nor-

toni Angli Ordinale, Cremeri Abbatis Westmonasteriensis
Testamentum, &c.

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Aleman (M.) Primera y segunda Parte de Guzman de Alfarache,
2 vol. in 1, fine copy, but part I wants the table
calf extra, g. e. with Goldsmid's arms in gold on sides, rare
Burgos, 1619
ALFIERI (W.) OPERE, 22 vol.
LARGE PAPER, fine portrait by R. Morghen, uncut Italia, 1809-15
Allom (T.) France illustrated, 2 numbers, views, n.d.; and
4 others (6)
Amboyna. True Declaration of the News of the Conspiracy in
Amboyna 1624
Amboyna. Relation of the unjust, cruell and barbarous Pro-
ceedings against the English at Amboyna, plate 1665
Amboyna. Remonstrance of the Netherlands' East India Com-
pany touching the English Merchants executed at Amboyna,
with the Reply of the English East India Company, wood.
cut 1632
AMERICA. Monardus (N.) Joyfull Newes out of the New-found
Worlde, Englished by John Frampton
black letter, woodcuts, autograph of W. Herbert, fine copy in blue
morocco, leather joints, 7. e. E. Allde, 1596

*...* This copy sold for £2.10s. in North's Sale.

America. A briefe Description of the whole World
calf, 7. e. 1617

America. Enquiry into the Caledonian Project, &c.
very scarce 1701
America. The Interest of Great Britain considered with regard
to her Colonies, and the Acquisitions of Canada and Guade-
loupe 1760
America. History of a Corporation of Servants discovered in

the Interior of South America 1765
America. Observations for determining the Length of a Degree
of Latitude in Maryland and Pensylvania, by C. Mason and
J. Dixon, map and plate 1769
America. Elogj storici di Cristoforo Colombo e di Andrea d'Oria,
portraits, uncut Parma (Bodoni), 1781
Amsinck (P.) Tunbridge Wells and its Neighbourhood, fine
plates, etched by Letitia Byrne, uncut 1810

Andreini (G. B.) L'Adamo Sacra Rapresentatione, plates
Milano, 1617

*...* This work, from which Milton is supposed to have taken the

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idea of his Paradise Lost, is so excessively rare that its very
existence at one time was denied.

ANGLETERRE. Harangue du Chancelier d'Angleterre sur la Pro-
position baillée par la Royne [Elizabeth] au Conseil, S'il
conviendroit assister ouvertement le Prince d'Orange, &c.
very rare Coloigne, 1581
Anstey (C.) Poetical Works, with Life by his son John Anstey,
portrait and plates, calf ertra 1808
ANTIQUARIAN REPERToRY: a Miscellaneous Assemblage of Topo-
graphy, History, Biography, Customs, and Manners, by
F. Grose, T. Astle, and other eminent Antiquaries, 4 vol.
LARGE PAPER, numerous plates, half green morocco, uncut, top
edges gilt 1807-9

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292 Apparitions. A true Account of divers most strange and pro

digious Apparitions seen in the Air at Poins-Town, Tipperary,
Ireland, uncut, scarce

293 Apparition. Telfair (A.) Relation of an Apparition which in.

fested the House of Andrew Mackie in Ring-Croft of Stock-
ing, Rerrick, Kircudbright, uncut, rare

Edinb. 1696
294 Apparition (The friendly): being an Account of the most sur-

prizing Appearance of Sarah Malcom's Ghost at a noted Gin-
Shop, &c. scarce

1733 13,13,- 295

295 APPOLONIUS. Ein hübsch hystori von dem Künig Appolonius® Hettcaick

black letter, with curious woodcuts, coloured like the old Block-
Books, very fine copy in limp vellum

Augspurg von Hannsen Froschauer, 1516

*** A Prose Romance of extraordinary rarity. 3.10. 296 ARABIAN Nights, TRANSLATED BY REV. E. FORSTER, 5 vol.

Heate LARGEST PAPER, unlettered proofs of the engravings, after

R. Smirke, R.A., half russia, uncut, top edges gilt, scarce 1802 297 Arceus (F.) Method of curing Woundes, Englished by John Read,

with Treatise of the Fistulæ in the Fundament, translated out

of Johannes Ardern, black letter T. East for T. Cadman, 1588

* Prefixed is a Poem, " The Abuse of Surgerie," by J. Read.
298 Archer (E.) Relation of the Marchings of the Red Trained Bands

of Westminster, the Green Auxiliaries of London, and the
Yellow Auxiliaries of the Tower Hamlets

299 Architophel, or Picture of a Wicked Politician, by N.C. 1629
300 Argyle (Marquis of) Life, in Scottish Rhyme, by C.C.
autograph of Lady Charlotte Bury

Inverlochie, 1656
301 Aristippus, or the Joviall Philosopher presented in a private Shew.
To which is added, The Conceited Pedlar

1630 302 Aristophanis Comædiæ, Gr. cum notis R. F. P. Brunckii, 3 vol.

Oxon. 1810
303 Aristotle's Poetic, with Commentary by H. J. Pye, uncut 1792
304 Armorial historique de la Noblesse de France, recueilli et rédigé

par un Comité, publié par H. J. G. de Melville, numerous en-
gravings of arms, views, &c.

Paris, s. d.
305 Army. Plaine English: or a Discourse concerning the Accom-

modation, the Armie, the Association, uncut, rare 1643 306 Arnold (J) on a Pocket Chronometer, 1780; and 7 others on Clocks and Watches

307 Arnold (R.) on the Utility of Mathematicks, 1710—Wallis (J.)

on Gravity and Gravitation, 1675
2. 308 Arnot (H.) History of Edinburgh, plan and views

Edinb. 1788
309 Arnot. Another copy, plan and views, calf gilt

ib, 1788 L310 Articles of Religion in the Reigns of Edward VI and Q. Elizabeth privately printed at the expense of Dr. Burney

1811 1. 10

311 A et Union (The), a Monthly Journal of the Fine Arts, 10 vol. Lautas

in 8, numerous elegant illustrations, 1839-18—ART JOURNAL
from 1849 to 1960 inclusive, New Series, 5 vol. forming
vol. XI to XXI of Old Series, numerous fine engravings,
1849-53-Art-Journal Illustrated Catalogue of the Exhibition
of 1851, numerous engravings, 1851–Art-Journal Illustrated

Catalogue of the Dublin Exhibition, numerous engravings, 1853
half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, and from 1854 to 1860 un-




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