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182 Doran (Dr.)

Their Majesties' Servants. Annals of the English Stage, 2 vol., portraits, 1864, 8vo. (922)

Sotheran, £1 105. 183 Dorat (C. J.) La Déclamation Théâtrale, Poëme Didactique en quatre Chants, LARGE PAPER, engraved frontispiece and plates after Eisen, by De Ghendt, half morocco extra, g. t., uncut, Paris, 1771, 8vo. (178) Ridler, £110S. 184 Doyle (Richard). The Foreign Tour of Messrs. Brown, Jones and Robinson, numerous illustrations, original cloth, g.e., 1855, oblong 4to. (281) Thorp, £195. 185 Dryden (J.) Works, with Notes by Sir W. Scott, revised by G. Saintsbury, 18 vol., LARGE PAPER, 100 copies printed, portrait, Edinburgh, 1882-93, 8vo. (1468) Edwards, £2 11s. 186 Dutton Family. Historical and Genealogical Memoirs of the Dutton Family, of Sherborne, in Gloucestershire, with an Introduction by Lord Sherborne, portraits and facsimiles, vellum, uncut, t. e. g., one of 25 copies, Privately printed, 1899, 4to. (370) B. George, £55s. 187 Edgeworth (Maria). Tales and Novels, 18 vol., frontispieces and vignettes, morocco, g.e., 1832, 8vo. (57) Rimell, £1 175. 188 Egan (P.) Life of an Actor, coloured plates by Lane, binding broken, 1825, 8vo. (925) B. George, £2 195. 189 Eisenberg (Baron d'). L'Art de Monter à Cheval, ou Description du Manége Moderne, 59 plates of horsemanship by Picart, uncut, La Haye, 1737, oblong folio (1161) Karslake, £1 190 English Poets. Works of the, with Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, by Samuel Johnson, and a Poetical Index, 75 vol., portraits, old calf, 1790, 8vo. (100)

Terry, £2

[Another set in old calf (broken) sold at this same sale (Lot 17) for 1 35.-ED.]

191 Evelyn (John). Publick Employment and an Active Life prefer'd to Solitude, and all its Appanages, first edition, in the original calf, 1667, 8vo. (1) Maggs, 1 135.

[Written in answer to an essay by Sir George Mackenzie, entitled, "A moral Essay, preferring Solitude to public Employment."-Catalogue.]

192 Forlong (Major-General J. G. R.) Rivers of Life, 2 vol. and atlas, maps, illustrations, etc., 1883, 4to. (326)

Quaritch, £3 155. 193 Froissart (Sir John). Chronicles of England, France, Spain, etc., translated by Lord Berners, edited with a Memoir, copious Index, etc. by E. V. Utterson, 2 vol., a nearly uncut copy in half morocco, 1812, 4to. (373) Quaritch, £2 25.

194 Froude (J. A.) The English in Ireland in the Eighteenth Century, 3 vol., 1872-4, 8vo. (923) Sotheran, £2 45. 195 Froude (J. A.) Short Studies on Great Subjects, 4 vol. (second series, unbound, imperfect at end), 1867-83, 8vo. (924) Hornstein, £6 196 Fry (Francis). Bibliographical Description of the Editions of the New Testament, Tyndale's Version in English, illustrated with 73 plates, etc., 1878, 4to. (357) Sotheran, £1 25.

197 Gerhardus (Archiep.) De Vita et Honestate Clericorum, ex Concilio Maguntinum, lit. semi-goth., red and black, in long lines, 32 to a full page, without marks, at the end the woodcut mark of Jo. Faber, Public Notary in the diocese of Maintz, covers of a contemporary parchment MS. well preserved, Absque ulla nota (Sac. xv.), small folio (302)

Maggs, £7 198 Gessner (Salomon). Euvres [traduction en français par Huber, Meister et Brutté de Loirelle], 3 vol., plates and vignettes after Le Barbier, engraved by Halbou, Baquoy, Delignon, de Longueil, etc., in calf gilt, g.e., Paris [1786-93], 4to. (314) Quaritch, £5 199 Gibbon (E.) History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, with Notes by Milman and Guizot, edited by Dr. Smith, 8 vol., portrait and maps, half bound, Murray, 1854-55, 8vo. (561) Bumpus, 1 16s. 200 Gould (R. F.) History of Freemasonry, 3 vol., portraits, half morocco, g. e., Edinburgh, n. d., 4to. (320) Ridler, £I IS. 201 Gregorius IX. Decretales Epistole supremi artodoxa principis Gregorii Noni multis mendis a Joanne Thierry interprete, lit. goth.. printed in black and red, large woodcut and numerous initial letters, vellum, r. e., Paris, J. Petit, 1529, 4to. (608) Stanford, 1 6s. 202 Grenier (F.) Victoires et Conquêtes. Recueil des principaux Evenements de l'Histoire de nos Combats, 98 large lithographic plates (no general title), half bound, t. e. g., 1818, etc., folio (377) Thorp, £3 35. 203 Greville Memoirs. Journal of the Reigns of George IV. and William IV., edited by H. Reeves, 3 vol., 1874, 8vo. (49) Maggs, £3 204 Grindlay (Captain R. M.) Scenery, Costumes and Architecture, chiefly on the Western side of India, 18 coloured plates, half bound, Ackermann, 1826, folio (1187)

Scotti, £110s. 205 Golding (C.) The Coinage of Suffolk, 70 illustrations, vellum, g.t. Privately printed, 1868, 4to. (325) Ridler, Li 206 Gronow (Captain). The Reminiscences and Recollections of, 2 vol., illustrations by Grego, 1889, 8vo. (1405)

Bumpus, £1 14s. 207 Grose (F.) Antiquities of England and Wales, 4 vol., first edition, numerous illustrations, calf, S. Hooper, 1773-76, 4to. (26) Ridler, £175. 208 Hallam (Henry). Constitutional History of England, 3 vol., 1854-Introduction to the Literature of Europe, 3 vol., 1854 State of Europe during the Middle Ages, 3 vol., 1856, calf gilt, m. e., by Hayday and Mansell (uniform), together 9 vol., 8vo. (61) Edwards, £3 3s. 209 Herrera (A. de). Description des Indes Occidentales, qu'on appelle aujourdhuy le Nouveau Monde, charts and views, fine copy in calf gilt, g. e., Amst., 1622, folio (396) Maggs, £175. 210 Hervey (John Lord). Memoirs of the Reign of George II., 3

vol., LARGE PAPER, 50 copies printed, portrait, Bickers, 1884, imperial 8vo. (877) Forrester, 1 25.

211 Higgins (G.) The Celtic Druids, plates, uncut, 1827, 4to. (319) Ridler, £175. 212 Hope (Sir W.) The Compleat Fencing-Master (running title, "The Scots Fencing Master"), in which is described all the Guards, Parades and Lessons belonging to the Small-Sword, etc., third edition, 12 plates (half of plate 3 missing), some MS. notes in margins, old calf gilt, W. Taylor, 1710, 8vo. (678) Quaritch, £1 10s. 213 Hunt (Leigh). Stories from the Italian Poets, first edition, 2 vol., original cloth, 1846, 8vo. (186) Thorp, £1 Is. 214 Hunterian Club Publications, Nos. 1-65, original wrappers, uncut, Printed for the Club, 1872-94, 4to. (632)

Sotheran, £4 6s. 215 Hutchins (John). History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset, 2 vol., first edition, map, plans, plates and pedigrees, half bound, fore-edges uncut, t. e. g., fine copy, Bowyer and Nichols, 1774-1815, folio (375) Cricher, £4 18s.

216 Inman (Dr. T.) Ancient Faiths embodied in Ancient Names, 2 vol., illustrations, 1868-9, 8vo. (140) Edwards, £2 6s. 217 Jesse (J. H.) Memoirs of the Pretenders and their Adherents, portraits, 2 vol., clean in original cloth, Bentley, 1846, 8vo. (185) Hornstein, £2 18s. 218 Knight (R. P.) Discourse on the Worship of Priapus, illustrations, roxburghe, Privately printed, 1865, 4to. (322) Forrer, £1 145. 219 Lancival (J. C. J. L. de). Hector, Tragédie en cinq Actes, frontispiece, old French morocco extra, gold borders on the sides, with the arms of the Empress Josephine on the sides and crowned initial on the back, silk linings, g. e., Paris, 1809, 8vo. (1268)

Maggs, £13 220 Landor (W. S.) Fra Rupert, the last part of a Trilogy, first edition, uncut, 1840, 8vo. (1070) £15s. 221 Lafontaine (J. de). Fables Choisies mises en Vers (avec la Vie de l'Auteur, par R. de Montenault), 274 plates by Oudry, with Oudry's portrait, and frontispiece containing portrait of Lafontaine, 4 vol., old calf, Paris, Dessaint et Saillant, 1755-9, folio (766) Ridler, £5

[The best copies have the ensign in the first plate of the 171st Fable, before the words "Le Singe et le Léopard." These are superior to copies having the word “Léopard' only, though these in their turn are superior to ordinary copies (ut supra) on the usual or bluish paper.-ED.] 222 La Fontaine (J. de). Fables Choisies, mises en Vers, nouvelle édition, gravée en taille-douce, 6 vol., plates and vignettes after Bardin, Caresme, Desrais, Loutherbourg, etc., engraved by Fessard, the text by Montulay, original French calf, g. e., with the Soubise heraldic devices on the back, Paris, 1765-75, 8vo. (101) Terry, £3 3s. [The first issue of this edition has "chez l'auteur" on the title. Later issues, all of which are much inferior, have

either "chez Durand" or "Delauriers, papetier."
above belonged to the first issue.-ED.]


223 Lecky (W. E. H.) On the Declining Sense of the Miraculous, first edition, original cloth, Dublin, 1863, 8vo. (549)

Bumpus, £3 224 Lübke (Dr. W.) History of Sculpture, translated by Bunnett, 2 vol., numerous illustrations, 1872, 8vo. (173)

Hornstein, £2 16s. 225 Lydekker (R.) Royal Natural History, edited by R. Lydekker, 6 vol., coloured plates and numerous engravings, 1893-96, imperial 8vo. (523) Thorp, £1 16s. 226 Malton (Thomas). A Picturesque Tour through the Cities of London and Westminster, 2 vol. in 1, 100 large plates in aquatinta, with text, russia, 1792, folio (659) Sabin, £10 5s. 227 Maxwell (W. H.) History of the Irish Rebellion in 1798, first edition, portraits, and etchings by George Cruikshank, half calf, 1845, 8vo. (554) Sabin, £1 228 Meyrick (S. R.) and C. H. Smith. Costume of the Original Inhabitants of the British Islands, 24 large coloured plates, half bound, 1815, folio (641) Ridler, £2 2s. 229 Miller (Hugh). Poems written in the leisure hours of a Journeyman Mason, first edition, morocco extra, by Rivière, Roger Payne tooling, t. e. g., Inverness, 1829, 8vo. (202) D. Wise, £1 145. 230 Navy Records Society. Publications, vol. iii. to xix., portraits and coloured and other illustrations, 1895-1900, 8vo. (88) Harding, £3 10s. 231 Naval Chronicle (The), vol. 1-40, numerous illustrations, calf (some of the covers defective), 1799-1818, 8vo. (171)

Bumpus, £8 10s. 232 Old Plays, being a continuation of Dodsley's Collection, with Notes critical and explanatory, 6 vol., half calf gilt, m. e., 1816, 8vo. (4) Sotheran, LI IS. 233 Pardoe (Miss). Life of Marie de Medicis, Queen of France, portraits, 3 vol., original cloth, 1852, 8vo. (189)

Sotheran, £2 8s. 234 Pardoe (Miss). Louis the Fourteenth, and the Court of France in the Seventeenth Century, portraits, 3 vol., original cloth, Bentley, 1847, 8vo. (190) Sotheran, £2 6s.

235 Phillips (S.) Poems, first edition, J. Lane, 1898, 8vo. (939)

Maggs, L1 175. 1891-Poems, ib., Maggs, £1 15s.

236 Phillips (S.) Herod, a Tragedy, J. Lane, 1898, first editions, 2 vol., 8vo. (940) 237 Portraits. Men of Mark, a Gallery of Contemporary Portraits, with Memoirs by Thompson Cooper, 7 vol., half morocco gilt, 1876-82, 4to. (356)

238 Prince (John). Worthies of Devon . .

Roche, I IS. Lives and Fortunes of

the most famous Divines, Statesmen, Swordsmen, Writers, etc., numerous engravings of arms, old calf (rebacked), Exeter, 1701, folio (374)

239 Record Publications. Calendar of State [1599-1647], 4 vol.-America and West

Crocker, £2 14s. Papers. Ireland Indies [1685-88]—

Spanish [1587-1603] - Venetian [1603-1607] - Domestic [1672-73], 2 vol.-Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers [1735-41, 2 vol.-Home Office Papers [1773-751-Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII. [1540-42], 2 vol., together 14 vol., 1898-1901, 4to. (620)

Harding, £5 10s. 240 Recorde (R.) The Whetstone of Witte, whiche is the Seconde Part of Arithmetike containyng the xtraction of Rootes: The Cossike Practise, with the rule of Equation and the Woorkes of Surde Nombers, black letter. large copy, but wanted folding tables, Ihon Kyngston, 1557, 4to. (721)

Quaritch, L2 18s. 241 Recueil de Romances Historiques, tendres et burlesques, tant Anciennes que Modernes, avec les Airs notés, par M. de L(usse), frontispiece and vignette by Eisen, original olive morocco, g.e., with the Soubise heraldic devices on sides and back, 1767-74, 8vo. (102) Terry, £2 25. 242 Ruskin (John). Modern Painters, complete edition, with the General Index, Bibliography and Notes, together 6 vol., plates and woodcuts, calf, g. e., Orpington, 1888, imperial 8vo. (175) Ridler, £5 243 Seymour (C.) Survey of the Cities, Towns and Villages of the County of Kent, divided into 3 vol. and illustrated with upwards of 250 additional plates, half morocco, g. e., 1776, 8vo. (798) Ridler, £4 4s. 244 Shakespeare (W.) Mr. William Shakespear's Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, published according to the true original copies, the third impression, portrait by Droeshout with the verses underneath, cut round, defective and mounted, only a small portion of the title remained, but it included the date, two of the preliminary leaves cut round and inlaid, two leaves torn and two leaves, pages 5 to 8, wanted in Pericles, the volume generally in sound and clean condition, and measured 13% by 8% inches, calf, m. e., sold not subject to return, London, printed for P. C., 1664, folio (640) Leighton, £70 245 Shakspeare (W.) Dramatic Works, 'Boydell's Edition," revised by George Steevens, 9 vol., with the series of 100 engravings after Stothard, Westall, Smirke, etc., half russia, g.e., Bulmer, 1802, folio (40) Maggs, £8 12s.

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246 Shakspeariana. The Secret History of Mack-beth King of Scotland, taken from a very ancient original manuscript, half calf, 1708, 8vo. (265) Maggs, £3 8s. 247 Spargo (T.) Statistics of and Observations upon the Mines of Cornwall, 4 vol., plans, calf gilt, 1860-65, 8vo. (887) Quaritch, LI IS. 248 Stirling-Maxwell (Sir W.) Don John of Austria, the special edition in folio, numerous engravings, 2 vol., half morocco, t. e. g., 1883, folio (384) Forrester, £4 10s. 249 Swainson (W.) Zoological Illustrations (Ornithology, Entomology, Conchology), coloured plates, 6 vol., half calf gilt, 1820-23, 8vo. (117) Ridler, £195.

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