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COLUMBIA College. Report of the Committee charged with an Inquiry

into the State of Columbia College ... Rufus King, Chairman, February 6, 1809. 4to., pp. 14.

Report relative to the Course of Instruction and Discipline in Columbia College, presented to Board of Trustees, February 28, 1810 [Rufus King, Chairman). 8vo., pp. 24. N. Y., 1810. - The Charter of Columbia College, in the City of New York, as

Amended . . . 233 March, 1810. 8vo., pp. 8. N. Y., 1810. - A Draught of Statutes for Columbia College, presented ... September 3, 1810. 8vo., pp. 17.

N. Y., 1810. - Statutes . . . as adopted by the Board of Trustees, November 6, 1810. 8vo., pp. 32.

N. Y., 181. Statutes . . . as adopted by the Board of Trustees, June 13, 181. 8vo., pp. 32.

N. Y., 1811. The Constitution and By-Laws of the Philolexian Society of Columbia College. Founded 1802 . . . List of Members. izmo.

N. Y., 1834. Statutes . . . revised and passed by the Board of Trustees, May, 1836. To which is presixed, an Historical Sketch of the College. 8vo., pp. 40.

N. Y., 1836. - An Account of the Celebration of the First Semi-Centennial Anniversary of the Incorporation of Columbia College, by the Legislature of New York; with the Oration [by Manton Eastburn, D. D.) and Poem [by William Betts, A. M.] delivered on the occasion. 8vo., pp. 62.

N. Y., 1837. · The Constitution of the Columbian Peithologian Society; with a List of Members. 12mo., pp. 12.

N. Y., 1838. - A Letter to the Trustees of Columbia College. From a Citizen. 8vo., pp. 16.

N. Y., 1856. COLUMBIA. Considerations on the Government of the Territory of, as

they recently appeared in the National Intelligencer, under the signature of Epaminondas. 4to.

Washington, 1801. COLUMBIAN INSURANCE COMPANY. Act to Incorporate, etc. 8vo., pp. 15.

N. Y., 1801. COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE; or, Monthly Miscellany. Vols. I., II., III. 8vo.

Phil., 1786–89. COLUMBIAN PHNIX (THE) and Boston Review. 8vo. [Edited by J. Hawkins.]

Boston, 1800. COLUMBUS. Memorials of; or, a Collection of Authentic Documents

of that Celebrated Navigator, now first published from the original MSS., by Order of the Decurions of Genoa; preceded by a Memoir of his Life and Discoveries. Translated from the Spanish and Italian. 8vo.

Lond., 1823. Combe, T. The Peasant of Auburn; or, the Emigrant, etc. 8vo., pp. 48.

Phil. Comines, Philip de. The Historie of. Folio. Lond., 1614. COMMERCE AND CURRENCY: A Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury,

on the, of the United States. By Aristides. 8vo. N. Y., 1819. COMMERCIAL CONDUCT of the United States of America considered, and

the True Interest thereof attempted to be shewn. By a Citizen of New York. 8vo., pp. 21.

N. Y., 1786. COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY; containing a Topographical Description, etc. of the United States. 4to.

Phil., 1823. COMMON PRAYER. Petition to the King, relating to the Review of the,

etc. - Proceedings of the Commissioners appointed for the Review, etc. 4to.

Lond., 1661. Common Sense. Additions to, addressed to the Inhabitants of America. 8vo., pp. 47.

Rep. Lond., 1776. - The True Merits of a late Treatise, printed in America, intitled

Common Sense, clearly pointed out. Addressed to the Inhabitants of America. 8vo.

Lond., 1776. - The True Interest of America Impartially Stated, in certain Strictures on a Pamphlet entitled Common Sense. By an American. 8vo.

Phil., 1776. COMMUNICATIONS on the Next Election for President of the United

States, and on the late Measures of the Federal Administration, etc.
By a Citizen of New York. 8vo.

N. Y., 1808. COMPENDIO GENERAL, de las Contribuciones y Gastos que ocasionan

todos los Efectos, etc. que se trafican entre los reynos de Castilla, y America, etc. 4to.

Cadiz, 1762. COMSTOCK, ANDREW. Treatise on Phonology; comprising a perfect

Alphabet of the English Language, a System of Vocal Gymnastics,
Exercises in Orthography, Reading and Declamation, and Pitman's
Phonetic Short-hand. No. I. izmo.

Phil., 1846. COMSTOCK, J. L. An Examination of Esays on Fevers, and their

Medical Subjects. By Minor L. Tully. Hartford, 1824. CONANT, ABEL. Sermon at Leominster, on leaving the Old Meeting House, October 12, 1823. 8vo.

Worcester. - Sermon at Leominster, October 15, 1823, at the Dedication of the New Meeting House. 8vo.

Worcester. CONCERT. Grand Miscellaneous, for the Benefit of the Orphan Asylum,

to be performed at Washington Hall, 6th January, 1844. N. Y. CONCIVIS. Letters to the People of the United States, published Semi

Monthly, in Six Series, from 15th August to ift November, 1840. 8vo.

N. Y., 1840. CONDAMINE, M. DE LA. Relation abregec d'un Voyage fait dans l'Inte

rieur de l'Amerique Meridionale, etc. 8vo. Paris, 1745.

Journal du Voyage fait par Ordre du Roi, a l'Equateur, fervant d'Introduction Historique a la Mesure des Trois Premiers Degres du Meridien. 4to.

Paris, 1751 - Supplement au Journal, etc. pour servir de Reponse aux Objections de M. B. Ile Partie. 4to.

Paris, 1754. · An Extract from the Observations made in a Tour to Italy, by. Translated by a F. R. S. With an Alphabetical Index. 12mo., pp. 192.

Lond., 1768.


CONDICT, Ira. Funeral Sermon on the Death of General Washington, New Brunswick, 31st December, 1799. 8vo., pp. 23.

New Brunswick, 1800. Condie, Thomas and Richard Folwell. History of the Pestilence,

commonly called Yellow Fever, which almost desolated Philadelphia, in the months of August, September, and October, 1798. 8vo.

Phil. CONDILLAC (STEPHEN BonnOT, ABBE DE.] Cuvres Philosophiques. 1er, 2nde, zme, 6me tom. en 2. 12mo. ne. Ome tom, en 2. 12mo.

A Paris, 1705. CONDORCET (M.) Letter to a Magistrate in Switzerland, respecting the

Massacre of the Swiss Guards, etc. 8vo., pp. 29. N. Y., 1793. - Outlines of an Historical View of the Progress of the Human

Mind. Translated from the French. 12mo. Baltimore, 1802. CONDUCT of the Late and Present Ministry Compared, etc. 8vo., pp.

Lond., 1742. CONDUCTOR GENERALIS; or, the Office, Duty and Authority of Justices of the Peace, etc. Second edition. 8vo.

Phil., 1749. CONFERENCE entre un Ministre d'Etat et un Conseiller au Parlement.

8vo., pp. 47. CONFERENCE with the Eastern Indians, at the Ratification of the Peace held at Falmouth, in Casco Bay, in July and August, 1726. 4to.

Boston. — A Friendly Conference of a Missionary, an Anabaptist, and a

Candid Inquirer after Truth.
CONGREGATIONAL CHUrches. Remarks on the Ancient and Present

State of the Congregational Churches of Norfolk and Suffolk, etc.
By a Suffolk Minister. 8vo., pp. 64.

Lond., 1777. Congress. , Lettre addressee aux Habitans de la Province de Quebec, ci-devant le Canada, etc. 8vo.

Phil., 1774. – Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of the American Continental, held at Philadelphia, on the 5th of September, 1774, etc. 8vo.

Phil., 1774. Same. 8vo., pp. 36.

Rivington, N. Y., 1774. Same. 12mo.

N. Y., 1774. Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of the American Continental Congress . . . Association, etc. 8vo., pp. 8.

Journal of the Proceedings of the, held at Philadelphia, 5th September, 1774. 8vo., pp. 66.

Rep. Lond. - The Whole Proceedings of the American Continental Congress, held at Philadelphia, on the 5th of September, 1774. 8vo.

Rep. N. Y., 1775. – A Declaration, etc., setting forth the Causes and Necessity of their taking up Arms. 8vo.

Phil., 1775. - Address of the Twelve United Colonies of North America, by their Representatives in Congress, to the People of Ireland. 12mo.

N. Y., 1775. - An Address to the People of Ireland. 8vo. Phil., 1775. - A Few Remarks upon some of the Votes and Resolutions of the Continental Congress held at Philadelphia in 1775, and the Provincial Congress at Cambridge, 1775. By a Friend to Peace and Good Order. 8vo.

1775. CONGRESS. What Think ye of the Congress Now? or, an Enquiry,

How far the Americans are bound to Abide by and Execute the Decisions of the late ... [By Thomas Bradbury Chandler.] 8vo., pp. 48.

N. Y., 1775. - An Englishman's Answer to the Address from the Delegates to the People of Great Britain, in a Letter to the several Colonies represented in the late Continental ... 8vo., pp. 26.

N. Y., 1775. - A Speech intended to have been delivered in the House of Commons, in support of the Petition from the General . . . at Philadelphia. 8vo., pp. 67.

Lond., 1775. Journal of the Proceedings of the, held at Philadelphia, May 10, 1775. 8vo., pp. 200.

Rep. Lond., 1776. Petition of the Continental, to His Majesty; with the Address of the Lord Mayor and Livery of London to the Electors of Great Britain, etc. With Pref. Address from the New York Committee of Safety. 8vo.

N. Y., 1776. An Answer to the Declaration of the American Congress. Second edition. 8vo.

Lond., 1776. Same. Third edition. 8vo.

Lond., 1776. - The Rights of Great Britain Asserted against the Claims of America; being an Answer to the Declaration of the General Congress. Ninth edition. 8vo.

Lond., 1776. - Journal of the Proceedings of, held at Philadelphia, from September 5, 1775, to April 30, 1776. 8vo. Rep. Lond., 1778.

A Circular Letter from the Congress of the United States of America to their Constituents. 8vo.

Phil., 1779. Address and Recommendations to the States. 8vo. Phil., 1783. Resolutions and Extracts from the Journals of the Hon. the Congress, relative to the Continental Loan Offices in the several States, etc. 12mo., pp. 31.

Albany, 1786. - The House of Wisdom in a Bustle: a Poem, descriptive of the noted Battle lately Fought in Congress. By Geoffry Touchstone. 8vo.

Phil., 1798. See United States. CONGRESSIONAL GLOBE. Containing Sketches of the Debates and Pro

ceedings, from the ist Session of the 23d Congress (1833–34), to the ist Session of the 34th (1855-56), inclusive. Bound in 39

vols. By Blair and Rives. 4to. Washington, 1834-56.. - Reporter; containing the Public Documents and the Debates of

the i2th Congress. 2 vols. 8vo. Concord, N. H., 1811-13. - Temperance Society. Fifth Anniversary, in the Hall of the House of Representatives of the United States, 27th February, 1838. 8vo., pp. 32.

Washington, 1838. CONINGESBY, George. Sermon [on the Trinity) preached before the

Sir Representatives Fifth Anniv Concord, and the beach 56

University of Oxford, at St. Mary's, December 30, 1722. 8vo., pp. 37.

Oxford, 1723. CONNECTICUT. Acts and Laws of His Majesty's Colony of Connecticut

in New England. [Charter prefixed and Session Laws added to 1737.] Folio.

New London, 1715-37. - Acts and Laws of His Majesty's English Colony of, in New England in America. Charter prefixed, and the Session Laws added to 1772. Folio.

New London, 1750–72. - Aēts and Laws of the State of Connecticut, in America. (Session Laws added to 1793) Folio.

New London, 1784. · A Congratulatory Letter from a Gentleman in the West to his Friend in the East, upon the Success of his Letter, entituled, The Present State of the Colony of, considered. 4to., pp. 15.

New Haven, 1755. - The Answer of the Friend in the West, etc. 4to., pp. 18.

New Haven, 1755. Reply to a Pamphlet, entitled, The Answer of the Friend in the Welt, etc. With a Prefatory Address to the Freemen of His Majesty's English Colony of. 4to., pp. 63.

1755. Governor and Company of Connecticut, and Moheagan Indians, by their Guardians. Certified Copy of Book of Proceedings before Commissioners of Review, 1743. 460., pp. 283.

Lond., 1769. The State of the Lands said to be once within the Bounds of the Charter of the Colony of, West of the Province of New York, considered. 8vo., pp. 16.

N. Y., 1770. · The Right of the Governor and Company of the Colony of, to Claim and Hold the Lands within the Limits of their Charter, lying West of the Province of New York, stated, etc. 8vo., pp. 47.

Hartford, 1773 Heads of Enquiry relative to the Present State and Condition of His Majesty's Colony of Connecticut, signified by His Majesty's Secretary of State, 5th July, 1773; with the Answers thereto. 4to., pp. 16.

Rep. Norwich, 1775. Farmer. Remarks on a Pamphlet entitled, a Dissertation on the Political Union, etc.

1784. The Security of the Rights of Citizens in the State of, considered. 8vo.

Hartford, 1792. Courant. The Political Green-house, for the year 1798. Addressed to the Readers of the, January 1, 1799. izmo. Hartford.

Address to the Frecmen of. 8vo. . Hartford, 1803. Facts are Stubborn Things; or, Nine Plain Questions to the People of; with a Brief Reply to cach. By Simon Holdfast. 8vo.

Hartford, 1803. - Count the Coft. An Address to the People of, on sundry Political Subjects, and particularly on the Proposition for a New Con

stitution. By Jonathan Steadfast. 8vo. Hartford, 1804. - Steady Habits Vindicated; or, a Serious Remonstrance to the

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