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2056 Vindication of the British Colonies, published by Mr. Otis, at Boston,

in 1765. 8vo 2s '1769

2057 Account of the Designs of the Associates of the late Dr. Bray, with

an Abstract of their Proceedings. (For Promoting the Gospel in America). 8vo Is 6d 1770

2058 Appeal to the Public on behalf of Saml. Vaughan, Esq., in regard to

the Negotiation with the Duke of Grafton, with Appendix relating to the Public Offices in Jamaica. 8vo (wants 2 leaves) Is 6d I770

2059 Appendix to Mr. Samuel Vaughan's Appeal, by Arthur Murphy. 8vo

Privately Printed. Is 6d 1770

2060 Critical Commentary on Archb. Seeker's Letter to Rt. Hon. Horatio

Walpole, concerning Bishops in America. 8vo Is 6d 1770

2061 Considerations on the Expediency of admitting Representatives from

the American Colonies into the House of Commons. 8vo Is 6d 1770 062 Extract of a Letter from the House of Representatives of Massachusetts Bay to their Agent, Dennys de Berdt, with remarks. 8vo Is 6d * 1770

2063 Replections, Moral and Political, on Great Britain and her Colonies.

8vo Is 6d 1770

2064 Forster (John R.) Flora Americae Septentrionalis, of Catalogue of

the Plants of North America. 8vo, scarce. 3s 1771

2065 Johnson's (Dr. Sam.) Thoughts on the late Transactions respecting

Falkland Islands. 8vo Is 1771

2066 Journal of a Voyage Round the World, in his Majesty's Ship

Endeavour, 1768-1771, with a concise vocabulary of the Language of
Otaheite. 4to 2s 1771

2067 Jay's (Sir James) Letter to the Governors of the College of New York,

respecting the Collection (of Money) that was made in England, in 1762-3, for the Colleges of Philadelphia & New York, 8vo 3s 1771

2068 Letter to an American Planter from his Friend in London. 12mo

Is, 1771

2069 Sermon at Newbury Port, on the Day of the Death of Rev. Geo.

Whitfield, by Jonathan Parsons. 8vo Is 1771

2070 Sermon at Boston, on the Death of the Rev. Geo, Whitfield, by Dr.

E. Pemberton, with an Elegiac Poem by Phillis, a Negro Girl, belonging to Mr. J. Wheatley, of Boston. 8vo Is 6d 1771

2071 Sermon at Christ Church, Savannah, Georgia, on the Death of the

Rev. Geo. Whitfield, by E. Ellington. 8vo Is 1771

2072 Succinct View of the Missions established among the Heathen by the

Church of the Brethren in America, West Indies, &c. 8vo
Is 6d 1771

2073 Benezet (Anthony).—Some Historical Account of Guinea, its Situa

tion, Produce and General disposition of its Inhabitants (and the Slave Trade with America). 8vo. 2s 1772

2074 Case of the Holders of Reconnoissances given in Exchange for Canada

Paper. Folio, single sheet. Is 6d 1772

2075 Collection of several Commissions and other public Instruments re

lating to the state of the Province of Quebec. Collected by Maseres. 4to. 6s 1772 I

2076 Hargraves' Argument in the case of James Sommersett, a Negro,

lately determined in the Court of King's Bench, to demonstrate the present unlawfulness of Domestic Slavery in England, with a state of the Case. 8vo. 2s ' 1772

Sommersett's Case decided that every Negro was free when he landed in England.

2077 Henley (Professor) Sermon before the House of Burgesses at Williams

burg, in Virginia (which exposed its Author to obloquy). 4to. Is 6d

Cambridge, 1II2

2078 Morgan (Morris) Plan for the Abolition of Slavery in the West Indies.

4to. Is 6 d "1772

2079 The Case of Peter Hasenclever. 8yo, (no Title; apparently complete

without one). 3s 1772

Relative to the establishment of Iron Foundries at Charlottenburg, Ringwood, Longpond in New Jersey, and at Courtland and New Petersberg in the State of New York.

2080 Thoughts upon Liberty. By an Englishman. 12mo. Is 1772

2081 Thoughts concerning the Origin of Power—Thoughts upon Liberty.

12mo. Is" 1772

"There are many nations in America, those particularly that border on Georgia and Carolina, wherein if one disapproves of what another says, or perhaps dislikes his looks, he scorns to affront him before his face, neither does he betray the least dissatisfaction. But as soon as opportunity serves,he steps from behind a tree and shoots him, and none calls him that does it to an account.'p.7

2082 Attempt to show that America must be known to the Ancients, with

Appendix, concerning the American Colonies. By an American
Gentleman. 8vo. 2s Boston, New England, 1773

2083 Authentic Papers relative to the Expedition against the Charibbs, and

Sale of Lands in the Island of St. Vincent. 4to. 4s 6d 1773

2084 Considerations on the state of the Sugar Islands, and on the Policy

of enabling Foreigners to lend Money on real Securities in those Colonies. 8vo. Is 6d" 1773

2085 Estwick's (Saml., Agent for Barbadoei) Considerations on the Negro

Cause (commonly so called),addressed toLordMansfield. 8vo. 2s 1773

2086 Letter from Mr. Dalrymple to Dr. Hawkesworth, occasioned by some

groundless imputations in his Account of the late Voyages to the South Sea. 4to, map. 2s 1773

See Rich's Bibliotheca, vol. i, p. 193.

2087 Votes and Proceedings of the Town of Boston, with a particular Enu

meration of those Grievances that have given rise to the present alarming Discontents in America. 8vo. 2s 1773

2088 Address of a Back Settler, dated Keowee, Sept. 2hth, 1774. 4to. 2s 6d

2089 Comment on aPamphlet by "a Backsettler," in Defence of the Rights

of America. By a Carolinian. 4to. 2s 6d Charlestown, 1774

2090 Address to Protestant Dissenters on the State of Public Liberty in

general and of American Affairs in particular. 8vo. Is 1774

2091 Appeal to the Justice and Interests of the People of Great Britain, in

the present Disputes with America. By an old Member of Parliament (Mr. Glover). 8vo. 2s 1774

2092 American (The) Querist, or, Some questions proposed relative to the

present disputes between Great Britain and her American Colonies. By a North American. 8vo. 2s 6d. New York, 1774

This pamphlet on the 8th day of September last, was in full conclave of the sons of liberty in

New York, committed to the flames by the hands of the common executioner, as it contains s

queries they cannot, and others they will not answer.—Note on title.

2093 An Argument in Defence of the Exclusive Right claimed by the

Colonies to tax themselves; to which is added an account of the Rise of the Colonies. 8vo. 2s 1774

2094 Bernard (Governor) Select Letters on the Trade and Government of

America, and the principles of law and policy applied to the American
Colonies. 8vo. 2s 6d 1774

2095 Considerations on the Imposition of 4£ per cent, collected on

Grenada and Southern Charibee Islands, by his Majesty's Letters Patent, under Pretence of Royal Prerogative. 8vo. Is 6d 1774 )96 Considerations on the Measures carrying on with respect to the British Colonies in North America. 8vo. 2s 1774

2097 Second Edition, with additions and an appendix. 8vo. 2s 6d 1774

2098 Congress canvassed, or, Examination into the conduct of the delegates

at their grand Convention held in Philadelphia. By A. W. Farmer. Is 6rf * 1774

2099 Essay (by the Pennsylvanian Farmer) on the Constitutional Power of

Great Britain over the Colonies, with the resolves of the Committee for the Province of Pennsylvania. (By John Dickinson, of Philadelphia.) 8vo. 2s 6d Philadelphia, 1774

2100 8vo. 2s London, 1774

2101 Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of the American Continental

Congress held at Philadelphia, 5th Sept., 1774, 8vo. Is 6d 1774

2102 Faithful Account of the late Duel between J. Temple and W.

Wheatley, Esq. (on some letters about Boston) 8vo 2s 1774

2103 Friendly Address to all reasonable Americans, on the subject of

our Political Confusions, in which the necessary consequences of violently opposing the King's Troops, are fairly stated. 8vo 2s

New York, 1774

2104 8vo Is 6d London, 1774

2105 The other side of the question, or a defence of the liberties of North

America (in answer to the above "Friendly Address"), 8vo Is 6d

New York, 1774

2106 Funeral Sermon at St. John's, Antigua, on Nathaniel Gilbert, of the

said Island, by F. Gilbert. 4to 2s Antigua, 1774

2107 Green (Wm) Sufferings of, being a sorrowful account of his Seven

Years' Transportation (to Maryland in America). 12mo, poor copy.
Is " 1774

2108 Jay's (Sir Jas.) Letter to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge,

in respect to the collection that was made for the Colleges of New York and Philadelphia. 8vo 2s 1774

2109 Johnstone's (gov.) Speech on the Question of recommitting the

Address declaring the Colony of Massachusetts Bay in Rebellion. 8vo 2s 1774

2110 Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress held at Philadelphia,

Sept. 5th, 1774. 8vo 2s W. 8? T. Bradford, Philadelphia, 1774

2111 Justice and Policy of the late Act of Parliament for making more

effectual Provision for the Government of Quebec, asserted and proved. 8vo 2s 6d 1774 2112 Letter to the Earl of Chatham on the Quebec Bill. 8vo. 2s 1774

2113 Letter from a Virginian to the Members of the Congress, to be held

at Philadelphia, Sept. 1, 1774. 8vo. Is 6d' 1774

2114 Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants of the

British Colonies, (by Dickinson). 8vo. 2s 1774

"My Lord Hillsborough mentioned the Farmer's Letters to me, said he had read them, that they were well written, and he believed he eould guess who was the author, looking in my face at the same time, as if he thought it was me. He censured the doctrines as extremely wild, &c. I have read them as far as No. 8: I know not if any more have been published. I should have thought they had been written by Mr. Delanry, not having heard of the others you point out as joint authors;" then follow some remarks, and giving his opinion that the British Government should make no Laws at all for the Colonies, and recommending a relationship similar to that of Scotland before the Union.—Franklin's Letter to his Son, Memoirs, vol.iii,p. 306, March, 1768.

2115 Letter from a Freeman of South Carolina, Charles Town, to the Depu

ties of North America in General Congress. 4to,(pp.47). 2s 6d 1774

2116 Letters of Governor Hutchinson and Lieut. Gov. Oliver, printed at

Boston, and remarks thereon, with the substance of Mr. Wedderburn's
Speech. 8vo. 2s 1774

2117 Letter to a Member of Parliament, on the Present unhappy dispute

between Great Britain and her Colonies. 8vo. 2s 1774

2118 Letter to the People of Great Britain from the delegates of the

American Congress in Philadelphia. 8vo. Is 6rf 1774

2119 Matjduit's (Israel) View of the History of the Colony of Massachusetts

Bay. 8vo, Second Edition, with the Original Charter of King
Charles I, never before printed. 3s 1774

2120 Phipps (Commodore) and Lutwidge (Capt.) Journal of a Voyage for

making Discoveries towards the North Pole, and Account of the several Voyages for Discovery of a North-East Passage to China and Japan. 8vo, maps. Is 6d 1774

2121 Quincy (Josiah) Observations on the Act of Parliament called the

Boston Port-Bill, with Thoughts on Civil Society and Standing
Armies. 8vo. 2s 1774

2122 Report of the Lords' Committees to inquire into the Proceedings in

Massachusetts Bay, in opposition to the Sovereignty of his Majesty and Parliament. Folio. 5s Printed for Parliament, 1774

2123 Right of the British Legislature to tax the American Colonies vin

dicated, and means of asserting the right proposed. 8vo. Is 6d 17 74

2124 Short Advice to the Counties of New York. By a Country Gentle

man. 8vo. Is 6d New York, 1774

2125 Speech of Lord Mansfield in the Cause of Campbell against Hall,

respecting the King's Letters Patent for raising a Duty of 4£ per cent, on all Exports from the Island of Granada. 8vo. Is 6d 1774

2126 Speech (A ) Intended to have been spoken on the Bill for altering the

Charters of Massachusetts Bay. 8vo. Is 6c? 1774

2127 St;ehlin's Account of the New Northern Archipelago, lately dis

covered by the Russians in the Seas of Kamtschatka and Anadir, with the Narrative of the Adventures of Four Russian Sailors who were cast away on the desert Island of Spitzbergen. 8vo,»z/?. 3* 6d 1774

This narrative of the Russian Sailors has been referred to by several writers on Sir John Franklin's Expedition, as showing the provender likely to be found in high latitudes for the preservation of lite.

2128 Succinct View of the Missions established among the Heathens by the

Church of the Brethren, and Account of the Mission established among the Esquimaux Indians on the Coast of Labrador. 8vo.. Is6d 1774

2129 Summary Account of the Present Flourishing State of the respectable

Colony of Tobago, in the British West Indies, by John Fowler. 8vo, large map and plan of its settlement agreeably to the sales by his Majesty's Commissioners. 5s 1774

2130 The Poor Mac's Advice to his Poor Neighbours, a (Loyalist) Ballad

to the tune of " Chevy Chace." 8vo. 2s New York, 1774

2131 Thoughts on the Act for making more effectual provision for the

government of the Province of Quebec. 8vo. Is 6d 1774

2132 Tucker (Josiah) Four Tracts, with Two Sermons on Political (American)

and Commercial Subjects. 8vo. 2s Gloucester, 1774

2133 Wesley (John) Thoughts upon Slavery. 12mo. Is 1774

2134 A Complaint to the of , against a Pamphlet, entitled, " A

Speech intended to have been spoken on the Bill for altering the
Charters of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay." 8vo. Is 6d 1775

2135 A Proposition for the Present Peace and Future Government of the

British Colonies in North America. 8vo. Is 6d 1775

2136 Account of the Proceedings of the British and other Protestant Inha

bitants of Quebec, in North America, in order to obtain an House of Assembly in that Province. 8vo. 3s 6d 1775

2137 Act of Parliament, offering Rewards of £20,000 for the North Passage,

and £5000 for approaching the North Pole. Fol. Is 1775

2138 American Independence the Interest and Glory of Great Britain, a

new Edition enlarged (by Major John Cartwright, the Patriot). 8vo, with a map of America, bounded and divided as proposed by the author. 2s 6d 1775

2139 Answer to the Printed Speech of Edm. Burke, April 19, 1774. 8vo,

2s 1775

2140 Answer to a Pamphlet, entitled 'Taxation no Tyranny.' 8vo. Is 6d 1775

2141 Appeal to the Justice and Interests of the People of Great Britain, in

the present Disputes with America. By an old Member of Parliament. 8vo. 2s ' 1775

2142 A Second Appeal to the Justice and Interests of the People, on the

Measures respecting America. 8vo. 2s 1775

2143 Barrington (Daines) Probability of reaching the North Pole discus

cussed; additional instances of Navigators who have reached High Northern Latitudes, lately received from Holland. Second Supplement to ditto. 4to. 2s 1775-6

2144 Barrington's (Daines) Additional Instances of Navigators who have

reached the High Northern Latitudes, lately received from Holland. 4to. Is '1775

2145 Burke's Speech, March 22, 1775, for Conciliation with the Colonies.

8vo. Is 1775

2146 Burke's Speech on American Taxation, April 19,1774. 8vo. Is 1775

2147 Burnaby's (Rev. A.) Travels through the Middle Settlements in

North America in 1759 and 1760. 4to. 2s 1775

2148 Another Edition. 8vo. 2s 1755

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