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calf extra, g. e., by Bedford, Gabriel Simson, 1591, 8vo. (869)

Fox, kl 175. [Books printed by Simson are very rare. The British Museum only possesses six examples of his press. The title-page is surrounded by an elegant woodcut border.

Catalogue.] 1354 Bibliophiles Contemporains. De Stendhal. L'Abbesse de

Castro, various coloured ornamental borders and illustra. tions, 1890-Richepin (Jean). Les Débuts de César Borgia, the illustrations by G. Rochegrosse, in two states, 1890 Haraucourt (E.) La Madone et l'Antechrist, coloured illustrations, 4to. (1894)-L'Effort, figured borders, several in colours (4to.), 1894–Balades dans Paris, with delicately coloured foral borders and full-page illustrations (4to.), 1894–Féminies, with delicately coloured borders of ferns and flowers and full-page illustrations (in two states), 1896 – Uzanne (Octave). Dictionnaire Bibliophilosophique, borders, and full-page etchings on Japan paper, 1896-Maupassant (Guy de). Contes Choisis, complete in 10 parts, with general title, frontispiece and wrapper, numerous illustrations, 1891-2 – Annales Administratives, première exercice 1889-90, et dernière année, 1894-Annales Littéraires et Administratives, pour 1891, 1892 et 1893, facsimile and other illustrations--L'Octave de la Société des Bibliophiles Contemporains (4to.), 1884-Menu Cards of the Society (5)—Statuts et Réglement, 1889- Statuts : Autorisation Préfectorale (1889)-Statuts : Réglement Interieur (1889), 8vo. (858)

Isaacs, £ 43 1355 Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacra

ment, R. Barker, 1633— The Psalter, or Psalms of David, after the translation of the Great Bible, ib., 1633, black letter, good copies, in old calf, g. e., LARGE PAPER (?), 1633, folio (874)

Stone, £,2 jos. 1356 Booke of Common Prayer (The), with the Psalter, or Psalms

of David, Robert Barker, 1616—The Bible, that is the Holy Scriptures contained in the Old and New Testament, engraved title and numerous woodcuts, 1616-Apocrypha - New Testament, woodcuts, 1616—The Whole Book of Psalms collected into English Meeter, 1624, black letter. good copies, in i vol., original calf, with gold ornament on the sides, 1616-24, folio (873)

Feltham, £,4 1357 Boswell (James). Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson, comprehend

ing an Account of his Studies and numerous Works, etc., 2 vol., first edition, portrait after Sir Joshua Reynolds, by J. Heath, 1791, 4to., prepared for binding and accompanied by about 1,348 scarce portraits, views, coloured and other caricatures, full-length character portraits and maps, a list

of which is given in the Catalogue (301) Waring, £32 1358 Bradshaw's Railway Time Tables and Assistant to Railway

Travelling, with illustrative maps and plans, the very rare first edition, in the original cloth, roih Mo. 19th, 1839, 16mo. (833)

Quaritch, £5 1os.

[Of late, a considerable number of copies of this Guide have been unearthed, and the value is distinctly falling. On this occasion two other copies were passed.-ED.] 1359 Brierley (R.) Bundle of Soul Convincing, Directing and Comforting Truths clearly deduced from diverse texts of Holy Scripture, calf extra, g. e., Edinburgh, 1670, 8vo. (875) Fox, I IOS. 1360 Bunyan (John). The Pilgrim's Progress from this World to that which is to come: Delivered under the Similitude of a Dream, wherein is discovered the manner of his setting out, his dangerous Journey, and safe Arrival at the Desired Country, frontispiece and numerous cuts, original calf, 1688, 8vo. (877) Rylett, £36 [This edition presents the special interest of having been the last which the author, dying in the same year, lived to see. It is of almost or quite equal rarity to the first. No copy was known to Mr. Offor, and it exists at the British Museum in a fragment only. On the back of the portrait is an apocryphal notice to the effect that the plates were first added to this edition in consequence of the favourable

reception of the tenth issue.-Catalogue. A copy of the

sixth edition of the "Pilgrim's Progress," 1681, 8vo., was "Passed" Lot 876. The above belonged to the 11th edition.-ED.]

1361 Bunyan (John). Second Part of the Pilgrim's Progress from the present World of Wickedness and Misery to an Eternity of Holiness and Felicity, fine copy, old calf, 1684, 8vo. (878) B. F. Stevens, £52 [According to Mr. Pultsit (of the New York Public Library), only three copies are known.-Catalogue. This book was printed at Edinburgh, and was consequently not the first edition of the second part of "The Pilgrim's Progress," which, though published in 1684, has the imprint of N. Ponder in the Poultry, and contains inter alia frontispiece and three engravings, together with seven pages (100 to 106) in larger type and the misreading of page 106 as 120 and so on to the end. Offor mentions one engraving only, but there should be three.-ED.]

1362 Byron (Lord). English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, a Satire, third edition, illustrated by the insertion of 65 portraits and views, including Joe Miller, Southey, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Cottle, Thomas Blee, F. Reynolds, Samuel Rogers, etc., calf extra, t. e. g., 1810, 8vo. (256) Sotheran, £3 12s. 1363 Caxton (William). Higden (Ranulph). The Polychronicon (translated out of Latin into English by John of Trevisa), black letter, long lines, with numbered signatures and pagination in roman numerals, wanted all the preliminary leaves, began with the text on I 2, wanted folios iii., ccxxv., ccxxvi., ccxxxiii., ccxxxiv., ccxxxviii., ccxxxix., ccxlii. (cclx. defective), cclxi., cclxv., ccclv. and all after ccclxxvi., first 3 leaves defective, one slit, damp-stained and some edges

frayed, the majority of the leaves being, however, intact
and in fair condition, sold not subject to return, rubricated,
numerous old MS, notes in margins, one with signature
of “R. Myddleton,” modern stamped calf (Imprinted by
William Carton (no place or date), Westminster), circa
1482, small folio (403)

J. Bayley, £349 1364 Cartheny (John). The Voyage of the Wandering Knight, , old russia, Printed by William Stanesby (1610), 4to. (879)

Robson, L.20 [Notices of this scarce book will be found in Southey's “Life of Bunyan," Dunlop's "History of Fiction,” vol. iii., and Douce's “Illustrations of Shakespeare,” vol. 1. It may have been the origin of the “ Pilgrim's Progress.” With it were included numerous cuttings relative to the Bunyan interest of the book and an autograph letter from

1365 Columna (Fr. de). La Hypnerotomachia de Poliphilo,

ristampato di novo et ricorretto con Somma diilgentia,
woodcuts by Giovanni Bellini (the Priapus unmutilated),
calf antique, r. e., by Leighton, Vinegia, Figliuoli di Aldo,
1545, folio (410)

Rimell, 612 155. 1366 Combe (Wm.) Tour of Doctor Syntax in search of the

Picturesque, sixth edition, with new Plates, R. Ackermann
(1815)--Second Tour: in search of Consolation, second
edition, ib., 1820—– Third Tour: in search of a Wife, first
edition, ib., 1821, coloured plates by Rowlandson, calf extra,
t.e. g., 8vo. (257)

Rimell, £6 2s. 6d. 1367 Cronica (La) del Rey Don Rodrigo, con la destruycion de

España, y como los moros la ganaron, nuevamente corre.
gida, etc., lit. goth., large woodcut on title and ornamental
initials, calf gilt, r. e., Toledo, Juan Ferrer, 1549, folio (412)

Leighton, £1 18s. 1368 Cruikshank. (Soane (G)] Specimens of German Romance,

3 vol., first edition, frontispieces by George Cruikshank,
uncut, 1826, 8vo. (259)

Sotheran, £r us. 1369 Cruikshank. Tales of Humour, Gallantry and Romance,

selected and translated from the Italian, original impres-
sions of the 16 illustrative drawings by George Cruikshank,
calf extra, g. e., C. Baldwyn, 1824, 8vo. (258)

Sotheran, £2 35. 1370 Dobson (Austin). Horace Walpole, a Memoir, with an

Appendix of Books printed at the Strawberry Hill Press,
LARGE PAPER, illustrations, extra illustrated by the inser-
tion of 92 portraits, views, colleges, several old prints,
facsimiles, etc., calf extra, uncut, t. e. g., 1893, 8vo. (274)

Sotheran, £3 128. 6d. 1371 (Egan (Pierce).] Real Life in London .. by an Amateur,

2 vol., original edition, plates by Heath, Alken, Rowlandson
and others, coloured by hand, a few soiled, half morocco,

g. e., by Rivière and Son, 1823-24, 8vo. (275) Hahn, £4 is. 1372 Elliott (Grace D.) Journal of my Life during the French

Revolution, portraits, extra illustrated by the insertion of

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102 scarce portraits, views, celebrated edifices, and public gardens, palaces, revolutionary scenes, etc., calf_extra, uncut, t. e. g., 1850, 8vo. (276) Bickers, £4 15s. 1373 Enciso (Martin Fernandez de). Suma de Geographia que trata de todas las partidas y Provincias del Mundo; en especial de las Indias; y trata largamente del arte bel marear, etc., first edition, black letter, woodcut title, outside margin mended, and ornamental woodcut initials, imitation Spanish morocco extra, g. e., by White, Pall Mall, Sevilla, Jacobo Cromberger, 1519, small folio (414)

B. F. Stevens, £18 5s. [The first book on geography referring to America printed in Spain.-Catalogue.] 1374 Erasmus.

De Immensa Dei Misericordia, a Sermon of the excedynge great Mercy of God, translated out of Latin into Englisshe at the reqst of ye most honorable and vertuous Lady, the Lady Margaret Coustese of Salysbury, woodcut title and woodcut on reverse, gothic letter, long lines, morocco, g.e., by Hayday, London, T. Berthelet (circa 1528), 4to. (887) Banks, £22 [The present copy occurred, it is believed, at Bindley's sale more than 80 years ago, and is the only one recorded by Lowndes. He, however, errs in making it and the later octavo impressions of 1533 and 1647, bearing the title De Immensa Dei Misericordia only, two distinct works, for the present is the original impression referred to in that of 1533, but was unidentified until the copy before us was found. The volume formerly belonged to the Rev. W. Maskell, who had written on the flyleaf a note, saying "This book very probably was the first production of Berthelet's Press, and appears to be printed with Wynkyn de Worde's types." -Catalogue.] 1375 Fox (George, the Quaker). A Battle-Door for Teachers and Professors to learn Singular and Plural; You to many, and Thou to One: Singular One, Thou; Plural Many, You. Wherein is shewed forth by Grammar, or Scripture Examples, how several Nations and People have made a distinction between Singular and Plural, etc., calf, George Fox, John Stubs, Benjamin Furley. London, printed for Robert Wilson, and are to be sold at his shop at the Signe of the Black-Spread-Eagle and Wind-mil in Martins-le-Grand, 1650, folio (886) Lulford, £22 5s.

[First edition of this remarkable publication. There are probably few books in our own (or any other) language more singular in their character and more earnest in their aim than Fox's "Battle-Door." In a perfect and fine state it is of the greatest rarity; indeed, copies seldom occur, perfect or imperfect. The work may be regarded as not merely a Quaker Primer, but as the earliest protest-and a strangely-worded one-against the improper use of the plural number in addressing individuals. It is the cooperate labour of three members of the Society of Friends,

George Fox, Benjamin Furley and John Stubs, and is not only a very erudite, but most entertaining publication. It aims at showing that the Englishman in his use of the plural “you” for “ thou” contravenes the general grammatical law of Oriental as well as European nationalities. In the Latin “Battle-Door," Fox shows how “Adam thou'd God” and “God thou'd Adam," etc. The collation given by Lowndes was from an imperfect copy, as he omits the Introduction, “The French Battledoor” (19 pages), and the last leaf of “England and Other Nations in Christendom.”

--Catalogue.] 1376 Goldsmith (Oliver). The Vicar of Wakefield, with a Preface

by Austin Dobson and illustrations by Hugh Thomson, LARGE PAPER, extra illustrated by the insertion of 312 plates and woodcuts, including engravings by and after Bewick, Rowlandson, R. Caldecott, Stothard, Corbould, Tony Johannot, Burney, George Cruikshank, Craig, etc., many of the illustrations are on India paper, some proofs before letters, 1890, 8vo. (279)

Banks, E7 5s. 1377 Goya y Lucientes (D. Francisco). El Arte de lidiar los Toros,

33 etched plates, brilliant original proof impressions, half morocco, oblong, s. a. y. 1., folio (417)

Ellis, £12 55. 1378 Goya y Lucientes (D. Francisco.) Caprichos, 80 singular

designs, original impressions, including portrait, half vellum, no place or date, folio (416)

Ellis, £10 tos. 1379 Guerinière (M. de la). Ecole de Cavalerie contenant la Con

noissance, l’Instruction et la conservation du Cheval, plates, some folding, original calf, Paris, 1751, folio (1227)

L. Bihn, 65 1380 Hervé (Frances). Madame Tussaud's Memoirs and Reminis

cences of France, illustrated by the insertion of 55 portraits (some scarce), 14 views and 12 other illustrations, half morocco, uncut, t. e. g., 1838, 8vo. (284)

Banks, £2 155. 1381 Hogarth (Wm.) An Account of what seemed most remarkable

in the Five Days Peregrination of the Five following Persons, viz., Messieurs Tothall, Scott, Hogarth, Thornhill and Forrest, begun on Saturday, May 27th, 1732, and finished on the 31st of the same month, 9 plates after Hogarth and Scott by Livesay, original edition, uncut copy in the original wrapper, Printed for R. Livesay, 1782, folio (1225)

Ellis, £2 125. 1382 Holbein (Hans). Portraits of Illustrious Personages of the

Court of Henry VIII., 84 portraits, including Holbein and
his Wife, on tinted paper (no text), half morocco gilt, g. e.,

J. Chamberlaine, 1812, 4to. (379) Quaritch, £3 155. 1383 International Library of Famous Literature, edited by Dr. R.

Garnett and others, 20 vol., with nearly 500 full-page illus-
trations and coloured plates, 1899, cloth, royal 8vo. (1266)

Douglas, 24 18s.
['The published price, less discount, was £8 18s. 6d.
(cloth), Łu os. 6d. (half calf), 613 25. 6d. (three quarter
morocco), and £17 6s. 6d. (full morocco). The market
value is falling.-ED.)

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