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the mean minimum temperature. The whole month has been, in every respect, more unfavourable than March 1818. The mean temperature is scarcely 2 degrees lower, and the rain more than double.

METEOROLOGICAL Table, extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of

the Tay, four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.



MARCH 1818.


THERMOMETER. Degrees, Mean of greatest daily heat,

31st day,

51.5 cold,


25.0 temperature, 10 A. M.

Lowest maximum, 22d

. 10 P. M.
36.0 Highest minimum, 29th,

38.0 ... of daily extremes,

37.4 Highest, 10 A. M.


47.5 .... 10 A. M. and 10 P. M.

37.1 Lowest ditto,


32.5 . 4 daily observations,

37.3 Highest, 10 P. M.


46.5 Whole range of thermometer,

349.5 Lowest ditto


29.5 Mean daily ditto,

Greatest range in 24 hours, 31st,

18,5 temperature of spring water,

Least ditto,



Inches. Mean of 10 A. M. (temp. of mer. 12)

29.215 Highest, 10 A. M.


30.34% .. 10 P. M. (temp. of mer. 42) 29.232 Lowest ditto,


28.029 . . both, (temp. of mer, 12) 29.223 Highest, 10 P. M.

30.510 Whole range of barometer,

11.259 Lowest ditto,


28.328 Mean daily ditto, .363 Greatest range in 24 hours, 3d,

.804 Least ditto,


.017 HYGROMETER (LESLIE'S.) Degrees. Mean dryness, 10 A. M.


HYGROMETER. Degrees. 10 P. M. 8.3 Highest, 10 A. M.


27.0 of both, 10.6 Lowest ditto,


2.0 point of deposition 10 A. M.

29.1 Highest, 10 P. M.


15.0 10 P. M. 29.9 Lowest ditto,


2.0 • of both, 29.5 Highest P. of D. 10 A. M. 29th,

41.8 Rain in inches,

2.199 Lowest ditto,


11.6 Evaporation in ditto, 1.310 Highest P. of D. io p. M. 18th,

43.0 Mean daily Evaporation,

.042 Lowest ditto,



WILSON'S HYGROMETER. Mean dryness, 10 A. M. 26.2 Greatest dryness, 27th, 10 A. M.

46.0 10 P. M. 21.2 Least ditto, 20, 10 P. M.

4. Fair days 13; rainy days 18. Wind west of meridian 27; East of meridian 4.


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METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in

the Observatory, Calton-hill. N.B.–The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, afterThe second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register



Mar. 1{A.307

{ A.311

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7{ A. 29



Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.

Ther. Barom. Ther. Wind.
M.35 28.623 M.38)

Snow morn.

M.42529.140 M.41)
.615 A. 35
Mar. 17

Snow,storm. frost.

A. 32


.106 A. 10)
M.385 .8971M-38

S.W. Clear frost. 18

.406 M.44 1
.980 A. 38



A. 343 .406.11.40
M.35 29.194 M.36


Fair foren. Cble. Clear frost.

.463 M.45
A. 313 28.481 A.36

A. 383 .129 A. 47 )

Cble. rain aftern.
M.392 .703 M.39


.238 M.411
S.W. Clear frost.
A. 31



N. W.
SA. 324

.328 A. 10S
M.38 27.952 M.38

Cble. Cloudy.
A.31 28.555 A. 38 S


.130 M.43 A. 323

Cble. Clear frost.

.355 M.37
Snow fore.

M.35328.869 M.43 )
A. 315
.596 A. 38

clear aftern.


N.W Snow,storm.

.952 A. 39 )
M.352 .811 M.36

Cble. Stormy.
.186 A. 35

.806 M.41

N. Snow,storm.

A.30 9.105 A. 38)
.161 M.37

A. 29 .430 A. 37
N.W.Clear frost.


Clcar frost.

SA. 29 .336 A. 11
M.36 .443 M.38



.285 M.38
A.32 .682 A. 35


Clear frost.


A. 29 .390 A. 41
M.38 .670 M.35

Snow morn.

M.40 .284 M.59
A. 27 .740 A.37 N.W. hail. af. stor. 26

:5.8 A. 40}


M.36 .8.39 M.361


Clear frost.

.961 M.10 |Cble. Clear frost.
.932 A. 36


A. 304 30.105 A. 13 |
,453 M.36
Snow foren.
M.447 29.959 M.40

Snow morn.
A. 29

E. .458 A. 36


A.302 .990 A. 15

showers aft. M.38% 29.232 M.37



.792 M.45
A. 30 .253 A. 38


Clear frost.

A. 393 .750 A. 45}
M.385 .368 M.38


.881 M.43
A. 303

N.W .260 A. 39


W. Clear frost.

A.377 30.233 A. 16 )
M.363 .103 M.40


M.493 .198 M.14
A. 35 28.986 A. 38 Cble.


Cble. Clear frost.

A.33 .284 A. 47)
M.41% .995 M.38

Mild foren.
A. 32° 129.103/A. 42 } lcble. I cold aftern.

Rain 1.26 in.



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12 M.381



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In North St David Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Jan. 6. At Quebec, the lady of the Rev. Ford, a son. J. L. Mills, a daughter. Feb. 27. At Backford Hall, Cheshire, the

MARRIAGES. lady of William Egerton, Esq. a daughter. Sept. 22. At Trichinopoly, Major Gilles-At Richmond House, the Countess of pie, of the 4th regiment of native cavalry, March, a son and heir.-In St James's to Miss Ansell, niece to Mr Andrews, judge Square, London, the Duchess of Northum- at Trichinopoly. berland, a still-born child.-At Woolwich, Feb. 10. At Edinburgh, John Munsie, the Lady of Major John Sutherland Sinclair, Esq. surgeon, Thornhill, to Miss_Anna royal artillery, a daughter.-28. At Rossie Torrie, daughter of the late Captain Torrie, House, Perthshire, Mrs Oliphant of Rossie, royal navy.--24. At Ely, Fife, Mr John a daughter. At Marseilles, Mrs Cuningham Ovenston, shipmaster, to Miss Isabella Car. Graham of Gartmore, a son.

stairs, second daughter of the late Mr John March 1. In Hertford Street, London, Carstairs.25. At Edinburgh, Charles the Countess of Clonmell, a son._2. At Stewart, Esq. of Borland, to Miss M. MacEagleshurst, Hants, the Right Hon. the gregor.- -26. At Greenock, Mr Charles Countess of Cavan, a son.Mrs John Tod, M.Kenzie of the General Post-office, EdinCharlotte Square, Edinburgh, a daughter. burgh, to Marion, youngest daughter of -3. Mrs Cleghorn, Dundas Street, Edin- Captain George Johnston.-27. At Largo, burgh, a son.-4. At Eildon Hall, the lady Fife, Mr George Wilkie, farmer, Cotton of of L. Legge, Esq. a daughter.--At Kincar. Durie, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of dine Manse, Ross-shire, Mrs Macbean, a the late Mr John Ness, Greenock. - 28. At son.-7. Mrs Gillanders of Highfield, a son. Martin's, in the Fields, London, G. V. -At Tunbridge Wells, the lady of Major Oughton, Esq. to Magdalen, eldest daughM.Dougall, a daughter. At West View- ter of the late Alexander Dunbar, Esq. of field, near Newhaven, Mrs Colonel Max- Nairn. well, a daughter.-8. Mrs Patison, Aber- March 3. At Montrose, Mr John Brown, cromby Place, Edinburgh, a daughter. merchant in Kirriemuir, to Jessie, youngest Mrs Elouis, a son.--At Kenmure, the lady daughter of the late Francis Souter, surof Archibald Stirling, Esq. a son.-13. Mrs veyor of the customs.-4. At Sweetbank, Church, Langlee, a son.--Mrs P. Kinnear, Mr Robert Russell, jun. tenant, Newton younger of Lochton, a son and heir.–At of Markinch, to Isabella, eldest daughter of Belvidere, in the vicinity of Aberdeen, the Mr Neil Ballingal, factor to General Bal. lady of John Robertson, Esq. of Foveran, a four of Balbirnie.-5. At St George's, Hanoson.--15. At Ghent, the lady of Major ver Square, London, Viscount Newport, eldHenry Balneavis, a son.--At his house in est son of the Earl of Bradford, to Georgina Grosvenor Place, London, the lady of Hen. Elizabeth, only daughter of Sir Thomas ry Hobhouse, Esq. one of his majesty's un- Moncrieff, bart. of Moncrieff, county of der secretaries of state, a son.-16. At Edin- Perth.-10. At Arbroath, Peter Brown, burgh, Mrs Court, a daughter.-In Bur. Esq. late of Bombay, to Mary, third daughlington Street, London, the Marchioness of ter of the Rev. George Gleig, minister of Anglesey, a son.-Mrs Bridges, Dundas the gospel there.-12. At St Mary's, LamStreet, Edinburgh, a daughter.-18. At beth, James William Wallack, Esq. of the his house in Prince's Street, Edinburgh, Theatre-royal, Drury-Lane, to Georgiana the lady of A. Munro, Esq. a daughter. Susanna, daughter of John Johnstone, Esq. Mrs Yule, Broughton Place, a son. 19. of the same theatre.At Edinburgh, Mr At Darnhall, the Hon. Mrs Oliphant Mur- Gilbert Handyside, Inveresk, to Mary Anne, ray, a son. At Portobello, Mrs Alexander daughter of Mr David Murray, sen. CaltonMercer, a daughter.—20. At Wharton Place, hill.- -13. At the house of Richard A. Os. Mrs Dunbar, a daughter. - At Irvine, Mrs wald, Esq. Claremont Place, Glasgow, WilSillar, a daughter.-22. Mrs Crawford of liam, youngest son of the late William StirArdmillan, a daughter.--23. Mrs Robert- ling, Esq. of Kier, captain in the King's son, Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, a daugh- dragoon guards, to Mary, second daughter ter.--24. At Houstan, the lady of N. of the late John Anderson, Esq. banker in Shairp, Esq. younger of Houstan, a daugh. London. -16. At Redcastle, Lieutenant ter.–At Milton, Lady Hunter Blair, a son. Donald M.Lean, 16th Foot, to Catharine, -25. At St John's Street, Edinburgh, Mrs daughter of Major Wilson, late of Pol. James Ballantyne, a daughter.-26. At maily.—Sir Charles Egleton Kent, bart. to Portobello, Mrs M. H. Scott, a son.-29. Lady Sophia Lygon, sister of the Earl of


Beauchamp.-17. At Glenfeachan, Captain eldest son of Matthew Poole, Esq. M.D. John Campbell, 91st regiment, to Eliza- Waterford, Ireland.--At Kilwhanidy, John beth, daughter of the deceased John Ste- Martin, Esq. of Kilwhanidy.--At Aberdeen, venson, Esq. of Glenfeachan.-18. At Dun- Mr John Wilson, manufacturer, in the 67th dee, Mr Willium Ellett, merchant, to Miss year of his age.--21. At Penzance, in CornElizabeth Watson.—23. At Hawick, the wall, William Pearson, writer in Glasgow. Rev. Robert Shaw, minister of Ewes, to -22. At Edinburgh, Alexander Napier, Mary, daughter of the Rey. William H. one of his Majesty's household trumpeters Moncrieff, minister of Annan. -24. In for Scotland.-At Loak, Mr James Duff, Scaleby Church, Andrew Hamilton, Esq. and on the 25th, Mrs Jean Bisset, his merchant, Leith, to Agnes, second daughter spouse; the former in the 78th, and the of Rowland Fawcett of Scaleby Castle, Esq. latter in the 73d year of her age. This Cumberland. At Edinburgh, the Rey. venerable couple were interred in the same Patrick Macvicar, one of the ministers of grave, after having been married 52 years. Dundee, to Mrs Dymocke, relict of the late -At Dykehead, Helen Williamson, spouse Rev. James Dymocke.—27. At Edinburgh, to William Thomson, elder, in the parish Robert Henderson, Esq. of Chapelhope, to of Tweedsmuir. They had lived about 54 Miss Isabella Scott, daughter of the late Mr years in the married state, and their united William Scott, farmer in Single.--At Pease- ages amount to 164 ; and a most singular bank, James Bruce, Esq. of Broomhill, to occurrence is, that during the whole of that Margaret, eldest daughter of Dr Robert long period, they never had a death in their Whitehead, physician, Hamilton.-31. At family, although they have had several Laurieston Place, Allan Buchanan, Esq. children.23. Miss Margaret Northesk merchant in Glasgow, to Grace, third daugh. Lindsay, youngest daughter of the late Jas ter of Mr John Crombie, dyer.

Lindsay Carnegie, Esq. of Boysack.-

At Morrishill, Mrs Barbara Sheddan, wife of

John Sheddan, Esq. of Morrishill. At his June 12. At Calcutta, Major James Gor. house in New Street, Edinburgh, Captain don of the 15th regiment of native infantry, Edwin Horsburgh, one of the Minden hedeputy-adjutant-general at that presidency. roes, aged 82 years.-25. Lieut.-Colonel

At Saharunpoor, in the East Indies, in George Robertson, late of the Canadian fenJuly last, Mr Crichton Ramsay, of the Ben- cibles. At Geneva, Robert Whyte Melville, gal medical establishment, aged 30 years. Esq. of Strathkinness.-Jane, wife of the

August 27. At Madras, James B. Pen- Rev. Thomas Easton, minister of Kirrieder, M. D. surgeon in the service of the muir.- 16. At his house in Union Place, Honourable East India Company, son of Aberdeen, Sir William Seton of Pitmedden, Thomas Pender, comptroller of his Majes. bart. aged 71.-28. At his house, Castle ty's stamp-duties.

Hill, Edinburgh, Mr John Brysson, musicSept. 15. At Coolbariak, near Dinapore, seller, Bank Street.-At her house, St John's James Robertson, Esq. surgeon in the Ho. Hill, Edinburgh, Miss Isabella Hutton of nourable East India Company's service on Slighs Houses, aged 95 years. At Edin. the Bengal establishment, son of the late burgh, Mr Peter Drysdale, writingmaster. John Robertson, Esq. commissary of Peebles. March 3. At Musselburgh, Mary Rich

Oct. 23. Mr John M‘Ewen, planter, ardson, spouse of Mr Thomas Thomson, Mount Pleasant, Trinidad.

candlemaker and tobacconist.-4. At Perth, Dec. 27. At Demerara, Mr Alexander Mr Robert Gray, glover ; and on the 5th, Gentle, third son of the late Mr Alexander Mrs Jean Gray, wife of John Monteath, Gentle, Dunkeld.

surgeon.-5. At Edinburgh, Mr Silvester Jan. 10. At Jamaica, in Hanover parish, Doig, bookseller.-At Maine of Eastwood, Mr James M.Kechney, surgeon, son of the Mr John Givan, aged 83.- At Dundee, Rev. W. M‘Kechney, Musselburgh, in the Miss Isabella Anderson, daughter of the late 22d year of his age.-15. At St Mary's, David Anderson, Esq. of Balgay.-6. At Jamaica, Alexander Macdowall Grant, se- Cockenzie, near Prestonpans, Mr George cond son of David Macdowall Grant, Esq. Swan, baker, much regretted.At Tun. of Arndilly.--27. At Baleloch, the Rev. bridge Wells, John Viscount Kelburne, William Arbuckle, minister of the parish of eldest son of the Earl of Glasgow, aged 28. Uist.

At his seat, Gawthorpe Hall, in the coun. l'eb. 14. At the Retreat, Emma, the in- ty of Lancaster, Robert Shuttleworth, Esq. fant daughter of Alexander H. Hamilton, -At Inverkeithing, in the 620 year of his Esq. of Hullerhurst, in the county of Ayr, age, Mr Peter Miller.-7. At Stirling and of the Retreat, in the county of Devon. Castle, D. J. French, Esq. ordnance store-16. At Middlegill, near Moffat, William keeper. William Gray, Esq. of Heathrey Ewart of Aldershaw, Esq.-At Kirkwall, Hall.-8. In Lower Grosvenor Street, Lon. James Riddoch, Esq. of Cairston.--17. At don, the Hon. J. A. Stewart Wortley MacAberdeen, Lieutenant Richard English, kenzie.At Leith, Mr Alexander Christie, R. N.-18. At Glasgow, Mr John Mac. ironmonger. At Garry Cottage, Perthshire, arthur, iron-merchant.-19. At his father's Jaines George, the infant son of Colonel house, in the 21st year of his age, William, Macdonnel of Glengarry, in the fourth week of his age. At Edinburgh, Agnes Blackie and shared in, the many gallant exploits of Hardie, daughter of Ralph Hardie, writer, this distinguished corps, in Holland, Egypt, Brown's Square, aged five years.--At Ar- and in the Peninsula, &c. In the course of broath, Mr Alexander Louson, writer in those severe conflicts he was repeatedly Arbroath. At the manse of Montmail, in wounded, and was finally under the necessi. the 79th year of her age, Elizabeth Lawson, ty of retiring from the service, in consespouse of the Rev. Samuel Martin, D.D.- quence of losing a leg by a cannon ball in 9. Charles, youngest son of Mr George Spain. Major Grant was much esteemed Henderson, Huntlywood.- At Eweslees, by his brother officers and all who knew near Langholm, Mr Hugh Scott.--10. John him, on account of the strict honour and Drysdale, late surgeon in the Honourable manly frankness which eminently distinEast India Company's service, Bombay es. guished his character. To his relations he tablishment. -At Arniston House, Mr Tho- was generous and kind. He was in his mas Lamb of the Exchequer.-11. At Glas- 49th year, and was of the family of Tullochgow, John, the infant son of Mr James gorum, in Strathspey.-19. At Edinburgh, Denholm of the Glasgow Academy. -13. Mr John Broadfoot, student of divinity. Suddenly, at her mother's house in Dublin At Belfteld, Miss Duncan.-20. At the Street, Edinburgh, Miss · Elizabeth Smail, Cairn of Lochryan, Lieutenant James Adair, eldest daughter of the deceased John Smail, royal navy, son of Thomas Adair of Genoch, Esq. of Overmains, Berwickshire.--At Cun. Esq. clerk to the signet.--At Glasgow, after ninghamhead, Mrs Snodgrass, spouse of a short illness, Mr James Denholm, of the Neil Snodgrass, Esq. of Cunninghamhead. Glasgow Academy, aged 45. Mr Denholm -At Greenock, Mr John Murray, aged 73, was author of the “ History of Glasgow,' late engineer.—At No 94, Strand, London, and several other estimable works.-22. At Lieutenant Charles Maclaren, late of the Edinburgh, Mr James Bruce, merchant. 42d regiment, or Royal Highlanders, of a 23. At Greenock, John Kippen, Esq. in the protracted illness, from the wounds which 76th year of his age.-24. At Prior's Lynn, he received at the battle of Toulouse. He Dumfries-shire, Jane, second daughter of was a native of Edinburgh. At Peebles, the late Captain Maxwell, aged 19.-At Miss Elizabeth Dick, aged 94, daughter of Dundee, Mrs Francis Sievwright, aged 75, the late Rev. Mr James Dick, one of the much regretted.-25. At Edinburgh, Mr ministers of Glasgow.--At Williamheld, David Low, late of Dundee, aged 95. His Newhaven, Harriet, wife of John Mundell, wife died two years ago, aged 84, after have lieutenant, R. N.-14. At Brechin, in the ing lived together 65 years.-At Roxburgh 97th year of her age, Mrs M. Fergusson, Place, Mrs Jane Macnab, relict of Walter relict of the Rev. Mr Patrick Turnbull, Macfarlan, Esq. Ledard. late minister of the gospel at Strickathro. Lately-At his house in South Audley 15. At Edinburgh, Hector Macneill, Esq. Street, the Honourable Sir George Berkeley, well known to the literary world as the au- K.G.C.B. admiral of the white, and admiral thor of " Will and Jean,” and other justly and commander-in-chief of the Portuguese popular productions.--At Gayfield Square, navy, in the 65th year of his age. At AirEdinburgh, Mary, second daughter of Hen- drie House, in the 88th year of her age, ry Porteous, Esq. Honourable East India Miss Aitchison of Rochsolloch and Airdrie. Company's service, St Helena.--At Leith, -At Broompark, Mrs Baird, relict of James Mr Alexander Neilson Lamb, solicitor and Baird, Esq. of Broompark.-In the island procurator-fiscal there. At her house in of Dominica, at the age of 19, Mr Alexander New Street, Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Carlyle Grierson, surgeon, only surviving Donaldson.–16. At Edinburgh, Sir John son of the Rev. R. Grierson, Nicolson Street, Stirling of Glorat, bart.--At Willow Bank, Edinburgh --At Berwick House, Lady Mrs Harley, da ghter of John Laird, Esq. Catherine Frances Fielding, sister of the Greenock.-Suddenly, at Keith, Banffshire, Earl of Denbigh.. -At Gibraltar, Joseph from the bursting of a blood-vessel, Major Larcom, Esq. Iate a captain in his Majesty's Peter Grant, late of the 92d regiment, or navy, and naval commissioner of the island Gordon Highlanders. His zeal for the ser- of Malta. At an advanced age, Mr Walvice induced him to join the army in Flan- dron, an old and respectable member of the ders in 1793, as a volunteer. His services theatrical profession. In the hospital of having been noticed by the Marquis of Namur, aged 109, Maria Charlotte Cario. Huntly, his lordship appointed him to his She preserved to the last moment all her regiment upon its establishment in 1794. mental faculties, had a great appetite, and Major Grant was constantly present with, never was ill.

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MAY 1818.


mwana ib.

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185 Time's Magic Lanthern, No IV. Bun. Letter from a Friend of Mrs Grantmm. 187

yanus Obsessus, or a Tift with Apol- On some Popular Superstitions in Wales 188 lyonum.

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morama 216 On the Aristophanic Comedy. 152

LITERARY Cassandra (From the German of Schiller) 153


*219 Letters to the Supporters of the Edinburgh Review.

WORKS preparing for PUBLICATION *221 No I. To the Reverend Thomas


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