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and amongst the rest of the tenements, etc., that of Tyddyn-y-Foelas, late in the tenure and occupation of Morris ap Rhys ap Meredydd, to hold to them for the consideration of £98 48., by patent dated 16th March, 1545. Cadwaladr Morris married Catherine, daughter and coheiress of John Lloyd ab William ab Rhys, of Plas-y-Nant in the co. of Flint, Esq., and left issue: 1. Robert Wynn, his heir, high sheriff in the years

1549 and 1574. 11. Rhys Wynn married to Margaret, daughter of Ellis

ab William ab Gruffydd, and had issue, Thomas,

who was high sheriff in 1624. (See that date.) III. Ann, the wife of Maurice ab Hugh of Graianllyn,

Esq. Arms.Gules, a lion rampant arg., holding in its paws a rose gules, leaves and stem ppr.

1549.- Robert Wynn ab Cadwaladr of Foelas, Esq., was the son and heir of the preceding high sheriff. He obtained a grant from the crown, dated the 27th of June, 1590, of lands, etc., situate in the township of Hiraethog (formerly belonging to the Monastery of Conway), part thereof lately in the tenure and occupation of Maurice Gethyn, and other parts now or late in the occupation of Cadwaladr ab Maurice Gethyn ab Rhys ab Meredydd, to hold to himself and his heirs in fee and common socage, as of the manor of East Greenwich, and not in capite. (Patents in the Rolls Chapel.) By his wife, Grace, daughter of Sir Roger Salusbury of Llyweni, Knt., he had issue:

1. Cadwaladr, high sheriff in 1605. (See that date.) 11. Thomas, and III. Robert, who d. s. p. iv. Maurice Gethin, alias Wynn of Llanganhafal, ances

tor of the Wynns of that place; married to Alice, daughter and heiress of John ab Ieuan of Llan

ynys. v. Ellis Wynn, B.A. vi. Catherine, married to Thomas Wynn of Dyffryn

Aled, Esq.

VII. Margaret married to Richard Panton of Anglesey. VIII. Jane married to John Eaton ab Edward ab Roger

of Fferm, Esq. 1x. Elizabeth married to Robert Lloyd of Tre'r Beirdd,

Esq. x. Gaenor married to John ab Robert of Nercwys, Esq. xi. Mary married to Edward ab Thomas Lloyd of Llan

gwynfen, Esq. 1550.-Ellis Price of Plas Yolyn, LL.D., was the second son of Robert ab Rhys (chaplain to Cardinal Wolsey), second son of Rhys ab Meredydd, standard-bearer at the battle of Bosworth. He was generally known during his lifetime as the “ Doctor Goch.” He was educated at Cambridge, where he took his degrees, and was eminent for his powers of disputation, being one of those chosen by his college, in 1532, to dispute against the representatives of the University of Oxford, when he got the best of it. He represented the county of Merioneth in the parliament of Queen Mary and the first and second parliaments of Queen Elizabeth. He was sheriff no less than fourteen times, for his own and the neighbouring counties, viz. for Merionethshire seven times, in the years 1552, 1556, 1564, 1568, 1574, 1579, and 1584; for Carnarvonshire once, in the year 1558; for Anglesey twice, in 1578 and 1586; and for his native county four times, in the years 1550, 1557, 1569, and 1573. He was one of the council of the Court of the Marches, and was the first named of the gentlemen directed by Queen Elizabeth to hold the royal Eisteddfodd at Caerwys in 1567; and obtained a grant of the manor of Yspytty Ieuan, formerly belonging to the Knights Hospitallers of St. John. Pennant (iii, 140) describes him as “a creature of Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and devoted to all his bad designs. He was the greatest of our knaves in the period in which he lived, the most dreaded oppressor in his neighbourhood, and a true sycophant, for a common address of his letters to his patron was, 'O Lord, in thee do I put my trust. There is every reason to believe that this description is truth

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ful, as his name appears mixed up with all the tyrannical dealings of the Earl of Leicester with his Denbighshire tenants. In the neighbourhood the “Red Doctor" still lives in tradition as a great oppressor, and as one who had dealings with the Evil One. (Lists of sheriffs, Arch. Camb., 1860, 117, “ Enwogion Cymru.") By his wife, Eirlliw, daughter of Sir Owen Pool, a priest, of Llandecwyn near Harlech, he had issue: 1. Thomas of Plas Yolyn, Esq., lord of the manor of

Yspytty-Ieuan, high sheriff in 1599. 11. Richard Pryse. 111. Jane married (1) to Lewis Owen of Dolgellan ;

(2) to John Conway of Gwerneigron. iv. Margaret married to Piers Lloyd of Dôl, Esq. v. Catherine married to David Vaughan, M.A., ab Mor

gan ab Meredydd. vi. Gaenor married to Gawen Goodman of Ruthin, Esq. Arms.—See 1548. (Harl. MS. 2299.)

1551.-John Lloyd of Ial, Esq., was the eldest son of Tudor Lloyd of Bodidris-yn-Ial, Esq., and Catherine, his wife, daughter of John ab Iorwerth, or Edward of PlasNewydd, in the parish of Chirk, Esq. He married Catherine, daughter of Harri Goch Salusbury, of Llanrhaidr in Dyffryn Clwyd, Esq., the son of Harri Salusbury, second son of Thomas Salusbury Hên of Llyweni, Esq. This family is descended from Llywelyn ab Ynyr, who for his services at the battle of Crogen, in 1165, received a grant of the township of Gellau-Gynan, and permission to bear the following arms: “ Paly of eight, argent and gules, in a border or charged with eight torteaux." John Lloyd had issue:

1. David o.s. p. 11. Sir Evan Lloyd, of Bodidris in Yale, knight banne

ret, married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Mostyn of Mostyn, Esq., and relict of John Wynn of Boddanwyddog, Esq., and had issue:

1. Sir John Lloyd of Bodidris in Yale, knight 1 In the Records of Denbigh, p. 93, an ode in praise of John Lloyd, by "Simwnt Vychan yn 1560," is given.

banneret, who married Margaret, daughter of John Salusbury of Rüg, Esq., and was by her father of Evan Lloyd, of Bodidris in Yale, Esq., who was captain in the service of Charles I, and Custos Rotulorum for the co. of Denbigh: ob. 1637, and was buried in the church of Llanarmon.

2. Catherine, wife of Cadwaladr Price of Rhiw

las, Esq. III. Lewis Lloyd. iv. John Lloyd of Ruthin.

v. William, who d. s. p. VI. Margaret married to John Price of Eglwysegl, one

of the Council for the Court of the Marches, and

high sheriff of Montgomeryshire in 1563. VII. Jane married to John Eyton of Leeswood (Coed-y

llai), Esq., descended from Cynwrig Efell, lord of

Eglwysegl. VIII. Catherine married to John Trevor Fychan of Oswes

try, Esq. ix. Ann married to Edward Brereton of Borasham, Esq.,

ab Owen Brereton. (Harl. MS. 2299.) The Lloyds of Bodidris are now represented by the Right Hon. the Lord Mostyn.

1552.- William Mostyn of Maesglas, Esq.,was the second son, and eventually heir (on the death of his elder brother, Pyers, without issue), of Pyers Mostyn of Talacre, Esq., third son of Richard ab Howel ab Ieuan Fychan of Mostyn, Esq. He married Anne, daughter and coheiress of Harri ab Thomas ab Harri of Maesglas and Basingwerk Abbey, co. of Flint, Esq., descended from Ednowain Bendew, chief of one of the fifteen noble tribes of Gwynedd, by whom he was father of 1. Edward Mostyn of Talacre, Maesglas, and Basing

werk Abbey, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Morgan of Gwylgre, Esq. (or Golden Grove), who was grandfather of the first baronet,

Sir Edward, created 28th of April, 1670. 11. Thomas Mostyn married to ... ... daughter of Rhys

Wynn Fychan, Esq.

II1. Jane married to Nicholas Pennant ab Harri ab Ed

ward Pennant, Esq. iv. Elizabeth married to William Pugh of Penrhyn

Creuddyn, Esq. v. Catherine married to Peter Pennant, Esq., ab Ellis

Pennant. vi. Eleanor married to John Lloyd ab David Lloyd ab

Howel of Downing, Esq. VII. Mary married to Robert Roberts of Nerquis, Esq.,

ab John, descended from Cynwrig Efell. And

others who d. s. p. (Harl. MS. 2299 ) The Mostyn family is descended through Tudor Trevor from Vortigern, who was elected king of Britain on the assassination of Constans, 425.

Arms.- 1. Party per bend sinister ermine and ermines, a lion rampt. or, for Tudor Trefor. 2. Azure, a lion rampt. party per fess or and argent in a border of the third charged with eight annulets suble, for Lluddoccaf, Earl of Hereford and Gloucester,


1553.- Edward Almorl of Almor, Esq., eldest son of John Almor of Almor, Esq., by Mary, daughter of John Longford, of Trefalyn in the parish of Gresford, Esq., and grandson, by Catherine, his wife (daughter of Philip Egerton of Egerton, Esq.), of John Almor of Almor, Esq., eldest son of John Almor of Almor, Esq., one of the marshalls of the hall to King Henry VII. He married Dorothy, daughter of Sir George Calverley of Calverley, Cheshire, Knt., and relict of — Bostock of Cheshire, Esq., by whom he had issue only one son, William, high sheriff in 1587.

Arms.--1. Azure, a lion salient or, armed and langued gu., with the difference of a crescent for Eunydd, lord of Dyffryn Clwyd. 2. Az., a fess or inter three horses' heads erased arg., for Rhys ab Marchan, lord of Ruthin. (Harl. MS. 1969.)

1 The Denbigh list has Robert Massey of Macsmynan, but the Gwaenynog list has "edwart almor."

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