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25 lines (54 by 4 inches), bound in oak boards, half morocco, with clasp, antique style, by D. Cockerell, early fifteenth century, 12mo. (1374) Robson, £80

[The fragment comprised Ezekiel, Daniel, the Minor Prophets and I. Maccabees i.-ix. 39. Much of the text is abridged and whole passages omitted. It is probable that no other MS. of portions of the Wycliffe Bible exists in which the text is treated as in the present.--Catalogue.] 1209 Wilde (Oscar). The Ballad of Reading Gaol, by C. 3. 3., the original proof sheets, with corrections and alterations in the author's handwriting, the design by C. Ricketts for the cover of the edition de luxe, dedication [in pencil] to "Life-Guardsman Charles T. Wooldridge, trooper in the Horse Guards, executed July 7, 1896," 1898, 8vo. (1375) B. F. Stevens, £7 10s. 1210 Wilde (Oscar). The Importance of being Earnest, a Trivial Comedy for Serious People, Japanese vellum paper, one of 12 copies, with autograph inscription, "To Leonard Sinithers from the author, in sincere friendship and astonishment, Feb. 99," vellum, uncut, 1899, 4to. (1425)

J. Bumpus, £5 5s. 1211 Wilde (Oscar). An Ideal Husband, Japanese vellum paper, one of 12 copies, with autograph inscription, vellum, uncut, 1899, 4to. (1426) J. Bumpus, £5 5s. 1212 Willshire (W. H.) An Introduction to the Study and Collection of Ancient Prints, second edition revised and enlarged, 2 vol., facsimiles and plates, roxburghe, Ellis and White, 1877, 8vo. (1379) J. Rosenthal, £2 8s. 1213 Wollstonecraft (Mary). Original Stories from Real Life, first edition, frontispiece and plates by W. Blake, original sheep, 1791, 8vo. (1381) Rylett, £18s. 1214 Wordsworth (W.) Poems, 2 vol., first edition, tall copy with both the half-titles and some MS. poems at the end of vol. ii., old calf, 1807, 8vo. (1384) Dupre, £25s.

1215 World in Miniature, The. England, Scotland and Ireland, 4 vol.-Persia, 3 vol.-Russia, 4 vol.-Turkey, 6 vol.Africa, 4 vol., etc., in the same series, edited by F. Shoberl, numerous coloured plates, together 41 vol., half bound, uniform, Ackermann, n. d., 8vo. (1385) Maggs, £8 10S. Elegies (in Verse), the yeere 1646, 4to. Rowell, £5

1216 Wortley (Sir Francis). Characters and large copy, calf extra, g. e., Printed in (1429) 1217 Zoological Society. Transactions and Proceedings, viz., Transactions, vol. i. and vi.-xiv., with Index to vol. i.-x., 1835-98, 4to. Proceedings, 1865 to 1886, with Index, 1871-80, 23 vol., numerous plates, coloured and plain, together 34 vol., bound, 1835-98, 8vo. and 4to. (1386)

(y) Another Property.


1218 America. Hancock (Hon. J.) An Oration delivered March 5, 1774, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of

Boston to commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the 5th March, 1770, clean copy, uncut, with half-title and blank leaf at end, Boston, printed by Edes and Gill, 1774-An Act to Amend and Render more effectual in H.M. Dominions in America, an Act for Punishing Mutiny and Desertion, uncut, New York, H. Gaine, 1770, folio (210) Sabin, £7 1219 Bergomensis (Jacobus Philippus Forestus de). De plurimis claris sceletisque (sic) Mulieribus, lit. goth., Italian woodcuts, the 2 full-page ones dated 1493, and ornamental initials (title mended), morocco super extra, g. on m. e., by Rivière, fine copy, Ferrariae, L. de Rubeis, 1497, folio (174) Ellis, £28

[The frontispiece is the same as that (the third) which appears in the Epistles of S. Jerome, also published by Lorenzo di Rossi at Ferrara in 1497. The title-page is in large Gothic letters cut in wood.-ED.]

1220 Bible (Holy). Cranmer's, black letter, with Speed's Genealogies and Map of Canaan, wanted title to Old Testament, but had all the other woodcut titles in compartments (2 of which were backed), leaf in "Table of Epistles and Gospels after the Salysbury Use" torn, sold not subject to return, contemporary English calf (1608), with gilt ornaments in corners and centres, initials T. B. and H. H., g.e., Finished in November, 1540, E. Whitchurch, folio (178)

Tregaskis, £3 5s.

[The Family Bible of the Briggs's of Calmyer, with an inscription on title of part iiii., "This Buke perteneth to Myles Brigges de Calmyer"; before the New Testament are entries relating to the Briggs family from 1586 to 1608, the initials on the binding are doubtless those of Thomas Briggs and his wife. The fourth edition of the "Great Bible."-Catalogue.] 1221 Biblia Sacra Latina Editionis Vulgatae cum prologis S. Hieronymi (Coberger's third latin), lit. goth., double columns, 51 lines, cccclxi. numb. 11. without signatures, capitals painted in blue and red, contemporary oaken boards, pigskin, stamped in compartments with small devices, with metal rims and bosses, clasps, Nuremb., Ant. Coberger, 1478, folio (175) Quaritch, £6 IOS.

[One leaf was missing.-ED.]

1222 Biblia Sacra Polyglotta; Heb., Chald., Gr. et. Lat. studio, opera et impensis Card. Fr. Ximenes de Cisneros, lit. goth., vol. i.-iv. (Old Testament complete), titles within woodcut borders, with the Cardinal's arms in centres, in red, calf, Compluti, A. G. de Brocaria, 1517, folio (176) Bull, £20 [First edition of the Complutensian Polyglot of Cardinal Ximenez. Catalogue.]

1223 Boccaccio. Amorous Fiametta, wherein is sette downe a Catalogue of all and Singuler Passions of Love and Jelosie, incident to an enamoured Yong Gentlewoman, etc., first wrytten in Italian by Master John Boccace, and now done into English by B. Giovano del M. Temp. (Bartholomew

Young of the Middle Temple), black letter. some headlines cut into, date erased from title, morocco gilt, g. e. (Roxburghe copy), J. C. for Thomas Gubbin and Thomas Newman (1587), 4to. (139) Delaine, £31 IOS. 1224 Book of St. Albans, containing Treatises of Hawking, Hunting, Coat-Armour, Fishing, and Blasing of Arms, as printed at Westminster by Wynkyn de Worde, 1496 (edited by Jos. Haslewood), printed in red and black letter, with facsimile illustrations, 150 copies printed, russia, g. e., White and Cochrane, 1810, 4to. (140) Sotheran, £3 35. 1225 Brathwait (Rich.) A Strappado for the Devil, Epigrams and Satyres alluding to the Time, with divers measures of no less delight-with Love's Labyrinth, or the True-Lover's Knot, first edition, both parts in 1 vol. (some head-lines shaved, otherwise a good copy), morocco, plain, g. e., J. B. for R. Redmer, 1615, 8vo. (117) Richards, 11 5s. 1226 [Byron (Lord).] Poems on Various Occasions, original boards, uncut, Newark, printed by S. and J. Ridge, 1807, 8vo. (116) Denham, £129 [The privately printed edition, issued before the "Hours of Idleness" was published. Presentation copy, with inscription on title, "Edwd. Noel Long, Coldm. Gds., from the Author"; on the fly-leaf are "Stanzas by Ld. B.," consisting of three verses beginning:

"Ah! Mem'ry torture me no more,
The present's all o'ercast,

My hopes of future bliss are o'er,
In mercy veil the past!

and ending:

[ocr errors]

Regret and hope alike are vain,

I ask but to forget."

The catalogue stated that these verses were in Byron's handwriting, but, this being questioned at the time of the sale, the book was sold not subject to return. It was published in green boards, with a label on the side, and contains pages xi., 144. The above copy, which measured about 7 ins. by 43 ins., was in the original boards as stated, but the back with the label was missing. A hundred copies are said to have been printed.-ED.]

1227 Chronicle of St. Albans. Fructus Temporum. The Cronicle of Englande with the Frute of Tymis, black letter, long lines, with signatures, a portion of the work only, containing 198 genuine leaves, beginning on dj and ending on a fragment of I., several intervening leaves missing, all the leaves wanting (99) supplied in MS., modern morocco gilt, g.e., sold not subject to return (Printed at St. Albans, 1483-4), small folio (184) Leighton, £73

[First edition of the St. Albans Chronicle, and the second book printed at St. Albans. Excessively rare, no perfect copy being known. All the intact leaves in this copy were sound and in good condition.-Catalogue.]

1228 Dürer (Albrecht). Icones Sacræ, title within woodcut border

of twisted columns, and 38 woodcuts, each taken on one side only, the reverse being blank, with border to every page, old calf (Francof a. M.), 1604, small 4to. (143)

Maggs, £1 16s. [The cuts are by A. Altdorfer, and some bear his mark.Catalogue.] 1229 Fasciculus Temporum (ad Annum 1481), (auctore Wernero Rolewink), lit. goth., numerous woodcuts, limp vellum, Venet., E. Ratdolt, 1485, folio (190) Maggs, £2 15s. 1230 Hardyng (John). Chronicle, from the firste begynnyng of Englande, unto the Reign of Kyng Edward the Fourth, where he made an end of his Chronicle (in verse); and from that tyme is added a continuacion of the Storie in Prose to this our tyme, now first imprinted, first edition, black letter, two titles within woodcut borders and ornamental woodcut initials, morocco, plain, inside gilt borders, joints, g. e., R. Grafton Mense Januarii, 1543, small 4to. (145) Richards, £16 1231 Horæ. Heures a lusaige de Romme tout au long sans riens requirir, lit. goth, printed upon vellum, within woodcut borders of various biblical and moral subjects, the Dance of Death, arabesques, etc., 13 full-page woodcuts within architectural borders, besides Eustace's device on title of the Rape of Dejanira and the Astrological Man, painted and illuminated in imitation of ancient MSS., with several small cuts of saints also illuminated, and ornamental details (the borders not painted), wanted a leaf after Calendar, 2 leaves mended, sold not subject to return, old calf, Imprimees nouvellement à Paris par Gillet Hardouyn s. d. Almanack, 1516-30, 4to. (148) Sotheran, £30

[Contemporary inscriptions on fly-leaves show it to have been in the possession of Gilon Femme de Croy de Beauregard, Procureur à Senlis, and Gilon Femme de Jehan Dolé, Procureur à Senlis.-Catalogue.]

1232 [Horae ad Usum Parisiensem]. Cum Calendario, lit. goth., red and black, quatrains in calendar and below each woodcut, and prayers at end in French, printed upon vellum, 8 oval woodcuts in calendar and 41 full-page woodcuts, some with borders and some without, and 27 small figures of saints, etc. in the text, all of a remarkable character, and very finely painted and brilliantly illuminated, as are also the ornamental initials and details. The text after the calendar is folioed xv. to clxxxi., the 14 previous leaves comprising title and calendar not being numbered. these 14 leaves the title, next leaf and first 4 leaves of calendar were wanting, and December wanted the calendar opposite the engraving; there are also wanting Dii., I7, K7, Vi., and the miniature of Adam and Eve defaced; sold not subject to return, old French morocco gilt, g. e. (Boyet), [Paris, c. 1520], 8vo. (121) Robson, £23 10S. 1233 Horae. Heures Nouvelles tirées de la Sainte Écriture écrites et gravées par L. Senault, engraved throughout and


decorated with ornaments, ornamental initials and other designs, with 6 engraved figures of saints, etc., old French morocco, g. e., Paris, chez l'auteur, s. d., 8vo. (122)

Quaritch, £2 25. 1234 Horae. Heures a lusaige de Coutances, avec le Calendrier. "Ces presentes heures a lusaige de Coustances toutes au long sans requirir, avec les figures et signes de lapocalipse la vie de thobie, de Judic, les accidens de lhomme, le triomphe de Cesar, les miracles nostre dame ont este faictes a Paris, pour Symon Vostre a l'enseigne S. Jehan Evangeliste," lit. goth, ruled in red (lettres bâtardes), printed within woodcut borders of biblical subjects, the Dance of Death, arabesques, Vostre's large device on title, Astrological Man, Stem of Jesse, Holy Grail, etc., 19 full-page woodcuts, some without and others with borders, and many smaller woodcuts, capitals painted in blue and red, the rest of the volume untouched by colour, old calf gilt, y. e., s. 7. Almanach, 1519-30, 4to. (149) Leighton, £33 [A very fine and perfect copy of this very rare Vostre Hours for the Use of Coutances. Brunet gives the last signature ō as having 8 leaves, but this is an error, as it only has 6, finishing with the Table. It was left by will by Susan Duchess of Marlborough to Sir G. Musgrave in 1838.—Catalogue.]

1235 Jenner (Dr. E.S .The Origin of Vaccine Inoculation, first edition, a pamphlet in the original wrapper, presentation copy from the author, D. N. Shury, 1801, 4to. (151)

Maggs, £1 15s.

1236 Julius Cæsar (Opera) quæ exstant, Annotationes Sam. Clarke, portrait of the Duke of Marlborough by Vertue, and 87 large plates, with the Buffalo, 2 vol., morocco super extra, by J. Clarke, Tonson, 1712, imperial folio (191)

Maggs, £5 10s. 1237 Lanquet (Thos.) An Epitome of Cronicles of this Realme of Englande, etc., now finished and continued by Thos. Cooper, black letter. title within Holbein border, old calf, 1569, small 4to. (152) Quaritch, £I IS. 1238 Mather (Rev. Cotton). Magnalia Christi Americana, or the Ecclesiastical History of New England, from 1620 to 1698, original edition, LARGE PAPER, map, old panelled pigskin, title inlaid, T. Parkhurst, 1702, folio (192)

H. Stevens, £14 15s. 1239 Mentz. Agenda Ecclesiæ Moguntinensis, per R. P. D. Sebastianum Archiep. Mogunt. additionibus auctior, et multis locis emendatior, jam denuo typis evulgata, lit. goth., red and black, with musical notes, contemporary binding, in oaken boards, pigskin, stamped with figures of Saints in compartments, with the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ in centres, clasps, Mogunt., F. Behem, 1551, small folio (193) Tregaskis, £3 15s. 1240 Missale Romanum, noviter impressum (cum Calendario, etc.), lit. goth., red and black, with musical notes, cuts and orna

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