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PAGE The Reason. A poem.

176 The Volunteer Organist.

177 The Age Limit. A poem.

212 The Conspicuous Foes of Organized Labor. R. M. Easley.

238 The Rain Upon the Roof. A poem.

256 The Boy. A poem

270 The Granite Rock. A poem..

293 The Social Side of the O. R. C.....

334 The New Education. 0. Leonard

335 The Canyons of the Heart. E. E. Sheasgreen. 339 The Social Incarnation,

A poem.

H. Gibson...

342 The Subjective Necessity for Social Settlements. Jane Addams

410 The Harrisburg Disaster and Its Real Cause. H. R. Fuller

488 The Labor Questions' Newer Aspects. Victor S. Yarros

555 Trades Unions Greatest Moral Force.

575 The Shadow on the Lyre. Elsa Barker.

594 The Dearest Heroine. Eleanor Evins.

600 Taylor, W. H. For the Good of the Order... 664 Transformation. Poem. Eleanor Evins 698 The Dreams that Come True. R. L. Metcalfe. 731 The Goal Thou Seekest. Omar Khayyam 823 Thanksgiving. A poem. Grace G. Bost

824 The Law and the Closed Shop Contract. 883 The Conductor Who Was Different. Capt. Geo. W. Barber, Sr...

888 V


wick ......

Sallee, S. T. A Wabash Romance ..88, 170 Supreme Court Decision in Johnson Case. 91 S'pose the Fish Don't Bite. Poem.

105 Strikes, Restrictions, Organization, Arbitration. H. T. Newcomb

162 Sheasgreen, E. E. The Canyons of the Heart. 339 South and Central America. F. H. Bloodgood

414 Stanton, Frank L. Keep A-goin'

444 Stone, W. S. Specch at Buffalo to the Train

491 Sueing the Railroads. J. P. Brosius..

563 Stelzle, Charles. An Anti-Poverty Society... 740 Stahl, C. L. The Boomer Brakeman..

742 Some Curiosities of the Socialist Propaganda.. 876 Slipping Through on Half Fare.



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The Rise of the Tailors. In McClure's. By
Ray Stannard Baker

77 Tuttle, Lucius,. Address to Conductors 154 The Philosophy of Work. Capt. G. W. Barber, Sr.

171 The Trade Union as an Institution.


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Chairman Executive Council of the National Civic Federation. A series of article upon the labor stricted to the array of hostile witnesses question by Mr. John Keith, recently he summons, the reader would be quite published in Harper's Weekly, has been ready to believe his conclusion: of special interest because they are “It may be set down as a general typical of a mental attitude toward this truth that the labor-union acts in no subject that has become unfortunately way as a spur, but in a thousand ways frequent among magazine and news- as an obstacle to the development of paper writers. The prevalence of this the country along the most scientific lines mental attitude is not hard to explain. of economic advancement." Up to the time of the anthracite-coal But suppose this method of critistrike the public had paid little more cising labor-unions

applied to than passing notice to the labor question. other social institutions, what would be The direful possibilities when

the conclusion? Only the other day weather loomed up before the nation there was a hurry call for the police with empty coal-bins at that time set

to restaurant to prevent every body thinking, talking, or writing students of Columbia University from on the great labor problem. About pounding

another into bloody the same time some of the most con- insensibility during a class fight. The spicuously offensive incidents in the week before the daughter of a president labor movement cropped out, such as of a college in Illinois was dragged out Sam Parksism in New York; picketing of bed by a gang of hazing students. funerals in Chicago; expelling union Only a short time before that, in another men for belonging to the State militia institution of learning, a

young man in Schenectady, etc., etc. These occur

was taken out at night, hammered rences naturally gave the new students until several bones were broken, and of unionism

a very unfavorable im- thrown into a pond. Is it fair to single pression, as their trenchant pens have out such instances and to say that, since given innumerable evidences. Mr. therefore, higher education “acts as Keith in his very interesting article, an obstacle to the development of the whether one of the old students or of country?" the new, evidently was not searching Again many writers lay undue stress for trade union virtues; and if there upon the fact that in isolated cases were any excesses he overlooked I do labor-unions have broken "solemn' not now recall them. If the view were re- agreements with

with employers.

. Every *From Harper's, Weekly. Copyright. 1904, by Harper and Brothers.


GRAY'S AND TORREY'S PEAKS. Courtesy Colorado & Southern Railway.

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