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to fret thy, with crosses, 96.
is form, 96.

of the age, 99.

like seasoned timber, 102.
a happy, 106.
of Orpheus, 124.

take the prisoned, 121.
under the ribs of death, 122.
pride and haughtiness of,149.
smiles at the drawn dagger,

merit wins the, 164.

the flow of, 165.

palace of the, 259.

the whiteness of his, 261.
is wanting there, 263.
that eye was in itself a, 265.
is dead that slumbers, 287.

Soul's dark cottage, 108.

calm sunshine, 157.

Souls, immediate jewel of their,



sympathize with sounds,

whose sudden visitations,


[blocks in formation]

fall, or hero perish, 154.
Speak by the card, 85.

of me as I am, 91.
Spears into pruning-hooks, 12.
Speculation in those eyes, 48.
Speech, thought deeper than, 291.
Speed the going guest, 165.

the parting guest, 168.
Spenser renowned, 109.

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a little nearer, 109.
Spiders crawling on my startled
hopes, 148.

-'s touch, 155.
Spin, nor toil not, 14.
Spirit wounded, 7.

haughty, 7.
return unto God, 9.
indeed is willing, 17.
present in, 21.

ill, have so fair a house, 26.
stirring drum, 90.

that fell from heaven, 112.
of my dream, 267.

or more welcome shade,

ditties of no tone, 271.
the accusing, 299.

Spires pointing to heaven, 240.
Spirits are not finely touched, 30.
from the vasty deep, 56.
twain, 291.

-, corporations have no, 307. Spite, in learned doctors, 287.

[blocks in formation]

veteran on the, 188.

poor, degraded, 286.

Stagers, old cunning, 133.
Stairs, why did you kick me
down, 306.

Stale, flat, and unprofitable, 76.
Stalk, maidens withering on the,

Stand and wait, 126.
Stanley, on, 253.

Stanza, who pens a, 164.

Star, love a bright, particular, 43.
of dawn, a later, 230.
thy soul was like a, 231.
stay the morning, 244.
Stars, shooting, attend thee, 104.
hide their diminished heads,


in spite of their, 131.
battlements bore, 239.

Starts, every thing by, 140.

Steel, grapple with hooks of, 77.
Steep, hard to climb the, 208.
Steps, beware of desperate, 215.
Sticking place, screw your cour-
age to the, 46.

Still to be neat, 98.

achieving, still pursuing, 288.
Sting, O death, where is thy, 22.
Stir, the fretful, 233.

Stoicism, the Romans call it, 149
Stolen, not wanting what is, 89.
Stomach's sake, a little wine for
the, 24.

Stone, fling but a, 172.


,underneath this, doth lie,99.
walls do not a prison make,

tell where I lie, 162.

we raised not a, 272.

Stones, sermons in, 39.


prate of my whereabouts,

of Rome, 68.

Stories, long, dull, and old, 225.
Storm, pelting of this pitiless, 70.
directs the, 150.

that howls along the sky,

Storms of life, rainbow to the, 265.
Story, I have none to tell, 226.
Strange, 't was passing, 87.
Strangers, to entertain, 24.
by, honored, 163.
Straw, tickled with a, 156.
Streets, a lion is in the, 8.
-, squeak and gibber in the,


Strength, king's name is a tower
of, 62.

-, strengthens with his, 155.
lovely in your, 261.

Strife, dare the elements to, 266.
String attuned to mirth, 275.

State, strange eruption to our, 75. Striving to better, 70.


a pillar of, 113.

rule the, 139.

[blocks in formation]

Strong, battle not to the, 9.

upon the stronger side, 53.
without rage, 107.

Studies, still air of delightful, 127.
Study, much, is weariness, 10.
labor and intent, 127.
what you most affect, 323.
Stuff as dreams are made of, 27.
ambition's made of sterner


Sublime to suffer and be strong, | Swift expires, a driveller, 188.


and the ridiculous, 302.
Success, 't is not in mortals to
command, 149.

Such mistress, such Nan, 92.
Suffer, how sublime to, 288.
Sufferance is the badge, 36.
Suffering ended with the day, 283.
child of, 289.

Sufficiency, an elegant, 183.
Suing long to bide, 96.
Sullenness against nature, 128.
Sum of more, giving thy, 39.
Summer, made glorious, 60.
friends, 102.

of your youth, 192.
-'s cloud, 49.

Summons, upon a fearful, 75.
Sun, no new thing under the, 8.
of righteousness arise, 12.

let not the, go down upon
your wrath, 23.

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Sunlight drinketh dew, 280.
Sunshine made, and in the shady
place, 95.

of the breast, 194.
-, eternal, 203.
Suspicion haunts the guilty mind,

Swan on St. Mary's lake, 230.
-, sweet, of Avon, 99.
Sweet, so coldly, 263.

day, so cool, so calm, 102.
Sweets, wilderness of, 117.

feast of nectared, 122
Sweetness, linked, long drawn
out, 126.

waste its, 196.
Swift, race not to the, 9.

Swine, cast not your pearls be-
fore, 15.

Swoop, at one fell, 50.
Sword, glorious by my, 109.

another's, has laid him

low, 250.

-, pen mightier than the,

Swords into ploughshares, 12.
Syllable men's names, 121.

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as 't was said to me, 251.

't is an old, 252.

a schoolboy's, 259.

which holdeth children from
play, 275.

Talk, I never spent an hour's, 35.
, ye gods, how he will, 145.
Tall oaks from little acorns grow,

Tam was glorious, 221.
Task is smoothly done, 123.
Taste of your quality, 80.
Tatters, tear a passion to, 82.
Tear, some melodious, 123.

he gave to misery a, 197.
in her eye, 253.
betwixt a smile and, 262.
every woe can claim, 264.
that law which moulds a

Tears, prepare to shed them now


[blocks in formation]
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shut up want air, 175.
that breathe, 195.

too deep for tears, 238.
, great, 278.

of men are widened, 279.
Thousand, one shall become a, 11.
Thread of his verbosity, 35.
feels at each, 155.

Thrice is he armed, 60.
Thrift, thrift, Horatio, 76.

may follow fawning, 83.
Throne, my bosom's lord sits
lightly in his, 74.
Thrones, dominations, 117.
Throng the lowest of your, 116.
Thumbs, by the pricking of my,


[blocks in formation]

Tie, the silken, 252.

Tiger, in war imitate the, 59.
Tilt at all I meet, 165.

[blocks in formation]


what will it not subdue,

we take no note of, 174.
elaborately thrown away,

tooth of, 179.

toiled after him in vain, 187.
adds increase to her truth,

has not cropt the roses, 192.
noiseless foot of, 241.
count by heart-throbs, 282.
footprints on the sands of,

has laid his hand gently, 289.
break the legs of, 290.
writes no wrinkle on thy

azure brow, 263.

foremost files of, 279.

to mourn, lacks, 282.
Time's noblest offspring, 172.
Times that try men's souls, 302.
Tinkling cymbals, 22.
Title long and dark, 139.
Toad, ugly and venomous, 39.
To be or not to be, 81.
To-day, be wise, 174.
Toe, on the light fantastic, 125.
Toil and trouble, 49.

-, envy, want the jail, 187.
those who think must govern
those who, 201.

and trouble, why all this, 236.
Tolerable and not to be endured,

Tomb of him who would have

made glad the world, 283.

-, though sorrows encompass
the, 258.

Tombs, hark, from the, 181.
To-morrow, boast not thyself of, 8.

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and whirlwind's roar,

Torrents, motionless, 244.
Touch not, taste not, 23.
harmonious, 189.

Touched nothing, that he did not
adorn, 190.

Towered cities please us, 125.
Towers, the cloud-capt, 26.
Trade's proud empire, 188.
Train up a child, 7.

a melancholy, 202.
Traitors, our doubts are, 30.

our fears make us, 50.
Transmitter of a foolish face, 181.
Traps, Cupid kills with, 32.
Tray, Blanch, and Sweetheart, 71.
Treasure is, your heart will be

where your, 14.
Treasures, three, the good man
has, 245.

Tree, like a green bay, 5.

is known by his fruit, 15.
's inclined, as the twig is
bent, 185.

of deepest root is found, 209.

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