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Turn your selves from Отврашишеся

all your Sins; elfe God всѣхъ грѣховъ ваwill whet his Sword, шихъ; да не омоand bend his Bow.

.чишъ Богъ меча своего, и да не напряжемъ лукъ свой.

Let us judge our felves, да судимъ себя саthat God may not jud

ge us. - Let us not mind high Things, nor be as thofe are, who do their Works to be feen of Men.

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михъ, да не будемъ

судими Богомъ. Да презримъ высокая, и да не будемъ подобни дѣламелямъ дѣлъ для похвалы омъ народа.


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Fear the Lord, all уе Бойтеся Господа жиthat dwell in the вущіи въ свѣтѣ. 'World.

The Man is bleft, who- Благословенъ

fe trult is in the Lord.


вѣкъ, иже уповаетъ

Кеер thy Tongue and Coблюди языкъ thy Lips from 111.


на Господа.

и у

сма твоя ошъ зла.


See that you lofe not Да соблюдеши благое. thofe Things that be


The Day of Chrift is День Христовъ приat Hand; and he will ближаемся, воньже judge the World, both будуть судимы жиthe Quick and Dead. выя и мертвыя. We Thall all change at Мы всѣ преобразимся the laft Trump; and припослѣднемъ глаall that are in the Gra- cѣ шрубнѣ; и живуve fhall then come щіа во гробѣхъ предforth, that God may стануть на судъ judge them.


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Words confifting of Fi- Слова состоящія изб ve. Six, &c. Letters, viz. namи, шести u больA Diphthong and the we букви, м: е: изб reft Confonants, except двоегласной, а просія fome few which end in согласныя, кромѣ неe final.

большаго числа макихъ словъ, кои окончаніе имѣютъ на е.

FRAIL fnail trail. Claim. Brain chain gnain

flain stain train sprain strain. Pain faint taint. Raife praife. Faith faith. Heir their. Eight freight weight (height) Eighth. Voice choice. Broil spoil. Joint point. Noife poize. Moift Quart. Quick. Quench. Squib. Squirt. Fraud. Laugh. Caught taught (draught ).

Daunt haunt taunt waunt flaunt flaunt. Cause pause gaufe. Couch pouch vouch crouch flouch (touch) croud cloud proud fhroud. Cough trough (tough). Plough flough (dough though) (through). Ought bought fought nought fought brought thought (drought).

Mould (could should would). Ounce bounce pounce. Bound hound pound round found - ground (wound). Count mount. Mourn. Course. Houfe loufe moufe (Ipouse roufe). Clout - doubt fcout fhout spout ftout trout sprout. Mouth fouth (youth) Fourth. Three.

Я Leech fpeech. Bleed breed speed steed. - Cheek fleek. Kneel fteel wheel. Green queen fcreen fpleen. Creep fheep fleep fteep fweep - Cheer steer fneer. Cheefe (geefe fleece). Fleet bfheet street sweet. Teeth. (feethe). Sleeve. Freeze fneeze fqueeze. Blood flood ( stood ). Proof.

Brook fhook. School ftool (wool). Bloom ?broom groom. Spoon fwoon. Droop fcoop floop ftoop. Floor. Goofe loofe (noofe choose). Shoot. Tooth (booth fmooth). Each reach teach preach. Dread tread fpread knead blěad. Sheaf. League. Bleak fneak speak fteak fqueak.

Realm. Děalt. Health wealth. Cream dream steam stream. Clean glean ftean. Cleanfe.

Cheap. Clear

fhear fmear fpear (Twear). Search, Earl pearl. Earn learn. Earth dearth. (hearth). heart. Fleas please teafe.

Ceafe leafe creafe peace. East beast feast leaft (breaft).. Bleat cheat treat wheat (great). Sweat threat. Death breath (heath fheath). Breathe fheathe wreathe. Heave leave wcave cleave. Coach poach roach broach. Broad, Groan.

Boast roast toa ft. Float throat (groat). Brief chief thief. Niece piece. Fiend (friend). Fierce pierce. Field yield shield Prieft. Grieve thieve. Guard. Suit fruit. Build. Guide. Guile. Quilt. Juice. Bruise Brawl crawl drawl. Brawn prawn. Screw shrew ftrew threw. Throw. Known thrown (brown clown crow n drown frown).

More eafy Leffons on Eie легкія чтенія на the foregoing Tables. предшедшія таблицы.



I WILL give Thanks to Воздамъ благодарение thee, O Lord, with all mебѣ, Господи, ошь my Heart; and will

praise thy Name.

всего моего сердца;

и восхвалю имя


I will praise the Name Boсхвалю имя Божіе of God with a Song; въ пѣсни; да благоfor this thall pleale пріяшно будешъ Го

the Lord.


Serve the Lord with Служи Господеви co

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Fear, and let your страхомъ, и да боиш

Heart ftand in awe of him.

ся его сердце твое.

He that fears not God, Иже не боимся Бога, is in the Way to De- и д е мъ по пуши

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Great is the Lord, and Велій Господь, и веgreat is his Name.

ліе имя его.

Seek the Lord while he Ищите Господа, егда may be sound: Call on him while he is near.

Trult in the Lord with all thy Heart.

можно обрѣсши его: призывайте


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сердца своего.


In thee, O Lord, have I На шя, Господи, упо

put my Trust; let me not be put to Shame; but help me, lend thine Ear to me, and

save me.


вахъ, да не посшыжуся; Но помоги мнѣ, приклони ухо mвое ко мнѣ и спа

си мя.


Thou, O Lord, art the 0 Tосподи! шы Все Thing that I long for: желаніе thou art my Hope from my Youth.

O let my Month be full of thy praise, that I may sing of thee all the Day Long.

мое: шы упованіе МОЕ опъ

юносми моея.

Да исполнятся уста моя хвалы твоея 2 да воспою О шебѣ

весь день.

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