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Rife (rile wife). Dofe) dofe hole lole nole rofe). Ufe (ufe mufe). Elfe. Bate date fate gate hate late mate pate rate. Bite kite mite rite. Dote mote note vote. Lute mute. Cave have pave rave Lave wave. Dive five hive (give live five). Rove (döve löve) (move). Gaze maze. Size. More eafy Leffons on Еще легкія чтенія на the foregoing Tables, предшедшія таблицы, confifting of Words not состоящія изъ словъ exceeding Four Letters. о четырех буквахъ.



God doth mind all that Богъ призираетъ на we fay and do. словеса и дѣла наша. This Lite is not long; Сія жизнь крашка, а but the Life to come будущая жизнь безhas no End. We mult love them Намъ должно Люthat do not love us, as well as them that

do love us.


бить не только любящихъ, но и нена

We muft pray for them Намъ должно мо

that hate us.


видящихъ насъ.

литься за ненави

дящихъ насъ.



We mult do to all Men, Да творимъ,

as we like to be done да шворяшъ и намъ

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He muft live well, that Да благо поживешъ,

will die well.

иже хощешь добро


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A bad Life will make Худая жизнь кончишa band End. ся худымъ концемъ. We muft let the Time Прешедшее время да paft put us in mind напоминаешъ зло соof the Ill we have done. дѣянное нами.

In the Time to come Впредь да не сотвоwe must do ill no more. римъ больше зла. Be kind to all Men, and Будь

благосклоненъ hurt not thy felf. ко всѣмъ, и не тво



ри вреда.

Wo be to me if I live Горе мнѣ, аще живу


not well. We can hide no Work Мы не можемъ ниче

from God; for the Lord
he is God, and he is
Lord of all.

ro сокрыть отъ Бога; ибо Господь есть Богъ, и Господь надъ


Mind what is beft; do Избирай
all that is juft;
love all whom you
have to do with.



твори правду; и люби всѣхъ съ коими имѣешь дѣло.

V. .


He that doth love God, Иже аще любить Бо

[blocks in formation]



None is like to God Hѣтъ подобнаго Боand we are all in his гу, и мы всѣ въ его Hand'. The Lord is my King; Господь he is Lord of all; And by the Word of the Lord all was made.



Царь; онъ Господь надъ всѣми: и слоВомъ Господнимъ сотворися все.


God is the moft high Богъ, Богъ велій, иже

God; he fets up Men, and he doth help them that are juft.

Go not far from

O Lord my God!


востановляетъ человѣкъ, и помогаетъ праведнымъ.

He ошъиди отъ мене, Господи Боже мой! The Time will come Пріидетъ время; егда when all 'Men muft вси человѣцы преbe put in the Duft.

вратятся въ прахъ.




Words of Four Letters, Слова состоящія изб viz. Two Confonants четырех букво, т: e: изб двухъ согласных и изб двоегласной.

and a Diphthong.

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LAID maid paid. Fail jail nail rail fail tail Maim. Fain gain main pain rain vain. Fair hair pair. Bait wait. Void Soil toil. Coin join. Daub: Thou. Loud. Foul foul. Pour four (your) Gout rout. Flee free knee thee tree. Deed feed heed need feed weed.

Beef. Leek meek feek week. Feel heel reel. Seem. Been keen feen. Deep keep peep weep. Deer jeer leer peer. Feet meet. Good hood wood. Hoof roof. Book cook hook look took (rock). Cool fool. Pool tool (wool). Doom room. Moon noon foon. Coop hoop loop foop.

(Door) poor. Foot (foot). Boot hoot root. Flea plea. Eafe. Dead head lead read bead lead read. Deaf leaf. Leak reak weak. Dealheal meal feal. Beam feam team. Lean mean wean. Heap leap reap. Bear tear wear (dear fear hear near year). Heat meat feat. Load road toad. Loaf. Soak. Coal goal foal. Foam roam. Roar. Boat coat goat moat. Oath Coax.

Chaw draw flaw gnaw fpaw thaw. Dawn sawn lawn pawn. Blew knew flew stew (fhew). Lewd. Blow crow flow glow grow know flow fnow ftow (plow brow). Bowl fowl howl. Down gown town. Bray clay dray fray gray play pray flay stay fway. Grey they whey, Lieu, View. Sloe (fhoe). Clue glue true.

More eafy Leffons оп Еще легкія чтенія на the foregoing Tables, предшедшія таблицы, confifting of Words not состоящія изъ слово exceeding Four Letters. не болѣе какъ о четырехъ буквах6.



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WHEN we go out, and Егда отходимъ,
when we come in, we
are not out of the Eye
of God.

егда приходимъ, бы

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ваемъ подъ OKOME Божіимъ.

When we pray to God Егда
with a pure Mind, he Богу
will hear us and help
us: But if our Mind
be not pure when we
pray to him, then he
will not hear us.

МЫ • молимся съ Чистымъ

сердцемъ, погда Онъ услышиптъ насъ И поможешь намъ; но аще сердце наше не

чисто, егда мы молимся Ему, то-Онъ не услышишъ насъ.

All the Day long, God Весь день Богъ приdoes mind what we do зираешь еже швоwith our Time.

римъ со временемъ нашимъ.

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true; it is gone from his Lips, and will come to pals. He that took on him

но; изъидеть изъ усшь его, и збудет


Пріємшій на себя по

the Form of Man to добіе человѣка, дабы

fave us, is God, and

came down from God.

спасти насъ, есть Богъ, и пріиде оптъ Бога.

This is he who, when Сей бо, егда приде

[blocks in formation]

Lord, and in them that Господѣ и въ любя

love his Ways.

щихъ пути его.

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