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and in the air. Har added, And there iť is that the palace of Odin is situated, called Lidkialf, or the Terror of the Nations. When Odin is there seated on his lofty throne, he thence discovers every country, he fees all the actions of men, and comprehends whatever he beholds. This wife is FRIGGA, the daughter of Fiorgun. The issue of that marriage is what we call the family of the Ases, that is, of the Gods; a race intirely divine, and which hath built the ancient ASGARD. Wherefore Odin is justly called the UNIVERSAL FATHER; for he is the parent of Gods, and men ; and all things have been produced by his power. The Earth is his daughter and wife (c). On her hath he begotten AfaThor (or the God Thor) his first-born. Strength and Valour are the attendants on this God, and therefore he triumphs over every thing that hath life,


(A) “ They made a lakes. Bartholin conjec

man, &c.”] We are tures, that the philosophers come at last to the crea of the north, in making tion of our species. The men spring from the sea, circumstances of this fa intended to fortify the ble, shew that it was in Scandinavians against the vented among a people ad fear, that annihilation was dicted to navigation, and the consequence of being settled in a country sur. : drowned; and to make rounded with seas and

them regard the sea, as their


proper and naturalelement. observe, that the Goa We shall see, by the fequel,

thic and' Celtic nations, that the great aim of these as well as the Greeks, warlike Theologians was derived all these fables to inspire courage, and to from the inexhaustible remove all pretences and fource of eastern tradigrounds for fear. Afke, tions. But the people of in the Gothic language, the north preserved them signifies an Ash-TREE, nearly the same as they and Emla, an Elm. I received them, for above shall leave to others to two thousand

years; find out the reason why whereas the same fables the preference hath been found in Greece fo fagiven to these two trees; vourable' a foil, that in a and what relation there short time they multiplied could be between the two a hundred fold. sexes, and these two different sorts of wood.

(c) “ The Earth is

« his daughter and wife, (B) « Where dwell

This fable ," the Gods and their fa- proves that the ancient

“ milies.”] ASGARD is Scalds understood by the literally the Court of the name Frigga, the spouse Gods. Some manuscripts of the Supreme God; and add, that ASGARD is that, at the same time, Troy; but this can be this Frigga was the Earth no other than the margi- 'This doctrine is of very nal note of some copyist, great antiquity, and hath crept by mistake into the

been in general received text. The Gods, being by all the Gothic and" continually threatned with Celtic

Celtic nations. Their attacks by the Giants, philosophers taught, that built in the middle a large the Supreme God, Teut, inclosure, named Mid or Wodan, was the active GARD, or the Middle- principle, the soul of the Abode, one of the strong- world, which uniting iteft of citadels. This is self with matter, had the Olympus of Homer; thereby put it into a conas the Giants are his Ti dition to produce the Intans. I Thall once for all telligences, ar Inferior


s &c.”]

Gods, and Men,' and all work, and of course had other creatures. This is a beginning: all this, in what the poets express fi the language of the anguratively, when they say cients, was expressed by that Odin espoused Friggă, this phrase;

this phrase ; " Earth is or Frea, that is, the LA " the daughter and wife DY, by way of eminence.

“ of the Universal FaOne cannot doubt, after

" ther.” having read this paffage of Lastly, from this mythe EDDA, but it was ftical marriage, was born this fame Goddess, to the God THOR. Afawhom the Germans, ac Thor means THE LORD cording to Tacitus, con THOR. He was the firstsecrated one of the Da. born of the Supreme God, nish islands, worshipping and the greateft and most her under the name of powerful of all the infeHerthus, or the Earth : rior divinities, or intelli(the English word Earth, gences that were born as well as the German from the union of the Erde, being evidently the two principles. One cansame with that, to which not doubt but it was he, Tacitus has only given a

who had the charge of Latin termination.) As lanching

As lanching the thunder. to the worship that was In the languages of the paid her, see it described

north, the name given by Pelloutier, in his Hift. to this God is still that of des Celtes, Vol. II. 6.8. the Thunder. When

Though it was by the they adopted the Roman concurrence of the Su Calendar, that day which preme God and Matter, was confecrated to Jupithat this Universe was ter, or the Master of the produced; yet the • anci

Thunder, was affigned ent philofophers of the to Thor; and is called « north *' allowed a great this day Thorsdag, difference between these THURSDAY, or the day two principles: the Su of Thor. (See Vol. L. preme God was eternal, pag. 96.) To conclude, whereas Matter was his Adam of Bremen, an au


* Fr. Les Celtese


thor of the eleventh cen. ter of the Gauls who had, tury, and a missionary in according to Cæsar, “ the those countries, infinuates o empire of things cethat this was the idea " lestial ;” as also the which the Scandinavians Taran, whom Lucan rehad formed

of him. presents as having been Thor cum fceptro Jovem adored by the fame peo< exprimere videtur, &c.” ple, Pharsal. 1. I. v. 444. Hift. Ecclef.

223 Taran, fignifes • ThunThere is not the least " der," in the Welt doubt, but it was the Jupi- language at this day.

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Of the Giant Nor.


HE Giant Näri was the first who

inhabited the country of Jotunheim (A), or Giants-Land. He had a daughter, named Night; who is of a dark complexion, as are all her family. She was ať first married to a man called Naglefara, and had by him a fon, named Auder. Then she espoused Onar ; and the daughter of this marriage was the Earth. At last she was wedded to Daglingar, who is of the family of the Gods. Between them they produced Day, a child beautiful and shining, as are all his father's family (B).

Then the Universal Father took NIGHT and Day, and placed them in heaven; and gave them two horses and two cars, that they might travel successively, one after the other, round the world. Night goes first, upon her horfe, nained Rimfaxe (or Frosty-mane) who, every morning when he VOL. 11.



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