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MONDAY, June 20, 1853. for those who remain to transact any public

business of importance. I do not see any other AFTERNOON SESSION.

way of avoiding the difficulty than to adjourn at The Convention met at three o'clock.

that time. I hope, therefore, that the committees

will report as soon as possible, and if they cannot Instructing Committees to Report.

do so before that time, we shall have to submit Mr. WILSON, of Natick. Some days ago I

to the adoption of the amendment. submitted an order instructing the various Com- Mr. WILSON, of Natick. I suppose that it mittees of the Convention to report on or before will be in the power of most of the committees the 22d inst. I now move to take up that order to make their reports prior to that time, perhaps for the purpose of amending it.

within a day or two; but as circumstances may The motion was agreed to.

prevent some of them from making their reports The order was read by the Secretary, as so soon, I prefer that the amendment fixing follows:

Monday next should be adopted. I think there

will be no difficulty whatever in getting all of the Ordered, That the several Committees be in

reports in at that time. I am as anxious as the structed to make their final reports on or before Wednesday, the 22d instant.

gentleman from Washington, (Mr. Eames,) that

we shall adjourn at the earliest possible day. He Mr. WILSON. I now move to amend the

has suggested that he would this afternoon make order by striking out the words “ Wednesday, a motion to meet after Wednesday next, at nine the 22d,” and inserting the words “ Monday, the o'clock. I hope he will make that motion as soon 27th."

as this order is disposed of, and I will cordially Mr. AMES, of Washington. It occurs to me, sustain and vote for his proposition. Sir, that by the adoption of that amendment we The question was then taken on the adoption shall be putting off the time for receiving the of the order of the gentleman from Natick, (Mr. final reports of the different committees too long. Wilson,) and it was decided in the affirmative. I was about making the motion, Sir, and shall So the order was adopted. probably do so in the course of the afternoon, Mr. EAMES, of Washington. I move, Sir, that after Wednesday next the Convention meet that after to-morrow this Convention meet at at nine o'clock in the morning instead of ten nine o'clock in the morning; and my reason for o'clock, as heretofore. There are nearly two making that motion is, that at that time in the hundred of the members of the Convention who morning the weather is cooler and more agreeawill leave the city a week from next Friday, and ble, and it is better to do business one hour it will be impossible, under these circumstances,

earlier than when it is later and warmer. If it is

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