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Adams (John). Gibbs. Memoirs of the America - continued.

Administration of. 2597, 2598. Arber. First Three English Books on.
Adams (Samuel). Wells. Life of 6656. 285, 286.
Adams Family. Morse. Genealogy of. Beechey. Voyage to the Pacific and

Beerings Strait. 575.
Africa. "See also Egypt.

Burke. European Settlements in. 1067.
Barrow. Travels into the Interior of Bryant. Picturesque America. 991-997.
Southern Africa. 484.

Cooper. Some Information Respecting.
Harris. Game and Wild Animals of 1589.
Southern Africa. 2998, 2999,

Fiske. Discovery of. 2378, 2379.
Hohnel. Discovery of Lakes Rudolf Force. American Archives. 2426-2430.
and Stefanie. 3 206.

-- Tracts and other Papers relating
Junker. Travels in. 3625, 3626.

to. 2431, 2432.
Layard. Birds of South Africa. 3891. Hakluyt. Voyages. 2880.

Stanley. In Darkest Africa. 5995. Helps. Spanish Conquest in. 3072.
Agriculture. See Horticulture.

Herbert. Relation of some yeares Tra-

vaile in. 3090
Pickett History of. 5.18-5120.

Herrera. Historia General. 3102.
Shepherd. Select Cases in the Supreme Hilliard D'Auberteuil. Essais sur les
Court of. 5808.

Anglo-Américains. 3145.

Holmes. Annals of. 3221-3224.
Flameng. The Printing Office of. 2804 Hotten. Original lists of Persons of

Quality. 3299-3305.
Goldsmid. The Aldine Press at Ve Laet. Histoire du Nouveau Monde.
nice. 2625.

Renouard. Annales de l'Imprimerie des Meares. Voyages to the North-West
Alde. 5386.

Coast. 4403, 4404.
Alexander (Sir William) and American Ogilby. America. 4879..
Colonization. 5231, 5232.

Oldmixon. The British Empire in.

American Almanac. 144.

Parkman. Various works. 4993, 4994.
The Comic Almanac. 1649-1651.

Perkins. Check List of American Lo-
Franklin. Poor Richard Improved. cal History. 5062.

Portlock. Voyage to the North-west
Poor Robin's Spare Hours. 2490. Coast. 5182.
Gaine's Universal Register. 2541.

Thomas. History of Printing in. 6299-
Jerman. American Almanack. 3543.

Massachusetts Calendar. 4315.

Tocqueville. Democracy in. 6342.
New England Diary, or Almanac. 4705. Tomes. Battles of America by Sea and
Seller. Almanack for Virginia and Mary Land. 6344.
land. 5685

True Sentiments of America. 6366.
Sharp. Continental Almanac. 5762. Winsor. Narrative and Critical History
Sprengel. Allgemeines historisches Tas of. 6789-6794.
chenbuch. 5981, 5982.

American Ancestry: 3350-3353.
Various Almanacs. 140, 141.

American Book-Prices Current. 4001.

American History. Magazine of. 4229–
Brockedon. Passes of the Alps. 903,


American Literature. Duyckinck. Cyclo-
Whymper. Ascent of the Matterhorn. pædia of. 2127-2130.

American Revolution. See Revolutionary
Great Andes of the Equator, 6711.

America. See also North America, South André.

America, Church in America, names Andreana. 199
of Countries, States, etc.

Benson. Vindication of the Capture of.
Anburey. Travels through the Interior



André - continued.

Architecture - continued.
Seward. Monody on. 5690.

Pyne. Royal Residences of Windsor,
Smith. Causes which led to the Death etc. 5279, 5280.
of. 5896-5898.

Revoil. Architecture Romaine du Midi
Andrews Family. Genealogical History of. de la France. 5390.

Revue Générale de l'Architecture. 5392.
Andros Tracts. . 5230.

Richardson. Studies from Old English
Annals of America. 3221-3224.

Mansions. 5409.
Anne of Austria. Freer. Married life and Ruskin. Examples of Architecture of
Regency of. 2508.

Venice. 5529, 5530.
Anonyms. Cushing. 1680.

Seven Lamps of Architecture.
Appleton (Samuel). Jewett. Memorial of. 5538.

Stones of Venice. 5539, 5540.

Stevens. Ancient Abbeys, Monasteries,
Avesnes. La Décoration Arabe. 369, Hospitals, Cathedrals, etc. 6052.
370, 1744

Viollet-le-Duc. Dictionnaire Raisonné
Burton. Pilgrimage to El-Medinah and de l'Architecture Française. 6488.
Meccah. 1118.

Discourses on Architecture. 6489.
Hessemer. Arabische und Altitalien Vitruvius. Les dix Livres d'Architeo-
ische Bau-Verzierungen. .3113.

ture. 6501.
Laborde. Voyage de l'Arabie Petrée. Arctic.

Baring-Gould. Iceland. 473.
Roberts. The Holy Land, etc. 5445-5453. Battye. Ice-Bound in Kolguev. 533.

Beechey. Voyage to the Pacific and
American Journal of. 167.

Beerings Strait. .575.
Burgess. Buddhist Cave Temples and Bradford. The Arctic Regions. 834.
their Inscriptions. 1060.

Du Chaillu. Land of the Midnight Sun.
David. Antiquités Etrusques, Grecques 2067.
et Romaines, etc. 1745.

Franklin. Journey to the shores of the
Gazette Archéologique. 2566.

Polar Sea. 2501.
Squier and Davis. Ancient Monuments Greely. Expedition to Lady Franklin
of the Mississippi Valley. 5990-5991.

Bay. 2705.
Archaeologia Americana. 146.

Three Years of Arctic Service.
Architecture. See also Cathedrals, etc.

Antiquarian and Topographical Cabi Ross. Appendix to narrative of a Sec-
net. 219, 220.

ond Voyage. 5494
Antiquarian Itinerary, 221, 222.

Scoresby. Arctic Regions. 5639.
Berlin and Its Treasures. 617.

Carter. Ancient Architecture in Eng Nuttall. Journal of Travels into. 4862.
land. 1235

Clark. Mediæval Military Architec Carter. Analysis of Honor and Armory.
ture in England. 1417.

Cole. Architecture of Ancient Delhi. Meyrich. Illustrations of Ancient Arms

and Armour. 4434, 4435.
Buildings near Muttra and Agra. Arnold (Benedict). Proceedings of a Court-

Martial for the Trial of. 300.
Cotman. Architectural Antiquities of Arthur. Malory. The Birth, Life and
Norfolk, York, etc. 1610.

Acts of King Arthur. 4244.
D'Agincourt. History of Art by its Art. See also Galleries, Architecture,
Monuments. 1692.

Etching, Artists, etc.
Dart. Westmonasterium.. 1724.

American Art Review. 148–151.
Dartien. Étude sur l'Architecture Lom Appleton's Art Journal. 245, 246.
barde. 1725

Art Journal. 309-316.
Fergusson. History of. 2331, 2335. Art Union and Journal. 317, 318.

Tree and Serpent Worship. 2332– Book of American Figure Painters. 757-

Canova. Works, in Sculpture and Mod-
Cave Temples of India. 2337.

elling. 1209-1212.
Hall. Baronial Halls of England. 2898. Dunlap.Arts of Design in the U. S.
Hessemer. Arabische und Altitalien-

2099-2 103
ische Bau-Verzierungen. 3113;

Gazette des Beaux-Arts. 2567.
Hope. Architecture of Ahmendabad. Gonse. L'Art Gothique. 2645.

Hamerton. Landscape. 2928-2930.
Historical Essay on. 3282.

- Man in Art. 2931.
King. Munimenta Antiqua. 3679, 3680. Hitchcock. Art of the World. 3178.
Moyen Âge Pittoresque, Monuments et Jameson (Mrs.). Various works. 3514-
Fragments d'Architecture. 4633.

Nash. Mansions of England in the Lindsay. History of Christian Art.
Olden Time. 4676.

Nesfield. Specimens of Mediæval Ar Magazine of Art. 4234-4236.
chitecture. 4699, 4700,

Motifs de Décorations. 4617.
Parker. Glossary of Terms in. 4988, Norton. Treasures of Art, etc., in the

Centennial Exhibition. 4852.
Pugin. Glossary of Ecclesiastical Orna Van Amstel. Dessins d'après les Mai-
mert and Costume. 5267-5269.

tres Hollandais et Flamands. 6433.


Berlin - continued.
Waring. Art and Sculpture at Exhibi Vizetelly. Berlin under the New Em-
tion of 1862. 6595-6597.

pire. 6502.
Wyatt. Industrial Arts of the Nine- Bethune Family. Weisse. Records, Gen-
teenth Century. 6856, 6857.

ealogical Charts and Traditions.

Blanc. Histoire des Peintres de toutes | Bible.
les Ecoles. 705.

The Bible in various languages. 636-
Bradley. Dictionary of Miniaturists,

etc. 839, 840.

Alford. New Testament for English
Bryan. Dictionary of Painters and En-

Readers. 93.
gravers. 980-982.

The Greek Testament. 94-99.
Chapin. Masters and Masterpieces of Bagster. Commentary Wholly Biblical.
Engraving. 1335, 1336.

Cook. Art and Artists of Our Time. Bida. Illustrations to. 664-666.
1560, 1561.

Clarke, Commentary. 1423.
Cyclopædia of. 1689-1691.

Finden. Landscape Illustrations of.
Dumas. Biographies of Modern Artists. 2368.

Lange. Commentary. 3855
Great Modern Painters. 2700.

McClintock and Strong. Cyclopædia of.
Hirth. Les Grands Illustrateurs. 3153.

Hobbes. Picture Collector's Manual. Meyer. Commentary on the New Tes-
3182, 3183.

tament. 4430.
Morin. French Illustrators. 4571. O'Callaghan. List of Editions of, printed
Perkins. Tuscan Sculptors. 5060, 5061. in America. 4873, 4874.
Pilkington. General Dictionary of Pain Parker. Various works. 4990.
ters. 5127, 5128

Scott. Commentary on. 5670.
Portraits of Celebrated Painters. 5184. Smith. Dictionary of. 5912-5914
Ruskin. Modern Painters. 5531-5535. Bibliography. See also Bookbindings, Book-
Smith, American Illustrators. 5870, plates, Franklin Imprints, Kelmscott

Press, Printing, etc.
Spooner. Dictionary of Painters, En American Bibliopolist. 154.
gravers, etc. 597.5-5979.

American Book-Prices Current. 4001.
Biographical History of the Fine American Catalogue. 155, 156.
Arts. 5976-5979:

Baker. Bibliotheca Washingtoniana
Stirling-Maxwell." Annals of the Artists

of Spain. 6083-6085.

Barton. Catalogue of Shakespeariana.
Asia. See also names of countries.

Bonvalot. Through the heart of Asia. Beckford. Catalogue of the Hamilton

Palace Libraries. 570.
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society. Bedford. Catalogue of the Library of,

Le Bruyn. Travels into Muscovy, Per Beloe. Anecdotes of Literature and
sia, etc. 3902.

Scarce Books. 592, 593.
Rawlinson. Various works. 5356-5361.

Book-Lore. 760.

Book-Prices Current. 762-767.
Flamsteed. History of His Own Life. Books about Books. 768.

The Book-Worm. 769.
Proctor. Various works. 5252.

Brinley, Catalogue of the Library of.
Trouvelet. Astronomical Drawings. 877-880.

Brooklyn Library Catalogue. 917.
Atlas. See Geography.

Brunet. Manuel du Libraire. 978.
Austria. Stirling-Maxwell. Don John of Brydges. Censura Literaria. 1013.
Austria. 6087-6090.

British Bibliographer. 1014.
Authors. Allibone. Dictionary of Authors. Burton. The Book Hunter. 1112-1117;

Catalogue of Books Printed in the United
Baker Family. Appleton.

Ancestry of

States. 1246.
Priscilla Baker.

Cecil. Catalogue of Sale of. 1290.
Barrett (L ). Charlotte Cushman. 2105, Clarke. Bibliographical Dictionary.

Bartlett Family. Genealogical Sketches of. Cohen. Guide de l'Amateur de Livres.

Bartram (John). Darlington. Memorials Collier. Bibliographical and Critical

Account of the Rarest Books. 1490-
Barye (A. L.). Life and Works of. 518.

Bay Psalm Book. Reprint of. 5262.

Corser. Collectanea Anglo-Poetica.

Symonds. Principles of Beauty. 6204. The Curio. 1670.
Walker. Beauty in Woman. 6527 Daniel. Catalogue of the library of.

1698, 1699
Benedict Family. The Benedicts in Amer De Bure. "Bibliographie Instructive.
ica. 597, 598.


Dibdín. Tour in France and Germany.

of. 1723

Bibliography - continued.


- continued.
Dibdin. Tour in the Northern Counties Sabin. Dictionary of Books Relating
of England and Scotland. 1840.

to America. 5548.
Bibliomania. 1841-1847.

Shaw. Ornaments selected from Manu-
Bibliotheca Spenceriana. 1848.

scripts and Early Printed Books.
The Library Companion. 1849, 5768.

Silvestre. Universal Paleography. 5850.
Reminiscences of a Literary Life. Sonnenschein. Best Books. 5935.

Reader's Guide to Contemporary
Du Bois. Four Private Libraries of Literature. 5936.
New York. 2004-2066.

Stevens. Historical Nuggets. 6049.
Edwards. Memoirs of Libraries. 2167. Recollections of James Lenox.
English Catalogue of Books. 1247-1252. 6050, 6051.
Ford. Franklin Bibliography: 2439. Thomas. History of Printing in Amer-
Gosse. Catalogue of a Portion of the ica. 6299-6305.
Library of. 2660.

Thomson. Bibliography of Ohio. 6322.
Grenville. Bibliotheca Grenvilliana. Watt. Bibliotheca Britannica. 6624-

Griffiths. Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica. Wilford. Monthly Catalogue of Books

published in London.6717.
Grolier Club. Catalogue of Books from Bill Family. History of. 671.

the Libraries of Bibliophiles, etc. Bindings. 140, 213, 1269, 1439, 1478, 2263,

4278, 4400, 5159, 5160, 5686.
- Catalogue of Original Editions of Birds.

Works of English Writers. 2758– Albin. Natural History of. 81.

Audubon. Birds of America. 334-339,
Catalogue of Exhibition of Illumi-

nated Manuscripts. 2751-2757. Baird, Brewer and Ridgway. North

Description of Early Printed Books. American Birds. 398.

Baird, Cassin and Lawrence. Birds of
Philobiblon of Richard De Bury. North America. 395-397:

Bewick. History of British Birds. 631.
Guzman. Epitome de la Bibliotheca de Bonaparte. American Ornithology. 751,
Guzman. 3929.

Horne. Introduction to Study of. 3294. Brehm. Ornithology. 861.
Huth. Catalogue of the Library of. Cassin. Birds of California, Texas,

Oregon, etc. 1243.
Ives. Catalogue of the Library of. Mammalogy and Ornithology.

Locker. Catalogue of the Rowfant Li Cory. Beautiful and Curious Birds of
brary. 4011, 4012.

the World. 1600.
Lowndes. Bibliographer's Manual. Coues. Key to North American Birds.

Menzies. Catalogue of the Library of. De Kay. Ornithology of New York,
4420, 4421.

O'Callaghan. Editions of the Holy Elliot. Birds of North America. 2188,

Scriptures printed in America. 4873, 2189.

Monograph of the Bucerotidæ.
Odell. Catalogue of the Library of. 2192, 2193.

Monograph of the Paradiseidæ.
Oldys. The British Librarian. 4885.

Philadelphia. Catalogue of Books, etc., Monograph of the Tetraoninæ.
of the Library Company of. 5091-


Gentry. Nests and Eggs of Birds of the
Philobiblon Society. Bibliographical V. S. 2578-258r.

and Historical Miscellanies. 5109. Giraud. Birds of Long Island. 2612,
Pollard. Last Words on the History of 2613.
the Title-Page. 5157;

Gould. Birds of Europe. 2669.
Poole and Fletcher. Index to Period-

Monograph of the Trochilidae.
ical Literature. 5164-5166.

Quaritch. Catalogues of Books. 5281-

Synopsis of the Birds of Australia.

Facsimile Reprints of Rare Books. Various works. 2670.

Latham. General Synopsis of Birds.
Roberts. Book Hunter in London. 3875.
5454, 5455

Layard." Birds of South Africa. 3891.
Roorbach Bibliotheca Americana Lesson. Various works. 3939, 3940.

Lloyd. Game Birds and Wild Fowl of
Rouveyre. Connaissances nécessaires Sweden and Norway.. 4006.
d'un Bibliophile... 5503.

Morris. History of British Birds. 4576.
Rowfant Club. Bibliography of Tho Nests and Eggs of British Birds.

Sabin. Bibliography of Bibliography. Nuttall. Ornithology of the U. S. and


1376, 127?he Camellieæ and the Va-

Birds -- continued.
Nuttall Ornithological Club. Quarterly

Bulletin. 4866.
Pope. Upland Game Birds and Water

Fowl of the U. S. 5172-5176.
Sagra. Historia Natural de la Isla de

Cuba. 5558.
Samuels. Birds of New England. 5569.

Ornithology and Oology of New

England. 5570.
Sclater. Monograph of Calliste. 5638.

Monograph of the Jacmars and

Puff-Birds. 5637.
Selby. Illustrations of British Ornithol-

ogy. 5683.
Shelley. Birds of Egypt. 5772-5774:

Monograph of the Nectariniiæ.

Stearns. New England Bird Life. 6008.
Studer. Popular Ornithology. 6154,

Thompson. Natural History of Ireland.

Turnbull. Birds of East Pennsylvania

and New Jersey. 6389, 6390.
Vennor. Our Birds of Prey. 6447.
Warren. Birds of Pennsylvania. 6598-

Wilson. American Ornithology. 6765-

Yarrell. History of British Birds. 6862.
Birth of Merlin (The). 5698.
Blake (William). Gilchrist. Life of. 2599-

Book of Common Prayer. 5198-5200.
Andrews. Jean Grolier. 206, 207.

Roger Payne and his Art. 208,

Brassington. Bindings in the Bodleian

Library. 850.

History of the Art of. 851.
Brunet. La Reliure, Ancienne et Mo-

derne. 977:
Cundall. Bookbindings, Ancient and

Modern. 1660.
Fletcher. English Bookbindings in the

British Museum. 2408.
Hoe. Bookbinding as a

Fine Art.
Matthews. Modern Bookbinding Prac-

tically considered. 2816-2822.
Michel. La Reliure Française. 4448.
Quaritch. Facsimiles of Examples of.

5290, 5291.
Uzanne. La Reliure Moderne. 6424.
Allen. American Book-Plates. 109-


Classified List of Early American

Book-Plates. 2730-2734.
Burke. Irish Book-Plates. 1071.
Collection formed by Mr. E. N. 'Hewins,

of Boston. 761.
Ex-Libris Zeitschrift. 2288.
Borneo. Bock. The Head-Hunters of.

Botany." See also Horticulture.

Allen. Victoria Regia. 126.
Baillon. Dictionnaire de Botanique. 390.
- Natural History of Plants. 391,

Barton. Compendium Floræ Philadel-

Botany -- continued.
Barton. Flora Philadelphicæ Prodro-

mus. 510.
Vegetable Materia Medica of the

United States. 511,
Baxter. British Flowering Plants. 536.
Bentham and Hooker. Genera Plan-

tarum. bor.
Berkeley. British Fungology. 611, 612.
Bigelow. American Medical Botany.


Florula Bostoniensis. 669.
Blume. Collection des Orchidées de

l'Archipel Indien et du Japon.

Boott. Illustrations of the Genus Carex.

Botanical Gazette. 797.
Bulliard. Herbier de la France. 1035.
California. Botany of. 1182-1185.
Cavanilles. Descripcion de las Plantas.

rieties of Camellia Japonica. 1330.
Cordier. Les Champignons. 1592.
Cornut. Canadensium Plantarum. 1594,

Curtis. Botanical Magazine. 1677.
Darlington. Flora Cestrica. 1722.

Memorials of Bartram and Mar-
shall. 1723
Don. History of Dichlamydeous Plants.

Eaton. Ferns of North America. 2142,

Edwards. Botanical Register. 2169.
Elliott. Botany of South Carolina and

Georgia. 2205.
Evelyn. Sylva. 2278, 2279:
Flore des Serres et des Jardins de l'Eu-

rope. 2410.
Goodale. Wild Flowers of America.

Gray. Genera of the Plants of the U. S.

2689, 2690..

Synoptical Flora of North America.

2691, 2692
Gronovio. Flora Virginica. 2847.
Hassall. British Fresh Water Algæ.

Hill. The English Herbal. 3140.

Herbarium Britannicum. 3141.
Hogg and Johnson. Wild Flowers of

Great Britain. 3205.
Hooker. British Ferns. 3272.

Exotic Flora. 3273, 3274
Flora Boreali-Americana. 3275.
Journal of Botany: 3276, 3277.
Second Century of Ferns. 3278.

Species Filicum. 3279.
Hough. American Woods. 3318, 3319.
Illustration Horticole. 3428.
Journal of Mycology. 3621.
Kurz. Forest Flora of British Burma.

3732, 3733
Lindley. Pomologia Britannica. 3978–

Loddidge. Botanical Cabinet. 4016.
London Horticultural Society. Trans-

actions. 4039, 4040.
Loudon. Arboretum et Fruticetum Bri-

tannicum. 4119, 4120.

Ladies Flower Garden. 4121.

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