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From Your's, her Song could rise to WILLIAM's That singly fills the loudest Trump of Fame. [Name, The Prince who Toils to give the Nations Rest; And Only Great that Others may be Blest. Nor Born alone to Rescue, but REFORM, Of Delp’rate Vice the strongest Holds to Storm. With Sacred Courage fir'd, at once to make Earth's Tyrants fhrink, and Hell's dark Empire shake.

Thus in Triumphant Numbers could she Sing
The Daring Hero, and the Píous King;
Till to Triumph, Earth and Skies Reply'd,
And Nature Clapt her Wings with joyful Pride.

Or Nature's SELF, whose Self is Harmony,
The Wond'rous Subject of our Song might be.
How Infant Matter, Swath'd in Darkness, slept;
And Formless Chaos into Order leapt..
How jarring Elements were Reconcild,
And New-born Light on its glad Parent smild.

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How Earth o'er Water, reard her Wondring Head;
And Ocean tumbled to his Oozy Bed.
And Laste.
With Nature's RURAL PRIDE the Landskip fill,
The Shady Grotto, and the Sunny Hill;
The Laughing Meadow, and the Talking Rill.


Theo, with sublimer Glories to Surprize,
To Upper Worlds the tow'ring Song might Rise;
Traverse the Stars, and, to your ravilh'd Ears,
Bring down the Musick of the Rowling Spheres.

But Higher YET Our Harmony muft Climb,
And Treat SUCH GUESTS with Musick more Sublime,
Soap, above Nature, to Celeftial Layes,
And Charm You with her Great CREATOR'S Praise.
While Angels a Performance so Divine
Are Prou'd t'assist, and in the Confort Joyn.

O SACRED PRAISE! how shalt thou be defind? Thou Nobleft Task of an exalted Mind!

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1] To Hear'n we come, like Mendicants, to Pray, Like Chearful Homagers our Praise to Pay. On Want's poor Wings PETITION climbs the Skies, But Glorious PRAISE on Wings of RAPTURE Hies. Pray’r, as for Alms, does at the Portal wait ; Where Praise approaches, like a Guest, in State. We seem, while Mortal Life We THUS Employ, T' O'er-leap the GULF of Death, and Seize Immortal

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The Third Anthem,

Compos'd by Dr. WILLIAM TURNER



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Solo, for a


*HE King shall rejoyce in thy Strength

O Lord; exceeding Glad shall he be of thy Salvation. Solo, for a

2. Thou hast given him his Heart's Desire, Counter Te-and hast not deny'd him the Request of his


3. For thou shalt prevent him with the Blessings of thy Goodness, and set a Crown of pure Gold upon his Head.

4. He asked Life of Thee, and thou gaveft him a long Life; even for ever and ever.

5. His Honour is great in thy Salvation ; Solo, for a Car-ar Te-Glory and great Worship shalt thou lay upon


6. For thou shalt give him everlasting Fe. licity, and make him glad with the Light of thy Countenance.

14 7. And why, because the King puteth his Solo, and 3

Trust in the Lord; and in the Mercy of the most Highest he shall not Miscarry.

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Tbe Tbird Ant bem.

Grand Chorus.

13. Be thou exalted, O Lord, in thine Own Strength, To will we Sing and Praise thy Power.

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