Experiment Station Record, Volume 2

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1891

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Page 107 - ... that on the contrary, the bacilli of tuberculosis are present and active in a very large proportion of cases in the milk of cows affected with tuberculosis, but with no discoverable lesion of the the udder.
Page 107 - That there is no ground for the assertion that there must be a lesion of the udder before the milk can contain the infection of tuberculosis.
Page 640 - The first is for the purpose of warming the seed preparatory to dipping it into the second. Unless this precaution is taken it will be difficult to keep the water in the second vessel at a proper temperature.
Page 309 - The stations employ 710 persons in the work of administration and inquiry. The number of officers engaged in the different lines of work is as follows: Directors...
Page 180 - The point of greatest significance, so far as the practical agriculturist is concerned, is that what is true of animals and plants in a state of nature is true also of animals and plants as modified by the voluntary acts of man ; for every race or breed of sheep, cattle, or swine, and every variety of grain or vegetable thrives best under particular conditions of temperature, moisture, exposure, and so on. It follows that a map of the natural life areas of a country will tell the farmer what he can...
Page 106 - ... the examination was completed. These samples were obtained from thirty-six different cows, all of them presenting more or less distinct signs of tuberculosis of the lungs or elsewhere, but none of them having marked signs of disease of the udder of any kind.
Page 255 - Set one-year-old plants in rows 4 feet apart and 2 feet apart in the row, and put the crown just at the top of the ground.
Page 230 - Commonwealth, the retail price of which is ten dollars or more per ton, shall be accompanied by a plainly printed statement, clearly and truly certifying the number of net pounds of fertilizer in the package, the name, brand or trade mark under which the fertilizer is sold, the name and address of the manufacturer or importer, the place of manufacture, and a chemical analysis stating...
Page 180 - The consequent abandonment of the three life areas commonly accepted by naturalists, namely: -The Eastern, Central, and Western Provinces. (3) The recognition of seven minor life zones in the San Francisco Mountain region, four of boreal origin, and three of subtropical or mixed origin. (4) The correlation of the four boreal zones with corresponding zones in the north and east.
Page 443 - ... of gravitation, largely unimpeded by capillary action, while at the same time the ability of the soil to return the water to the surface will be reduced to the minimum, and if a good mulch is now added the water will be under the best conditions for being used by the tree. So too, if the soil, about the roots of transplanted trees, is well firmed to insure the rapid transit of water to them, while the surface is left loose and well mulched at the time of setting to prevent capillary action upward...

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