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TABLE 21.-References for Observations of (884) Priamus (1917 CQ.)

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(911) AGAMEMNON, 1919 FD.

This planet was discovered by Reinmuth' at Heidelberg on March 19, 1919.

The nature of its motion (Jupiter group) was noted about the same time by Palisa and Berberich.2 The preliminary elements A by Berberich are published in A. N. Vol. 208, p. 332. A comparison between computation and observations for 1919 May 20, gives Δα = -4 Δδ = -2.

Elements A are brought forward to mean equinox of 1925.0 and with an ephemeris are published in Kleine Planeten for 1920, p. 25 and p. 47.

An observation on March 11, 1920, gives a correction to the ephemeris of +1m.5 in right ascension and -18' in declination. An ephemeris for 1921 is given in Kleine Planeten for 1921, p. 20.

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A 1919 Mar. 19.5 Grw. 88°48′19′′ 78°46′08′′ 336°55′10′′ 21°56′50′′

$ 4°55'43"


Equinox Authority 303".190 1919.0 Berberich.

Remarks Preliminary orbit.

TABLE 22.-References for Observations of (911) Agamemnon (1919 FD)

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Bulletin Series

Volume 1

Number 1. The national importance of scientific and industrial research. By George Ellery Hale and others. October, 1919. Pages 43. Price $0.50.

Number 2. Research laboratories in industrial establishments of the United States of America. Compiled by Alfred D. Flinn. March, 1920. Pages 85. Price $1.00. [Out of print. See Number 16.]

Number 3. Periodical bibliographies and abstracts for the scientific and technological journals of the world. Compiled by Ruth Cobb. June, 1920. Pages 24. Price $0.40.

Number 4. North American forest research. Compiled by the Committee on American Forest Research, Society of American Foresters. August, 1920. Pages 146. Price $2.00.

Number 5. The quantum theory. By Edwin Plimpton Adams. October, 1920. Pages 81. Price $1.00. [Out of print.]

Number 6. Data relating to X-ray spectra. By William Duane. November, 1920. Pages 26. Price $0.50.

Number 7. Intensity of emission of X-rays and their reflection from crystals. By Bergen Davis. Problems of X-ray emission. By David L. Webster. December, 1920. Pages 47. Price $0.60.

Number 8. Intellectual and educational status of the medical profession as represented in the United States Army. By Margaret V. Cobb and Robert M. Yerkes. February, 1921. Pages 76. Price $1.00.

Volume 2

Number 9. Funds available in 1920 in the United States of America for the encouragement of scientific research. Compiled by Callie Hull. March, 1921. Pages 81. Price $1.00.

Number 10. Report on photo-electricity including ionizing and radiating potentials and related effects. By Arthur Llewelyn Hughes. April, 1921. Pages 87. Price $1.00.

Number 11. The scale of the universe. Part I by Harlow Shapley. Part II by Heber D. Curtis. May, 1921. Pages 47. Price $0.60.

Number 12. Coöperative experiments upon the protein requirements for the growth of cattle. First report of the Subcommittee on Protein Metabolism in Animal Feeding. By Henry Prentiss Armsby, Chairman. June, 1921. Pages 70. Price $1.00.

Number 13. The research activities of departments of the State government of California in relation to the movement for reorganization. By James R. Douglas. June, 1921. Pages 46. Price $0.60.

Number 14. A general survey of the present status of the atomic structure problem. Report of the Committee on Atomic Structure of the National Research Council. By David L. Webster and Leigh Page. July, 1921. Pages 61. Price $0.75. Number 15. A list of seismologic stations of the world. Compiled by Harry O. Wood. July, 1921. Pages 142. Price $2.00.

Number 16. Research laboratories in industrial establishments of the United States including consulting research laboratories. Originally compiled by Alfred D. Flinn; revised and enlarged by Ruth Cobb. December, 1921. Pages 135. Price $2.00. Number 17. Scientific papers presented before the American Geophysical Union at its second annual meeting. March, 1922. Pages 108. Price $1.50. Number 18. Theories of magnetism. By members of the Committee on Theories of Magnetism of the National Research Council. A. P. Wills, S. J. Barnett, L. R. Ingersoll, J. Kunz, S. L. Quimby, E. M. Terry, S. R. Williams. August, 1922. Pages 261. Price $3.00.

Volume 4

Number 19. Celestial mechanics. Report of the Committee on Celestial Mechanics of the National Research Council. E. W. Brown, G. D. Birkhoff, A. O. Leuschner, H. N. Russell. September, 1922. Pages 22. Price $0.40.

Number 20. Secondary radiations produced by X-rays, and some of their applications to physical problems. Arthur H. Compton. October, 1922. Pages 56. Price $1.00.

Number 21. Highway research in the United States. Results of census by Advisory Board on Highway Research, Division of Engineering, National Research Council, in coöperation with the Bureau of Public Roads, United States Department of Agriculture. William Kendrick Hatt. October, 1922. Pages 102. Price $1.50. Number 22. Mechanical aids for the classification of American investigators, with illustrations in the field of psychology. Harold C. Bingham. November, 1922. Pages 50. Price $0.75.

Number 23. Certain problems in acoustics. Compiled by the Committee on Acoustics, National Research Council. [In press.]

Number 24. Electrodynamics of moving media. Report of the National Research Council Committee on Electrodynamics of Moving Media. W. F. G. Swann, John T. Tate, H. Bateman, and E. H. Kennard. [In press.]

Number 25. Celestial mechanics. A survey of the status of the determination of the general perturbations of the minor planets. Appendix to the report of the Committee on Celestial Mechanics, National Research Council. A. O. Leuschner. December, 1922. Pages 73. Price, $1.00.

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