A sketch of the present state of France, by an English gentleman

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Page 126 - THE HISTORY of GREECE, from the earliest Periods till its reduction into a Roman Province ; intended principally for the use of Schools and young Persons of both Sexes. By the same Author.
Page 127 - This work proceeds according to its first design, and it seems to improve as it advances with time. The volumes contain a considerable number of memoirs of persons, our contemporaries, who figure in the moral, the political, and the scientific walks of society. The discussion of living characters is a difficult and delicate task, but in the execution of it, the authors of this work have acquitted themselves with as much success as can reasonably be expected.
Page 131 - In two elegant volumes, 4to. price 81. 8s. in boards, decorated with a great number of vignettes; together with a magnificent atlas, of large engravings, by the first artists, representing the principal objects and buildings in Paris, from beautiful drawings made under the direction of the author ; or, the same work, with the atlas plates reduced in size, and folded in the volumes, price 51.
Page 129 - BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS of TWO HUNDRED of the FOUNDERS of the FRENCH REPUBLIC, and of other persons the most distinguished in the progress of the revolution, particularly of the Chief Consul Bonaparte, and of the principal members of the present government. A new edition, corrected and revised, in two volumes, 12mo.
Page 125 - AN UNIVERSAL HISTORY, ANCIENT and MODERN, comprehending a correct and complete view of the transactions of every Nation. Kingdom, and Empire on the globe, from the earliest accounts of time, to the general peace of 1802. In twenty-five elegant volumes, price 3s.
Page 129 - The whole drawn from Original and Authentic Documents, chiefly written and compiled in the Peruvian Capital, and Embellished by Twenty Engravings of Costumes, &c.
Page 131 - TRAVELS in GERMANY, HOLLAND, FLANDERS, and France, to Paris ; with numerous particulars relative to the present state of that Capital ; its Manners, Characters, Paintings, Music, Theatres, Gardens, Institutions, Architecture, &c.
Page 133 - MENTOR; being a series of letters recently written by a general officer to his *on, on his entering the army ; comprising a course of elegant instruction, calculated to unite the characters and accomplishments of the gentleman and the soldier.
Page 133 - Agriculture and Gardening. A COMPLETE SYSTEM of PRACTICAL AGRICULTURE, including all the modern Improvements and Discoveries, in which the principles of chemistry are applied in explanation of the nature and composition of Soils and Manures; and those of other sciences in the breeding, rearing, and fattening, of different sorts of live Stock. The whole intended to combine and explain, fully and completely, the principles and practice of the art of Modern Husbandry. By RW DICK.SON, MD of Hendon,...
Page 135 - Trade and Commerce. COMMERCIAL and NOTARIAL PRECEDENTS; consisting of all the most approved forms, special and common, which are required in transactions of business, including the whole practice of a notary and conveyancer, as far as regards precedents and forms connected with trade and commerce. By JOSHUA MONTF.FIORE, attorney and nolarv public.

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