Handbook of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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The Museum, 1907 - 323 pages

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Page 110 - ... from the middle of the ninth century to the middle of the fourteenth.
Page 301 - The Museum is open every day in the year excepting the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas ; on week days, 9 AM to 5 PM (November 1 to March 1, 4 PM) ; Sundays, 12 M.
Page 307 - to make, maintain, and exhibit collections of works of art, and to afford instruction in the Fine Arts.
Page 307 - Separating the museum even further from its original plan, Gray went on to say “that the application of the fine arts to industry and the illustration of the fine arts by archaeology are both within its province, but that neither of these is its first object.
Page 152 - Franklin wrote to one of them in 1780, "sat so much and so often to painters and statuaries that I am perfectly sick of it. I know of nothing so tedious as sitting hours in one fixed posture. I would nevertheless do it once more to oblige you if it was necessary; but there are already so many good likenesses of the face that if the best of them is copied it will probably be better than a new one; and the body is only that...
Page 29 - This is precisely what one would expect from that "remarkable king" Ptolemy III, who, as Mahaffy puts it,* changed " from a successful warrior into a good-natured, but lazy, patron of politicians, of priests, and of pedants." — 6. This verse is treated as a gloss by some of the later critics, but that is because they have misunderstood the context. If the interpretation above given to w.
Page 302 - Guide to the Catharine Page Perkins collection of Greek and Roman coins. Boston, 1902.
Page 248 - Imperial museums of Japan. As for the paintings of this department, we have the word of Mr. Okakura-Kakuzo, Chairman of the Imperial Archaeological Commission of Japan: " I do not hesitate to say that in point of size it [the collection] is unique, and that in quality it can only be inferior to the Imperial Museums of Nara and Kioto ; while for the schools of Tokugawa painting it is unrivaled anywhere.
Page 306 - Institute, ex offlciis," shall be " a body corporate by the name of the Trustees of the Museum of Fine Arts, for the purpose of erecting a museum for the preservation and exhibition of works of art, of making, maintaining and exhibiting collections of such works, and of affording instruction in the Fine Arts," with power to " hold real and personal estate for the aforesaid purpose, to the value of one million dollars.
Page 26 - The small gold statuette of the same period represents the god of the ram head, known as Hershef. In tiny hieroglyphics on the base is inscribed : " The King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Nefer-Ka-Ra, son of the sun, Pef-du-Bast-MesBast, beloved of Hershef, who is king of both plains, the Giver of True Princedom, giving Life eternally.

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