Hymns in prose for children, by the author of Lessons for children. By mrs. Barbauld

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Page 29 - ... cheeks glowed with beauty ; his limbs were full of activity ; he leaped ; he walked ; he ran ; he rejoiced in that he was more excellent than those. I returned: he lay stiff and cold on the bare ground ; his feet could no longer move, nor his hands stretch themselves out ; his life was departed from him ; and the breath out of his nostrils. Therefore do I weep, because DEATH is in the world; the spoiler is among the works of God...
Page 9 - The birds can warble and the young lambs can bleat, but we can open our lips in his praise, we can speak of all his goodness. Therefore we will thank him for ourselves, and we will thank him for those that cannot speak.
Page 15 - There is no sound of a number of voices, or of children at play, or the trampling of busy feet, and of people, hurrying to and fro. The smith's hammer is not heard upon the anvil ; nor the harsh saw of the carpenter. All men are stretched on their quiet beds ; and the child sleeps upon the breast of its mother. Darkness is spread over the skies...
Page 7 - COME, let us go forth into the fields, let us see how the flowers spring, let us listen to the warbling of the birds, and sport ourselves upon the new grass.
Page 32 - The tree of life groweth in the midst thereof; rivers of pleasures are there, and flowers that never fade. Myriads of happy spirits are there, and surround the throne of God with a perpetual hymn. The angels with their golden harps sing praises continually, and the cherubim fly on wings of fire. This country is heaven ; it is the country of those that are good ; and nothing that is wicked must inhabit there.
Page 14 - The eye beholdeth him not, for his brightness is more dazc3 zling than we could bear. He seeth in all dark places, by night as well as by day ; and the light of his countenance is over all his works. Who is this great name, and what is he called, that my lips may praise him?
Page 20 - We need not raise our voices to the stars: for He heareth us when we only whisper: when we breathe out words softly with a low voice. He that filleth the heavens is here also. May we that are so young speak to Him that always was? May we, that can hardly speak plain, speak to God? We that are so young are but lately made alive; therefore we should not forget His forming hand who hath made us alive. We that cannot speak plain, should lisp out praises to Him who teacheth us how to speak, and hath opened...
Page 13 - ... the cattle of the field fly, and the wild beasts of the desert hide themselves, for he is very terrible.
Page 9 - The young animals of every kind are sporting about, they feel themselves happy, they are glad to be alive, they thank him that has made them alive.
Page 34 - There we shall see Jesus, who is gone before us to that happy place ; and there we shall behold the glory of the high God. We cannot see him here, but we will love him here. We must be now on earth, but we will often think on heaven.

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