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Acting in China, 89.

Byron's address to the ocean, on, 499.
Agriculture of France and England, com Cabrera, movement under, 630.
parison of, 3.

Caged skylark, to a, 290.
Alain family, the, extracts from, 560. Call, a, by Julia Day, 625.
Algoa bay, settlement of, 159.

Canning, rupture of Castlereagh with, 620.
American thoughts on European revolu- Canterbury tales, the, 466.
tions, 31.

Cape, sketches of the, 158.
American war, caricatures illustrating Caricatures of the 18th century, the, 543.
the, 552.

Caroline, queen, 331, 332, 334, et seq.
Anne, queen, character of, 327.

Carpentaria, gulf of, expedition to, 78.
Antwerp, a legend from, 444.

Castlereagh, lord, memoirs of, 610.
Arabian nights, the, 472.

Catholic priesthood, proposed endowment
Aristocracy, necessity of a, to Britain, 14. of the, 638.
Art, its prospects, 145—Eastlake's lite-

Cavaignac, general, 259.
rature of, 753.

Caxtons, the, Part IV. chap. ix., 40-
Art-unions, results of, 146.

chap. xe, 41-chap. xi., 43-chap.
Ashley, lord, on the juvenile population, xii., 44 -- chap. xiii., 48 — chap. xiv.,

50—Part V. chap. xv., 171-chap. xv.,
Ateliers Nationaux, sketches of the, 249. 179—chap. xvi., 181-chap. xvii., 182
Auersperg, count, 382, 532.

Part VI. chap. xviii., 315-chap.
Australia, importance of, 66-demand for xix., 317–chap. xx., 318--chap. xxi.,

emigration to,67-Mitchell's researches ib.- chap. xxii., 320-chap. xxiii., 321
in, 68.

-chap. xxiv., 323-chap. xxv. 324-
Austria, the revolution in, 519.

Part VII. chap. xxvi., 388 — chap.
Baden, state of, 378.

xxvii., 392—chap. xxviii., 395—chap.
Baikal, the lake, 88.

xxix., 396-chap. xxx., My father's
Balloons, rage for, 554.

first love, 397-chap. xxxi., Wherein
Balzac, M. de, 572.

my father continues his story, 400-
Banking act, suspension of the, 262, 263 chap. xxxii., Wherein my father brings
Barbanld's hymns, 404.

about his denouement, 402 — chap.
Barnard's cruise, &c., review of, 158. xxxiii., 405-chap. xxxiv., ib.--Part
Bashkirs, the, 81.

VIII. chap. xxxv., 672—chap. xxxvi.,
Basil, letter to, 31.

674 chap. xxxvii., 677 chap.
Baston, Robert, 222, 223.

xxxviii., 680.
Bavaria, the revolution in, 518.

Chartism, classes among whom prevalent,
Beauty, Eastlake's theory of, 762.

Beaver and Beaver-stone, the, 84. Chartist demonstration, feeling regarding,
Beggar's Opera, origin of the, 336.

in America, 35.
Belgium, state of, 521.

Chartists, sympathy between, and the
Bentinck, lord George, death of, 632. Irish, 261.
Beresov, town of, 80, 81.

Chaucer as laureate, 224.
Bernard, Andrew, 225, 226.

Cheremisses, the, 87.
Blue Dragoon, the, 207.

Chesterfield, lord, 334.
Blum, Robert, 532.

China, Erman's travels in, 88.
Bright, John, 271.

Chuvasses, the, 87.
British navy, the, 595.

Cibber, Colley, 230.
Buraets, the, 90.

Cinque Cento, the, 145.
Buried flower, the, 108.

Cleghorn's ancient and modern art, re-
Burke's eulogy on Walpole, 331.

view of, 145.

on, 31.

Cobden, Mr, reductions proposed by, 265, Entail, the law of, 1-bill, examination

of the, 9.
Coercion, necessity of, in Ireland, 485. Erman's Siberia, review of, 76.
Coercion bill, the Irish, 281,

Ernest, letter from, 31.
Cologne, state of, 378, 521.

European revolutions, American thoughts
Colonial legislation, review of receut, 275.
Colonisation, 66.

Eusden, Lawrence, 229.
Colours, Goethe's theory of, 759.

Eusebius, letter to, on novels, 459.
Compton, Sir Spencer, 329.

Eustathius, the romances of, 472.
Commerce, statistics of, 496.

Excise bill, Walpole's, 336, et seq.
Commercial classes, rise of, to power, Exports, diminution of, 274.

Fashions in the 18th century, the, 554.
Commercial crisis, the, 262.

Female poetesses, on, 641.
Conciliation, failure of, in Ireland, 485. Feudal law of succession, the, 5.
Congress of Vienna, errors of thie, 516. Few words about novels, a, 459.
Conservative union, 632.

Fielding's novels, on, 460, 466.
Constitution of the United States, the, Financial measures, recent, 263.

Findhorn river, the, 96.
Continental revolutions-Irish rebellion Fine arts commission, the, 148-East-
-English distress, 475.

lake's literature of the, 753.
Cossacks, the, 81.

Fishing in Russia, 83.
Cottier system, the, 423.

Fitzgerald, lord Edward, 615, 616.
Cotton manufactures, growth of, 409. Fleming on the papacy, notice of, 710.
Crown security bill for Ireland, the, 283. Fleury, cardinal, 332.
Currency, on the, 492.

Fo, temple of, 89.
Da Vinci, Leonardo, 760.

Foote, Samuel, 550.
Dante's Beatrice, 220.

Forty shilling franchise in Ireland, the,
Danube and the Euxine, the, 608.

Davenant, William, 227, 228.

Fox, caricatures of, 553.
Day, Julia, “A Call" by, 625.

France, agriculture of, compared with
De Chatillon, Mrs Hemans', 652.

that of England, 3-her law of real
Deer forests and deer-stalking, 92.

property, succession, &c., 6, 11-feeling
Denmark, state and character of, 286— in America on the revolution in, 31-
sonnet to, 292.

State of, June 1818, 51--the present
Devonshire, the duke of, 329.

state of, and lessons from it, 476, 477
Dickens, the novels of, 468.

-pictures of, from Jérome Paturot,
Dogs of Siberia, the, 86.

Doomster's first-born, the, chap. I., The François le Champi, notices of, 568.

tavern, 447-chap. II., The lovers, 450 Frankfort, appearance of the town of, 525
- chap. III., Father and son, 453 —the insurrection in, 541-parliament,
chap. IV., The execution, 455.

the, 375, 380, 515.
Drama, decline of the, 648.

Frederick-William, character, policy, &c.,
Dryden as laureate, 228.

of, 518, 519, 523.
Dudevant, madame, and her works, 568. Free trade, progress of, 114—its influence
Dumas, Alexander, 557, 558, 695.

on shipping, 125—its failure, 264, 268
Dunbar, William, 226.

examination of its principles, 269, 409.
Eastern life, Miss Martineau's, reviewed, French actors, riots against, in London,

1755, 549 — literature, recent, 557–
Eastlake's literature of the fine arts, re novels, on, 471.
view of, 753.

Fur trade of Siberia, the, 84.
Economists, rise and doctrines of the, 408. Gagern, Herr von, 381, 531.
Egypt, Miss Martineau on, 185.

Gaming in England, rage for, 554.
Eighteen hundred and twelve, a retro George I., accession of, 328.

spective review, 190-part II., The George II., life and times of, 327-his
Moscow retreat, 359.

personal and public character, 329–
Electric telegraph in America, the, 31. sketches and anecdotes of him, 334, et
Emersonianism in America, 38.

Emigration, importance of, 66-from Ire George III., caricatures of, 552.
land, necessity of, 663.

German novels, modern, 190.
England, necessity of an aristocracy to, Germanic confederation, the, 285.

14-under George II., 327– the history Germany, objects of the revolutionary
of, illustrated by caricatures, 543—the party in, 373—and its parliament, a
present position of, 477, 492.

glimpse at, 515-errors of the congress
English and French agriculture, com of Vienna regarding, 516_democratic

parison of, 3-laureates, sketches of, character of the smaller states, 517-

first outbreak and rapid progress of the

movement, 518-objects of the demo- Jewish disabilities bill, the, 279—an
cratic party, 536-state of the coun American on the, 36.
try, 538.

John, the archduke, 520.
Gillray the caricaturist, 544, 553.

Johnson, Daniel and Ben, 227.
Glass, painting on, 156.

Kaffirland, 158.
Glimpse at Germany and its parliament, a, Kames, lord, on the law of entail, 3.

Karr, M., and his writings, 560.
Godwin's novels, on, 466.

King, lord chancellor, 339.
Goethe's Theory of Colours, 759.

Kock, Paul de, 571.
Gothic architecture, rise of, 145.

Kosacks of the Ural, the, 81.
Gower the poet, 224.

La Famille Alain, the, 560.
Grattan, close of the career of, 620. Lady tourists, on, 185.
Gravière's sketches of the naval war, re Laffan, archdeacon, 280.
view of, 595.

Lamb plant, the, 79.
Great Britain, importance of Australia to, Lamoricière, general, 259.
66-present state of, 479, 492.

Land, the laws of, 1.
Great Tragedian, the, chap. I., 345 - Last Constantine, Mrs Hemans', 652.

chap., II. 348--chap. III., 349_chap. Laurels and laureates, 220.
IV., 352 — chap. V., 355-chap. VI Law, John, career of, 546.

Laws of land, the, 1.
Greek sculpture, on, 154-romances, 472. Lays of the Deer Forest, review of, 92.
Green Hand, the, 743.

Legend from Antwerp, a. Introduction,
Gulielmus, the first English laureate, 444–The Doomster's first-born; chap.

I., The tavern, 447-chap. II., The
Habeas corpus act, suspension of the, in lovers, 450-chap. III., Father and son,
Ireland, 284.

453-chap. IV., The execution, 455.
Harrington, lord, 341.

Leiningen, prince, 383.
Harrowby, lord, notices of Castlereagh Letter to Eusebius, a, on novels, 459.
by, 621.

Lichnowsky, prince, 532-his murder,533.
Heidelberg, first revolutionary assembly Life and times of George II., the, 327.
at, 518-state of, 378.

Life in the Far West, part II. 17-part
Hemans, Mrs, 641.

III., 130—part IV., 293-part V., 429
Hervey's life and times of George II., -part VI., 573-memoir of the author,
review of, 327.

Heywood the poet, 226.

London, state of, under George I., 545.
Highway robbery, prevalence of, in 1720, Londonderry, lord, memoirs of Lord

Castlereagh by, reviewed, 610.
Hoadley, bishop, 342.

Louis XV., character of, 332.
Hogarth as a painter, 153—his first cari Louis Philippe, American estimation of,
cature, 548-career of, 551.

Horse-dealer, the, a tale of Denmark, 232. Lyons, state of, 59.
Huzzah for the role of the Whigs, 112. Macculloch on the succession to property
Imports, increase of manufactured, 273. vacant by death, review of, 1.
Income tax, modifications of, proposed, Madame de Malguet, remarks on, 474.
421, note.

Maimachen, town of, 88.
Intestacy, law of succession in, 5.

Manufactures, state of exports and im-
Ireland, agriculture and laws of property

ports, 273, 274.
in, 12-amount of immigration from, 261 Mariage de Paris, notice of the, 565.

- legislation of the session regarding, Martineau's 'Eastern life, review of, 185.
279—its state, remedies proposed, &c., Masquerades, prevalence of, during the
421, 423—the rebellion in, 480, et seq.- eighteenth century, 548, 550.
proper government for, 489-state of, Mayence, state of, 525.
before the union, 611- the rebellion of Memoirs of Lord Castlereagh, 610.
1798,615—the union,619-the miseries Menchikoff, a Russian favourite, 81.
of, and their remedies, 658.

Mery, M., the works of, 565.
Irish crime bill, the, 281.

Mill's political economy, review of, 407.
Irkutsk, town of, 88.

Mill, Mr, on the waste lands of Ireland
Italy, Whig policy toward, 286–present and their improvement, 668, et seq.
state of, 476.

Miseries of Ireland, the, and their reme-
Jacobitism, prevalence of, under George dies, 658.
I., 545.

Mississippi scheme, the, 546.
Jahn, professor, 531,

Mitchell, trial and condemnation of, 283.
Jane Eyre, remarks on, 473.

Mitchell's Australia, review of, 66.
Jérome Paturot, review of, 687.

Modern tourism, 185.
Jervis, Sir John, 599.

Molesworth, Sir William, 271.


Monceaux, sketches in the park of, 249, Prussia, state of, 476—recent policy of


517—the revolutionary movement in,
Monsieur Bonardin, review of, 687, 700. 519.
Montemolin, the Count de, and his party Pye, Henry James, 231.
in Spain, 627.

Pyramids, the, 186.
More, Hannah, works of, 461.

Queensberry, the duchess of, 335.
Mormons, sketches of the, 577.

Rachel, mademoiselle, 693.
Mosaic law, the, relative to land, 3. Raffaelle, the Madonnas of, 152-Passa-
Moscow, the burning of, 79—the retreat vant's Life of, 758.
from, 359.

Ragged schools, statistics of, 67.
Moses, Miss Martineau's theory of, 188. Reaction, dread of, in France, 56.
Muggite societies in London, the, 545. Rebellion, the Irish, of 1798, 615, et seq.
Musset, Paul de, 567.

Records of Woman, Mrs Hemans', 653.
Naples, affairs of, 286.

Reichsverweser of Germany, the, 520,
Napoleon, caricatures of, 555.

National gallery, the, 150.

Rellstab, Lewis, 190, 359.
National workshops of Paris, sketches of Republican France, June 1848, 51-First-
the, 249, 691.

fruits, 687.
Narvaez, the policy of, 627, 629.

Review of the last session, a, 261.
Naval war of the French Revolution, the, Revolutions of England, the, 327– on the

Continent, the, 475-of 1830 and 1848,
Navigation laws, the, 114.

coincidences between, 712.
Nelson, career and character of, 597. Reybaud's Jérome Paturot, review of, 687.
Nicholson's The Cape and its colonists, Richardson, the novels of, 460.
review of, 158.

Roads of Russia, the, 83.
Nijni Novgorod, fair of, 79.

Roman law of succession, the, 5.
Novels, a few words about, 459.

Rowe, Nicholas, 229.
O'Connell, John, on Ireland, 281. Rowlandson the caricaturist, 544, 554,556.
Orange, the princess of, 339, 342. Russell, Lord John, review of the policy
Orval, the prophecy of, 704, 705, et seq. and measures of, 262, 270.
Ostyaks, the, 82, 83, et seg:

Russia, Erman's travels in, 78.
Painting, Eastlake on, 757.

Ruxton, the late George Frederick, 591.
Painting on glass, on, 156.

St John's Wild Sports of the Highlands,
Parcel from Paris, a, 557.

Paris, state of, 51—its supremacy, 53— St Maur, the national workshops at, 253.

this beginning to fail, 55, et seq. – St Paul's church, Frankfort, 530.
sketches in, 248-a parcel from, 557- St Vincent, lord, 599.

pictures of, from Jérome Paturot, 688. Samoyedes, the, 85, 87.
Passavant's Life of Raphael, notice of, Sand, George, and her works, 568.

Satires and Caricatures of the eighteenth
Peel, Sir R., on the sugar act, 276—the century, 543.

adherents of, 633 — his banking act, Saxon law of succession, the, 3, 6.
suspension of it, 263.

Sayer the caricaturist, 553.
Pericles, the age of, 155.

Scarborough, lord, 334.
Petrarch's Laura, 220.

Scotch agriculture, effects of entail op, &
Philosophy of the fine arts, Eastlake's, Scotland, the law of entail in, 7.

Scottish Deer Forests, the, 92.
Poetry : The Buried flower, 108— Huz- Sorope's deer-stalking, 94.

zah for the rule of the Whigs, 112– Sculpture, Eastlake on, 756.
To a caged skylark, 290-Sonnet to Seal-catching in the North, 85.
Denmark, 292—Danube and the Eus- Session, review of the, 261.
ine, 608- A Call, 625.

Shadwell the laureate, 228.
Poitiers prophecy, the, 708.

Shipping, influence of the navigation laws
Polar bear, the, 85.

on, 116—statistics of, 118.
Political economy, 407.

Siberia, 76-treatment of the esiles in
Poor-law, long want of, in Ireland, 661- 80.

that lately passed, and supplementary Sicily, the revolt of, 286.
measures required, 662.

Sigismund Fatello, chap. I., The opera,
Population, redundancy of, in Ireland, and 714—chap. II., The masquerade, 718
means of restraining it, 660.

chap. III., The accusation, 724–
Previsions of the solitary of Orval, the, chap. IV., The captain's room, 734–
704, et seq.

chap. V. The day after the wedding,
Primogeniture, sketch of the history of, 3 739.
--its advantages, 5.

Silk, increased importation of, 274.
Prisons, &c., expense of, 67, 75.
Prophecies for the present, 703.

Simmons, B., To a caged skylark, by,


et seg:

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Skelton, the laureate, 225.

Vincennes, the castle and forest of, 253,
Sketches in Paris, 248.
Smith, Adam, 407-on the navigation W. E. A., The Buried flower, by, 108–
laws, 114.

Danube and the Euxine, by, 608.
Sonnet to Denmark, 292.

Walmoden, Madame, 343.
South Sea scheme, the, 547.

Walpole, Sir Robert, 329, et seq.
Southey as laureate, 231-remarks on his Ward's Five years in Kaffirland, review
“ Doctor,” 470.

of, 158.
Spain, Whig policy toward, 289–present Warren's novels, remarks on, 169.
state of, 627.

Warton, Thomas, 231.
Spenser as laureate, 226.

Waste lands of Ireland, proposed employ-
Stuart's Lays of the deer-forest, review ment of the, 665, et seq.
of, 92.

Watering-places of Germany, state of the,
Sturgeon, fishing for the, 83.

Stuttgardt, state of, 379.

Wealth, the duties of, 414.
Succession, the laws of, 1.

Wellington, a Frenchman's estimate of,
Suffolk, lady, 341, 343.

601-sketch of his career in answer to
Sugar duties, the committee on, 276.

it, 603.
Sugar trade, statistics regarding the, 273. West Indies, legislation toward the, 276.
Switzerland, present state of, 538. What is Spain about ? 627.
Tapestry, on, 157.

What would revolutionising Germany be
Taquinet le Bossu, notice of, 571.

at ? 373.
Tasso, 221.

Whig ministry, review of the conduct of
Tatar domination in Russia, the, 79. the, 262.
Tate, Nahum, 229.

Whitehead, William, 230.
Taxes, abolition of indirect, 268.

Winther, Christian, the Horse-dealer, by,
Thompson, colonel, 271.

Tobolsk, town of, 82.

Wood, Sir Charles, 264.
Tourists, publications of, 185.

Woodward, caricature by, 556.
Townshend, lord, 334.

Wright's England under the house of
Trollope, Mrs, the novels of, 469.

Hanover, review of, 543.
Tunguzes, the, 91.

Wurtemberg, state of, 379.
Uhland the poet, 531.

Yakutsk, town of, 91.
Union of Ireland, the, 617, et seq.

Yekaterinburg, town of, 81.
Venetian school of painting, the, 153. Yenisei, the Ostyaks of the, 85.
Vespers of Palermo, Mrs Hemans', 648, Yellow Goat, the, 567.

Zitz, a member of the Frankfort parlia-
Vicar of Wakefield, the, 466.

ment, 533.
Vienna, the insurrection in, 537.

Zollverein, real object of the, 517.

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